Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh Look, We Found Another!!

More Offensive Cartoons: Two Thousand Words Worth

Absolutely vital to get the lips lilac, huh? Cheezis!!

"The KKK Took My Baby Away"

It happens every time. Someone to the left of Attila the Hun is merely elected to "leadership of the Free World" (Yeah, we're laughing bitterly as well.) & gun & ammo sales go through the roof. Then the crazies get loose.
Investigators found weapons, several flags and six Klan robes at the campsite, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain said in a news release. Strain said the woman, whose identity was not released, was recruited over the Internet to participate in the ritual and then return to her home state to find other members for the white supremacist group. But Strain said the group's leader, Raymond "Chuck" Foster, 44, shot and killed the woman Sunday after a fight broke out when she tried to leave. Foster was charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bond.
A well regulated militia, composed of sane people, should be armed to shoot life's losers like "Chuck" Foster as if they were rabid dogs in the street. For the sake of the gene pool, if not one's own safety.
"The IQ level of this group is not impressive, to be kind," Strain said, adding, "I can't imagine anyone feeling endangered or at risk by any one of these kooks."
Yes, but someone seems to have been endangered & at risk. Now she's dead. Good riddance, possibly, but...

Battle of the Titans

The Titans of right wing mediocrity, that is. One the one hand, self-proclaimed moderate David Brooks:
The Reformist view is articulated most fully by books, such as “Comeback” by David Frum and “Grand New Party” by Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam, as well as the various writings of people like Ramesh Ponnuru, Yuval Levin, Jim Manzi, Rod Dreher, Peggy Noonan and, at the moderate edge, me.
Ooooh, books, w/ their big words & many pages. The "Reformists" must be right. Uh, correct. Brooksie's big conclusion?
In short, the Republican Party will probably veer right in the years ahead, and suffer more defeats. Then, finally, some new Reformist donors and organizers will emerge. They will build new institutions, new structures and new ideas, and the cycle of conservative ascendance will begin again.
We find it sad to contemplate the potential return of rightist parties & organizations, but not as sad as contemplating the continual cycle of repressive fascism, occasionally alleviated by a brief moment of true progress, but soon enough stomped in the face again, over & over, like Orwell's boot. Is the human species too stupid to put an end to this cycle of stupidity? On the other hand, warts. And Jonah Goldberg. Who hasn't typed anything worth excerpting, except to note that he name checks many of the same clowns Brooks did.
For the young Turks and their older allies -- my National Review colleagues Ramesh Ponnuru, Yuval Levin and David Frum, the Atlantic's Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam, New York Times columnist David Brooks et al [sic] -- the problem is that Bush botched the GOP's shot at real reform.
To imagine that Bush ever desired to do anything but increase the power of the presidency (Cheney's idea, of course, but it played right into Bushie-Boy's hands.) & the wealth of his cronies is beyond the usual stupid level of Jonah. P. S.: Note the number of "funny names" involved in the "young Turks/Refomist" movement. Not a "real" American in that bunch, is there? Even w/ Brooks & Peggy Noonan, that's limey (at best) ancestry & an Irishwoman. WHO TAUGHT THESE PEOPLE W/ THE FUNNY NAMES TO LOVE AMERICA? If we can ask that about Barack Obama, we can certainly ask it of someone named "Ramesh Ponnuru." Who were his parents? Where was he born? We can't make any more mistakes w/ unreal Americans, if you know what we mean.

Who Really Lost The Election

And why.

A Real Change We Need: Some Good News for B. O.

Not all doom & gloom on the horizon for the prez-elect. Sure, we're all about to be walking around in barrels (Where the fug would one even get a wooden keg like that these days?) & fighting each other for the wealthy elite's Mickey D leftovers & grease soaked wrappers, but on the foreign policy front it could be worse, according to Fred Kaplan in Slate. We give you the most hopeful part, hopeful because breaking the military-industrial complex is something Americans can accomplish by themselves, w/o relying on untrustworthy, erratic, confused foreigners.
Military spending. According to a story by Bryan Bender in the Boston Globe, the Defense Business Board, a senior advisory group appointed by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, recommended huge cuts in the military budget, noting that the current level of spending on weapons is "unsustainable." Several private and congressional defense analysts have been making this point for a few years now; the U.S. Government Accountability Office recently calculated that the Pentagon's 95 largest weapons systems have accumulated cost overruns amounting to $300 billion (that's just the overruns, not the total cost, which amounts to many hundreds of billions more). It's also clear, from the Pentagon's own budget analyses, that well over half of the $700 billion-plus budget has little if anything to do with the threats the United States faces now or in the foreseeable future. The past seven years have been a free-for-all for the nation's military contractors and service chiefs; the number of canceled weapons projects can be counted on one hand; they've otherwise received nearly all the money for everything they've asked for. Even many of the beneficiaries realize that the binge is coming to an end; the nation simply can't afford it. Obama's fortune is that he can order the cuts, invoking not his own preferences but the sober-minded urgings of a business advisory group in the Bush administration.
'Bout time someone made the most important part of the gummint work.

Drowning in the Bathtub

A final, hearsay blast at G. W. Bush, from the comments relating to this editorial illustration.
rikoshayrabbit says: My neighbor down the road used to watch W jump off the high dive, directly atop unsuspecting little kids, in the pool at the Midland County Country Club. He was about 13 years old at the time, and her thoughts were that this boy has absolutely no insides, like there was no one home. She says he is the exact same evil creep now as he was then. This is the little sh!t who allowed his evil to spread across the globe the past eight years and who hired equally evil bastards who would allow his deeds to go unpunished. My neighbor regrets not drowning him, if she only knew then what she knows now.
Hearsay or not, to us, the above is one of those deals so bizarre that one couldn't make it up.

Do Keep in Touch

Ramesh Ponnuru on the Republican party:
Most conservatives were preoccupied in this campaign with cultural issues: flag pins, 1960s radicals and the like. These issues are legitimate, and certainly easier to understand than the details of health policy.* [...] By the end of the campaign, 60 percent of voters did not think that [McCain] was “in touch with people like them” — and 79 percent of them voted against him. They thought other Republicans were out of touch, too. To recover, the party will have to prove them wrong, not just return to the conservative program of yesteryear.
The perception that John Sidney etc. was "out of touch" is directly proportional to the perception that conservatives are more worried about imaginary commies from the '6os than people's livelihoods. *Conservatives should consider themselves fortunate that the details of the McCain "Campaign Pledge to Tax Employer-Provided Health Insurance Policies of 2008" weren't more widely understood.

"Happy" Veterans Day

1918: A mere 90 yrs. ago, at 1100 hrs., World War I came to an end w/ the signing of an armistice between the "Allies" & the Central Powers.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Separate But Equal II

As previously referenced.

One Last Question

What the exciting possibilities of satellite & digital communication, even nationally syndicated rabid weasels needn't live here in the bowels of the beast. Why don't the previously mentioned Messrs. Hewitt & Prager drag their middle-aged, middle-brow asses to "real" AmeriKKKa? Huh? Why you two still hanging around here? Move along now.

Dr. Freud, to the Radio Ward Please

One of the many reasons (None of which, by the way, apply to you, Outlander!) to live in sunny, stupid California is to be at the very center of the media universe, that is, the entire known universe. This comes in especially handy for armchair socio-cultural critics & other such loudmouths. Bloggers & radio hosts, to give but two examples.

Here in SoCal we can hear luminaries like Hugh Hewitt & Dennis Prager do a little shilling for local advertisers that those of you away from the belly of the entertainment beast are deprived of. (Still no reason to move here, though.) One of the local clients is an insulated window installer. Hewitt trying to sell his audience on the benefits of environmentally sound, money-saving windows is as ironic as we can stand.
Even more amusing is Prager pimping his friend, so & so the tailor. ("And he is my friend," Dennis adds. You betcha!)

Best of all is Hugh Hewitt extolling the virtues of Turducken (if you don't know: A turkey stuffed w/ a chicken which is then stuffed w/ a duck, or maybe the chicken goes in the duck, how should we know, which is then baked or roasted or broiled or another of those cookery things) as provided by some Cajun outfit. This may be a nation-wide sponsor, in the grand American tradition of buying your steaks from Omaha & having them shipped to you via FedEx; those of you w/ the intestinal fortitude may be able to hear it anywhere.

Hugh is mentioning the newest twist in poultry excess, the Turducken stuffed w/ "pheasant," but the moron pronounces it "peasant." As in "Turducken stuffed w/ peasant." (Unless ...) We heard this twice w/in ten minutes today, a good indication of how little demand for advertising there really is on Hugh's program. (The angry white moron quaking in religious & socio-cultural fear may no longer be the sought after demographic it was.) The advert being recorded indicates that not only Hugh but his staff are all deaf &/or ignorant, or, better yet, that Hugh is such a stupid jerk that the staff all hate him & are getting a good laugh every time it plays, as Hugh sits there in rabid bliss.

All of the above, of course, merely an excuse to use the infamous TBogg Hewitt shot. Ick. Lay off that Turducken, big boy.

Billions for The Banks, Little or Nothing For Homeless American Vets

We can not believe the number of vets who are homeless, or perhaps the number of homeless people who have served (as a baby-killing murderer, or an enabler thereof) "our" country. We could take you to encampments of homeless veterans under the 405 (a part of the Interstate Highway system) next door to the Los Angeles Veterans Administration campus. Homeless vets, wounded or psychologically damaged by murdering & seeing murder done for the gov't.
Of the 1.8 million female military veterans, Dogen was among the 7,000 to 8,000 who are homeless, as estimated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. She is among the few who have benefited from new housing specifically for female veterans, an initiative homeless advocates say falls far short of what is needed.
Below: Homeless veteran Carisa Dorgen. Photo: Skip Peterson/AP file.
We hope that John Sidney McCain III will put something where his mouth is in the upcoming Congrefs, as his running for president on the basis of "I was a prisoner of war for five & a half yrs. because I was too stupid or macho to avoid a surface to air missile, so you AmeriKKKans owe me the presidency," while complaining that veterans benefit bills give too much to vets & they'll be leaving the service due to our generosity is yet another act of evil for which Sen. McCain owes the vets & the nation. A lot.

Further Attacks on America:
Disaster Capitalism

Not just jumping on dirty foreigners (as in the previous article) the Bush Admin., in its efforts to socialize losses & privatize profits, decided to hand over up to $140 billion to the losers at banks, in what appears to be an illegal move. The cowards in Congrefs are scared to do anything that might upset the sensitive flowers in the banking industry. (Is there the slightest chance that one day there could be a financial/economic system that would deal in reality, & be backed by actual stuff, rather than be based on the confidence level of the psychopaths who run the current system?)
The change to Section 382 of the tax code -- a provision that limited a kind of tax shelter arising in corporate mergers -- came after a two-decade effort by conservative economists and Republican administration officials to eliminate or overhaul the law, which is so little-known that even influential tax experts sometimes draw a blank at its mention. Until the financial meltdown, its opponents thought it would be nearly impossible to revamp the section because this would look like a corporate giveaway, according to lobbyists.
How long will this shit continue before the peasants get their pitchforks, torches & guns & do something? We're always hearing that we need guns to protect us from the gov't. When will some of you gun nut/small gov't./"Washington is evil" crackers pick up your penis-substitutes & act? Oh right, you're all talk unless about fifty of you are beating up a lone queer. For you weaklings to go against an organized force (like the Boy Scouts, to name but one) let alone an organized & trained military, is highly unlikely. Big talk, no action, from the "big men" on the right.

Bush Doctrine? What's That Again? Oh, Non-Stop War W/ The Rest of the World? OK. Sounds Good.

The "Bush Doctrine" seems to have secretly expanded. Now the Gov't. of the United Snakes believes that it can jump ugly w/ anyone, anywhere, at any time, for any "reason" whatsoever. Good fucking idea. Glad we didn't ask the Congrefs or anyone about it. Those sissies would probably want to negotiate or something. Or stand up & fucking declare war on any "terrorist-sheltering" nation. What's all that "defense" spending for if we can't use it to kill, maim & destroy?

Let's Have A Cyber-War (In Your Devil-Box!)

Slate asks: "Is a cyber-attack an act of war?" Slate isn't sure, but we can tell you that when we attack someone through the wonderful anonymity of cyberspace, it is a declaration of war. That means you, punk! Feeling lucky?

Capitalism Up-Date

Musical Culture Up-Date

The amazing McDonna (we believe she is the Queen of Something, though what we're far from sure what) has blown through town, desecrating baseball temple Dodger Stadium w/ her foul vulgarity & bony thighs. Here we have an example of synergy or symbiosis (Are they machines or biological entities? Only their hairdressers know for sure.) as McDonna manages to look still relevant & edgy, in comparison to a covered from the neck down Britney Spears, who manages to look clean & decent in comparison to the mighty McD. Photo: Ken Hively/LAT.

The Era of Post-Partisanship (Not!)

Don't be fooled. The haters still hate. There won't be 30 seconds of bi- or non-partisanship from the pin-dicked, brain-dead, child-molesting perverts & jerks who are still trying to show mommy something, & who just can't face the facts about AmeriKKKa. Like, it's not quite as "AmeriKKKan" as it used to be. It's obvious that these rabid weasels would rather send the United Snakes to hell in a hand-basket than allow anyone not of the white male male protestant property-owning demographic to do a good job of running the country, let alone saving it from attempted murder by the Bush Administration.
"The Obama recession is in full swing, ladies and gentlemen," Limbaugh told his radio audience of 15 million to 20 million on Thursday. "Stocks are dying, which is a precursor of things to come. This is an Obama recession. Might turn into a depression." Apparently the tanking of the real estate market, record losses in the auto industry, and massive failures in the banking and investment industry have very little to do with our problems. The economic system is collapsing, Rush wants us to know, because it anticipates the tax increases Obama has pledged on capital gains and for the highest income earners.
James Rainey of the L. A. Times has looked into this lying ugliness, once again saving us the trouble, let alone the listening. And be ready for four to eight yrs. of ugliness & hate. Maybe this will reveal the haters for what they are, though we suspect most of their listeners know already, & love to be filled w/ bile. Sorry your non-existent gawd gave you a whitesnake w/ which to work, losers. We can only hope, once the lynching 'jokes" & the like start coming from the mouths of these morons, that the Secret Service steps up & does its duty, rather than defaulting to the fascist, racist mode of police & military organizations.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Free Advertising

Thanks to Dolores Restaurant & Bakery, mere blocks from the end of the continent on Rte. 66.They have a new sign (& a new paint job) the food is better than Norm's or Denney's, & they got their own Wi-Fi spot. Interior photo from Julie Wilson's flickr site. Check out "Her Los Angeles."

More People Doing Our Job. Thanks, Guys!

Jurassic Pork, of Welcome Back to Pottersville, has a few Fox news items of interest. A sample:

Great Minds Thinking Alike

Southern Beale must've seen the same idjit we did on Mighty Sorry, No Body Cares earlier today, & since she looked it up & presented the truth, go read what she has to say. This crap's been reiterated on other media outlets as the presidential transition gets underway. Even were it true, imagine the pettiness of bringing it up eight yrs. later. Of course, it's the Bush Administration's last-ditch attempt to salvage something of the most dismal presidency. What a legacy: "At least he wasn't a total douche bag when he left office. Remember what a douche bag Clinton was when he left the White House?" They bring up an eight-yr.-old lie in an effort to look good. And there's no reason not to think that the die-hards may still try to sabotage the Obama Admin. You can bet that the Karl Rove Admin. will do something much more subtle & destructive than taking the "B"s & "O"s off the keyboards.

Another Visual

"They're Smilin' in Your Face..."

Chinese Socialist Bailout

China Announces $586 Billion Stimulus Plan
What punks! Can't even come up w/ a $700 Billion plan like ours? We're number one! We're number one!!

There Will Always Be an England

And an extra tip o' the Bouffant Chapeau to the lovely Sophia. W/o searching "Otto the Octopus," we never would have found this classic of the "I accidentally sat on it" genre. For your convenience (& maximum disgust) we republish the item in its entirety.

Vicar went to hospital with potato stuck in bottom

A vicar attended hospital with a potato stuck up his bottom - and claimed it got there after he fell on to the vegetable while naked.

The clergyman, in his 50s, told nurses he had been hanging curtains when he fell backwards on to his kitchen table.

He happened to be nude at the time of the mishap, said the vicar, who insisted he had not been playing a sex game.

The vicar had to undergo a delicate operation to extract the vegetable, one of a range of odd items medics in Sheffield have had to remove from people's backsides or genitals.

Others include a can of deodorant, a cucumber, a Russian doll – and a carnation.

Speaking of the vicar, A & E* nurse Trudi Watson, of Sheffield's Northern General Hospital, said: "He explained to me, quite sincerely, he had been hanging curtains naked in the kitchen when he fell backwards on to the kitchen table and on to a potato.

"But it's not for me to question his story. He had to undergo surgery to have it removed."

She advised anyone tempted to use such objects in sex games to think again.

"It can be very dangerous and potentially life-threatening," she said.

"Surgery can lead to infection, nasty scarring, and it could possibly end up with the person having to use a colostomy bag as a result."

A hospital trust spokeswoman in Sheffield said: "Like all busy hospitals we do see some unusual accidents.

"But our staff deal with them in a discreet, professional and kind way."

*In Britain, A & E means Accidents & Emergencies, or something, not Arts & Entertainment, nor, despite the context here, Assholes & Elbows.

Birds Nothin'! It's All of Them! Even The Fish!!

Not to be fucked with. Photo: EUROPICS
Eurocorresp Sophia sends news of competition for us in the "bastard" dep't., from one Otto the Octopus,who is raising hell while being held in what sounds like a German Gitmo for sea creatures. The lovely ladies at Feministe have excerpted the best from the Telegraph story. (Comments amusing too. And note that at both Feministe & ECTOPLASMOSIS! reference is made to "new overlords." Hmmm.)

"Center Right" Part Deux of a Potentially Infinite Number

Rich Lowry got the "ctr. rt." talking points too. (We weren't even looking for further evidence, it just crossed our electronic path, not unlike a rattlesnake slithering towards the early morning sun.)
Was it brought on by congressional corruption, Bush administration incompetence, intellectual exhaustion or John McCain's failings as a candidate? All of the above -- and then some.
Where to start? If by John Sidney III's failings he means "Duh, I don' know nothin' 'bout no 'conomizin'" he may have gotten one center right. We also note it's not the first time conservatives have denied their own at the first sign of whatever it is that gives them these hissy fits.
But that was a reaction to the malfeasance of Richard Nixon, a president whom conservatives never truly considered one of their own. Bill Clinton won in 1992, but with only 43 percent of the vote and over an incumbent Republican, George H.W. Bush, whom conservatives had already repudiated.
You think Richie Rich would want to repudiate a few others as well, especially after bringing up lobbyist Jack Abramoff, but no.
The shepherd of the Republican congressional majority that was swept out of power in 2006 was conservative stalwart Tom DeLay
Yes, Tom DeLay, conservative stalwart, w/ the emphasis on the "wart." If Rich doesn't realize how much better off the Rs are sans DeLay, well... Sadly for purposes of abuse, much of what Richie goes on to say makes sense. (It can happen. And it's somewhat more perceptive than the "autopsy" kindly provided by these clowns.) There is a great big fucking Republican elephant in the room that Lowry ignores: the Occupation of Iraq (Where is that oil we were promised?) & the stalemate (Or whatever the fuck it is, anyone who has any idea of what is up in Afghanistan is welcome to let us in on it.) in the space between between Iran & nuclear-armed (Need we add?) Pakistan. His only mention of the world beyond our shores?
In 2006, voters set out to punish Republicans for loose practices in Washington [...] and the mishandling of the Iraq war.
Uh-huh. 2006.

On This Date in The History of Man's Inhumanity to Man

1938: Kristallnacht.

The Election That Will Not Die

Sadly Bradley (sp.?) cranks out a piece on the election that will, eventually, be finished. Once there's another attack on "our" country, a 'tween star gets knocked up, or GM, Ford & Chrysler are sold to the highest Chinese bidder (Just kidding, looks like the Chicom econ is down the toilet as well.) the election & its post-mortems will be over. In the meantime (& it's going to get meaner) dissect the corpse at AlterNet. A juicy sample:
If the McCain campaign really thought that Palin could win over former female Clinton supporters, then they must think that female voters are some of the stupidest people on the planet. Memo to the GOP: Millions of people flocked to Clinton in the primaries because of her intellect and her wonky passion for bread-and-butter economic issues such as universal health care. She cannot be easily replaced by a woman whose chief accomplishment so far in life has been eating a moose.
Well, she allegedly killed the moose herself. And yes, they do think that women are stupid. That's why they prefer women at home, raisin' up the quiverful of rug rats, cookin', cleanin' & clammed up.

"Center Right:" Get Used to It

The mere election of "B. O.," still 72 days from the presidency, has already brought change, to, of all places, the Republican Party, where, much like the one-celled creatures so many of the party faithful resemble, the split has begun. The fiscal conservatives are already trying to get away from the religious right, & establish themselves as "center right." You may have noticed from their talking points babble that B. O. ran a "center right campaign" (said Karl Rove). Pretty much an admission that they're moving "left," at least on the social issues, the candidacy of Sarah Palin demonstrating that the vast unwashed aren't as interested in a ninny fighting "demonic infestations" as they are in solutions to the economic troubles many of them are having. Note this from the American Issues Project:
Simply put, the voters’ rejection of the Republican Party is a direct result of the Party’s failure to live up to their promise for common sense conservative governance. As the survey clearly demonstrates the Republican Party has lost all or nearly all of its advantages on issues of fiscal responsibility and scope of government. While this is not the only problem now facing the Republican Party, it is certainly the biggest.
The moron who wrote that apparently hasn't noticed that there's an economic meltdown, an occupation in Iraq, & a war that's not going so well in Afghanistan. No, to him or her, the Republicans lost because they haven't drowned that gummint baby in the bathtub yet. Seriously. They lost because they haven't reformed gov't. & cut spending, thanks to that "phony conservative" George W. Bush. Here's a clue, dipstick: Each & every Republican office-holder was too busy getting what they could from pork & lobbyists to bother w/ anything besides "Homeland Security" & illegal, unnecessary wars, which, oddly enough, have increased the National Debt, etc. There's a distinct possibility the American people won't be fooled again by these horrid fools, but we are dealing w/ Americans. Don't hold your breath. And be ready to hear the phrase "center right" until your ears are bleeding.

Cowardly AmeriKKKans Murder From Above

Below: Enola Gay, killer of Hiroshima. Photo: Andrew Councill/The NYT
"Liberal Bible" The New York Times seems to have developed a fascination w/ Death From Above, or at least museums devoted thereto. We just like the pictures.
Below, a Grumman F-11 w/ Blue Angels markings sits under the Empire State Bldg. Photo: James Estrin/The NYT

"Post-Racial" AmeriKKKa

Separate But Equal

Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Revolutions in History

1923: Hitler made his first grab for power, the abortive "Beer Hall Putsch" in Munich. 1932: Franklin Delano Roosevelt made a successful power grab by defeating the incumbent president, Herbert Hoover, on the last possible date for a presidential election. 1942: Eleven months after Pearl Harbor, United States & British forces brought the war back to the Old World, invading Vichy French North Africa in Operation Torch. In exactly two and a half yrs., Hitler would be dead & the war in Europe would be over.

Neither Airedales Nor Squids Need Apply

Click strip to enlarge, oldsters.

Progress, Economic & Otherwise

The nanny state: It's ruined America. We're nothing but a nation of slackers waiting for hand-outs.

The number of unemployed Americans leapt in October to 10.1 million — the largest number since 1983. More than 22 percent of all unemployed people have been out of work for six months or longer — another level not reached in a quarter-century.

Only 32 percent of all unemployed people were drawing state benefit checks in October because of restrictions on eligibility. More than half of all unemployed people drew benefits in the 1950s, and about 45 percent received state checks during the last recession in 2001.

Huh? There was more concern (& money) for the unemployed in the Fifties? How can that be? The yrs. of liberal hand-outs didn't begin until Johnson's Great Society.

Here's one slacker who's about to learn the lesson of the AmeriKKKan economy:

In South Plainfield, N.J., Ken Stelma, 49, has been out of work since January, when he lost his job as a customer care representative for a company that installed kitchens. Since then, he had been living on a $562 weekly unemployment check in place of his roughly $1,200 paycheck. But last month, his benefits ran out.

He is relying on his girlfriend to pay his rent. His provisional health coverage — a carryover from his last job — will end this month because he can no longer afford the $250 monthly payments, leaving him with a tumor in his foot and no insurance. Next, he will stop paying his auto insurance policy.

“What am I going to do, drive illegally just to go out and look for a job?” Mr. Stelma said.

Despite dozens of applications — at Lowe’s, Home Depot and at a home for the elderly — he remains unemployed. “I’ll do anything,” he said, adding that he was contemplating a job as an office mailroom clerk. “We’re getting desperate, man.”

You're just not trying hard enough to make yourself useful to one of your wealthy betters, punk!! Try amputating your tumorous foot, maybe you'll have better luck then. Employers don't want cripples slaving for them!! How are they to profit? Where are the workhouses for the poor, anyway?

Still On The Loose

We hear over the radio, even as we type, that the Swish Alps are congested w/ demonstrators. People driving around polluting the environment w/ their cars are advised to seek alternate routes. (And are requested to wrap their lips around their exhausts & suck like there's no tomorrow.) Added proof that if you're anti-war you're just a gawd-damned fairy:
Gay rights, anti-war activists to march in Silver Lake

Social Security Cost of Living Increase (If You Can Call This Living) Up-Date

A 90-yr.-old woman in Evanston, Ill., was discovered to be living w/ three dead siblings.

Neighbors described the woman as alert and aware, and said she was well liked on their close-knit block of large, historic homes. She enjoyed gardening and shared her plants with others, they said.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's office identified the dead as Anita Bernstorff, who was last seen alive in May 2008, Frank Bernstorff, not seen alive since 2003, and Elaine Bernstorff, who was last seen alive in the early 1980s.

Anita Bernstorff was the eldest, born in 1910.

In other "Marriage and 'the family' is the foundation of Western Civilization, and has existed since the dawn of time" news: Roaring Spring, Kentucky: The deaths of three siblings have been determined to be homicides.

Patterson identified the victims found in Wednesday's fire as 17-year-old Kayla Williams, 14-year-old Kortney Frensley and 5-year-old Ethan Frensley. A fourth person in the house was injured but has not been identified.

Patterson declined to say whether investigators have any suspects in the case.

What's your bet as to the involvement of another family member in the horror? And the eight-yr.-old alleged killer in Arizona was taught to shoot by his father, against the advice of the family priest.

The father, Vincent Romero, 29, was from a family of avid hunters and wanted to make sure the boy wasn't afraid of guns, said the Very Rev. John Paul Sauter of St. Johns Catholic Church. The boy's stepmother had suggested he have a BB gun, the priest said.

Romero taught his son how to use a rifle to kill prairie dogs, Sauter said. Police say the boy used a .22-caliber rifle Wednesday to kill his father and another man, Timothy Romans, 39, of San Carlos.

The priest did not say how he advised the couple but said Saturday that the boy "was just too young."

From "a family of avid hunters and wanted to make sure the boy wasn't afraid of guns." So why did the late male parental unit ask the priest for advice, & then ignore him? Maybe religion isn't useful after all. Maybe it's just a big fucking lie that people ignore or use, according to whatever the fuck they want to do.

Guess you got your wish though, Pops. Junior wasn't afraid to kill you dead, was he?

Sticking to Their Guns, If Not Clinging Bitterly to Them

Hey, fellow San Francisco Libs, President-Elect Obama was right:
Stewart Wallin, owner of Get Some Guns in the Salt Lake City suburb of Murray, Utah, said he sold nine assault weapons the day after Obama was elected. That same day, the gun store Cheaper Than Dirt! in Fort Worth, Texas, sold $101,000 worth of merchandise, shattering its single-day sales record, store owner DeWayne Irwin said. One Georgia gun shop advertised an "Obama sale" on an outdoor sign, but the owner took it down after people complained that the shop appeared to be issuing a call to violence against the country's first black leader. The president of a Montana gun manufacturer stepped down last month after word that he supported Obama led to calls for a boycott of the company.
On the other hand:
"They became very accusing early on in the interview," Brewer said. "Two officers with guns at their side, it's very scary for anybody, for sure an 8-year-old kid." A judge determined at a hearing Friday that there was probable cause to believe the boy committed the killings. He is being held at the Apache County juvenile detention center. [...] The boy was charged with two counts of premeditated murder in the death of his father, 29-year-old Vincent Romero, and 39-year-old Timothy Romans, St. Johns Police Chief Roy Melnick said.
Yes, it was a shooting. Nor is it impossible that his father & the other victim deserved it. We'll know more than we ever wanted to before it drops from the radar. NB: Typed 7 November 2008, at 2305, but we lost the Internet before we could publish this'n.

Friday, November 7, 2008

This Date in History, Funny Dep't.

1917: Bolshevik Revolution in Russia as Lenin's troops overthrew Alexander Kerensky's provisional government.1962: Really funny. Richard M. "Tricky Dick" Nixon, having had his lunch returned to him by Jerry Brown's pater "Pat" in the California gubernatorial election, advised reporters during what he called his "last press conference," that "You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore." Editorial comment: If only.

"Give Guns to the Queers"

Hey, gawd-damnit, why didn't anybody tell us there was a demonstration right down the street in front of the Mormon temple last night? (Oh, that's right, we're not gay, & pretty much out of the loop. Well, the "mentally ill" are an oppressed minority, & some of us love to burn things down.) Traffic was re-routed, arrests were made, & the homophobic crowd got all excited, as homophobes often do. (It's almost as if they're some sort of bizarre parody of the stereotype of gay dudes as screeching pansies.)
They’ve marched in Los Angeles. They’re targeting the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City. And they’re threatening to burn down churches and hunt down people of faith who supported the ballot measure:
They? Well, a couple of loud-typers at a "gay" website or web log or whatever it is. Remember, "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." Or whatever. Alternate Title: "Grab a gun, grab a noose/Killer queers are on the loose!"

Palin: "Me not being a dictator..."

Below: Sarah Snowbillie sans RNC stylist. Photo: Al Grillo/AP
Palin also said she would not call on Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, to resign, although last month, before his re-election bid, she said he should "step aside" and "play a very statesmanlike role in this now." Stevens, 84, was found guilty on seven counts of trying to hide more than $250,000 in free home renovations and other gifts that he received from a wealthy oil contractor. Three days after the election, Stevens, the longest serving Republican in Senate history, is about 3,500 votes ahead of Democratic challenger Mark Begich with thousands of absentee ballots to be counted in the next two weeks. Said Palin on Friday: "The Alaska voters have spoken and me not being a dictator, won't be telling anyone what to do." When asked if she would call on him to resign, Palin said: "Not after the will of the people has been made manifest via that vote."
OK. Sure. Mob rule. Whatever.

Already in Their Pockets

All illusions of the honeymoon are over. The bride has fled screaming to a locked bathroom, clutching her Victoria's Secret finest around her. From the fascist shitheels (We speak from personal experience.) at Borders:Who's this wk.'s corporate sell-out & "Featured Guest?"

Featured Guest: Barack Obama 1. Gilead by Marilynne Robinson A lyrical and profoundly moving meditation on faith, friendship, and parenthood. 2. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin A truly fascinating look at Lincoln as a political strategist. 3. The Boys of Baraka A haunting documentary about inner-city youth who are lifted out of a destructive environment and given the opportunity to attend boarding school in Africa. 4. Forgetfulness by Ward Just From one of the most astute observers of Washington and the intersection of politics and passion, a gripping novel about the War on Terror's effect on individual lives. 5. Kulanjan by Taj Mahal and Toumani Diabate A beautiful melding of traditional blues and music from Mali by two great masters.

Jesus Hussein Christ, did they have a "guest Shortlist" featuring the loser* as well, just to have all bases covered? (Of course, both recent candidates have book scams going. There's naked greed & self-interest involved here as well as shilling for the corporate media monolith.) *That would be footnote-in-history John Sidney McCain III, who lost!! P. S.: We assume that the descriptions of the books, DVD & CD, are from the lying typing fingers of Borders or publishers. The questions to ask are if B. O. selected these items himself, was the whole sordid thing turned over to a flunky, or did someone give the Sen. a list from which to choose? Another question would be "Who cares, really?"

"Indian of the Group" Goes to Happy Hunting Grounds

We are saddened to learn of the death of Jimmy Carl Black, original drummer for one of our most favorite combos, the Mothers of Invention. Just a wk. or two ago we were thinking that of the original Mothers only Frank was dead, & more recently we had been listening to "The Jimmy Carl Black Philosophy Lesson" on Ahead of Their Time. Then just last Tuesday we were watching 200 Motels, seeing Jim reprise his Mothers character of the horny beer drinker who wanted to play rock & roll (instead of the "comedy music") so he could get laid. A day later, he's fucking dead of cancer. In Germany yet, where he'd had to go to make a musical living. L. A. Times:
Black moved to Los Angeles in 1964 and formed the Soul Giants with Roy Estrada and Ray Collins. When the group's guitarist was drafted, they hired Zappa, who took over as leader and changed the band's name to the Mothers of Invention, promising, "If you guys will learn my music, I'll make you rich and famous." "He took care of half of that promise," Black quipped later, "because I'm damn sure I didn't get rich."
The L. A. Times obit doesn't mention Geronimo Black, the band Jimmy Carl formed w/ at the Gardner brothers in the early '70s, which put out a pretty good album in '72. Nor does The New York Times, although they did get in the fact that Jim's pard in the house painting biz in Austin was Arthur Brown, of "Fire" fame. Crap, they're all starting to go...

Snowbillies on a Spree

Below: Sexy Snowbillyette Sarah returns to Alaska. Photo: AP
Also from a foreign news source (Sky News, Rupert Murdoch's limey version of Fox News) further insulting poop on Mme. Moosedropping's time on the trail.
[A]ccording to Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron [...] "She didn't understand, McCain aides told me, that Africa was a continent and not a country and actually asked them if South Africa wasn't just part of the country as opposed to a country in the continent," he said on The O'Reilly Factor programme.
Is "Jesus Motherfucking Christ" too vulgar an exclamation? Not in this case. But get this:
Mrs Palin was also unable to name the countries involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement, which was "a major campaign issue", Cameron said.
Governor Palin, why do you think all those "elitists' are looking down their noses at you? You are a full-fledged ignoramus, that's why.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why We Typed Earlier There Would Be No Raider "Reporting" This Season

ALAMEDA, Calif. (AP)—The Oakland Raiders’ decision to waive DeAngelo Hall just eight games after signing him to a $70 million contract brought surprised reactions from his teammates who now wonder even more about the future of the franchise.
'Bout time Al's pards kick him upstairs to Managing Partner Emeritus or something equivalent?

"Washroom Attendant" as President

From comments at the New York Daily News. And the full story (from the same commenter) on why Obama is not a citizen or was born in Kenya or his mother wasn't old enough or something. Need we put up w/ this crap for another eight yrs., as w/ Clinton, the drug-running murderer who married a lesbo? Remember? Maybe if web logs such as this one ignore morons like Joe Capa. But where's the fun in that? Quite the quandary. We may have to spend some time showing these fools what "Free speech isn't free" really means. Or we may have to enact anti-stupidity laws.

Repub Wrap-Up

"Drill, baby, drill!!" "Mine, baby, mine!!" "U-S-A! U-S-A!" That's about the size of Sarah, one of those post-literate Gen Xers whose communication skills consist of stringing together long chains (often repeated) of bromide, boilerplate, cliches & platitudes. Idle chatter now includes the rumor that Gov. Palin didn't know that Africa was a continent: "You know, it's that country where all the darkies live." I think the real question would be if she even knows what a continent is.

Four More Yrs. of a Conservative Democrat

It wasn't morning that long. We now hear that triangulator Rahm Emmanuel has signed on to the Chief-of-Staff slot in the White House, which apparently will remain "white." You may remember that Eldridge Cleaver promised to "burn the mother down" were he ever to be elected President. Guess Obama is too much of a compromising wimp. Great. Just fucking great.

It's Morning Again in America

1120 PST, to be exact, here at the Starbucks in the CVS mall at the corner of Route 66 & 26th Ave.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Real Rock" for "Real" AmeriKKKans. Who Knew? Who Cared?

Do the Math: Arena Rock + Hair Metal + Grunge + Christian Rock + Contemporary Country = Flyover Rock.
We're feeling sick already. Our least favorite genres of "rock" music, all rolled into a big "real" American ball o' dung. What further suffering? Oh. This crap has infected the retarded giant to the north, Canada. Nowhere is safe.

Dep't. of Cheap Shots

Bachmann or Palin, who modeled for this one?

Threatening "Traditional" Marriage

Kristina Haas, left, and her partner, Jennifer Briz, are emotional after they were denied marriage by a city clerk at San Francisco City Hall on Wednesday, a day after voters put a stop to same-sex marriage in California. Photo: Paul Sakuma/AP
Two vicious San Francisco lesbians use a horrific display of human emotion to threaten marriage between a man & a woman, the very basis of our Judeo-Christian society. How dare they!!

Just Two More Visuals

A note to cartoonists all across This Great Nation of Ours: Check your history. The Lincoln displayed below is much closer to the real one than all the cartoons we saw of Honest Abe doing this & that in his Big Chair in Washington, D. C., or high-fiving w/ fellow asssassination victim Martin Luther King, Jr. Come up w/ something original & historical to illustrate the concept. Like these two:

More Bitter Whining, Cartoon Version

Cartoonist Glenn McCoy would get our Asshole of the Week award, if we bothered w/ such a thing. The above is why bi-partisanship is a fucking joke. We'll assume only "un-real" Americans were fooled. Which means there'll be another assault on democracy before you know it, since the "real"Americans are now outnumbered by both faux Americans & the biased liberal elite mainstream mass media, which is able to delude so many of the "good, common sense, hard working, gawd-loving" (Had enough yet?) American people in the patriotic sections of the country. See?We're going to stick our head out the window here for just a moment & scream our lungs out. Excuse us. Oh fuck, look what we found while our head was out the window.Cartoonist McCoy deserves a month of Asshole Awards.

Voices of the Losers

Election eve, callers to talk radio were "praying & fasting" for someone's victory, or at least someone's defeat. Didn't go the way they wanted, did it? Maybe they're wrong & Gawd is a Xian. Today, Election Day + 1, a caller hoped that in 2012, "we get our country back." No mention if he thought Sarah Palin was the one to do so. Whose country is he talking about? As far as we're concerned, he can have his whole rednecked red state all to himself. No complaints this time around, you can secede any time you'd like. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, crackers. Link brought to our attention by Mr. Mike of Silver Lake.

A Voice

We direct you now to one of the liberally biased elite media corporate-approved colored (& a three-named junior) people (Hey, he's written a few books, besides this Internet foolishness.) Henry Louis Gates Jr. (What the hell can a blue-eyed blond say about all this? Especially one as lazy as we are?)

God Angry at Obama Win, Takes It Out on Cali Queers

Somewhat Interesting Post-Election Factoid

The United Snakes is now the first nation w/ a majority Euro population to have elected a non-majority Euro human being as a national leader. Whaddya know?

Outlook Remains Grim: Bush to Remain President for 76 More Days

0215 Wednesday 5 November 2008: As Gerald R. Ford, 38th President of the U. S., famously declared, “Our long national nightmare is over.” Not the eight yr. Bush nightmare (that one is just starting to be felt, & good fucking luck President-to-be-if-they-don’t-shoot-you Obama) but the two yrs. of campaign idiocy is just about behind us. We suspect the pathetic losers will give the nation (via its biased liberal elite media) several wks. of hand-wringing, recrimination, finger-pointing, playing of the blame game & such (but little to no acceptance of responsibility) & three zillion (minimum) "think-pieces" entitled some variation of “Is the Republican Party/Conservatism/Reagan Dead, Dying, or Just In Need of Some Mouth to Mouth?” After that, well-deserved winter fund raising, cruising Caribbean climes w/ the aging, wealthy & gullible conservative faithful & their checkbooks. And before you can notice the silence & calm, & say “Isn’t it nice & quiet in here?” they’ll be back bitching & moaning about the socialist agenda of the “messianic (We can only assume that Sen. Obama, in comparison to G. W. Bush, is so eloquent that it seems supernatural to the already superstitious & easily frightened right wing.) Marxist,” as if it were the 1952 election & Norman Thomas or Gus Hall had somehow been written in & squeaked past vote-splitting Eisenhower & Stevenson. “Back to the ‘50s” concept inspired by Bob Herbert in yesterday’s NYT. No reason not to let him finish this item, is there?
The U.S. is also a country in which blissful ignorance is celebrated, and intellectual excellence (the key to 21st century advancement) is not just given short shrift, but is ridiculed. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are cultural icons. The average American watches television a mind-numbing 4 1/2 hours a day. At the same time, our public school system is plagued with some of the highest dropout rates in the industrialized world. Math and science? Forget about it. Too tough for these TV watchers, or too boring, or whatever. “When I compare our high schools with what I see when I’m traveling abroad,” said Bill Gates, “I am terrified for our work force of tomorrow.” The point here is that as we approach the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the United States is in deep, deep trouble. Yet instead of looking for creative, 21st-century solutions to these enormous problems, too many of our so-called leaders are behaving like clowns, or worse — spouting garbage in the public sphere that hearkens back to the 1940s and ’50s. Thoughtful, well-educated men and women are denounced as elites, and thus the enemies of ordinary Americans. Attempts to restore a semblance of fiscal sanity to a government that has been looted with an efficiency that would have been envied by the mob, are derided as subversive — the work of socialists, Marxists, Communists. In 2008! In North Carolina, Senator Elizabeth Dole, a conservative Republican, is in a tough fight for re-election against a Democratic state senator, Kay Hagan. So Ms. Dole ran a television ad that showed a close-up of Ms. Hagan’s face while the voice of a different woman asserts, “There is no God!” Americans have to decide if they want a country that tolerates this kind of debased, backward behavior. Or if they want a country that aspires to true greatness — a country that stands for more than the mere rhetoric of equality, freedom, opportunity and justice. That decision will require more than casting a vote in one presidential election. It will require a great deal of reflective thought and hard work by a committed citizenry. The great promise of America hinges on a government that works, openly and honestly, for the broad interests of the American people, as opposed to the narrow benefit of the favored, wealthy few.
And good luck w/ that, America!! As if every one of you bastards out there wouldn't sell your own grandmother, let alone honest, open gov't., merely to be noticed by one of the favored & wealthy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Recession in Full Swing

Donna's Ranch, 180 miles west of Salt Lake. Bunny Ranch, Donna's Ranch...like...like pieces of meat. Nope, no objectification or exploitation there...Photos: George Frey/LAT
Speak all you want of two quarters of "negative growth" (& if you use oxymorons like that you don't know what the eff you're speaking of, so why not just shut up, already?) to define a "recession," but here's solid proof, lies, damned lies & statistics aside, that things are not good. Speaking as a one-time male, we can assure all & sundry that if the truck-drivers can't afford hookers, we are in for a long cold winter. And here's the gratuitous hooker photo you all were waiting for:
Dallas Waits For Customers

World hopes for a 'less arrogant America'

Good luck, world. It is this reporter's opinion that the AP is getting loose w/ headline content, as this is mostly (of course we didn't read the whole thing, since you ask*) a round-up of silly humanoids world-wide trying to get in on some of the fun America's been suffering through these last 20-plus months.
Kenyans believe an Obama victory wouldn't change their lives much, but that hasn't stopped them from splashing his picture on minibuses and selling T-shirts with his name and likeness. Kenyans were planning to gather around radios and TV sets starting Tuesday night as the results come in. In the sleepy Japanese coastal town of Obama — which translates as "little beach" — images of him adorned banners along a main shopping street, and preparations for an election day victory party were in full swing. Election fever also ran high in Vietnam, where McCain was held as a prisoner of war for more than five years after being shot down in Hanoi during a 1967 bombing run. "He's patriotic," said Le Lan Anh, a Vietnamese novelist and real estate tycoon. "As a soldier, he came here to destroy my country, but I admire his dignity." ___ AP correspondents worldwide contributed.
Remember "If Barack Obama wanted to run against George Bush, he should have run four years ago?" If John Sydney McCain III wanted to run against the "liberal elite media" maybe he should have taken Cinderella's money & built a Rupert Murdoch/FOX-style media empire, rather than becoming a permanent member of the political class.
In Berlin, Republicans Abroad organized a "November Surprise Election Party" to watch live "how the Republican ticket McCain/Palin comes from behind and leaves the 'liberal elite media' in Europe and the United States puzzled."
Stupid jerks. *After two speed-readings of the story, we didn't see the phrase "less arrogant America." Liberal elite media bias?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dancing W/ The Pols

Hitchens continues to vitriolize McCain & his army of lobbyists/staffers. (And that awful woman! Saw her give a last-ditch speech on the tube today. Stop her, someone, please!)
On the clouded synapses of Sen. John McCain, it became clear as his campaign limped and lurched to its close, the termites had been dining long and dining well. However much one might have admired the low comedy of his closing routine on Saturday Night Live, it had to be admitted that even in that context, he looked a trifle glassy and elderly, not to say lost. No doubt there was some safe refuge to be taken, by himself and his absurd choice of running mate, in self-deprecation. The true ghastliness, however, was revealed in the crudeness of the McCain-Palin attempt to deprecate others.
What can you say? Some of us have it, some of us don't. (A thesaurus, that is.) We also found it amusing that the non-celebrity candidate's supporters were very enthusiastic about the polling jump the Senator had taken on Sunday, allegedly as a result of the SNL appearance. Got that? It literally is American Idol out there in real (fly-over) AmeriKKKa. Some wretched old bastard can read lines from a cue card & he's got their vote. Even if Nader fucking won, it wouldn't matter at this point. This Great Nation of Ours has had it.

Cultural/Consumption Up-Date

Brunched in a coffee shop today, which already had X-mess trees all over the place. The Yule crap was up at CVS a week before Hallow e'en, competing w/ the Hallow e'en decorations, costumes & aisles of candy. Are we just not going to have "Thanksgiving" this yr.? Fine w/ us, but we'd like to know, so we may cancel all our non-plans.

Further Mill Grist

Below: The diva in 2004.
Ms. Winehouse gives us a reason to remember her before the end of the yr.

"Art" Corner

"Bus to The End of The World"
We were going to mention (and for all we can remember, we may have) that the McCain campaign (as of Saturday, or another recent day) had essentially reduced itself to whining that two parties in power are vital to checks & balances or something. So he's already admitted that Congrefs is lost to his wing; & if only to keep those socialists in line, we should elect him Captain Veto. Fortunately this guy drew it instead.

This Date In Electoral History

1868: U. S. Grant (R) defeats Dem. Horatio Seymour 1896: The soon enough to be late William McKinley (R) beat William Jennings "Cross of Gold" Bryan. 1908: Fatboy Taft (R) beat W. J. Bryan (again). 1936: FDR rolled over perpetual candidate Alfred M. "Alf" Landon. In other parts of the world, in 1839, the first Opium War, 'tween China & Britain, got underway, & in 1903, Panama proclaimed independence from Colombia.

Day or Two After of the Dead

Nobody Likes Joe Klein

Not even NewsBusters, the low-rent right-wing (Redundant?) version of Media Matters. Example:
What follows is the complete text. I'm posting this at about dinner time, so you've been forewarned to not eat on a full stomach (emphases mine):
We'd been thinking we're awfully juvenile (for someone of our age, certainly) but we're now reassured that we're keeping the discourse on a (relatively) high plane. No reason to read Joe Klein's crap, but please enjoy the art that accompanies the piece, which is titled:
Time's Klein Turns Obama Grandmother Obit Blog Into Worship Fest for Obamessiah
We're just sorry they didn't make it any larger.

Left-Wing Hater Strikes on Centrist News Network

GOP Palin Critics ‘Intellectual,’ Palin Backers ‘Knuckle-Draggers’? In a word, yes.

Cleanliness Next to...Somethingness

KIBATI, Congo - Refugees who haven't eaten for days cheered when the first humanitarian convoy in a week arrived Monday at their camp, but the jubilation turned into anger when U.N. workers dumped soap and jerry cans instead of food and sped on past rebel lines. [...] Government troops, who looted and raped in Goma as they retreated on Wednesday, do not venture much beyond Kibati, 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) outside the city, and some live among the refugees there, creating a tense and dangerous situation. Both government and rebel forces are accused of gross human rights abuses although, in this latest fighting, refugees say the rebels are not molesting them. Rebels also seem to be holding a self-imposed cease-fire line 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from Goma. When asked Sunday about the suffering his offensive has brought to a quarter million people, Nkunda replied: "That's the cost of freedom."
A veritable Don Rumsfeld there. "Stuff happens."

Three Letter Word for Peruvian Songbird?

The Queen of the Crosswords, multi-octaved Yma Sumac, just died. We, of course, hadn't the slightest idea she was still alive, and living in Los Angeles.

Our Greatest Hope for the Election, & Our Future...

...would be that the entire ugly mess is over early tomorrow evening, or if not early (After the eternity of this thing, what would a few more hours matter?) at least that there be no "surprises" upon awakening Wednesday morn. Imagine if it is (or appears) close, there's been trouble at precincts all over the nation, the lawyers are at the ends of their chains, slavering for blood, blah blah blah & the indecision goes on for another eternity? The blood chills. Therefore, we encourage all fellow-travelers to vote as early & as often as possible, using those ACORN registrations you've squirrelled away. (Special note to Angelenos here on the Westside: Your household & garden staff can use those fraudulent registrations too. Show how much you & the help hate America!!) P. S.: No sooner had we posted the above nightmarish fantasy than we spotted an analysis of the possibility. We haven't the nerve to read it, but in the interests of fairness & the illusion of providing depth (& it is an illusion, the "analysis" is from the AP) we make it easily available.

"Can I have a case of my own?"

WASHINGTON – A juror who vanished during Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens' corruption trial told the judge Monday she lied about her father dying and flew to California to see horse races.
Yup. We thought she might be a child of privilege, but she's merely a troubled individual. (Although we have to wonder what a paralegal at a mortgage co. makes, what w/ the condo in Florida, flying off to Cali for the Breeder's Cup, &c.)
She apologized for lying, and then started a long rambling story about horses, which included references to horse breeding, the Breeders' Cup, drugs, President Ford's son Steven and her condo in Florida being bugged. "I am thoroughly convinced you would not have been able to continue to deliberate," Sullivan interrupted. "Can I have a case of my own?" Hinnant asked. Sullivan referred her to Kramer and the federal public defender's office, and excused her from his courtroom. Outside the courthouse, Hinnant refused to answer questions about whether she was on medication or had been hospitalized. When asked what she thought about Stevens' case, she said: "He didn't do anything any of the other congressmen and senators did, so they're all guilty." When asked if she thought Stevens was guilty, she replied: "I didn't say that."
Well (Hmpfh!) we like this "Are you now, or have you ever been, hospitalized or medicated?" attitude from the old, mainstream media. If Ms. Hinnant sat still for the entire trial & then found herself bored by deliberations, what's the big deal? How'd she get on the freaking jury o' peers in the first place, Judge Sullivan?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est La Meme Chose

God only knows where this crap comes from, but it seems we can't venture on either the webs or the streets w/o someone requesting our e-mail, & next thing you know...
Rock stars may not be getting blown under the table these days, but there was sure a lot of hard-core making out going on. Seriously, that could be like a whole other photo essay.
We suspect most "rock stars" are more likely than ever to be sleeping under that table these days. Anyway, they keep rocking at the Rainbow, & some of them still look good doing it.
Tequila dressed as a Republican. It made me think of Tom Mix (Elise Thompson)

Why Do Pigs Return to the Trough Time After Time?

An example of the old, mainstream, mass media asking (& then conveniently answering) questions that a fifth-grader (the one that most AmeriKKKans are stupider than) wouldn't bother to ask, from Newsweek. And, an excellent example of why we were driven mad (literally)by employment at FedExKinko's.
Federal Express CEO Fred Smith gave an interview to the [WSJ] editorial page in which he endorsed Sen. John McCain: "Because I agree with him on trade, taxes, energy and health care."
We can assure you that Mr. Smith's* attitudes extend to how those unfortunate enough to be employed by his oppressive corporate entity are paid & treated, and that the lovely alliteration of "Fuck you, Fred," couldn't be applied to a more deserving piece of human scum. On top of that we've had to contend w/ AmeriKKKa itself. From another Newsweek piece on the theme of the economy:
We Americans are progress junkies. We think that today should be better than yesterday and that tomorrow should be better than today. Compared with most other peoples, we place more faith in "opportunity" and "getting ahead." We may now be on the cusp of a new era that frustrates these widespread expectations. It is not just the present financial crisis and its astonishing side effects, from bank rescues to frenzied stock-market swings. The crisis coincides with a series of other challenges—an aging society, runaway health spending, global warming—that imperil economic growth. America's next president takes office facing the most daunting economic conditions in decades: certainly since Ronald Reagan and double-digit inflation, and perhaps since Franklin Roosevelt and 25 percent unemployment.
What they call progress, the globalized globe, & plain, simple reality have caught up to the "Shining City on the Hill." They ran all the undocumented servants out & there's no one willing to polish the chrome. Today may (but probably won't) be better than yesterday, but tomorrow they're dead, & the day after that their precious country on which they displace their failures & empty lives is a slab of meat as well. *Further Injustice: Fred "Sonic" Smith of the MC5 is dead, but this prick Smith is living & profiting from the indentured servitude of others.

World's Laziest Web Log Proves It Again

Dirty (Are there any other kind?) foreigners mock an innocent (naive) American woman: The right side of the political dial is all about "uniting," isn't it? Sad But True Dep't.: Don't be caught saying it aloud, though, you'll be branded an "un-real" American, or worse. How What's Left of The World Views Us: And now, some editorial & gender balance. (To demonstrate how abysmally dense the rabid weasels are.) Does "Lisa" mean that all the smears the microphone people have discarded are just bullshit, but that "Joe the Plumber" is a lying sack of shit from his name onward?