Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today is The First Day Of the Rest of The Year

We thought to remind you, in case you'd forgotten, that you've but two months for your grandiose plans, goals, achievements & expectations for the yr. But of course the on-rush of time never ends, only our mortal lives. So how could you forget?

Color Comics

Klatu Barada Nikto (Or Spellings to That Effect)

Yet another frightening aspect of today’s techno-world: W/ the new, harder-slaving animals running the wheels of commerce & industry here, as well as some expanded memory, we decided to “rip” (as the kidz & Windows Media Player like to call copyright violation) several of the CDs lying about our seedy no-rent room here at "Motel No." It‘s disturbing enough to be advised by said media player that further info about whatever had just been dubbed (as the old school says) could be obtained merely by crawling the web & matching whatever the eff was now on one’s hard drive, but when, after next adventuring in the World-Wide Wasteland*, we discovered that every damn one of the albums copied had had a representation of its cover added to the music library. Without our permission ever having been asked. (Even a cheaply & cheesily packaged, Italian-made “Gold Collection” of Charlie Parker tunes, copywrit 1992, purchased for $3.99 or whatever that one wouldn’t imagine there’d be a record of anywhere.) The massive forces of Microsoft & all of cybernowhere have not yet reached total soul-deadening perfection, as the cover provided us for Esa-Pekka Salonen vs. Rite o’ Spring is not the one in our possession, & while two-thirds the size of a postage stamp & apparently not enlargeable (Another good one, Mr. Gates!) the image does seem to say “Stravinsky” on it, but the picture looks a helluva lot more like Lenny Bernstein than Salonen. (Further examination has slightly increased the image, & revealed that it is ol' Lenny, & both albums contain Rite of Spring, but the other compositions are different. Perhaps we needn’t welcome our new robot overlords quite so soon. (Who are we kidding? The robots took over so long ago that there’s little guarantee any of the intelligences consuming this pablum are more than mere human (?) simulacra. Let alone this automaton producing it.) *Thank you, Newton Minow.

Friday, October 31, 2008

We Like This Rob Rogers Guy

Stop Torturing This Innocent Animal, Hallow e'en Freaks!!

Feline Frolics Continue

Who's the pussy now, humanoids? Cheetahs loose on a plane, & a liger administers "jungle justice" to his oppressor.

Cats Poop on Whole Thing

Even our newly revamped operations have their mysteries, so we must link you to this heartwarming story.

This Date in History (Other Than Hallow e'en)

1926: Harry Houdini dies in Detroit from the effects of a ruptured appendix. 1938: A day after his "War of the Worlds" radio adaptation scared the crap out of thousands, Orson Welles said he was sorry, but couldn't believe what a bunch of gullible fucking saps Americans are. (Not an exact quote.) 1941: The destroyer U. S. S. Reuben James was torpedoed off Iceland by a Kraut U-Boat, killing some 100 American sailors. This over a month before the United Snakes was pulled into WWII (The Big One) by the Nipponese. 1984: Indira Gandhi assassinated by two Sikh security guards.


Wishing all an unhappy Hallow e'en, rather than a "happy" one. What is that, really? "Happy Hallow e'en?" Like, "Enjoy your Memorial Day thinking of dead people?" In the spirit of Hallow e'en, we're wishing you all to be tortured by a psycho-/socio-path w/ a saw! No offense or anything. Just saying. In the spirit, y'know? Or at least that you end up like one of these pumpkinheads.
Thanks to DB for the photo.

Pardon Our Dust (Or, "Dust Our Pumice") While We Remodel

The squirrels that power our little operation during the summer months took their nuts & went into hibernation at the first sign of rain this wk., so we had to take a day to get the winter gerbils (or any other amusing rodentia that run like a maniac in a wheel in their cage) up & running. We can promise that there will be more items & info than we've been offering these last few months of struggle in the streets; these hamsters or whatever they are (Weasels? Are weasels rodents?) run like nobody's effin' beeswax. (How old are we ? Ninety? Sheesh. "Beeswax," our ass.) This is especially vital as the most frightening day of the yr., 4 November, approaches. We're quaking in fear, if you must know.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whence Joe The Fucking Plumber? An Open Letter

In our wanderings (ask not, lest you be answered) we came across this swell idea, from 1 October of this yr. Was that before Joe The Plumber? So long ago, we can no longer remember. But this fool-proof plan doesn't seem to have panned out well for McCain (or against liar Obama). We do hear that Joe's starting a C & W career.

On The Comedy Front

The goofy actress/singer Victoria Jackson is at it. Quotes from her blog:
"We must in all seriousness ask if Barack Hussein Obama could be a Muslim terrorist sympathizer or a Marxist mole. His closest friends include Communists, domestic and Muslim terrorists, racists and convicted felons. In his book Audacity of Hope, Barack Hussein Obama says, "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." "It is ironic and ominous that just 7 [sic] years after Islamic fundamentalist terrorists blew up the World Trade Center, that America may be about to elect a President with three Islamic names - Barack Hussein Obama - who has an Islamic education (in Indonesia), and strong Islamic ties and leanings."
Actual quote from Ms. Jackson:
I pray that our country will have a revival, and that God will forgive us for our rejection of Him. He blessed our country because we worshipped Him. But, now our public places have kicked him out, and subsequently, (or coincidentally?), our nation is being attacked by our enemies.
Sure, 'cause our "enemies" wouldn't attack otherwise, would they? Another actual quote:
Why am I voting for the fantastic McCain/Palin ticket? Simply because my "world view" is based on the belief that The Bible is the inerrant, holy, Word of God, and the Republican stance on abortion, marriage, government control, taxes, education, health care, charity, military, defense, democracy and freedom - lines up closest with the Bible's message.
Or, watch her babble at the Hollywood Congress of Republicans. Yes. There is one.

The End

Disgraced former Republican Congressional "Leader" Tom DeLay (You know, the schmuck who turned to politics when those communist regulators at the E. P. A. decided he should stop poisoning people & the environment.) today on "Hardball":
"The American people are going to figure it out & and vote against Barack Obama."
Not even attempting to get votes for Sen. McCain, just hoping for votes against Sen. Obama. It is totally over. Buh-bye.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Everybody Talks, But Nobody Does Anything

In NY/NJ/PA & VT, it's ugly.
"It looked like a mini blizzard in October," said Joe Orlando, spokesman for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. "We're salting the roads and we haven't even gone trick-or-treating yet." Up to a foot of snow was possible in parts of upstate New York, with wind blowing at 25 mph and gusting to 40 mph, and as much as 9 inches of snow was forecast in Vermont's mountains, the weather service said. Up to 13 inches of snow had fallen by Tuesday afternoon in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains.
Here in what is known as The Southland, we are enjoying the third warmest October in recorded history. Of course that means no rain, & the region will be up in flames by X-mess.

Annals of Irony

Headline from the LAT:
Hume tires of 'bitter' politics 'This stuff exhausts me,' the Fox newsman says of all the rancor as he prepares for semi-retirement.
Brit Hume, you shar-pei from hell, the very first thing you could do would be to push "Psychiatrist, heal thyself" poster boy Charles Krauthammer off your set & tell him to keep on going. Then never have Wiliiam Kristol on again. That'll cut down the "bitter" & the "rancor" considerably.

Hume is more circumspect about other aspects of the network's coverage, such as the hour that commentator Sean Hannity gave earlier this month to Obama critics such as Andy Martin, a self-styled Internet columnist with a history of anti-Jewish comments. The anchor demurred when asked his opinion of the program, saying he hadn't seen it, though he added that he wouldn't have had Martin on his program.

As he prepares to anchor his last presidential campaign, Hume said he's eager to immerse himself in a more spiritual life after dwelling for so long in the secular. The anchor described himself as a "nominal Christian" until 10 years ago, when his son Sandy committed suicide at age 28. I feel like I was really kind of saved when my son died by faith and by the grace of God, and that's very much on my consciousness," said Hume, who plans to get more involved in his wife's Bible study group.

Ah yes, the man of gawd who flees to the safety of Jeezis, when the shit hits the fan. Do you wonder what Brit did to his son to make him kill himself? We sure do.

Religious Wrap-Up

The schism between the Roberts Schuller, per the Times, was that Pops Schuller wants to dump his son Robert A., & replace him w/ "different pastors, and even businessmen, from around the country and Latin America." Sounds great to us. You can't have enough businessmen in the pulpit (or in prison, but that's something else) especially Latin American businessman. All of whom, we are quite sure, are the most honest group imaginable. Not a briber or murderer in their midst. Just cronies of the gov't., allies of the military, & exploiters of their own people. Praise Jesus. Can't wait to hear their sermons.


We were amused (though not very) by a short item in The NYT yesterday in which the author felt that
The most important function of a vice president is to serve as a spare president. Using the spare president in the ordinary course of business is as unwise as driving on one’s spare tire. Spares should be kept pristine, for when they are really needed.
We wouldn't compare a person occupying a job to a spare tire, & the above analogy is even lamer than that. Who could have written this tripe, which also ends agreeing that Gov. Sarah Palin was right in her "The Vice-President runs the Senate" statement. So we looked, & (Horrors!!) it was one Glenn Harlan Reynolds, a "professor of law at the University of Tennessee." Others may know him as "Instapundit," proprietor of one of the lamest sites on the web. (We thought we were tuning out poop here, but there's no comparison.)

Op-Ed Highlights

William Kristol is, if nothing else, consistent. Whatever the problem, to Bloody Bill war is the answer.
“My center is giving way. My right is in retreat. Situation excellent. I attack!” That’s the message supposedly sent by General Ferdinand Foch of France to his commanding general, Joseph Joffre, during the crucial First Battle of the Marne in September 1914. The French and British counterattacks succeeded. The German Army, after advancing for a month, was forced back.
Sure, it took another three yrs. to end that war, but it's doubtful that would have bothered Bill had he been alive then. He likes war. He wants John Sidney McCain III to go to war; here, there & everywhere.
Situation not-so-excellent. Time for McCain to attack — or, rather, finally to make his case. The heart of that case has to be this: reminding voters that when they elect a president, they’re not just electing a super-Treasury secretary or a higher-level head of Health and Human Services. They’re electing a commander in chief in time of war. The McCain campaign intends, I gather, to return to the commander in chief theme with an event in Florida Wednesday showcasing former secretaries of state and retired senior military officers. But why not showcase young Iraq vets instead? These young soldiers and marines can testify eloquently to the success of the surge that John McCain championed, and to the disaster and dishonor that would have followed Barack Obama’s preferred path of withdrawal.
Yes, the magical "surge." Apparently a "surge" in bribery, but a surge nonetheless. Maybe our troops could just come home & we can keep pumping money into Iraq. No blood for oil, just the Treasury. And you'd have to wonder hat those vets will say if some one shows them Sidney III's voting record on veterans' issues. But, w/ a wk. (which may still be an eternity) to go, the race looks to be over. Monday, or over the wknd., this reporter heard John McCain refer to "the Obama presidency." Not "an Obama presidency," but "the." McCain knows it's over. As does Jonah Goldberg, who re-types the daily talking points, possibly w/o any help from mommy Lucianne, though we suspect he rec'd. some help from Mark Levin, one of the gnomes lurking about NationalReviewOnline. Levin, an extremely annoying & irritating crypto-fascist, pretty much gave out the same line on his radio program last night. One novelty Jonah adds: That touch of racism so many of you out there like so much.
Note: If Obama wins next week, all three of his preconditions will have been met, and his colleagues in the House and Senate are itching like junkies for a new New Deal. Only in a country of amnesiacs could one claim that socialized medicine is a "new idea." Blowing away the dust and cobwebs from ancient wares doesn't make them new. Save for his skin color, Obama doesn't represent anything novel. Rather, he symbolizes a return to an older vision of the United States that was seen as the "wave of the future" eight decades ago. I for one have no desire to go back to that future.
We have a great desire to see that future implemented, instead of put off again by the forces of capitalist repression, more Great Depressions, & so forth. And just for the hell of it, you can read at Slate what the reality is behind these claims of Marxist socialism. P. S.: We must wonder at the Incredible Shrinking Newspaper™©. There may be an excess of editors, even now. Print title of Goldberg's column: "Something old is new again" Web title of same: "Obama's not 'new' Don't think that policies Obama is touting haven't been touted before." Alternate Web title: "Obama's stale liberalism."

Monday, October 27, 2008

E-Mail Fun

Don't vote for the schwartze, he'll let that nasty Ahmadinejad have a second holocaust. Seems that Gov. Moosedroppings was on this over a month ago.
"John McCain and I are committed to drawing attention to the danger posed by Iran's nuclear program and we will not waver in our commitment," Palin told a crowd of 9,000 supporters in Blaine, MN. "I will continue to call for sustained action to prevent Iranian President Ahmadinejad from getting these weapons that he wants for a second holocaust." In an interview last week with ABC News' Charles Gibson in Fairbanks, Palin spoke of the need to ensure "that these weapons of mass destruction, that nuclear weapons are not given to those hands of Ahmadinejad, not that he would use them, but that he would allow terrorists to be able to use them."
So now the Pennsylvania Republican Party disagrees w/ both their & Gov. Palin's earlier statements?
Political consultant Bryan Rudnick, identified as the strategist who helped write the message, was reached Saturday night and confirmed he no longer works for the party, which employed him a few weeks ago as a consultant to do outreach to Jewish voters. "I had authorization from party officials" to send the e-mail, Rudnick said, but he declined to say who had signed off on it. "I'm not looking to drag anyone else through the mud, so I'm not naming names right now," he said. The e-mail also accuses Obama of teaching members of the community group ACORN "to commit voter registration fraud" during his years as a community activist.
Might as well get that one in there too, eh, Bryan?

Scientific Polls

Lies, damned lies, statistics & polls, the list goes on... Even less useful than a scientific poll is a random, unweighted poll offered on the Internet for any ninny to click. So this is merely interesting. We found a completely non-scientific poll today in Parade, the rotogravure (What is this, 1959?) insert that is stuffed into the L. A. Times. (One part that hasn't shrunk to nothingness yet; we suspect that Parade pays to have itself in major metropolitan papers, so we're probably stuck therewith for a while.) Parade being about as middle-brow, middle middle-class, & middle-aged as one can get, we might assume that its readers are just the sort of reactionary fence-sitters who might remain, even at this date, undecided. And reactionary. So the non-scientific Internet poll (we reëmphasize) had some surprising (To us, but what do we know?) results.
Who's More 'Presidential'? In a recent issue of PARADE, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote about 10 traits shared by Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, two of our greatest Presidents. We asked readers to vote on whether the current candidates had those qualities. Here are some of the results*.
McCain – Obama
Courage to stay strong
49% – 51%
Learns from errors
50% – 50%
Willingness to change
34% – 66%
36% – 64%
Understands people's concerns
33% – 67%
Strong moral compass
40% – 60%
A gift for inspiring others
31% – 69%
*Results accurate as of Oct. 8, 2008.
Assuming these "qualities" or "traits" are what matters to the masses, looks as if there's a clear winner in the real American heartland.

Let's Have a War on Science, While We're At It

Christopher "Hater" Hitchens has a screed about Gov. Palin & her religio-scientific views. They are to laugh, as we noted yesterday or whenever. (Mr. Hitchens was perhaps inspired by the same NYT article we were. We work on wknds., however, unlike Mr. Hitchens.)
This is what the Republican Party has done to us this year: It has placed within reach of the Oval Office a woman who is a religious fanatic and a proud, boastful ignoramus. Those who despise science and learning are not anti-elitist. They are morally and intellectually slothful people who are secretly envious of the educated and the cultured. And those who prate of spiritual warfare and demons are not just "people of faith" but theocratic bullies. On Nov. 4, anyone who cares for the Constitution has a clear duty to repudiate this wickedness and stupidity.
Go cat go. As one of the educated & cultured, we're happy that Hitchens' fear that the Moooslims will cut off his liquor have been moderated a bit, & that he realizes McCain/Palin are not the people to keep Sharia law out of the Constitution.

Hoping That The Children Aren't Our Future

Don't trust anyone under 30! An entire generation of Disney-ized "princesses" & macho male consumers in training are rising up beneath us, & it's not going to be a pretty princess deal when you're counting on these spoiled rug rats to take care of you in your dotage.
Since television was deregulated in the early 1980s, marketing strategies have taken over all aspects of kids' lives. From bedsheets to clothes and shoes to the lunch box they carry -- they're all linked to media, to popular culture. The message is, this is what's desirable, this is what you should be. And look at what they were offered: For boys, there was GI Joe, He-Man, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. For girls, there was My Little Pony, Care Bears, Disney's princesses. Gender roles were very much part of that marketing. There was a whole new escalation in gender division when children began to become a market. [...] To me, this is objectification of both boys and girls -- allowing little human beings to be treated as if they were objects. Girls learn to judge boys by how well they meet that objective definition of mindless, unfeeling machoism. And boys learn to judge girls by how sexy they are. This is why we may be seeing a generation in which relationships are often played out as interactions between caricatures of sexual stereotypes, why you can have friends with benefits and "hooking up."
Says one Diane E. Levin, a professor of education at Wheelock College in Boston, & the co-author, with Jean Kilbourne, of "So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood and What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Kids." Ah. Yet another left-wing feminist academic complaining about the traditional sex roles that have made our families & nation great!

The Ameican Eagle Flexes Its Wings

8 reportedly killed in U.S. raid inside Syria U.S. Air Strike Kills 20 People in Pakistan So, John McCain, now it is "OK" to attack other sovereign nations in defense of our Iraqi & Afghan colonies?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Coming American War: Religious or Civil?

Just inquiring, that's all.

Annals of Cognitive Dissonance

We seldom refer anyone to long-haired lout Charles "Chuck" Johnson's page, but it would seem Chuckles isn't one of those "Muslims are terrible, & the bible is the holy revealed etc." types. Maybe. Oh, see how quickly things change?

Eat Our Fuck, Music Division

A useless no-doubt twenty-nothing from the Onion's A. V. Club has it all figured out.
There was always something overtly seedy about the West Coast version of the punk movement that set it apart from the brainier New York scene or the politicized, art-school-beholden UK edition. Though the members of the band X were every bit as socially and culturally engaged as their inter- and intracontinental punk brethren, they also embraced L.A. skuzz, singing songs about motel rooms and adult books, and brandishing their name as both a warning and a come-on.
"Brainier New York scene." We're doubled up w/ laughter, or, as the twenty-nothings say, "ROTFLMAO." (Makes it easier to embrace your inner skuzz, too.) We've usually gone along w/ the concept that suburbia (L. A.) makes for even greater alienation, therefore better cretin music, but we may just be a collection of seedy low-lifes. Pass that 40, wouldja? Also, a chance to loot a picture from many yrs. gone. Seedy? These youthful innocents? Please.

Religion Round-Up

It's the Day of Our Father, The Lord, paternalists & hierarchy fans, why not look at what up w/ forces of demonic activity. Literally.
Ms. Palin declined an interview, and the McCain campaign did not respond to specific questions about her faith. Thus, it is difficult to say with certainty what she believes. What is known, however, is that Ms. Palin has had long associations with religious leaders who practice a particularly assertive and urgent brand of Pentecostalism known as “spiritual warfare.” Its adherents believe that demonic forces can colonize specific geographic areas and individuals, and that “spiritual warriors” must “battle” them to assert God’s control, using prayer and evangelism. The movement’s fixation on demons, its aggressiveness and its leaders’ claims to exalted spiritual authority have troubled even some Pentecostal Christians.
This may go some distance toward explaining what Gov. Moosemanure of Alaska meant by "pro-AmeriKKKa parts of this great nation." Or whatever she said. We (we're guessing we're part of the "problem" here in sunny, kooky SoCal) are possessed by DEMONS!!! Do not, however, be scared by "spiritual warfare." They don't want to demonize you. It's another biblical code.
“The term ‘spiritual warfare’ sounds scary as all get-out if you’re not biblically literate,” said George Otis Jr., president of the Sentinel Group, in Seattle, which has helped spread the movement by producing video documentaries of spiritual warfare at work. “It’s taken from the sixth chapter of Ephesians, which talks about that the weapons of our warfare are not of this world,” Mr. Otis said. “Which means, we don’t respond with guns or violence. If we’ve got a problem with somebody, we’ll go pray.”
Of course. Prayer is very powerful, too.
Bishop Thomas Muthee, the Kenyan preacher shown on the YouTube video anointing her as she ran for governor, is celebrated internationally as an effective spiritual warrior who led a prayer movement that drove a witch out of his town in Kenya. The removal of the witch, Bishop Muthee says, resulted in a drop in crime, alcoholism and traffic accidents.
You could run a witch out of town w/ prayer. Although we do suspect something occurred on a less spiritual plane in Bishop Muthee's neighborhood. AmeriKKKa prefers to deal w/ its witches, Jews & the like by burning at the stake, if possible, or at the least a good dunking. This may explain some of "First Dude" (WTF?) Todd Palin's Secession Fever. When the shit hits the fan, Alaska will be the place to be! Might as well start breaking relations w/ the lower 48 now.
The second [YouTube vid] showed Ms. Palin at an event in June praising the African preacher’s prayer as “awesome” and “very, very powerful.” She is also seen nodding as her former pastor from Wasilla prays over her and declares that Alaska is “one of the refuge states in the Last Days,” a piece of prophecy popular in some prayer networks that predicts that as the “end times” approach, people will flock to Alaska for its abundant open space and natural resources.
This would be the first time someone so sadly & openly deluded would be so close to the leadership of the "Free World," unless Bushie-Boy is just keeping his eschatological fantasies well hidden. One other similarity w/ Gee Dub:
The governor’s relationships with practitioners of spiritual warfare appear to go back many years. Mary Glazier, an Alaska Native who helped bring together the prayer warrior networks in the state, told a prayer conference in June that Ms. Palin “became a part of our prayer group out in Wasilla” when she was 24, and that “God began to speak” to her about entering politics.
God on your side. Jesus Crap, we thought we were finished, but there's even more on the hierarchical front. Plenty o' patriarchiality as well. Many of these religio-cash cow operations are handed down, father to first-born son, & it doesn't always work out well. (Richard Roberts ring a bell?) Same w/ Robert Schuller's "Hour of Power," which you may or not watch from the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif. (Note the rhyming & alliteration, always a sign of a top-notch outfit that not suckering senile & demented simpletons.) His son (also Robert) has gotten the bum's rush from the head bum.
Robert A. Schuller, known to congregants as Robert II, had been groomed to take over for his father since 1996. He had followed in his father's footsteps almost exactly, attending the same college, Hope College in Holland, Mich. He also founded his own Orange County church, in San Juan Capistrano, before coming to the Crystal Cathedral seven years ago. Like his father, he also writes religious books -- 13 at last count, according to the church's website. In recent months, however, the younger Schuller had disappeared from the television program, replaced by reruns featuring his father.
Bring on the estate tax. And some property tax for this Crystal abomination. And finally, if you like, a peek at Catho-hypocrisy. Nothing new there, but it's recent & relevant.