Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Forget To Subsribe!

Bullshit, we say. Unless the guy man-handling them is a dwarf, those bunnies (quite possibly hideously mutated Lurches of the rabbit world, genetically engineered even) must weigh more than 25 lbs.
If the sound at the end makes you jump, you may be over-caffeinated.

The Last Trumpet, Pp. 4-7

So bad it sucks.

Show Biz Up-Date Up-Date

Turns out that boy really does need help. When this Randi Rhodes takes off, looks like she can't find a nation-wide fill-in, so it goes back to the local stations. Knowing that, we guess Johnny Angel Wendell (And what the fug, John, did whoever owns "Johnny Angel" sue your ass into submission & make you tack your legal surname onto your persona?) is lucky to be terrestrially available in L. A. (AM 1150) & S. F. (AM 960). Those unfortunates who don't live on the left side of the Coast Range (Not an invitation, or an offer of an invitation!) can waste the boss's time here from 1500 - 1800 ET. Drive time, baby!)

Voting Is Theft

Crazy comes in every color.
Oh yeah (added later) if you give a flying fuck, where it came from.

18 August: Death Of Khan; VD; Suffrage; Elvis's Grave Robbed

From The Associated Press, 1 hr 3 mins ago, & the UPI Almanac. Today is Tuesday, Aug. 18, the 230th day of 2009. There are 135 days left in the year.
Today's Highlight in History: On Aug. 18, 1969, the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in Bethel, N.Y., which had fallen behind schedule, finally wound to a close after three nights with a midmorning set performed by Jimi Hendrix. On this date: In 1227, the Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan died. In 1587, Virginia Dare became the first child of English parents to be born on American soil, on what is now Roanoke Island in North Carolina. (However, the colony Virginia was born into ended up mysteriously disappearing.) In 1838, the first marine expedition sponsored by the U.S. government set sail from Hampton Roads, Va.; the crews traveled the southern Pacific Ocean, gathering scientific information. In 1846, U.S. forces led by Gen. Stephen W. Kearny captured Santa Fe, N.M. In 1894, Congress established the Bureau of Immigration. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson issued a Proclamation of Neutrality, aimed at keeping the United States out of World War I. In 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which guaranteed the right of all American women to vote, was ratified as Tennessee became the 36th state to approve it.In 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King dedicated the Thousand Islands Bridge connecting the United States and Canada. [First the "Peace" Bridge, now this! Don't let them fool you. — Ed.] In 1954, Assistant Secretary of Labor James E. Wilkins became the first African-American to attend a meeting of a president's Cabinet as he sat in for Labor Secretary James P. Mitchell. In 1958, the novel "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov was first published in New York by G.P. Putnam's Sons, almost three years after it was originally published in Paris.
In 1960, the first commercially produced oral contraceptives went on the market. In 1963, James Meredith became the first black student to graduate from the University of Mississippi.In 1976, two U.S. Army officers were killed in Korea's demilitarized zone as a group of North Korean soldiers wielding axes and metal pikes attacked U.S. and South Korean soldiers. U. S. President Gerald Ford was nominated in Kansas City, Mo., to head the Republican presidential ticket but lost to Democrat Jimmy Carter in November. In 1983, Hurricane Alicia slammed into the Texas coast, leaving 21 dead and causing more than a billion dollars' worth of damage. In 1988, Indiana Sen. Dan Quayle was nominated as George H.W. Bush's running mate during the Republican National Convention in New Orleans. In 1991, Soviet hard-liners launched a coup aimed at toppling President Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who was vacationing in the Crimea. In 1997, Virginia Military Institute admitted a female student for the first time in its 158-year history. Ten years ago: A day after a deadly earthquake struck western Turkey, survivors denounced the rescue effort as sluggish and disorganized. (The death toll eventually topped 17,000.) Five years ago: In Athens, Paul Hamm won the men's gymnastics all-around Olympic gold medal by the closest margin ever in the event; controversy followed after it was discovered a scoring error cost Yang Tae-young of South Korea the title. Hawaii's first U.S. senator, Hiram L. Fong, died at age 97. In 2005, a judge in Wichita, Kan., sentenced BTK serial killer Dennis Rader to 10 consecutive life terms, while Pope Benedict XVI began his first foreign trip as pontiff in low-key style, returning to his German homeland. One year ago: Pervez Musharraf resigned as the president of Pakistan. Tropical Storm Fay pounded Cuba with torrential rain and wind before sweeping across the Florida Keys. Today's Birthdays: Former Interior Secretary Wally Hickel is 90. Former first lady Rosalynn Carter is 82. Movie director Roman Polanski is 76. Attorney and author Vincent Bugliosi is 75. Olympic gold medal decathlete Rafer Johnson is 74. Actor-director Robert Redford is 73. Singer Johnny Preston is 70. Actor Christopher Jones is 68. Actor Henry G. Sanders is 67. R&B singer Sarah Dash (LaBelle) is 66. Actor-comedian (one-time musician & painter, too, what a talent) Martin Mull is 66. Rock musician Dennis Elliott is 59. Comedian Elayne Boosler is 57. Actor Patrick Swayze is 57. Country singer Steve Wilkinson (The Wilkinsons) is 54. Actor Denis Leary is 52. Actress Madeleine Stowe is 51. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is 48. News anchor Bob Woodruff is 48. The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, is 47. Bluegrass musician Jimmy Mattingly is 47. Actor Adam Storke is 47. Actor Craig Bierko is 44. Rock singer-musician Zac Maloy (The Nixons) is 41. Rock singer and hip-hop artist Everlast is 40. Rapper Masta Killa (Wu-Tang Clan) is 40. Actor Christian Slater is 40. Actor Edward Norton is 40. Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner is 39. Actress Kaitlin Olson is 34. Actor-writer-director Hadjii is 33. Rock musician Dirk Lance is 33. New England Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas is 32. Actor-comedian Andy Samberg (TV: "Saturday Night Live") is 31. New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey is 29. Actress Parker McKenna Posey is 14. Today In Entertainment History -- On Aug. 18, 1962, drummer Ringo Starr played his first gig with The Beatles at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. He replaced Pete Best. In 1977, Elvis Presley was buried at a Memphis, Tenn., cemetery, with about 75,000 people gathered outside. His body was moved to the grounds of Graceland after burglars tried to break into the original mausoleum. [That we didn't remember. — Ed.] Julius "Groucho" Marx, leader of the wacky Marx Brothers, died at the age of 87. In 1979, singers Nick Lowe and Carlene Carter got married in Los Angeles. Portions of the taped wedding were used in Lowe's "Cruel To Be Kind" video. They have since split up. [Oh, we had to know about a failed marriage of 30 yrs. ago. — Ed.] In 1986, Bon Jovi released their "Slippery When Wet" album. [Too bad The Commodores couldn't sue these Jersey fucksticks. — Ed.] In 1991, musician Billy Preston was arrested after a 16-year-old boy reported being sexually attacked. Preston was released on bail. [And then? — Ed.] In 1992, Woody Allen held a news conference in New York to deny allegations that he molested the children he had adopted with Mia Farrow. Director John Sturges died. Among his works are "The Great Escape" and "The Magnificent Seven." In 1995, Bill Wendell introduced David Letterman for the last time. Wendell had been Letterman's announcer and warm-up act for more than 15 years but said he wanted to pursue other projects. Bobby Brown was cited in suburban Los Angeles for allegedly kicking a hotel security guard. Five years ago: Film composer Elmer Bernstein died in Ojai, Calif. at age 82. Thought for Today: "That is one of the bitter curses of poverty; it leaves no right to be generous." — George Gissing, English author and critic (1857-1903).

Monday, August 17, 2009

Double Feature

Saw (heard, too) the just-hit-73 on the yr. scale Mr. Guy wailing at the Hollywood Bowl last Weds. Caught Ms. Big Mama's act c. 1973. Not bad either.

What Does The Second Amendment Have To Do W/ Health Care?

You certainly didn't expect an answer other than "It's their right" from these two Congressional clowns, did you?
Also (@2125 PDT): Confederate Yankee thinks it may not be the wisest move to pack for the President, but he gets in "well within their legal rights to carry," & at least one of his fans is all for intimidation:
Perhaps a display of the citizens' armaments at "O"s faked town hall meetings by our pretend CIC might make some impression on his administration. Ruby Ridge? Sigh.
We were also amused by Yankee's allowing unmoderated/unregistered comments, but noticed that, unlike virtually every other web log in known cyberspace, one's email address is visible to all the world. Nice, Bob.
(You can use a fake address, so it's not absolute & consummate evil, but still, if you didn't pay attention, well, just imagine the guy above reasoning w/ you. In your in-box.)

Show Biz Up-Date

Randi Rhodes fans, & more importantly, non-Randi Rhodes fans, who probably wouldn't be listening, might want to bookmark that local two-hours-a-week radio squawker, one-time personal acquaintance & current "Facebook friend" Johnny (Angel) Wendell will be spewing his spew in place of Randi this Wednesday & Thursday, 1200 -1500 PT, whatever in the rest of the world. If you're lucky he may get all foamy/rage-y for the national audience.
(We're just trying to help the poor bastard a little, before he has to do something regrettable to put food on his family.)

Cunning Stunts

From today's Maddow show, a rational guy responds to gun carrying stunters, & perennial favorite of ours & Ms. Maddow, Jeff Sharlet, dishes further on the "C" Street Family/Mafia.
NB: You'll see 'em when they post 'em. (But why weren't you at home watching telebision in the first place? Americans, your freedoms only go so far. Do not mis-use them.)
Here at last, around 2110 PDT.

Political Bedfellows

Taitz & Huckabee/Sittin' in a tree/K-I-S-S-I-N-G/Etc.
We see what's behind Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., & her campaign to run the President out of office: Zio-fascism.
Taitz says that the money given to Hamas, which "has declared war on Israel and the United States," will not be used to help the people of the Gaza Strip but rather to build Qassam rockets, posing a serious threat to the State of Israel. She believes Obama poses a threat to Israel not only because of his support of radical Islamic groups such as Hamas, but also because of his "radical socialist" policies, that will bring the United States to "totalitarianism and Stalinism." According to Taitz, these policies "pose a threat to all democracies, not only Israel."
Clinical Symptoms
When asked if her reception has been more positive in Israel, the polyglot Taitz (she speaks English, Russian, Hebrew, Romanian, and Spanish) said in both the United States and Israel she has been met by widespread support, albeit most of it expressed privately. "I think the vast majority of the population [in Israel] is supportive. There are some leftists, and some people in the media who are pro-Obama, but even they in private will say they're with me."
Shorter: "I know very important people (their names would amaze you) & they all agree w/ me privately, but the media/political correctness/vast conspiratorial forces keep them from going public." It's in the DSM. Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee tills the same soil.
According to Haaretz, Huckabee is joined on this trip by "prominent Jewish and Republican activists from the United States" and "is also planning to visit the Jewish section of Hebron, Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, and Ma'aleh Adumim, the largest settlement in the West Bank." One of Huckabee's traveling companions, New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, says the purpose of the foreign trip is "to shine the spotlight on Obama's policy in Jerusalem, which has just been a horror."
Any Sunday now, we expect sermons proclaiming that the President is keeping Jesus from starting Armageddon, so somebody better do something.

Bring It On, Murderers!

It appears The NYT wants to see us dead, judging from the Ross Douthat item we reference directly below, & this op-ed.
With so much evidence of wasteful and even harmful treatment, shouldn’t we instantly cut some of the money spent on exorbitant intensive-care medicine for dying, elderly people and redirect it to pediatricians and obstetricians offering preventive care for children and mothers? Sadly, we are very far from this goal. A cynic would argue that this can’t happen because children can’t vote (even if their parents can), whereas members of AARP and the American Medical Association not only vote but can also hire lobbyists to keep the money flowing.
We hope we can carry a gun into whatever hospital we check into. Strictly for self-defense, of course. Aging wretches of the world unite!!

Death To The Young, & Grab Their Pocketbooks While You're Murdering Them!

Ross Douthat is personally threatening our future health & well being, as well as standing firmly against democracy.
In this future, somebody will need to stand for the principle that Medicare can’t pay every bill and bless every procedure. Somebody will need to defend the younger generation’s promise (and its pocketbooks). Somebody will need to say “no” to retirees.

That’s supposed to be the Republicans’ job. They should stick to doing it.

Keep it up, sonny. You can become a martyr like some of your Catholic heroes. Wait about 20 yrs. & see what happens when this prediction has borne some bitter fruit. (Be ready for these fucks to attempt to disenfranchise those of us using Medicare.)
As the population ages — by 2030, there will be more Americans over 65 than under 18 — the power of the elderly and nearly elderly may become almost absolute.
Not too consistent w/ Douthat's respect for the past & tradition & hierarchy & the inevitably ancient Pope, is it? Just wait until we, the (soon-to-be) elderly get our Death Panels. We don't think panelists will find Ross to be very "productive," unless he gets a healthcare gig.
P.S.: How many bands named "Death Panel" are there at this moment? Five? Thirty? C'mon, there must be at least a couple by now in all the United Snakes & Canada.

Mental Illness Break

Meaning a break from mental illness, we s'pose. Brought to our attention by a Facebook "friend" we don't think we've ever met.
Next: The View From Our Window. (It's depressing.)

Prison Planet (You Have The Right To Purchase Tylenol And/Or Maalox)

Where the hell did we leave off? Already made it to pp. 4 & 5? Then it's 6 & 7."You may be charged $3.00 for a sick call visit." "You may purchase Tylenol and/or Maalox at Pill Call. Each dose is .50 cents." Fucking free market paradise in there, innit?
"If you feel depressed, or have thoughts of harming yourself, you are encouraged to contact any staff member." And harm them until the thoughts go away.

17 August: Fulton's Folly Not; Gold! (Again?) "Indonesia For The Indonesians!" Hiss & Hess; Woodstock Over!

From The Associated Press, 1 hr 47 mins ago, & the UPI Almanac. Also: The AP A/V.
Today is Monday, Aug. 17, the 229th day of 2009. There are 136 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: Forty years ago, on Aug. 17, 1969, Hurricane Camille slammed into the Mississippi coast as a Category 5 storm with top sustained winds estimated at nearly 200 mph. The hurricane and resulting flash floods were blamed for 256 U.S. deaths, three in Cuba. On this date: In 1807, Robert Fulton's North River Steamboat began heading up the Hudson River on its successful round-trip between New York and Albany. In 1863, federal batteries and ships began bombarding Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor, but the Confederates managed to hold on despite several days of pounding. In 1896, a prospecting party discovered gold in Alaska, a finding that touched off the Klondike gold rush.In 1915, a mob in Cobb County, Ga., lynched Jewish businessman Leo Frank, whose death sentence for the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan had been commuted to life imprisonment. (Frank, who'd maintained his innocence, was pardoned by the state of Georgia in 1986.) A hurricane struck Galveston, Texas, killing 275 people. In 1942, U. S. 8th Air Force bombers attacked Rouen, France. In 1943, the Allied conquest of Sicily was completed as U. S. and British forces entered Messina. In 1945, Indonesian nationalists declared their independence from the Netherlands. In 1948, former State Department official Alger Hiss faced his chief accuser, Whittaker Chambers, during a closed-door meeting of the House Un-American Activities Committee in New York. Hiss repeated his denial that he'd ever been a Communist agent.In 1962, East German border guards shot and mortally wounded 18-year-old Peter Fechter, who had attempted to cross the Berlin Wall into the western sector. In 1978, the first successful trans-Atlantic balloon flight ended as Maxie Anderson, Ben Abruzzo and Larry Newman landed their Double Eagle II outside Paris. In 1987, Rudolf Hess, the last member of Adolf Hitler's inner circle, died at Spandau prison in West Berlin at age 93, having apparently committed suicide by strangling himself with an electrical cord. He had been the only inmate at Spandau for 21 years. In 1988, Pakistani President Mohammad Zia ul-Haq and U.S. Ambassador Arnold Raphel were killed in a mysterious plane crash. In 1998, President Bill Clinton underwent grand jury questioning in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Russia devalued the ruble. Ten years ago: More than 17,000 people were killed when a magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck Turkey. Five years ago: British police charged eight terrorism suspects. (The leader of the group, al-Qaida operative Dhiren Barot, later pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mass murder and was sentenced to life in prison, although the term was subsequently reduced to 30 years; the other seven received sentences ranging up to 26 years.) At the Athens games, Romania won its second straight Olympic gold medal in women's gymnastics; the United States took silver while Russia won the bronze. One year ago: At the Summer Olympics, Michael Phelps and three teammates won the 400-meter medley relay for Phelps' eighth gold medal. In tennis, Venus and Serena Williams defeated Anabel Medina Garrigues and Virginia Ruano Pascual of Spain in women's doubles; Rafael Nadal defeated Fernando Gonzalez of Chile in the men's singles; Elena Dementieva defeated fellow Russian Dinara Safina in the women's singles. Matamoros, Mexico, pitcher Jesus Sauceda had the fifth perfect game in Little League World Series history as he struck out all 12 batters in a 12-0 win over Emilia, Italy. Those born on this date who will not walk this earth again include: Frontiersman Davy Crockett, 1786;movie producer Samuel Goldwyn, 1882; black nationalist leader Marcus Garvey, 1887;actors Monty Woolley, 1888, & Mae West, 1893; publisher/diplomat John Hay Whitney, 1904; U. S. spy plane aviator Francis Gary Powers, 1929, & British poet laureate Ted Hughes, 1930. Today's Birthdays: Actress Maureen O'Hara is 89. Former Chinese president Jiang Zemin is 83. Author V.S. Naipaul is 77. Baseball All-Star Boog Powell is 68. Actor Robert DeNiro is 66. Movie director Martha Coolidge is 63. Rock musician Gary Talley (The Box Tops) is 62. Rock musician Sib Hashian is 60. Tennis Hall of Famer Guillermo Vilas is 57. Rock singer Kevin Rowland (Dexy's Midnight Runners) is 56. Rock musician Colin Moulding (XTC) is 54. Singer Belinda Carlisle is 51. Author Jonathan Franzen is 50. Actor Sean Penn is 49. Jazz musician Everette Harp is 48. Rock musician Gilby Clarke is 47. Singer Maria McKee is 45. Former NFL player John Offerdahl is 45. Rock musician Steve Gorman (The Black Crowes) is 44. Rock musician Jill Cunniff is 43. Singer Donnie Wahlberg is 40. Former NBA player Christian Laettner is 40. Rapper Posdnuos is 40. Tennis player Jim Courier is 39. New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada is 38. Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia is 26. Today In Entertainment History -- On Aug. 17, 1964, the single "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks was released in Britain. In 1969, the three-day Woodstock Music and Art Fair concluded in upstate New York. One of the day's memorable moments was Pete Townshend of The Who knocking Yippie Abbie Hoffman off the stage during the performance of "Tommy." In 1973, original Temptations member Paul Williams was found dead by police with a single bullet wound to the head. The death was later ruled a suicide. Williams had left The Temptations in 1971. In 1974, keyboardist Patrick Moraz replaced Rick Wakeman in the band Yes. In 1983, lyricist Ira Gershwin died in Beverly Hills, California, at age 86. With his composer brother George, they wrote such classic songs as "'S Wonderful" and "The Man I Love." In 1986, Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen played his first concert with the band since losing his left arm in a car accident in 1984. 42 people were beaten or stabbed at a Run-DMC concert in Long Beach, Calif. In 1992, actor-director Woody Allen admitted being romantically involved with Soon-Yi Previn, the 21-year-old adopted daughter of Allen's longtime companion, actress Mia Farrow. Singer Wayne Newton filed for bankruptcy. He owed about $20 million to 200 creditors. In 1994, actor David Caruso quit the cast of "NYPD Blue" to pursue a movie career. He was replaced on the show by Jimmy Smits. [Best move ever. It's so cool to be the world's biggest movie star! "Book 'em, Dano!" — Ed.] Thought for Today: "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it." — Edith Wharton, American author (1862-1937). [Or just light the whole goddamn house on fire w/ the candle, after breaking the mirror for good luck. — Ed.]

Sunday, August 16, 2009

US-UK Industries: U SUK!

A reaction to the recent BBC item below, from the sort of drooling reactionary idiot who is a perfect fit for the proverbial shoe of fascism, wears it proudly, & then has a fit when you mention his shiny new jackboots. In David Vance's world, treating the wife as chattel (if she's lucky) is strictly a "liberal" thing.
According to the State Broadcaster "Mr Karzai is selling out Afghan women for the sake of conservative Shia support at next week's presidential election." Let us be clear; there is nothing that is any way "conservative" about the dark ages pathology of Shia Islam and whilst the BBC never miss the chance to couple the word "conservative"to any depraved cause, we should not let it pass unchallenged.
Truth hurts, doesn't it, Dave?
Other interesting aspects of "Biased BBC" include the link to Rupert Murdoch's Sky News & Sport (Right in the header. Astroturfing, anyone?) & this: It's good to know that America isn't the only place that has such standards of "normality." Here's a clue, you ignorant fucking git: If it weren't for young people working long hours for next to nothing, you wouldn't have any telly to watch at all, the Beeb or Sky or fuck all.
Another clue: In this context ("urban organisation") urban may not be a code word for "nigger," but if your objection to the BBC is that they're all a bunch of city slickers (And believe you us, all the world's problems can be reduced to reactionary rural or rural-minded religious cretins standing athwart history, opposing every single improvement to humanoid existence proposed by anyone who can see that the future will differ from the past, & humans might want to do something about it.) why don't you just stay on your fucking farms & leave the urbanites alone? We'll all be happier, if you stay out of things you're not prepared or equipped to handle. (Like the 20th century, to name one glaring example.)
And fuck the damn Queen while we're at it, you doubtless monarchist twit.

The Last Trumpet A Novel by Dr. Bruce E. Powell

You can't find this on the Internetz, & there's a very good reason you can't. Doesn't stop us. Hell, that makes it better. We'll be overwhelmed w/ people who can't wait for the next installment of this epic, like the crowds at the New York docks a couple of centuries back, eagerly awaiting the next part of a serialized Dickens novel.
Alternately, no one notices except Dr. Bruce E. Powell's or Sterling House Publisher's attorneys, & we're in big trouble. Although if anyone were willing to admit they had either written or published this mass market monstrosity, we'd be happy just to get a good look at them, even if it were in a legal context.
So, w/o further ado, we give you one of the worst-written (yet published nonetheless) manuscripts in human history.Crap, we've never gotten beyond page three of this load, but it's just as bad as remembered. It can't get any better either!The very best two sentences & one fragment so far, enlarged for the wretched & aging:

So Bad It's Wretched

This just appeared atop our gmail.
New Bad Poems Daily - bsenden.blogspot.com - Be the first to read some of the worst poems ever written.
We felt we should share, but we're a bit mystified. Surely this Brad (Nothing to do w/ any Brads or adifferentbrads we know on the Interducts, we hope.) hasn't purchased ad space from Google™. He doesn't even have adverts on his bad poem page. And the poetry isn't bad. Not any good, mind you, but, alas, not actively, painfully bad.
Is webvertising so fucking cheap that an egomaniac could promote mediocre poetry into, well, anything?
Or is there something sinister afoot? While we examined the quality of the poetry, was our devil-box sucked dry of information, our IP recorded on a sucker list that will triple our incoming spam? IS IT THE GOVERNMENT, LOOKING FOR AESTHETES TO SEND TO CAMPS?

Hello, Old Friends!

It's news to us, but it's going to be a real surprise to some people next time we're on a bender & drunk-dialing. It'll be even more of a surprise for them to see us on their front lawns brandishing a weapon. How? Leave it to the localChicago dog trainer to let all the stalkers in on it.
On Snitch.name, users can enter a name -- their own or someone else's -- and watch as the site culls information from dozens of search engines, social networks and directories.
Even more likely? One of these clowns showing up at our front door.
When Maya Rupert wrote an article frowning at several Southern states for officially celebrating Confederate History Month, Internet critics lined up to fire back. But this time, they arrived with more than harsh words. The 28-year-old Los Angeles attorney's detractors dug up a photo of her and posted it, along with details of political contributions she'd made, in an online discussion of the article she wrote for the L.A. Watts Times. They called their finds evidence of her bias on the emotionally charged subject.
Besides the revealing glimpse into our lunatic web persona, an interesting glimpse into the mind of the "Internet critic." (Note to Times web-weasels: Your new design isn't as ugly as the previous one, but if you keep calling trolls "Internet critics" you'll still be laughed out of town.)
"It really surprised me when I found out that people could see how much I donated to Obama," Rupert said, referring to the $400 she gave to the candidate last year, the record of which is available through several online watchdog sites. After that, Rupert said, "they pulled a picture off my firm's website and said, 'Of course she's black.'"
Well, sure, it's of bias of some sort when a black person doesn't support Confederate History Month. Apparently, unlike displays of rebel flags & such crapnot being in favor of Traitor's History Month makes someone a biased racist.
Anyway, we have some names to run through a search engine. See y'all later. (Maybe in person, if you're lucky.)

Telebision Wrap-Up

You can bet your sweet ass (And we'll bet it isn't really so sweet!) that we were some distance from what passes for consciousness w/ us when this was broadcast much earlier today. (On reflection, no. We probably were awake when the original broadcast occurred in the elitist Northeastern media village.)
So now we'll watch it here, on our very own page ("Investment" in not-inexpensive new HD tee vee? Looking less & less necessary daily, other than for sporting events & wide-screen pond scumfilm.) as if we'd had something to do w/ it. Not that we'd really want to be associated w/ such drivel, but let's see how Rachel Maddow handled dumb Dick Armey.


Our favorite imperative is "Stop pretending!" Our favorite question is "Why bother?" The two combine well, & what else can one say, when confronted w/ the reality of Afghanistan?Really. A "wife-starving law." And the United Snakes is going to build a stable democracy in this land, never conquered by outside forces, where primary loyalty is still tribal & women are lucky to be treated as chattel? Stop pretending, already.
The U. S. gov't. couldn't win the hearts & minds of the Vietnamese people, & they'd been softened up by a hundred odd yrs. of Frog colonialism to prepare them for the American Empire. The Afghans threw their ancestral enemies the Rooskis out a mere decade & a half ago. Are they scared of America's paper tiger? We think not. (Indeed, we just heard some guy w/ a towel on his head & a beard on his chin say: "Bring it on!")
What do Americans really think they're doing in Afghanistan? They could make it the 51st state & still be no more able to stop Taliban/Al Qaida/Islamic idiot fundamentalism than they were able to catch Eric Rudolph or any number of other survivalist bomber/nutjobs wandering the Great American Outdoors.
A Modest Proposal
One bright idea (And it's ours!) would be to send in the Chickenhawk Crusaders who'd like to, as Ann Coulter so aptly put it, kill their leaders & convert them all to Xianity. (There are several excellent candidates whose views are quite clear on this subject. Let's give them the opportunity to put their lives where their big mouths are.) Win-win situation, really: Both countries set their lunatic fringes at each other, & let the Big Fucking Killer in The Sky recognize his own.
Why this country we're stuck in insists on wasting its finest young people in a futile attempt on the other side of the world when we have excess baggage here chomping at the bit to kill Muslims for Jesus is far beyond us. We've been trying to figure out This Great Nation of Ours™ for some time now, & we're just about to admit defeat.
And "defeat" brings us to the big finale. We'll stop pretending & admit that it would please us no end to see this sad little example of adventurism result in the end of the American Empire. (See: Union, Soviet Socialist.) Especially sweet in that, in true Yankee style, the end would come as the result of a deliberate ignorance of history, prioritizing militarism over the well-being of the nation & yada.
Why fucking bother?

Your FBI In Peace And War; Blood & SoilWater

Foaming typist & Internet radio show host Hal Turner, the pride of North Bergen, New Jersey, is still behind bars, per the Washington Post. We hope his friends at the Federal Bureau of Investigation are making sure he's comfortable. He seems to have been doing valuable work for them, although we're not sure if the work they wanted him doing was to keep ranting & raving about the Second Amendment & the gov't., or if they wanted him to stir up dirty commies so they could get them.
Turner, who authorities said had three semiautomatic handguns, a shotgun and 350 rounds of ammunition in his North Bergen, N.J., home when the FBI arrested him, worked at times as an FBI informant. Although Fitzgerald's office says he provided occasional information on right-wing extremists, Orozco said he was recruited as an "agent provocateur" to get leftists to act in public against him and reveal themselves to the FBI.
This is what the FBI is doing now, enabling hate-mongers in order to crack down on "leftists?" And how many hornets on that loony left were stirred up by this? About none? The Obama administration sure is clamping down on the right-wing & the patriots, huh? Did You Know?
Quoting Thomas Jefferson, Turner said, "The tree of liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots." He added his own words: "It is time to replenish the tree!" Timothy McVeigh, who detonated the Oklahoma City bomb that killed 168 people in 1995, was wearing a T-shirt with Jefferson's words when he was arrested. Last week, a pistol-carrying protester outside an Obama town hall meeting in New Hampshire carried a sign that said, "It is time to water the tree of liberty."
Really? What do you suppose they mean by that? (If they're the "patriots," we'd just as soon it be their blood used for replenishing.)

The More The Merry-Go-Round Goes Around & Around & Around & Around, The More It Stays In The Same Damn Place

The Paranoid Style In American Politics. More immediate today then it was 45 yrs. ago?
A refresher in "Americanism.""[T]he sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy ..." Mmm-hm.
And from Tail Gunner Joe: "How can we account for our present situation unless we believe that men high in this government are concerting to deliver us to disaster? This must be the product of a great conspiracy on a scale so immense as to dwarf any previous such venture in the history of man."
How indeed?

16 August: Gold! The Babe Croaks; Bela Lugosi's Dead; Bloated Pigs Presley & Idi Amin Follow Suit; Ramones Debut, & Two Bad B-Days For McDonna

From The Associated Press, 1 hr 6 mins ago, & The Reverend Moon's UPI Almanac. Today is Sunday, Aug. 16, the 228th day of 2009. There are 137 days left in the year. AP A/V.
Today's Highlight in History: On Aug. 16, 1977, Elvis Presley died at his Graceland estate in Memphis, Tenn., at age 42. Hospital spokeswoman Vickie Shirey makes a grim announcement.On this date: In 1777, American forces won the Revolutionary War Battle of Bennington, Vermont. In 1812, Detroit fell to British and Indian forces in the War of 1812. In 1829, Chang and Eng, a pair of conjoined twins from Siam, arrived in Boston to be exhibited to the Western world. (The term Siamese twins became a common phrase for conjoined twins.) In 1858, a telegraphed message from Britain's Queen Victoria to President James Buchanan was transmitted over the recently laid trans-Atlantic cable. In 1861, President Abraham Lincoln prohibited the states of the Union from trading with the seceding states of the Confederacy. In 1888, T.E. Lawrence, the British soldier who gained fame as "Lawrence of Arabia," was born in Tremadoc, Wales.
In 1896, the North Country gold rush began with the discovery of gold in the Klondike region of Canada's Yukon Territory. In 1913, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was born in Brest-Litovsk in present-day Belarus.
In 1939, New York's famous vaudeville house, the Hippodrome, closed after 34 years. In 1948, baseball legend Babe Ruth died in New York at age 53. In 1954, Sports Illustrated was first published by Time Inc. In 1956, Adlai E. Stevenson was nominated for president at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.In 1959, Fleet Adm. William F. Halsey Jr. died on Fishers Island, N.Y. at age 76. In 1960, Britain ceded control of the crown colony of Cyprus. In 1987, 156 people were killed when Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crashed while trying to take off from Detroit. Thousands of people worldwide began a two-day celebration of the "harmonic convergence," which believers called the start of a new, purer age of humankind. [There's a juxtaposition. How's that "new age" of humanity working out for you, hippie-dippy cretins? — Ed.] In 1988, Vice President George H.W. Bush tapped Indiana Sen. Dan Quayle to be his running mate on the Republican ticket.
In 1990, U.S. naval forces were ordered to prevent ships from reaching or leaving the ports of Iraq and Iraqi-occupied Kuwait. Ten years ago: Four months after two gunmen sent them fleeing in horror, students reclaimed Columbine High School in Colorado for the start of the school year. Vladimir Putin won confirmation as Russia's prime minister, the fifth since early 1998. Republican Lamar Alexander folded his presidential campaign. In 2000, delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles nominated Al Gore for president. In 2002, terrorist mastermind Abu Nidal was found shot to death in Baghdad, Iraq. In 2003, Rep. Bill Janklow (R-SD) was involved in an accident that killed a motorcyclist in South Dakota. (He was convicted of manslaughter and resigned from Congress.) [Oh, we love that. "Was involved in." No, AP, a manslaughter conviction means "killed a motorcyclist in an accident." — Ed.] Also, Idi Amin, the former dictator of Uganda, died in Saudi Arabia. [Having escaped anything resembling justice, thanks to America's dear friends, The House of Saud. — Ed.] Five years ago: President George W. Bush announced a plan to return two Army divisions from Cold War-era bases in Germany. Election officials in Venezuela announced that voters had overwhelmingly chosen to keep President Hugo Chavez in office. In 2006, a man was arrested in Thailand as a suspect in the slaying of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. However, his confession was later discredited. In 2007, Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen held for 3-1/2 years as an enemy combatant, was convicted in Miami of helping Islamic extremists and plotting overseas attacks. (He was sentenced to 17 years, four months in prison.) One year ago: At the Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps touched the wall a hundredth of a second ahead of Serbia's Milorad Cavic to win the 100-meter butterfly, giving Phelps his seventh gold medal of the Games, tying Mark Spitz's performance in the 1972 Munich Games. Usain Bolt of Jamaica ran the 100-meter dash in a stunning world-record time of 9.69 seconds. Today's Birthdays: Actor Fess Parker is 85. Actress Ann Blyth is 81. Actor Robert Culp is 79. Sportscaster Frank Gifford is 79. Singer Eydie Gorme is 78. Actress Julie Newmar is 76.Actor John Standing is 75. College Football Hall of Famer and NFL player Bill Glass is 74. Actor Gary Clarke is 73. Actress Anita Gillette is 73. Actress Carole Shelley is 70. Country singer Billy Joe Shaver is 70. Movie director Bruce Beresford is 69. R&B singer Robert "Squirrel" Lester (The Chi-Lites) is 67. Actor Bob Balaban is 64. Ballerina Suzanne Farrell is 64. Actress Lesley Ann Warren is 63. Rock singer-musician Joey Spampinato (NRBQ) is 59. Actor Reginald VelJohnson is 57. TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford is 56. R&B singer J.T. Taylor is 56. Movie director James Cameron is 55. Actor Jeff Perry is 54. Rock musician Tim Farriss (INXS) is 52. Singer McDonna is 51. Actress Angela Bassett is 51. Actress Laura Innes is 50. Actor Timothy Hutton is 49. Actor Steve Carell is 46. Former tennis player Jimmy Arias is 45. Actor-singer Donovan Leitch is 42. Actor Andy Milder (TV: "Weeds") is 41. Country singer Emily Robison (The Dixie Chicks) is 37. Actor George Stults is 34. Singer Vanessa Carlton is 29. Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams is 29. Tennessee Titans wide receiver David Givens is 29. Actress Rumer Willis is 21. [Actress. Don't make us laugh. Ugly no-talent spawn of two ugly no-talent jerks who gave her a stupid name is all. Actress? Name one flick she's been in. Or are we talking about her electrifying stage career? Fuck, we hope the stupid hoor Googles herself, finds this, & cries for a wk.! (We'd wish that she'd off herself as a result of reading this, but that might be a little much. And legally actionable.) — Ed.] Today In Entertainment History -- On Aug. 16, 1956, actor Bela Lugosi died at the age of 73. He's best known for playing Dracula in the movies. Thirty-five years ago, in 1974, The Ramones played their first gig in New York. In 1975, Genesis lead singer Peter Gabriel announced to the British press that he was leaving the band. He had actually made the decision months earlier, but decided to wait until the band had completed its tour obligations. In 1977, Elvis Presley was found dead at his Graceland mansion in Memphis. Doctors first said he died of congestive heart failure, but an investigation revealed drugs may have been a factor. In 1983, singer Paul Simon and actress Carrie Fisher got married. They divorced in 1985. In 1985, McDonna and actor Sean Penn got married in Malibu, Calif., as helicopters with photographers hovered overhead. It was McDonna's 27th birthday. She filed for divorce in early 1989. In 1986, MTV began airing the video for "Walk This Way" by Run-DMC featuring Aerosmith.
Twenty tears ago, in 1989, actress Amanda Blake, best known as Miss Kitty on "Gunsmoke," died of cancer in Sacramento, California.
Ten years ago, in 1999, the quiz show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" began a limited two-week run on ABC. In 2005, McDonna was seriously injured while riding a horse at her estate in England. She broke her hand and collarbone and cracked three ribs.
And last year, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi were married at their Beverly Hills, Calif., home.
Thought for Today: "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." — Henry Ford, American auto manufacturer & noted anti-Semite. (1863-1947).

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Prison Planet (More ...)

Dulled out by all of everything, we provide more exciting found objects.We sense a lawsuit in the offing. Why do the "Lay-deez" get a nightgown & two pairs of panties, when men are limited to one pair of G. I. skivvies? And what if a dude wanted a bra? Pigs!
Not to mention the Dress Code. Fascism has come to America.
On a personal note, it would appear that prisoners are allowed to have more money in their accounts than Social Security recipients are allowed. Fuck this bullshit. Maybe the victims of the injustice system (It's criminal!) can't get a riot going, but nothing's stopping us.

I Hope You Heal Up Real Quick

For the second time today, we've seen a ballplayer carted off the diamond while firmly attached to a backboard, after being whacked in the head w/ a hardball.
Even worse, this one is a Dodger, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, hit by a line drive.

Drive A Stake Through Its Heart & Bury It In Garlic Or Something

At Rumproast, via Arky.
This "plus ça change, plus everything really sucks, but even fucking worse" crap is getting very tiresome. Do you fucking right-wing fucks have any thoughts that were thought before 1700 c. e.? We heard this load on the fucking radio yesterday afternoon, probably on the Sean Hannity moronfest.
Do look at Rumproast, there is further information on this example of Reagan's whoring himself to power & repression. "Operation Coffee Cup," it was called.

Middle-Class Sheep/Nation Of Rubes/Property Is Theft/And You're Getting Screwed!

From a substitute for the ersatz ("Jude") we are treated to links. (Someone on the right who works as hard as we do!) Cheney deriding Bush for going soft because of public opinion is one thing, but if the people don't want healthcare, let's go along w/ them. After all, eminently trustworthy pollster
Scott Rasmussen reports that, with only 35% of voters saying passage of the current Health Care Reform bill would be better than any such legislation this year, 54% say no.
He's trustworthy because, as we all know, there is a "current Health Care Reform bill." (Or there are three of them, none of them "current" in the sense of haing been voted on or anything.) But you know it exists: "Jude" has it right there in CAPS.
The important part (Voting, as we all know, should be apportioned according to income & property.) of the poll is this:
Voters who earn less than $20,000 a year are evenly divided but a majority of all other voters would prefer no action. Middle income voters, those who earn from $40,000 to $75,000 a year, are most strongly in favor of taking no action."
Well, that settles it then. People w/o insurance can just fuck off & die painfully, because a middle-class pig thinks he's OK. Just wait, suburban scumbag. At least the imaginary Death Panels are supposed to give Fantasy Granny some Oxycontin to move her along.
We've noticed this before: Because those polled believe something, it's true. As long as it's in agreement w/ them. Therefore, as
[V]oters seem to have learned from the "stimulus" and other failing or unintentionally destructive legislation, that no matter how bad things are, congress is very good at finding ways to make them worse
it has therefore been proven (scientifically, yet) that "congress" sucks. And of course angels exist, because a majority of Americans believe it so.
Saved the best for last.
[L]ots of familiar faces are gathered this weekend at the Right Online conference in Pittsburgh. Among these stars, none shine more brightly (and that is not merely a bald joke) than Ed Morrissey, who gave, as Allahpundit described, seven solid minutes on property rights and prosperity in the age of Hopenchange.
The usual suspects have gathered in Pittsburgh this wknd.? Are they all there to "piss off" the Great Orange Satan's Annual Invocation & Ritual Dance to SoroStalin/Nutroots★Nation bash, which is occuring in Pittsburgh through tomorrow as well? Having seen no reports of violence or angry confrontations in the City of Three Rivers, we can only assume that the right, dogs that they are, have quite a bark in cyberspace, but no meatspace bite. We'd pay good money for a Pay-Per-View presentation of mostly under-50 progs vs. the usual fat, balding & graying 50+ collection of basement-dwelling wing-nut welfare recipients. It would take a hell of a lot of rain to clean the streets of the blood of the wretched.
The very best is "property rights & prosperity" being applied to healthcare. Or "Hopencare." Or is that "Hopenchange?" Please explain what "hope" the 45+ million Americans w/o health insurance have? And back up your work.
Not quite as good, but indicative of their basic dishonesty: Having Cap't. Ed's co-blogger Allahpundit provide the description of "seven solid minutes" for Special Ed's presentation.

All Along The Watchtower

It would appear that the long walk to the next world can only be accomplished by women in long skirts, & will be led by an Anglo nuclear family. Can't wait to live in that world. Come on, brain-washed cult members, make an effort. ¡Aqui, no habla Español! Try English. (Or French, even.) Or just don't stick anything under our door. There is one positive aspect of this: "El fin está cerca." We can only hope. Could you pendejos give Jesu Christo a call & tell him to get on the stick? We've been waiting for The End for over a thousand yrs. now; our patience grows thin.

Word To The Losers

But even if you weren’t aware of all that, it would be hard to mistake the hostile town hall encounters for a serious barometer of voter sentiment. Sure, some talk-radio types are insisting they are. Lawmakers know better, however. After all, if these folks really spoke for the country, Democrats wouldn’t control Congress, and Obama would never have been elected.
Op-ed from boston.com. or The Boston Globe or someplace.

Rugged In Montana

This reporter's immediate female ancestor spent the first six yrs. of her life in Livingston, Montana. Which doesn't mean shit, but makes this story slightly more interesting to us. Will we read it, & bother to pull any of it?
OK, if only to demonstrate how imbecilicly fucking stupid those toads are (W/ all apologies to actual toads, of course.) we'll give you this:
But here's the twist: The folks at the local clinic where I found McDonald in the dentist chair -- known as "Community Health Partners" -- are actually quite comfortable with the federal government. That's because it turns out that taxpayers pick up 50 percent of the clinic's $4 million annual budget. "We're able to provide health care to someone who walks through the door regardless of their ability to pay," Dr. Mark Schulein, who runs the clinic, told me. People like Sonja McDonald, who wants more of these clinics around the country -- even when I told her the federal government that she dislikes so much picks up much of the tab. "The government being involved is fine," McDonald said. "It's just that when they try and overstep, when they try to say, 'No, this is what needs to be done.'" This reminds me of when you hear about folks at Congressional town hall meetings saying they don't want changes to Medicare and they want to make sure the federal government stays out of the way -- even though the feds run the program now and have for decades.
After they've strapped on a ewe ("Whut? Yuh callin' me uh queer? This hyar ain't no ram!") or two, do these people get a mad sheep disease that crawls throughout their nervous systems & eventually affects their brains? It's very difficult for us to believe that people are really so ignorant & oblivious. (You know, due to our high opinion of the species.)

Golden State Wrap-Up: Wildfires; Killer On The Loose

No Brian "Droopy" Williams today, so we can present a minute's worth of local action w/o fear.

Your Elected Officials

Western Civilization will be brought to an end by representatives of democracy like Representative Culberson. You may never have seen an individual performance/talking point recitation stupider than this. Alright, you probably have. Fine. But this is pretty damn good.

15 August: Macbeth Dies; Bonaparte Is Born; Will Rogers Crashes

By The Associated Press 2 hrs 5 mins ago, & The UPI Almanac. Today is Saturday, Aug. 15, the 227th day of 2009. There are 138 days left in the year.
Today's Highlight in History: On Aug. 15, 1945, Japanese Emperor Hirohito announced to his subjects in a prerecorded radio address that Japan had accepted terms of surrender for ending World War II. On this date: In 1057, Macbeth, King of Scots, was killed in battle by Malcolm, the eldest son of King Duncan, whom Macbeth had slain. In 1769, Napoleon Bonaparte was born on the island of Corsica. One hundred fifty years ago, in 1859, Chicago White Sox founder Charles Comiskey was born in Chicago. In 1914, the Panama Canal opened to traffic. In 1935, humorist Will Rogers and aviator Wiley Post were killed when their airplane crashed near Point Barrow in the Alaska Territory. The original AP story. In 1944, Allied forces landed in southern France in Operation Dragoon. In 1947, India became independent after some 200 years of British rule. In 1948, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) was proclaimed. In 1971, President Richard Nixon announced a 90-day freeze on wages, prices and rents. In 1979, Andrew Young resigned as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations after coming under fire for an unauthorized meeting with the U.N. observer for the Palestine Liberation Organization. In 1985, South African President P.W. Botha, rejecting Western pleas to abolish apartheid, declared, "I am not prepared to lead white South Africans and other minority groups on a road to abdication and suicide." In 1987, more than 13.5 inches of rain drenched the Chicago area, causing more than $100 million in damage. In 1995, the Justice Department agreed to pay $3.1 million to white separatist Randall Weaver, whose wife and teenage son were killed by FBI sharpshooters during a standoff at his Idaho cabin three years earlier. In 1998, 29 people were killed by a car bomb that tore apart the center of Omagh, Northern Ireland; a splinter group calling itself the Real IRA claimed responsibility. Ten years ago: President Bill Clinton and his family went house-hunting in Westchester County, N.Y. (They later settled on a house in Chappaqua.) Tiger Woods won the PGA Championship, becoming at age 23 the youngest player to win two majors since Seve Ballesteros. In 2000, one hundred people from North Korea arrived in South Korea for temporary reunions with relatives they had not seen for half a century; 100 South Koreans visited the North. In 2001, astronomers announced the discovery of the first solar system outside our own - two planets orbiting a star in the Big Dipper. Five years ago: Residents left homeless by Hurricane Charley dug through their ravaged homes, rescuing what they could as President George W. Bush promised rapid delivery of disaster aid. In Athens, the U.S. men's basketball team lost 92-73 to Puerto Rico, only the third Olympic defeat ever for the Americans and the first since adding pros. Vijay Singh won the PGA Championship in Haven, Wis. In 2006, Israel began withdrawing its forces from southern Lebanon. In 2007, a magnitude-8 earthquake in Peru's southern desert killed at least 540 people. One year ago: Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili grudgingly signed a U.S.-backed truce with Russia, even as he denounced the Russians as invading barbarians and accused the West of all but encouraging them to overrun his country. Michael Phelps won his sixth gold medal with his sixth world record, in the 200-meter individual medley at the Summer Olympics. American Nastia Liukin won the gold in women's gymnastics; friend and teammate Shawn Johnson was second. National Public Radio commentator Leroy Sievers, who shared his struggle with cancer, died at his Maryland home at age 53. Today's Birthdays: Actress Rose Marie is 86. Political activist Phyllis Schlafly is 85. Actor Mike Connors is 84. Actress Lori Nelson is 76. Civil rights activist Vernon Jordan is 74. Actor Jim Dale is 74. Actress Pat Priest is 73. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is 71. U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., is 71. Musician Pete York (Spencer Davis Group) is 67. Author-journalist Linda Ellerbee is 65. Songwriter Jimmy Webb is 63. Rock singer-musician Tom Johnston (The Doobie Brothers) is 61. Britain's Princess Anne is 59. Actress Tess Harper is 59. Actor Larry Mathews is 54. Actor Zeljko Ivanek is 52. Actor-comedian Rondell Sheridan is 51. Rock singer-musician Matt Johnson (The The) is 48. Movie director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu ("Babel") is 46. Actress Debi Mazar is 45. Country singer Angela Rae (Wild Horses) is 43. Actor Peter Hermann is 42. Actress Debra Messing is 41. Actor Anthony Anderson is 39. Actor Ben Affleck is 37. Singer Mikey Graham (Boyzone) is 37. Actress Natasha Henstridge is 35. Today In Entertainment History -- Seventy years ago, in 1939, "The Wizard of Oz" premiered in Hollywood.In 1958, Buddy Holly and Maria Elena Santiago got married in a private ceremony at his parents' home in Lubbock, Texas. Holly and Santiago had met only two months before. He died in a plane crash the following February. In 1965, The Beatles performed before a capacity crowd at New York's Shea Stadium, which, at the time, set a record for the largest audience to gather for a concert. Forty years ago, in 1969, the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair opened in upstate New York. During three days, dozens of acts performed before the crowd that had gathered on Max Yasgur's farm. Original AP story. Max Yasgur addresses the crowd at his farm. In 1980, George Harrison's book "I Me Mine" was published. In 1996, a women's shelter on Long Island, New York, refused to accept money from a benefit concert featuring James Brown. The shelter said Brown's wife had accused him of assaulting her, although each time she withdrew the accusations or the charges were dismissed. In 1998, singer Ian Gillan of Deep Purple allegedly hit a security guard in the head with a microphone during a concert in Pontiac, Michigan. He was later charged with assault and battery. In 2004, Phish performed their final show during a weekend-long festival in Coventry, Vermont. Last year, record producer Jerry Wexler, who coined the term "rhythm and blues," died in Sarasota, Fla. at age 91. Thought for Today: "To feel that one has a place in life solves half the problem of contentment." — George Edward Woodberry, American poet, critic and educator (1855-1930).

Friday, August 14, 2009

Prison Planet (You Have The Right To ...)

As promised,the El Dorado, California, County Correctional System Handbook. Those of you who have (or had) "jobs" may note similarities between corporate handbooks, dress codes & other minutiae, & the rules for convicts.Who are we kidding? Section A up there gives more rights to the prisoners than any worker/drone is guaranteed, though Section B is straight corporate boilerplate.



More Morons: The Torture Never Stops

How others interpret the "Hardball" interview w/ "non-political" Katy Abram. We'll just assume Bill Pascoe hates it when anybody proves to be more intelligent or informed than he is. And we have to assume that happens on a daily basis.

No "Humans" Involved

You might want to look at the new L. A. Times website. It will not save Sam Zell, but it's less ugly than the previous one.
More ugly than usual? The wealthy city of Santa Barbara, where we see how much America is concerned for even the least of us.
"It's more likely that the man who was burned last week was set on fire," he wrote to me in May, the prose all the more powerful for its understatement. "Also, the coroner moved up the autopsy of the wheelchair-bound man who died -- which was likely a murder. Doing my rounds on Friday I ran across four other homeless people who had been beaten -- looking like a youth street gang."
Fuck you people w/ houses, jobs, & all that other crap that turns you into Nazis. (Not that you weren't more than ready to go in that direction from the beginning, murdering scum.) Every one of you are as guilty as the Germans who didn't do anything to stop the Nazis. The blood is on your hands. Go ahead, wash like an obsessive. It will never come off.

Moron, Imbecile & Idiot Wrap-Up

From The Times of New York, The Opinionator wraps the garbage, ties it w/ a pretty bow, & shoves it in your face. Smell good? If you're a roach it does.

A Titan Of IndustryImbecility

America. Where failure on a massive scale is punished w/ the opportunity to do yet another deal. (Which is funny, because we somehow got the impression that those who fail are not rewarded at all, that "the market" deals effectively w/ the imbeciles & incompetent.)
William Brandt Jr., a corporate turnaround expert not involved in the case, said enough time has passed so that creditors and the debtor want to cut losses and save face. He said an honorable exit is especially important to Zell, who might need investment banking help for future deals.
And what kind of investment banker would invest the price of a shoe-shine w/ an imbecile? We'd have to assume it could only be another imbecile.
"This was a textbook case of a leverage buyout gone bad," said Brandt, president of Development Specialists Inc. "These were imbeciles who had no idea what they were doing."
See item just beneath↓.

We're Number One: Scab Of A Nation, Driven Insane

One uh them smarty-ass Jewboy fellers just hates Real Americans stupid folks.
Does it represent something new in the long history of stupidity? Or is it merely the latest manifestation of a time-honored component of the political process -- the cries for help of one of America's most important minority groups: idiots?
So do we. Can you blame us? One of the Jewish feller's commenters begs to differ: Americans aren't stupid, he types, just gullible. Hah! What's the fucking difference? Get a brain, moran! You've proved his point.

14 August: China: Boxer Rebellion, War & Lead Toys; More American "Socializing"

By The Associated Press (1 hr 4 mins ago) & the UPI Almanac. Today is Friday, Aug. 14, the 226th day of 2009. There are 139 days left in the year.
Today's Highlight in History: On Aug. 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law.On this date: In 1784, Grigory Shelikhov, a Russian fur trader, founded the first permanent Russian settlement in Alaska on Kodiak Island. In 1848, the Oregon Territory was created. In 1900, international forces, including U.S. Marines, entered Beijing to put down the Boxer Rebellion, which was aimed at purging China of foreign influence. In 1908, a race riot erupted in Springfield, Ill. as a white mob began setting black-owned homes and businesses on fire; at least two blacks and five whites were killed in the violence. In 1917, China declared war on Germany and Austria during World War I. In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill issued the Atlantic Charter, a statement of principles that renounced aggression. In 1945, President Harry S. Truman announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, ending World War II. In 1947, Pakistan became independent of British rule. In 1951, newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst died at age 88. In 1956, German dramatist Bertolt Brecht died at age 58.
In 1966, the unmanned U.S. Orbiter 1 spacecraft began orbiting the moon. In 1969, British troops went to Northern Ireland to intervene in sectarian violence between Protestants and Roman Catholics. In 1973, the U.S. bombing of Cambodia came to a halt effective at midnight. In 1980, workers went on strike at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, in a job action that resulted in the creation of the Solidarity labor movement. President Jimmy Carter and Vice President Walter Mondale were nominated for a second term at the Democratic National Convention in New York. In 1996, the Republican National Convention in San Diego nominated Bob Dole for president and Jack Kemp for vice president. In 1997, an unrepentant Timothy McVeigh was sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing. Ten years ago: Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush won a convincing victory in the Iowa straw poll. Death claimed former AFL-CIO president Lane Kirkland at age 77, and Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop Pee Wee Reese at age 81. In 2003, a huge blackout hit the northeastern United States and part of Canada; 50 million people lost power.Five years ago: A visibly weak Pope John Paul II joined thousands of other ailing pilgrims at a cliffside shrine in Lourdes, France, telling them he shared in their physical suffering and assuring them the burden was part of God's "wondrous plan." Nobel Prize-winning poet Czeslaw Milosz died in Krakow, Poland, at age 93. Fifteen-term congressman William D. Ford died in Ypsilanti Township, Mich. at age 77. In 2006, Israel halted its offensive against Hezbollah guerrillas as a U.N.-imposed cease-fire went into effect after a month of warfare that killed more than 900 people. In 2007, toy company Mattel recalled 18.6 million lead-tainted, Chinese-made toys worldwide. One year ago: President George W. Bush signed consumer-safety legislation that banned lead from children's toys, imposing the toughest standard in the world. Today's Birthdays: Broadway lyricist Lee Adams ("Bye Bye Birdie") is 85. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Russell Baker is 84. Singer Buddy Greco is 83. Baseball Hall of Fame coach Earl Weaver is 79. Former NFL player John Brodie is 74. Singer Dash Crofts is 71. Rock singer David Crosby is 68. Country singer Connie Smith is 68. Comedian-actor Steve Martin is 64. Actor Antonio Fargas is 63. Singer-musician Larry Graham is 63. Actress Susan Saint James is 63. Actor David Schramm is 63. Author Danielle Steel is 62. Rock singer-musician Terry Adams (NRBQ) is 59. "Far Side" cartoonist Gary Larson is 59. Actor Carl Lumbly is 58. Olympic gold medal swimmer Debbie Meyer is 57. Film composer James Horner is 56. Actress Jackee Harry is 53. Actress Marcia Gay Harden is 50. Former basketball player Earvin "Magic" Johnson is 50. Singer Sarah Brightman is 49. Actress Susan Olsen is 48. Rock musician Keith Howland (Chicago) is 45. Actress Halle Berry is 43. Actress Catherine Bell is 41. Country musician Cody McCarver (Confederate Railroad) is 41. Rock musician Kevin Cadogan is 39. Actor Scott Michael Campbell is 38. Actress Lalanya Masters is 37. Actor Christopher Gorham is 35. Football player Greg Ellis is 34. Football player Mike Vrabel is 34. Football player Roy L. Williams is 29. Actress Mila Kunis is 26. Today In Entertainment History -- On August 14th, 1958, Elvis Presley's mother, Gladys, died of a heart attack. In 1970, singer Stephen Stills was arrested on cocaine possession charges at a motel in La Jolla, California. He was released on $2,500 bail. In 1971, Rod Stewart released "Maggie May." In 1974, "(You're) Having My Baby" by Paul Anka was awarded a gold record. Feminists objected to the word "my," saying it should have been "our." In 1985, Michael Jackson outbid Paul McCartney for the ATV music publishing catalog, which included many Beatles songs. Jackson paid $47.5 million dollars. In 1989, Bon Jovi's "New Jersey" was the first American album to be released legally in what was then the Soviet Union. In 2003, nineteen musicals and three stage plays on Broadway were shut down when New York and much of the Northeast suffered a massive power failure.
Thought for Today: "The old forget. The young don't know." — Japanese proverb.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Russia: A "Socialized" Country. Also: "Restore This Country Back."

By giving these dodos & dilrods a chance to "express" themselves, MSNBC is actually perfoming a public service, almost as if they had to, or cared.
At least she wasn't packing heat. (And no, it would appear we can't involve ourself in Raiders-Cowboys.)

Possible Evidence The Apocalypse Is NOT Just Around The Corner

No Brooklyn Bums of Los Angeles game today or tonight.But there is an Oakland Raiders of Los Angeles game on. Let's stop typing & see if we can concentrate for more than 30 secs.