Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Update

If you clicked here to read our hate-filled rant against Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Palin, & a thorough critique of her interview w/ Charles (What the hell kind of name is that?) Gibson on ABC World News last night, you must've forgotten that we are homeless & don't have access to a telebision set. Except, no, wait a minute, we aren't unhoused, we're still "homeless," but we're MOTELED!! And have a telebision. W/ cable!! Basic, but who's complaining? Big ups (as today's youth so colorfully put it) to Step Up on Second, in Santa Monica (Rich readers: Make a donation here!) who recently purchased a dumpy motel in Santa Monica, close to the border w/ icky lower-class Los Angeles (Again, who's really complaining?) which they will be using for their homeless/runaway troubled teen program, but in the meantime, until December when they start converting it, they are housing semi-competent, "non-volatile" (If only they knew, ha ha!!) types such as ourself, who are otherwise w/o a bed, in the dumpy motel. We know, as Nietzsche so ably put it, that gratitude is an emotion for dogs, but we'll make an exception in our case (rules are made to be broken, especially if they concern us) & type a fairly good-sized "thank you" to all there who've helped us in our time of need. And now, before we get any sappier, we must go recover our bags from under the bush in the park, return to our new-to-us but somewhat moldy domicile, shower, & relax. Don't expect to hear from this web log any time soon, we have eight months of tee vee viewing & quite a few hrs. of sleep to catch up on. P. S.: When we typed "Sarah Palin" in the title box, we typo'ed it "Sarah Plain." Freudian?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Annals of Cinema (DVD Version)

Screw politics, & the horse it rode in on. Seriously, we've had enough. We're lightening up. It's Kultur Time. Take a look at Debbie Reynolds' gams, & mellow out.From The New York Times' DVD column, a review of How The West Was Won, w/ some serious fawning over the John Ford section, "The Civil War." Dig this (Links from The NYT):
“The Civil War” is an exquisite miniature (unfortunately padded out by some battle sequences lifted from “Raintree County,” an earlier MGM Civil War film) that consists of only three scenes: a mother (Ms. Baker) sends a son (Peppard) off to war; the son has a horrible experience as night falls on the battlefield of Shiloh; the son returns and finds that his mother has died. The structure has a musical alternation: day, night, day; exterior, interior, exterior; stillness, movement, stillness. In the first and last scenes the famous Fordian horizon line extends the entire length of the extra-wide Cinerama frame. In the aftermath of the battle the horizon line disappears in darkened studio sets. The sense of the sequence is profoundly antiwar — Generals Sherman and Grant, played by John Wayne and Henry Morgan, briefly appear as a couple of disheveled, self-pitying drunks — and it gradually becomes apparent that the elderly Ford is revisiting one of his early important works, the 1928 drama “Four Sons.” The expressionistic middle sequence, with its studio-built swamp, refers to F. W. Murnau, whose “Sunrise” was one of the great influences on the young Ford, while the open-air sequences that bracket it, with their unmoving camera, long-shot compositions and rootedness in the rural landscape, recall the work of the American pioneer D. W. Griffith. When, in the final panel of Ford’s triptych, a gust of wind tousles Peppard’s hair in the foreground and then continues across to the forest in the middle distance and on to the stand of trees in the most distant background, it seems like a true miracle of the movies: a breath of life, moving over the face of the earth. No less formidable a filmmaker than Jean-Marie Straub has called “The Civil War” John Ford’s masterpiece; for the first time, thanks to this magnificent new edition, I think I know what he’s talking about. Birth, death, rebirth.
Damn. Of course, we've not seen HTWWW ("Won," that's almost amusing.) on the really big screen since 1963 (we've caught it a couple of times on TCM) but if we ever live anywhere again we'll definitely be renting & re-examining it. And for the straight ladies & gay guys in the crowd, here's Jimmy Stewart saying "How" to a redskin.
Any one offended yet?

The Real Tragedy of 11 September Happened in 1973

Here's the Ass Press version of the hot poop on at least some of the machinations of Richard M. Nixon, the original George W. Bush (except the Nix had a certain shrewd intelligence missing in our current Dear Leader) & the 11 September coup in Chile. (See below.) Even more fun may be the fuller story, w/ audio, from the pinkos who dragged this info from the National Security Archives. Below is the cover of the pinko book. Look at that bloodsucker. Hitler & Dracula's idiot bastard son.

"Honor." John McCain Can't Define It, Neither Can We

Just two more date-related items. From the 9/11 that should "be put behind us, so we can move on w/ our lives": The Big Blue Buses (known to much of the rest of the world, if at all, as the City of Santa Monica's bus system) have been driving around today w/ this message on their headsigns (besides route # & destination, of course): "HONOR THE VICTIMS OF 9/11." What the Official Home of The Homeless™, also known as the People's Republic of Santa Monica© means by this is debatable, though we might go out on a limb & suggest that it's an "unpatriotic" message, meaning that the "victims" (& remember, no one is innocent, so there really aren't that many "victims") should not be used as political pawns by the forces who want to continue to hold power, & have no way to do so besides scaring your already yellow-wet pants off you.

Enough w/ Mormon Murder Day, Already

We're over halfway through & no attacks yet. Have any of our right-wing viewers wet their pants yet, perhaps at the sound of a backfiring automobile, or the sight of a swarthier than you person wearing a towel on his or her head? Not to worry, here's more outrage. That is, we're outraged that people are offended by factual truth.
On Wednesday, South Carolina Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler told a reporter for the website Politico that Sen. John McCain chose a running mate "whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn't had an abortion."
Tell it as is, Chairwoman Fowler.
Also on the call was Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who alleged that Fowler's remark was part of a sexist pattern by the Obama campaign, starting in May when Obama addressed a reporter as "sweetie."
We've seen Rep. Blackburn on telebision. She's an active drooler. How these fucking creeps in the Republican party can say word one about sexism or racism when they're the ones who took over the political South w/ their "Southern Strategy" of barely-coded racism, and have been consistently opposed to rights & freedom for the fairer sex is beyond us, but at this stage of the game, what isn't?

Not a Good Day for The Rational

Today is a red letter day for religious murder. Both Mormons & Islamists (Oddly enough, both religions were founded by loser criminal sex perverts who somehow received personal revelations from gawd. This sort of activity is now diagnosed as psychotic, schizophrenic, delusional, or all three.) took out some of their enemies today; the Mormons in 1857 in the so-called Mountain Meadows Massacre (which should have "Mormon" tacked on, both for alliteration & factiness).

Bush Babble

Dear Leader speaks (& you know it didn't sound a bit like the text version) from the safety of the Pentagon:
For future generations, this memorial will be a place of learning. The day will come when most Americans have no living memory of the events of September the 11th. When they visit this memorial, they will learn that the 21st century began with a great struggle between the forces of freedom and the forces of terror. They will learn that this generation of Americans met its duty -- we did not tire, we did not falter, and we did not fail. They will learn that freedom prevailed because the desire for liberty lives in the heart of every man, woman, and child on Earth.
"Did not fail." Nope, just neglected ever to find Bin Laden, & managed to create more enemies & bring them together by invading a country that had nothing to do w/ the attacks, but was weak & oily. And another juicy piece of stupid from a juicer:
10:08 A.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Mr. Vice President; Secretary Gates; Madam Speaker; Justices of the Supreme Court; members of my Cabinet and administration; members of Congress; Admiral Mullen and the Joint Chiefs; Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, a first responder on September the 11th, 2001; directors of the Pentagon Memorial Fund -- Mr. Chairman, congratulations; families and friends of the fallen; distinguished guests; fellow citizens: Laura and I are honored to be with you.
Yes, Donald Rumsfeld, SecDef, who was a "first responder" when the nation was under physical attack for the first time since Pearl Harbor. But, instead of getting to a secure location, taking command of air defense, or doing anything along the lines of his position, he was running around like a chicken w/ its head cut off, trying to push gurneys around, & probably just getting in the way. Fortunately, his later conduct of the illegal & stupid invasion of Iraq & the following occupation was letter perfect.

The Real 9/11 Horror

Rerun time again. Amazing how the yrs. pass like nothing; before we know it, we can recycle the same stories again.
Below: A smiling Augusto Pinochet enjoys privatizing Chile's Social Security.
There is another anniversary to be recognized today, of an event 35 yrs. ago. Rather than making you click your way to it (although for the full effect you might want to) we'll just grab our text & repro it right here.
From the commentariat @ Sadly, No!, we are reminded by Qetesh the Abyssinian (even as we watch MSNBC re-running the Today show of six years ago, w/ the whole mess) of a previous 11 September, in Chile. Let's go to Qetesh:

Finally, let’s not forget the other September 11th. I just wish that some idiots would realise that behaviour like the first leads to behaviour like the second.
She spells in that cute way because she's a cat, & lives in Australia. Below, the last photo of Salvador Allende before his murder at the hands of fascist thugs supported & financed by the CIA, on the orders of Richard "Murderhous" Nixon & Henry "Killer" Kissinger.

Should you wish some sort of editorial comment on this all-AmeriKKKan mess, the Incredible Shrinking Newspaper™© has some, although it's weak-kneed, & acts as if economic success is worth it, even at the cost of the lives of thousands, & most of the success is reserved for those who were already successful. And Timothy Garton Ash, a "senior fellow" (Does that sound gay or just queer?) at the Hoover Institution, nonetheless has an op-ed concerning "authoritarian capitalism." No, he doesn't think that's redundant. Manufactured consent is just as good as natural consent to him. His closing line, by the way?
Pessimism of the intellect must be matched by optimism of the will.
If not an outright triumph thereof. Remember when the "free market" guaranteed that political democracy would follow, as sure as night follows day? Believe you us, we knew better then, & now it may be occurring to those who spread that particular big lie, as well. (They're not stupid, they're just slow, & blinded by their ideologies.) Indeed, we recently heard some fuckwad on the right (perhaps from the Bush Administration itself) spewing some crap about how a democracy somewhere would soon lead to a free market. Isn't it the other way around? We only wish we had a better recall of the country to which the clown in question was referring. Note (If you give a shit.): Due to the deadline restraints mentioned immediately below, we made some additions & changes to this item, @1257 PDT, rendering it slightly different from the version posted @1143.

Further Foolishness From Fools

Typing under deadline (The public library-imposed deadline of "Finish before your time is up, or it does not get published!!") probably has its advantages in discipline & whatnot, but sometimes vital points are neglected, ignored or forgotten. So we now return to yesterday's L. A. Times op-ed concerning secessionism, & a part of it to which we didn't get. This part, about the second North American secessionist convention:
The delegates settled on a list of principles they called the Chattanooga Declaration. "The deepest questions of human liberty and government facing our time go beyond right and left, and in fact have made the old left-right split meaningless and dead," the declaration read. "The privileges, monopolies and powers that private corporations have won from government threaten ... health, prosperity and liberty, and have already killed American self-government by the people." The answer, it went on, was that the American states "ought to be free and self-governing."
Yet another clue is offered to these clowns. (We really should charge for our clue-providing services). If you think that the United Snakes are dominated by corporations, just imagine how well your piddly little state (or its legislature & executive branches) will resist further corporate depredation. Look, for example, at our own beloved California & how it was under the thumb of the Southern Pacific Railroad at the turn of the last century. Frank Norris wrote a book about it, referring to the SP (on whose commuter trains the editorial staff here used to ride to school each day, up & down the San Francisco peninsula) as The Octopus. If you're so fucking worried about fascist corporations, step one is public financing of all political campaigns. Try working on that before you decide to try to secede. (Not very nihilistic of us, we know, but common sense can prevail, even here.)

Official Position

Below: Moment of impact II.
It is the official position of this web log that we are completely unsocialized, could not possibly care one whit less about this horrid country & horrid world into which we were thrust w/o warning or desire, & that you people should all shut your fucking mouths about 11 September 2001. It's been seven years already, you've grown an entire new set of skin cells, if that tale is to be believed, isn't that long enough? As so many of you losers are so happy to say: "That's in the past. Get over it. Move along." Please. Now. Spare us your maudlin whining, titty-babies; try using your vocal cords to force "your" government to do something that will actually make "us" more secure. They didn't do a very good job then, and there's not the slightest indication that any part of this nation is in any way safer from dedicated fools willing to die for their cause now than it was on 10 September 2001. Death to AmeriKKKa!! (A country unable or unwilling to defend itself effectively, whether through stupidity, or a death-wish, must die.)
Below: Rubbing it in. We're laughing at you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Editorial Choices

Below: The New York Times ran this photo on page A1 this morning.
And the Los angeles Times ran the one below on page A8; both photos to illustrate the absence of Kim Jong-Il from the 60th anniversary celebrations taking place in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.
Nice goosestepping, whether by Korean cats or Korean kittens.

Is The "Surge" Surging? No, It's Not Even Working.

At last, a review of Bob Woodward's new book.
Woodward's appraisal is more nuanced. He argues that the current situation was created by the confluence of three forces of which the troop surge may be the least consequential. More important is a hyper-secret new program (by inference, a combination of technology and operational techniques) that has allowed U.S. forces to identify, locate and kill huge numbers of the insurgency's leaders, including members of Al Qaeda. When military and White House officials learned that Woodward knew of the secret program, they asked that he withhold any details because publication would endanger the operation and compromise its use elsewhere. Responsible though Woodward's decision may be, it lends a fairly frustrating opacity to what is "The War Within's" biggest revelation. The author also argues that the diminution of violence in Iraq owes a great deal to the so-called Anbar Awakening, in which the tribal sheiks in that crucial Sunni-dominated province have turned on Al Qaeda and aligned themselves with the U.S. and the new central government. Woodward points out that the success in Anbar began long before the surge with the Marines' successful counterinsurgency efforts on the Syrian border. The result of those efforts reached critical mass at about the time the surge began. In fact, Woodward quotes a memo from one of Gen. David H. Petraeus' counter-insurgency experts, musing that the troop surge has had the opposite effect from the one intended, which was to give the Maliki government a safe space into which it could extend its influence as a national regime. Instead, the memo argues, the presence of additional U.S. troops has allowed the tribal leaders to assert themselves and their influence not only locally but also on the Baghdad government in an evolving but specifically Iraqi expression of civil society.
Not to mention, as many pundits/loudmouths/blowhards more widely circulated than we are (Bitter? Sure we are!) has, now that Baghdad has pretty much been segregated into all-Sunni or all-Shia neighborhoods, there's no one left to kill. As well as the United Snakes, filthy materialists that they are, having begun to pay the various tribal leaders not to shoot at AmeriKKKan troops, but to shoot w/ us, against all those terrorists, or patriots, or whatever they are. So the surge is as meaningless as virtually anything else Bush has told us, & somehow Obama, when confronted w/ "the surge" by Bill O'Reilly recently on FOX News Channel, didn't refer to this book (Is he so fucking busy on the campaign trail he doesn't know what's going on?) but said "Oh, beyond our wildest dreams," or crap to that effect. Loser.

Are Op-Ed Writers Really This Stupid? Why, Yes, They Are.

A dumb cluck trying to pimp his upcoming book
Christopher Ketcham contributes to GQ, Vanity Fair, Harper's and many online publications. He is writing a book on American secessionism.
writes on the "all-American" subject of state secession, in conjunction w/ Sarah "The Moose-Eating Barracuda"Palin's affiliation w/ & appreciation of the Alaskan Independence Party in today's L. A. Times. He thinks secessionism is a American as a lynch partysorry, apple pie.
Secession worries the staid opinion gatekeepers of the major media. Sarah Palin's "flirtation" with the AIP should make us "uneasy," as Rosa Brooks warned in these pages. Palin's secessionist ties raise "serious questions," averred the New York Times. A more honest assessment is that the separatism of the Alaskan Independence Party is not so weird or wacky -- or out of keeping with what appears to be a sentiment rooted in that loveliest of American predilections, our crotchety contrarianism.
Maybe so. It wouldn't kill us (immediately) here at Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ to secede from these United Snakes. (Imagine: gay marriage, reasonable dope laws, general pinko West Coast freedom of & from the repressive whatnot of the dolts living too far from the oceans. Also imagine China/Russia/India/Brazil deciding to help themselves to California. Just whose army, navy, air force & marines are going to stop them?) But the point w/ slimy Sarah P. is that she's on the ticket w/ überpatriot John McCain, whose slogan is "Country First." Well, sometimes it's "Reform, Prosperity, Peace." ("Mr. Orwell, to the white courtesy 'phone, please. Mr. Orwell, paging Mr. Orwell.") Seems somewhat odd for Mme. Moosemurder to be all for the AIP, while claiming to place "Country First," doesn't it, Mr. Ketcham, you fucking dolt?

Interview w/ the Government

Sadly, our un-enhanced interrogation this morning was merely an eligibility interview w/ the Housing Authority, & only took 25 min. max. Not counting the time in line in the hall, & the waiting room, of course. Once again the competence of non-law enforcement gov't. employees who help rather than hinder others is demonstrated. (Not, mind you, that this is always the case. Other troubled & unhoused people that we know – Hey, wait a minute, we had our own fucking problems with the piece of shit moronic idiot jerks who couldn't social work their way out of a paper bag at the Hollywood Mental Health Center of the County of Los Angeles Mental Health Department. And, oddly enough, the other people who were dissatisfied w/ service that we were about to mention when we interrupted ourself had poor to non-existent service at the Edelman Mental Health Center of the aforementioned County Mental Health Dep't. Fuck those bastards!! Fellow Angelenos, do you know how your tax dollars are being wasted by these creeps? There'd be fewer smelly people wandering the streets screeching at their invisible friends if those Mental Health Dep't. employees would make the slightest fucking effort at knowing or doing their jobs. And why is the law-enforcement side of gov't. not watching us for threats & promises of the violent overthrow of the U. S. gov't? What secret words must we type here so that the mighty federal supercomputers will pay attention to us & make a name for us. Off the pig!! String up the bastards!! Death to AmeriKKKa!! Bin Laden rules, George Bush drools!!!!

A Date Like None Other (Completely Dull)

As the Editorial Staff here will be under gov't. interrogation at an undisclosed location tomorrow morning, we'll just leave you w/ a bit of what happened today in "history," in case we never get out. Nothing interesting so far. 1813: Oliver H. Perry sent his famous message, "We have met the enemy, and they are ours," after defeating the British in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812. 1846: Elias Howe of Massachusetts received a patent for his sewing machine. 1939: Canada declared war on Germany, entering WWII. 1963: Twenty black students entered public schools in Birmingham, Mobile, and Tuskegee, Alabama, after President John F. Kennedy sent National Guardsman [sic] to end the standoff with Alabama Governor George Wallace. (Just one National Guard guy? That George Wallace was a wuss.) 2002: Switzerland became the 190th member of the United Nations. That's some excitement, huh? Canada & Switzerland, two of the world's most exciting nations, did something. And sewing machine patents. No, wait, here's something...well, interesting, anyway. From the very same page, we find a contradiction: 1846 - Japan invents the rickshaw Or: 1869 - Baptist minister invents rickshaw in Yokohama, Japan Once again, you are forced to decide. Even most of the birthdays are those of dullards. Why, it's as if the entire world were waiting for 11 September, 2001. Elsa Schiaparelli, fashion designer (1890) Arnold Palmer, golfer (1929) Charles Kuralt, television news reporter (1934) Roger Maris, baseball player (1934) Arthur Dyre Tripp III, Mothers Of Invention, Magic Band (as Ed Marimba) percussionist (1939)* Stephen Jay Gould, paleontologist and science writer (1941) *Pointless personal note: Art used to have his 'phone number in the L. A. 'phone book. Around 1983 The Editor called him (after discovering his # by accident while looking for another # – ah, the randomness we've lost due to the rise of the devil-box) & asked if he'd play drums for Nation of Sheep, one of those "legendary" bands that never happened. Art said no, thanks for the offer, but he was going to school in order to become a chiropractor. We wonder if he did.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AQ on the Loose

These people not only live among us, they are (allegedly) charged w/ defending us from the "existential" threat of a bunch of funny-looking people sitting in caves on the other side of the world. (Are you scared yet? Only John McCain & Mme. Moosedroppings can protect us, y'know.) However, we're not following their rationale. (You can't call it logic.)
Terrorism analysts say that Americans--and American media outlets--are ignoring al-Qaida messages at their own peril. For many Americans, terrorism concerns are "falling off the radar, as al-Qaida has been silent in the USA (and much of the West) since 9-11," said Michael Sheehan, the former counter-terrorism official for the State Department and the City of New York. "Foreign attacks are mostly background noise. This is troublesome, for if we lose our focus they will attack us again at home," said Sheehan, who is now an NBC News terrorism analyst.
Does this mean that Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri is waiting for the average AmeriKKKan pig-dog to stop quivering in fear before the next attack? (Which, if successful, will probably kill a much smaller of people than the annual AmeriKKKan gunshot & automobile deaths.) Is our safety somehow predicated on alert AmeriKKKans "keeping their focus?" Is it the loathsome AmeriKKKan media outlets, who've managed to ignore international events for many yrs. now? (We could point out that if AmeriKKKans had known or cared what was occurring in the Mid-East in order to assure them cheap gas for the drive to Wal*Mart to buy cheap plastic shit something might have been done to change that, & the Islamic nutjobs might not have felt it necessary to attack. But that's a fucking pipe dream.) Or is Sheehan speaking of the "counter-terrorism community?" Are they starting to lose their focus because media outlets aren't reminding them of their duties? What weak-minded ninnies they must be, then. Some of the other experts consulted for this piece have opinions of AmeriKKKa almost as low as the one held here at Just Another Blog™.
Ben Venzke, who analyzes videotaped terrorism statements for IntelCenter, said that Americans are becoming dangerously complacent about terrorism. He said he is reminded of the weeks before the 9-11 attacks, when the public (and media) were focusing on shark attacks and the latest turns in the Chandra Levy murder mystery. "If there's an attack, it's going to be out of the blue and blindside us," Venzke said. "If we could just manage to keep our attention span," he said, Americans would be better able to put any possible terrorist attack into perspective." They [terrorists] stay patient and focused, and we become an easier and easier target," Venzke said. NBC News terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann says, if Americans have become blasé about terrorist statements, it's partially Zawahiri's fault. "He keeps rehashing the same set of basic issues over and over again," Kohlmann said. "Given a country like the U.S., which has a collective attention span of 5 minutes, it is easy to see why people get bored."
Is it worth the effort to secure a people w/ the national attention span of a gnat? Though we still don't get how AmeriKKKans are so vital to all this. Most of them can be distracted by any shiny object. Show them anyone wearing a turban or the like, & their pants are wet & the "furriner" is dead meat. Remember the Sikh gas station attendants killed in Texas immediately after 11 September 2001? That's what you can expect from this country. Not unlike G. W. Bush. Attack people who had nothing to do w/ the original attack. If the counter-terrorism crowd expects savvy, alert 'Murkins to help defend the rest of us, their confidence is sorely mistaken. Two guys w/ beards & their underwear wrapped on their heads, speaking anything but English, would be enough of a distraction for some of “the white men of Waziristan” to do anything they wanted to. Yes, imagine that, "white people," glorious members of the greatest "race" on the face of God's Green Golfball, & they are traitors to whiteness!! Oh, the shock, the shame, the horror!!

Nihilism Update II

Here's the MSNBC take on the possible "not w/ a whimper, but w/ one hell of a bang" human-caused end of everything, or our poor suffering planet, at least. Juicy parts:
Black holes aren't Wagner's only worry: He also is concerned that when the collider creates a soup of free-flying quarks, some of those quarks might recombine in a hazardous way — creating a stable, negatively charged "strangelet" that could turn everything it touches into more strangelets.

The lawsuit also suggests that magnetic monopoles — basically, magnets with only a north or a south pole, but not both — could be created in the collider and wreak havoc.

General scientific consensus is "no," but we can hope, can't we?

California Uber Alles

Lotsa historical crap happened on this date, including: 1776: The Second Continental Congress changed the name of the nation to the United States of America, from the United Colonies. 1850: California became the 31st state. 1893: President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Esther Cleveland, became the first president's child to be born in the White House. 1926: The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) was created by the Radio Corporation of America. 1948: The People's Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) was created. 1956: Elvis Presley appeared on television for the first time on The Ed Sullivan Show. 1957: President Eisenhower signed into law the first civil rights law to pass Congrefs since Reconstruction. 1969: Your Editor's male parental unit, driving while legally drunk, tried to pass someone on a curve & paid for it w/ his life. 1971: The Attica prison rebellion began, leading to 43 deaths. 1976: Communist Chinese leader Mao Zedong died in Beijing at age 82.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Today in the Sheer Utter Pointlessness of "Human" Existence

In 1974, Ford pardoned Nixon for his many crimes, setting the precedent that no President will ever be held responsible for anything besides having an active sex life. Good job, Jerry. People now dead but born on this date: Richard I, Coeur de Lion (1157-1199); Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904); Alfred Jarry (1873-1907); Jimmie Rodgers (1897-1933); Peter Sellers (1925-1980); Patsy Cline (1932-1963) & many others too dull to mention. Scotch™ Brand Cellulose Tape was developed today in 1930.

John McCain's Service Record

Our memory stabbed us this morning (following that 20 oz. cup of Pike Place Roast™©) w/ something from the J. Sidney McCain III piece in the Incredible Shrinking Newspaper™© last wk. To wit:
On Oct. 26, 1967, in the air over Hanoi, an alarm signaled that a surface-to-air missile had locked onto his plane. He should have tried to evade the missile but decided to release his bombs first. The missile took off the plane's right wing; McCain ejected. He landed, with a broken leg and two broken arms, in a lake in the middle of Hanoi. After he was pulled from the water, he was bayoneted in the ankle and groin.
Did you get that? Sid, who took a free education from the U. S. Navy & managed to come in fifth from the bottom of his class, & who caused the destruction of several aircraft (not sure of the numbers, we hear many different stories) in training & otherwise (Note well, waste-fighters & reformers: Those planes cost millions of your taxpayer dollars each!!) was more interested in dropping a couple of 500-lb. dumb bombs that probably wouldn't have hit anything anyway than he was in saving his expensive aircraft & himself (mostly worthless, but a good chunk of money invested in his Annapolis education & flight training) from falling into the hands of the North Vietnamese. We in no way excuse the rotten treatment Fly-Boy Johnny received from Uncle Ho's minions (Reflect, however, so-called patriot, on your possible reaction if, say, a Chinese aviator had been bombing your neighborhood & you got a chance to have a few moments alone w/ the high-altitude baby killer.) but it's not "heroism." It's pathetic survival. If McCain had evaded the NVA SAM he would have continued to fly missions, rather than letting his flight training molder in solitary confinement for five-and-a-half yrs. Nor would we have been out an A-4. That's not serving your country. That's serving yourself, George W. Bush-style; G. W. being another great waster of the military resources of This Great Nation of Ours™© , both by his lack of service during the Vietnam adventure, & his essential destruction of our armed forces since 2003. Do we want a Mr. Macho type w/ the common sense & long-term view of an amoeba running Our Great Nation©™? Bombs away!!

Famous Last Words

Set design at its finest. Where's Dr. No?
It's no secret; we at Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ are the dictionary definition of nihilists. Tear it down & restart the whole ugly mess, we can't possibly do any worse than we have this time around, we bleat 24/7. We are therefore almost ecstatic about the prospect of the Large Hadron Collider bringing about the end of our benighted little planet, the entire solar system, the Milky Way & perhaps the entire universe, all fourteen (or whatever is being currently guessed) dimensions of it!! This is probably one of those George Carlin deals, we'll sadly admit (The late comedic & common sense great, Mr. Carlin, was always disappointed when death tolls in disasters, natural or anthropogenic, seldom met the early estimates spewed across the sensationalistic "mainstream, old" media.) but we can only follow Jesse Jackson by advising fellow nihilists to "keep hope alive." There are some who think it will be trouble.
Scientists say there's a chance that the LHC could create microscopic black holes, a phenomenon never before observed on Earth. They hasten to add that the tiny singularities will instantly pop out of existence, but that hasn't stopped critics from trying to block the collider's startup. Two of the critics have filed suit in federal court in Hawaii, seeking the suspension of LHC operations until more studies are done. Responding to the critics, CERN has issued a series of reports explaining why the LHC will pose no threat. Ellis was one of the report's authors. "If the LHC were to make microscopic black holes, it would be tremendously exciting — and no danger," he said.

Darn the luck. But there's always that chance that Mr. Science & his pals are wrong wrong wrong. And although the (European, need we add?) scientists are going to start whipping those particles around the LHC come Wednesday, it will be months before the particles are moving at virtually the speed of light, so we can't rationally expect not to wake up Thursday a. m. (Well, not because of a microscopic singularity anyway. There are many reasons not to awake Thurs. a. m., from cardiac death in one's sleep to just plain sleeping past noon.) Another "future holocaust" denier is heard from here. Now we notice that MSNBC (from whom we steal many of our story "inspirations," ha ha) is keeping the good stuff until tomorrow, when they promise us "doomsday scenarios." Can't wait.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ignoring Today's World

If we're resorting to "This Date in History," you know nothing has caught our jaded fancy in today's world of anger, pain & fear. The Woodward book (item below) may be good for some laughs, but the colossal screw-ups of the Bush Administration should not be surprising to anyone now, except Republican dead-enders who just will not see what is before them. So let's look behind ourselves. Think we can learn anything? We don't either. 1927: Philo T. Farnsworth, 21, Xmitted the image of a line purely electronically, via his "image dissector." This caused telebision. Mr. Farnsworth has yet to apologize. Warren Zevon died five yrs. ago today. Tupac Shakur was plugged on Vegas' "Strip" in 1996. He succumbed to his wounds six days later. In the music bidness, Sonny Rollins hits 78,& Chrissie Hynde becomes a mere 57. Below: Ms. Hynde is a member of PETA & wants you to leave the llamas alone.
"Stop killing spiders," or: "Ray Davies was only this big, seriously."

George W. Bush, Average AmeriKKKan

The WaPo has the vaguely interesting story of Bob Woodward's latest book; more in the long & horrifying tale of George W. Bush & his absolute ineptitude & idiocy. Any AmeriKKKan who'd like to put a candidate in the White House on the basis of the candidate being "just like me" ("jes' lahk me-yuh") or understanding their problems "'cause she's a pitbull w/ lipstick" or anything similar is too stupid to understand the need for a rational member of an elite to be in charge. And it is shameful that only the elites (well, the cosmopolitan liberal elites, educated & knowledgeable, not the "My daddy the admiral married an heiress," or the "My family's rich, w/ a long political tradition, & we've been supporting the Nazis since they started" elites – that is, the ones who try to convince Mr. & Mrs. Middle Class Oinker that they aren't members of a self-perpetuating, power-crazed elite) are capable of running This Great Nation of Ours™ anywhere but into the ground. A shame, yes, but it must be faced that the average AmeriKKKan is far, far below average. Stupid enough to believe that somehow John Sidney McCain III is not a member of an arrogant elite, but the other guy is. Enough for now w/ the horrors of today & the future, let's dip into the horror of the past, as we return to Washington, D. C., in the yr. 2006.
By mid-2006, Casey, a stout four-star general with wire-rim glasses, had been the commander in Iraq for two years. As American military units rotated in and out, Casey remained the one constant. He had concluded that one big problem with the war was the president himself. Since the beginning, Casey felt, the president had viewed the war in conventional terms, repeatedly asking how many of the various enemies had been captured or killed. Casey later confided to a colleague that he had the impression that Bush reflected the "radical wing of the Republican Party that kept saying, 'Kill the bastards! Kill the bastards! And you'll succeed.'" Casey was troubled by the thought that the president didn't understand the nature of the fight they were in. The large, heavily armed Western force was on borrowed time, he believed. The president often paid lip service to winning over the Iraqi people, but then he would lean in with greater interest and ask about raids and military operations, grilling Casey about killings and captures. Months earlier, during a secure video conference with top military and civilian leaders looking on, he told Casey that it seemed the general wasn't doing enough. "George, we're not playing for a tie," Bush had said. "I want to make sure we all understand this, don't we?" Later in the video conference, Bush emphasized it again: "I want everybody to know we're not playing for a tie. Is that right?" In Baghdad, Casey's knuckles whitened on the table. The very suggestion was an affront to his dignity that he would long remember, a statement just short of an outright provocation."Mr. President," Casey had said bluntly, "we are not playing for a tie." Asked later about Casey's perceptions, Bush insisted in an interview that he understood the nature of the war, whatever Casey might have thought. "I mean, of all people to understand that, it's me," he said. But several of his on-the-record comments lend credence to Casey's concern that the president was overly focused on the number of enemy killed. "I asked that on occasion to find out whether or not we were fighting back," he said during the May interview. "Because the perception is, is that our guys are dying and they're not. Because we don't put out numbers. We don't have a tally." He said his overall question to his military commanders was, "Are we making progress in defeating them?" "What frustrated me is that from my perspective," he said at another point, "it looked like we were taking casualties without fighting back because our commanders are loath to talk about our battlefield victories."
Never in human history, since some of the inbred, retarded Roman emperors, has there been as obvious a cretin in a position of such power. (Maybe George III of Britain, when his brain was being eaten away by syphilis or whatever his problem was.) Perhaps had Bush served or paid any fucking attention during AmeriKKKa's adventurism in Vietnam he would have been slightly aware of the trouble "body counts" led to in that all-AmeriKKKan failure.