Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cast Into The Pit, We Wish

Not unlike three, five or whatever-yr. olds howling & screeching "But you said! You said so!" at their parental units, the sort of people who would enjoy standing downwind from a blazing campfire are still on about the phrase "global warming."

Whoever first used the phrase (As an easy introduction to the great big complicated ideas that the like-to-breathe-shit people would have had trouble wrapping their tiny minds around?) is no doubt sorry now, as the appearance of any temperatures much above 50°F results in this kind of drivel from Bow-Tie Daddy Carlson's Daily AP Feed.
Dr. Patrick J. Michaels, a senior fellow in environmental studies at The Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank in Washington, D.C., told TheDC that global warming proponents wrongly try to justify numerous weather patterns as being the result of global warming.

“Global warming scientists say it will be warmer, colder, snowier, and less snowy all at the same time, which is impossible. Anyone who follows global warming knows the theory is rife with exaggeration,” Michaels said. “What’s disturbing is to see The New York Times put a really fringe idea on their editorial page. Obviously they’re panicking about people’s distrust of the political nature of global warming science. It struck me as desperation pass, knowing the people are abandoning global warming as a signature issue.”
Yes, someone from the Cato Institute said "political nature of global warming science," yet was not referring to himself. Not that the fair & balanced responder acquitted himself well, even allowing for, shall we say, selective editing on the part of typist Donovan.
“Basically anything that would appear like magic would throw the laws of physics into question,” Brad Johnson, a climate editor at the Center for American Progress, a progressive Washington, D.C. think tank, told The Daily Caller. “The only way to disprove the global warming theory is if magic is real and that our understanding of the universe is completely wrong.”
On & on it goes. Our real purpose is to display this for all to see, which has been at "TheDC" since 1740 Eastern (W/ an update at 1805.) & remains uncorrected as of almost midnight ET.
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