Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Is So Fascinating About This American Icon?

Would this Trojan have been any help at Corvallis last week?
John Wayne is one of those essentially blank screens upon which America likes to project itself, & often the America projected on The Duke is not popular w/ fellow travelers, comsymps & pinkos. This can result in their denying Marion Morrison's (related to Jimbo Morrison?) considerable acting ability, or mocking the very principles on which America was founded (a powerful agent, front-end money, & a big piece of the back-end gross). Susan King of the L. A. Times covers the John Wayne retrospective academic (They're just movies, f'r cripe's sake!) blatherfest ("John Wayne: Actor, Star, Icon, Trojan.") at the University of Spoiled Children thislast wknd. And look, it's the man who personifies middle-brow film criticism, Leonard Maltin!
The 1953 3-D western "Hondo," in which Wayne plays a dispatch rider for the cavalry who meets a woman (Geraldine Page) living alone with her young son in the middle of hostile Apache territory, screens Sunday evening. Maltin believes it's one of Wayne's finest performances. "There's one long scene early on when he is talking to her while hammering some horseshoes. He has to hammer them, he has to fire them with the bellows, cool them in the water and hang them to dry on a rack. He has important dialogue through the entire scene where he is establishing his relationship with her while he performs all of these tasks. It's like choreography. And he pulls it off flawlessly and seemingly effortlessly -- Olivier couldn't have done it better."
See? There's some damn acting, philistines!

There's also an exhibition of junk through the next three mos., in a basement somewhere on the USC campus. One more thing to know:

Gretchen Wayne is thrilled at USC's tribute to her father-in-law because it "defines him as more than a movie star. There was more to him, and certainly he loved being a student at USC. He loved education." The Duke possessed a "terrific sense of humor," says Wayne. "He didn't like vulgarity. He certainly didn't like it around women."

What's your 21st century definition of "vulgarity," bee-otch? NB: Actually typed & published late afternoon Tuesday 30 September 2008. We're just trying to look as if we "create" daily.

Friday, September 26, 2008

G. W. O. T. Medal

We're expecting to receive ours in the mail any day now. If you only knew how many times we've left wherever we were on an expedition to buy a newspaper (for information on this "global war") or to make a scathing remark over the Internet about George Bush or another global terrorist, you'd understand completely how well-deserved this is.

The End

Debate's over, nothing really happened, no new things, both sounded as expected. We knew we'd be bored. And it seems as if McCain lived up to his low expectations. Wouldn't it be nice to have a presidential candidate for whom we didn't have to lower the bar so far? Remember "the soft bigotry of low expectations?" Or even (we enter fantasy land here) a democracy, w/ an educated & intelligent electorate? While we're at it, where are those flying cars we were promised by now?

Comparing Bracelets

OK, it's come to this: Both candidates have shown (we assume, we're only getting the audio – so maybe Nixon will win this one) & compared bracelets that they wear honoring or commemorating or something some poor fucking sap who couldn't find a decent job & ended up dying or at least serving in Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever the secret wars are for the same country that wouldn't give him a job. "Look, I have a bracelet too." McCain brings up his "League of Democracies." Who also control a lot of the world's economic power. And will sanction the shit out of the Iranians, So there. Heh-heh. Unless those democracies are so busy making money w/ Iran that they don't care. Then McCain says they have a lousy gov't. so their economy stinks. (That makes the sanctions really hurt!!) Excuse me, dude, looked in your economic mirror lately? Hope someone else catches him on this. McCain: blah blah blah... Obama: Annnnd, blah-blah-blah-blah blah blah...

Debate Update

We're either losing our mind (or Sen. McCain is – yes, cheap shot) or there's a digital loop repeating. Said Sen. has twice said that he wasn't elected "Miss Congeniality" in Washington. Twice. (Due to his "maverick" refusal to go along w/ whatever, you understand.) Is that why Gov. Palin is on the ticket? Bad cop, good cop? Dumb & Dumber?

Let's Have A War (W/ Pakistan?)

We missed this story of Pakistani choppers resupplying the Taliban in Afghanistan on its first go-round, but in light of the recent firefight 'twixt U. S. forces & Pakistani border patrols, we have to wonder when a Pakistani fundamentalist/Air Force general will decide to use one of those "Islamic bombs" on U. S./NATO troops in Afghan territory. And what American reaction might be. Also on Thursday, as we shot it out w/ them, U. S. Secretary of State Dr. Rice shook hands w/ Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari (Bhutto's widower?) at the Intercontinental Hotel in New York City.
Photo: Louis Lanzano/AP

W/ Bated Breath

Mere moments from the very first "debate" (Q&A session, at best) & our first attempt at so-called live blogging. Haw haw!!! Gotcha!! No way in hell! Not gonna happen. Not until Hell hits 0°C (No Fahrenheit 32° = frozen water crap!!) or the overnight temperature here in "The Southland" dips under 17°C. "Live" blogging my patoot. If we could type that quickly we could hold down a real job. No, wait, lehrer says financial wjhatnot is part of nat'l. policy & foreign he's asking a question "where do you stabd on the financila recovery plan?" derfining moment two wars great depression main street howz it gonna affect me job housr retirement college? 1805PDT: getting money back no. 3 pad CEO bankacccts. foreclosures all across the country eight yrs. failed econmonic policies Bush gasn't worked...trickle down Middle class getting a fiar shake. McCain says Kennedy is in hosp. tonight, callls him "lion of the senate" starts slow...wallows in emotion, enough already...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jeezis Loves The Little Children (Until Their "Moms" Get Home)

Below: Tony Alamo & Mrs. Alamo (Susan). From the AP story linked below: "When his wife died of cancer, Alamo claimed she would be resurrected and kept her body on display for six months while their followers prayed. It would be 16 years before her body was returned to her family." Fuck us!!
Jerk/evangelist/slave-holder/labor- & tax-law violator Tony Alamo has added another to his list of accomplishments: Busted in Arizona for interstate transportation of minors for sexual purposes. Even FOX News says his past is "checkered." To put it mildly.
In an interview Monday, Alamo spoke of the allegations with a mix of denial and defiance, saying he never promoted sexual abuse but that he believes there's a mandate from the Bible for young girls to marry. "In the Bible it happened. But girls today, I don't marry 'em if they want to at 14-15 years old. Because we won't do it, even though I believe it's OK," Alamo said. In an AP interview on Saturday, he had said that for girls having sex, "consent is puberty." On Monday he bristled at descriptions of his organization as a cult, saying enemies want to cast him as a "weirdo for preaching what the Bible says." People who have left Alamo's organization say they have witnessed older men marrying girls who just reached puberty. The U.S. Attorney's Office said in an e-mail that was inadvertently sent to media last week said agents expected to find children ages 12-14 who had been abused and that they expected to file charges. The e-mail said agents believed child pornography was being produced at the compound in Fouke.
Shorter Tony: The bible sez: "If they're old enough to bleed, they're old enough to breed."

Femmes Noires

Also from yesterday's Incredible Shrinking Newspaper™©, fans of so-called noir may want to look at some of these flicks, on the big screen at the Billy Wilder Theater over the next several wks. The official title of the fest is: "Cool Drinks of Water: Columbia's Noir Girls of the '40s and '50s." Can't beat that w/ a stick, can you?
Most worth the effort, in our not at all humble opinion? Gloria Grahame,followed by Lizabeth Scott. Nina Foch, of course, went on to more fame as an acting teacher.
Here's the entire scoop from UCLA. Added note: The Glass Wall was written & produced by Ivan Tors, creator of Flipper.

Nothing Today, Really, Except Dick

Why read the book when the criticism/review tells you all? Here's the poop on VPotUS Cheney: He's a paranoid, who fears that the President of the United Snakes can't push his weight around in the manner that he (Constitutionally, yet!) should, because of the actions taken & laws passed following Nixon's attempts to push his weight around in the late '60s & early '70s. Interesting. We've heard this before, of course, but this is the bow on the wrapping. It is pretty obvious that Dick isn't in it for personal aggrandizement, though what goes on behind those eyes is anybody's guess. Probably a well-trained psychotherapist of some kind would be the best to make the guesses here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush Lies, Your Wallet Dies

Saw Chicken Little on the tube tonight, squawking "Show me the money, and it'll be all right!!" Oops, songwriting (or easy rhyming) at work. Sorry. Bush made it official that we're in gigantic trouble (unless we give all the money left in the U. S. Treasury to his friends) so, along the lines of "Saddam Hussein has WMDs, etc." we can see that the economy is in no danger whatsoever, & there's no reason to give anyone any money, except to hand over CEO salaries to those who do some actual work.

Can't Get Arrested, Even

We noted just below the most recent of our failures to win a so-called genius grant from the nitwits at the MacArthur Foundation. Here's another failure: We can't get arrested. Oh, some people, who must think they're really special, can get arrested, but us, the beacon of despair in the illuminated world? No such luck. And look what an arrest can get you!! Art, w/ a capital "A."
Pieces assigned to individual rooms elsewhere in the building come across more strongly, and at least three of them brilliantly. A few are archival displays, the most arresting by the collective called Critical Art Ensemble and the Institute for Applied Autonomy, which for years have operated at the intersection of art, science and politics. In 2004 a founding member of Critical Art Ensemble, Steven Kurtz, was indicted under the Patriot Act, accused of illegally obtaining bacteria samples, among other charges. The charges were eventually dismissed by a judge. But outrage over the affair is still strong in the activist art world. And the piece at the armory titled “Seized” is Exhibit A in its ethical brief: at the center of the installation is heaped-up trash, including pizza boxes, left behind by government agents who commandeered Mr. Kurtz’s home.
Sadly, the shitheels at The New York Times will print photos in their dead-tree editions that are unavailable in the "on-line" edition. For example, the shot of the trash left by said agents at the art boy's house.

Hey, Just a Fucking Minute Here!

Did someone forget something? We're both citizen & resident of the United Snakes. How can you overlook a name like "Malignant Bouffant?" Especially when handing out money for crap like the following.
Alex Ross, 40, a music critic for The New Yorker and the author of a cultural history of 20th-century music, “The Rest Is Noise”; Tara Donovan, 38, who creates large installations out of everyday objects, as in “Haze,” a 2003 work in which she stacked more than two million clear plastic drinking straws against a 42-foot-long wall.
Here's our book title: "It's All Fucking Noise, So Shut Your Fucking Mouths Already!!" Unless Donovan stacks her straws totally by herself, she can fuck off too. We don't have any flunkies working here. It's a labor of – OK, "hate," whatever – & it's certainly deserving of 100,000 clams a yr. for the next five yrs. Man. Whose bootie must one kiss around here to get a few thousand clams just to live on?

"Straight" Talk Express Pulls to Side of Road, Everybody Gets Out For a Pee

Below: For illustration only. These whizzers are about the same age as the grandchildren of whoever remains on the ol' "Straight" Talk Express to Nowhere.
So the McCain campaign has decided to "suspend" itself, due to the alleged financial crisis, & perhaps due to John Sidney McCain III's inability to multi-task. (That is, to do something about the financial melt-down at the same time that he rehearses his lies for Friday's debate, which now may not occur.) This follows Gov. Palin's whirlwind trip to the U. N. to establish foreign policy credentials by shaking hands w/ Unocal puppet Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan & international war criminal Henry Kissinger, of Hell. Wasn't a President Bush there as well? We didn't see any pictures of the lipsticked pit bull w/ Dear Leader. Nor did we hear her speaking to any members of the press. What is scaring her (or her handlers)? Questions? Can you see Russia from the U. N. Bldg.?

We again see Sen. McCain (& Gov. Palin) for the cowards they are. McCain, the surrender monkey, whose first instincts are to sell out any one he can ("Country First!!") as soon as his foolishness gets him into enemy hands, & Palin, who hasn't spoken word one to anyone since her ABC interview a wk. ago ("Bush Doctrine? Whazzat?" Look, it's Russia, right over there!!") & is still maintaining press silence. Insert the sound of chickens going "Bwok, bwok, bwok!!"

Some commie callers to squawk radio have been expressing the hope that this is the end for the McCain/Palin ticket, which only proves that hope is bullshit, but what are we to make of this huge cop-out?

Now we hear that CBS ("IBM when I CBS") late night host David Letterman, who had McCain booked on tonight's Late Show until the "suspension," had some rather mean things to say about John Sidney III. One may want to tune in later. 2335 E & P, 2235 Central, on your local CBS station.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Institutionalized Cowardice

We mentioned the feminization of the LAPD on V-E Day of this yr. As well as the oinkers coming in for their sissy drinks, various members of the military (probably from the Army Reserve or California National Guard armories located not too far from the same Starbucks™©) come in, in their digitally printed camouflage fatigues, & order sissy coffees & fruity eats. How are these wimps going to protect us from savage Moooslims who've swum thousands of miles across the Pacific, a knife between their teeth, in hope of raping just one of our precious AmeriKKKan goats? Obviously there is little hope left, if even the ground pounders have turned into latte-drinking sensitive types. We suppose they're all working on screenplays as well. Our last hope, to be defended by real men against the mostly imaginary terrorist enemy, has pretty much dried up w/ the recent announcement that even the U. S. Navy has given up & joined the psychotic Air Force weasels who murder from behind their video-game controllers.
The boats will be controlled by sailors at a safe distance on a much larger ship. [...] The first of the two boats, developed and stuffed with sonar-detection gear, cost $197 million. In the future, the price is slated to drop to $46 million per boat.
Whew, that's a relief. We were thinking this might be some kind of boondoggle.
The boats are meant to be launched by the so-called Littoral Combat Ships, shallow-draft ships that can maneuver close to shore.
Also known as Oil War Command & Control Ships.
"With the way the world is now, with terrorists just sitting around looking for new ideas to attack us, it's very important we have a way to protect our sailors as they transit through the shallow waters," said Thomas Mulkeen, one of the contractors working on the project, whose motto is "Detect, deter, defeat."
Perhaps not having "our sailors" in these shallow waters while they perform duties that Big Oil should be paying Blackwater to do would be the best way to "protect our sailors." And no fucking tax exemption for the oil outfits. They (& Europe & Japan, who get most of that Persian Gulf Oil) can pay for their own damn security for once. This former taxpayer will no longer be footing their bill.Above: This Unmanned (You ain't kiding!! Nothing manly at all going on here.) "Submarine" Hunter seems to work quite well in the shallow waters off San Diego. Hmmm.... Photo: Karen Tapia-Andersen/LAT.

Let It Drown

To hell w/ the whole fucking mess. Don't bail out one of these fucking incompetents or fraudsters or cheats or whatever they are. Just let them go to hell. The only laws or regulations that our gov't. should propose or pass are those fulfilling the cynical promise of the "free" market, that those who "risk" (& therefore, bleat the glibertarians, should be well-rewarded) should be punished if their hare-brained schemes & scams go south. That is, some sort of GIVE BACK OUR MONEY Act that will confiscate all the money, wealth, property & anything else of the slightest value that belongs to anyone (well, we'll limit it to upper management, although no one employed by these rapacious corporations is innocent) involved in the financial crisis/meltdown/standard operation of capital that fills our airwaves, Internets & news racks. Then these captains of industry & finance can be placed in jobs digging ditches, greeting at Wal*Mart, & doing yard work for illegal immigrants. We'll see how long it takes for their business genius & entrepreneurial spirit to come up w/ clever new ideas revolutionizing the yard work, greeting & manual labor fields, thereby creating new jobs & wealth, & restoring their socio-economic preeminence. Do not, however, hold your breath, except for the part where they're all drowning. P. S.: An added bonus of this Act would be that the next idiot who opened his or her fat yap concerning the wisdom of the market, the horrors of regulation, etc., ad nauseum, would, it is to be devoutly hoped, be dragged from the studio whence s/he spoke, or the Ikea computer desk whence they typed, & beaten soundly on the bottom of the feet w/ bamboo canes. For starters.

Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain Sex Update

Even in the '50s, when sex really was dirty & Hollywood movies barely showed it, & so on, John McCain was busy being a slut. Here's his partner therein, Maria Gracinda Teixeira. Nice, huh? The guy has the morals of an alleycat, & probably many of the diseases as well. He's off having sex, for gawd's sake. Then he's cheating on his first wife. Then his staff is telling him not to be seen w/ blond lobbyist what's-her-name, 'cause it "looks bad." Chris Matthews, sexist Catholic creep, was on about judging candidates on their "character" today. We're waiting for Mr. Matthews' judgment on Sen. McCain. All the evidence seems to be in. C'mon Chris.

Oh, Look, Fall Is Here!!

Hard to tell here in the no-season capital of the known universe, but the rumor is that the autumnal equinox was today; the days will be growing shorter & the evenings arriving earlier every 24 hours. Seasonal Affective Disorder, here we come... Another sign of fall is pre-season hockey (exhibition) games, especially the ones that pre-empt the usual programming on the commies w/ commercials channel to which we listen regularly. Thus were we led to other spots on the dial this afternoon, while commuting to the public library. And thus did we hear Hugh Hewitt, one of the truly deep thinking members of the brain-dead right. Hugh's approach to the current political/financial situation? Well, seems like John Sidney McCain III, who appeared on the tube today grillin' up some dead animal meat, was presented w/ a "chopper" recently. (The AP story says it was Tuesday, which is tomorrow, unless the virus/bug bite/exploded vein in our leg was more potent than we believe & has caused us to lose a day. We'd like to know why the AP doesn't do a better job time-stamping their stories.) Let's just read the whole thing.
Political Play: McCain gets "American Chopper" 2 hours, 3 minutes ago John McCain picked up a surprise gift Tuesday, an Orange County Chopper motorcycle, courtesy of the stars of the "American Chopper" reality TV series who roared in to present it to the Republican presidential hopeful. Father and son co-stars Paul and Paulie "Junior" Teutul, whose show about building custom bikes together is a popular Learning Channel staple, appeared at McCain's rally in this Philadelphia suburb to honor him with a special bike they'd built to recognize Vietnam-era prisoners of war. McCain, a former Navy pilot, spent five and a half years in a Vietnam prison camp after being shot down in 1967. His running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, introduced the Teutuls and noted that Paul Sr., like McCain, is a Vietnam veteran. The elder Teutul briefly addressed the crowd. "How many people out there love their country and the military?" he asked to loud cheers. McCain clearly was pleased with the gesture. "Sarah and I are going to get on that chopper and ride it straight to Washington!" he said. Staffers to the Arizona senator later said the chopper would remain with the Teutuls and continue to serve as a tribute to all POWs. ___ Compiled by Beth Fouhy.
Empty gesture? Of course: All of human existence is a collection of empty gestures, & stop pretending otherwise. But the extra-emptiness comes from the aforementioned Mr. Hewitt, whose conclusion from this is that he can see John McCain on a "chopper." But he can't see Barack Obama on a "chopper." And therefore McCain has the "chopper vote" locked up. We might wonder about Sen. McCain on a "chopper," as his PW injuries leave him unable to use a fucking Blackberry™©, f'r c'rissakes!! We've seen shots of Sen. Obama on his bicycle, not that much of a stretch to imagine him on a different two-wheeler. The prospect of Mr. Cindy (who, we also heard today, owns 13 cars – two of them "furrin" – in conjunction w/ Mrs. McCain) on a chopper is pretty funny. He can't even lift his arms to ape-hanger level, can he? That's why he deserves to be president, y'know? His poor arms. Mr. Hewitt, after this embarrassment, went on to play a long rant from a conference call held by Steve Schmidt, strategerist for the McCain embarrassment, & Mark Davis, John Sidney's campaign manager. One of those champions of honesty & fair play went on for some time, in response to a question from Massa Hewitt concerning alleged e-mail smears of veep-wanna-be Sarah Palin coming from a firm somehow related to some guy named Axelrod who works for Obama, w/ a load of unsubstantiated smears about this Bill Ayers guy who has actually been in the same bldg. w/ Obama on several occasions. Mr. Ayers, who set off a couple of piffling pipe bombs in Washington D. C. in the late '60s & early '70s, was the guy right behind Osama Bin Laden on the FBI's terror list, according to whichever of these paid liars was earning his money. And since Sen. Obama hasn't marched Ayers into the nearest FBI office for a little enhanced interrogation, even though they seem to live in the same neighborhood, there must be a greater connection between the two of them, & we've got to get to the truth about this. Oddly enough, Catholic cretin/Nixon speechwriter Pat Buchanan stated earlier in the day that Sen. Obama only has to "prove to the American people that he's not a left-wing radical in order to win the election." (Paraphrase.) That's right, just disprove the (sadly) baseless accusations of the right that Sen. Obama is anything more than a centrist, corporate, Democrat In Name Only type. How do they get these people? Pat Buchanan, isn't one of those commandments not to lie? But Mr. Hewittt continued, having on a couple of callers from the heartland who were both the mothers of special needs children & liked playing w/ guns. So, naturally, they both think Gov. Palin is some hot shit. One of them was very proud that she'd kept shooting until she couldn't get her shooting jacket buttoned over her grotesquely distended abdomen, stuffed w/ a four & a half month-developed fetus. She didn't make it entirely clear (nor were we listening that closely to such a mindless stereotype) which child it was, but we can't help but wonder if lead poisoning might have had anything to do w/ baby being a little slow. (Didn't walk until he was ten, she said.) So there's the right wing. Like guns? Have a couple uteri? Offspring not the sharpest knife in the drawer? You're a natural to vote for Sarah Palin. Love your country, its military, & posing atop a "chopper?" Then Big John McCain III is your man. Think that Barack Obama might be a good choice because you've got a touch of the tarbrush yourself? Well, you're some kind of racist hater who's never voted for anyone except on the basis of un-American "identity poolitics." Also from Hewitt's mouth, before we had to change the channel: "All smart-thinking, law-abiding Americans who have concealed carry permits & pack heat will be a lot safer." Keep believing that, Folk. Right until you shoot yourself. Or your mutant offspring finds it & plugs itself or you. Thin the herd. Please. Also in the mere 20 mins. we spent receiving Mr. Hewitt: Team McCain must have talked to the do-nothing Democrats in Congress today, because there was no vote on the bail-out bill. "He wanted people to lose more millions today." Not mentioned was how many trillions the glibertarians in Congress would like to hand over to those already responsible for the financial crisis, w/o the slightest apparent control or oversight.