Saturday, August 16, 2008

Did You Know? (Or Care?)

Babe Ruth (1948) Elvis "The Pelvis" Presley (1977) & Idi Amin (2003) all died 16 August. That's today!! Also: English singer & occasional "actress" Madge McDonna (Of "Like a Material Virgin Girl" fame, remember that one?) is 50 today.

Generational Politics, Presidential Division

Age, as the cliche has it, is but a number. Calendar age, anyway, as far as one's mental faculties go. (Of course, when it's necessary to have the hideously homuncular Sen. "Holy Joe" Lieberman at your side to correct your continuously repeated mistakes, or when your response to the question, "Just what have you done for civil rights for Americans of more recent African heritage?" is a series of hems & haws, a long silence, a request to repeat the first part of the question, & then some blather that you've voted for lower taxes for all Americans to increase opportunity, as if people getting the Earned Income Credit just need lower taxes to put their fabulous entrepreneurial ideas to work, it's hard to say if you're a senile asshole or a moronic, uncaring asshole.) Beyond varying mental abilities at varying ages, this Gen X, Baby Boomer, Gen Whatever division into specific cohorts, all of whom allegedly behave & believe the same way, based on birth year, is as ridiculous as astrology. All that being said, let's take a gander at all of the Presidents since WWII, & what some of their ( military) experiences were (according to Wikipedia, anyhoo). Harry S Truman, b. 1884, member of the Missouri Nat'l. Guard, served as an artillery officer in WWI. Vice-Presidency lead to his becoming Pres. Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower, b. 1890, West Point, served during WWs I & II, never was in combat, became president because he won the war in Europe. (Yes, we know. We're keeping it short here. And he probably received many votes because dumb ol' Murkins really thought he whipped Hitler single-handedly.) John Fitzgerald Kennedy, b. 1917, joined U. S. Navy September 1941 (before Pearl Harbor) served as an officer in WWII (PT-109, etc.). Terms in House of Representatives & Senate led to his Presidency. Lyndon Baines Johnson, b. 1908, was commissioned in the U. S. Navy Reserves December 1941 (post Pearl Harbor) while remaining in Congrefs, made a fact-finding mission to the South Pacific & rec'd. the Silver Star for nothin'. (The Wikipedia entry is worth a look.) Vice-Presidency & murder led to his Presidency. Richard Milhous "Tricky Dick" Nixon, b. 1913, USN supply officer in the South Pacific during WWII. No one can figure how or why he became Pres. Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr., b. 1913 (as Leslie Lynch King, Jr.) served in the USN as an officer during WWII aboard the USS Monterey, which was never attacked, but as a result of the infamous typhoon of December 1944 caught fire. Wikipedia states: "Because of the extent of the fires, Admiral Halsey ordered Captain Ingersoll to abandon ship. Instead Captain Ingersoll ordered Ford to lead a fire brigade below. After five hours he and his team had put out the fire." Not actual combat, but not bad. More than Nixon ever did. Attained Presidency due to dumb luck & Nixon's fuck-ups. James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr., b. 1924, only graduate of the US Naval Academy to become President (so far, & you can bet our fingers are crossed). Served on submarines, no combat, left Navy after his father's death to take over family business. Governorship of Georgia led to presidency. Ronald Wilson Reagan, b. 1911. Straight outta Wkipedia:
After completing fourteen home-study Army Extension Courses, Reagan enlisted in the Army Enlisted Reserve on April 29, 1937, as a private assigned to Troop B, 322nd Cavalry at Des Moines, Iowa. He was appointed Second Lieutenant in the Officers Reserve Corps of the Cavalry on May 25, 1937, and on June 18 was assigned to the 323rd Cavalry. Reagan was ordered to active duty for the first time on April 18, 1942. Due to his nearsightedness, he was classified for limited service only, which excluded him from serving overseas. His first assignment was at the San Francisco Port of Embarkation at Fort Mason, California, as a liaison officer of the Port and Transportation Office. Upon the approval of the Army Air Force (AAF), he applied for a transfer from the Cavalry to the AAF on May 15, 1942, and was assigned to AAF Public Relations and subsequently to the 1st Motion Picture Unit (officially, the "18th AAF Base Unit")in Culver City, California. On January 14, 1943 he was promoted to First Lieutenant and was sent to the Provisional Task Force Show Unit of This Is The Army at Burbank, California. He returned to the 1st Motion Picture Unit after completing this duty and was promoted to Captain on July 22, 1943. In January 1944, Captain Reagan was ordered to temporary duty in New York City to participate in the opening of the sixth War Loan Drive. He was re-assigned to the 18th AAF Base Unit on November 14, 1944, where he remained until the end of World War II. He was recommended for promotion to Major on February 2, 1945, but this recommendation was disapproved on July 17 of that year. He returned to Fort MacArthur, California, where he was separated from active duty on December 9, 1945. By the end of the war, his units had produced some 400 training films for the AAF.
A nearsighted wimp who took correspondence courses to get into the Army Reserve!! We assume it was his show bidness abilities, as well as the deal w/ Iran ("We do not negotiate w/ terrorists!") that got him into office. George Herbert Walker Bush, b. 1924, served in WWII as the then-youngest US naval aviator (officer) ever, got shot down, etc. No wonder Sonny Boy hates & envies him. Made Pres. from Vice-Pres., & by lying about his opponent. William Jefferson Clinton, b. 1946 (as William Jefferson Blythe III) did not murder Asian babies for the US gov't. because he was busy educating himself. (See also Richard "Dick" Cheney: "Other priorities.") Became Pres. because Ross Perot cut into Poppy's votes. George Walker Bush, b. 1946, allegedly flew a few planes in the Texas Air Nat'l. Guard, claimed to have transferred to the Alabama ANG, where no one remembers him showing up for anything. Illegally & unconstitutionally appointed to Presidency by Stupreme Court. (His daddy's business & political buddies handed it to him on a silver platter as they had every other time in his life he fucked something up.) So we see that no enlisted men have reached the presidency in the post-WWII yrs., & probably never in US history. (You look it up, our time here is short & bittersweet, like life itself.) Have to be an officer. We also note that military duties performed seem to have nothing to do w/ electoral success, & we wonder aloud what the hell military service has to do w/ foreign affairs capability in the first place. Even more important, though, is age. There is a progression; each post-WWII Pres. younger than his predecessor, except when the unexpected happens (JFK/LBJ) or the same age (Though the Democrat serves earlier: Carter, then Bush the Elder, Clinton, then Bush the Punk. Nixon/Ford, same age, but it was a natural succession) the only exception being someone significantly older than, as it turns out, any other Pres., & 13 yrs. older than his predecessor, Mr. 666 himself, Ronald Wilson Reagan. And it was his foolish ideas (apparently inculcated in him by his second father-in-law, Nancy's pater, Loyal Davis) that set the stage for the "supply-side" economic decline we're in now. All that in mind, let's see what exactly is up w/ the presumptive big party candidates this go-round, Barack Hussein Obama II (Learn something new many – but not every – days!!) & John Sidney McCain III. (Did you also note the number of "jrs." & "IIIs," the similarity in Bush names, & those whose names were changed from their birth names? Hmmm.) Obama II, b. 1961, no draft for him to worry about, & able to educate himself & find employment w/o signing up for a hitch. McCain III, b. 1936, heir to a long naval tradition, we've heard it all before. But can we afford a President who isn't even a so-called Boomer? We saw (& are still living through) what happened to This Great Nation of Ours™ when Murkins went against the grain & elected Old Man Reagan, who was only 13 yrs. older than his opponent, Jimmy Carter. J. Sidney III is 25 yrs. older than the man running against him!! What will his old-fashioned ideas do to us? "We'll have a contest to develop alternative energy sources," says he. And: "I get my foreign policy advice from lobbyists for one of the countries involved." Don't forget: "There are going to be a lot more wars." Etc. Sheeesh!! We certainly aren't saying Sen. Obama is any prize. Despite the ravings of ancient droolers, talk radio hosts & the like, we fear that the junior Senator from Illinois is pretty much a triangulating neo-Clintonian wimp, & is far from the radical Marxist firebrand we'd like. Nonetheless, this imaginary secret socialist/stealth Moooslim seems to be scaring the pants off those playing the Wingnut Wurlitzer. (Of course, they like having their pants scared off, especially in public rest rooms, or when the pants can be replaced w/ diapers in which to poop.) But when he pauses before answering a question, he gives the appearance, anyway, of thinking about his answer, rather than the the Sen. McCain hem & haw, silence, "What was that again?" deer-in-the-headlights, "How can I get out of this one?" approach. And the Democratic nominee can string together several sentences in a row, & w/o having to sound out the words, as if he's hearing them for the first time, unlike certain recent Presidents who can seldom finish one sentence, let alone get off several in a row. (May not seem like much, but your editor has had an almost physical repulsion to the voices, faces & public speaking personas of every Pres. since LBJ. Sen. Obama hasn't stared rubbing us the wrong way yet, & don't think we aren't happy about that.) These are the choices. The concepts of the eternal "You kids get off my lawn!!" Generation, or some guy w/, at minimum, half a brain on the Boomer/X cusp, who's never been an officer in the armed services. (Next former grunt/squid who runs may just have our vote.)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Local Update

Maybe it's the humidity, maybe it's common sense, but we just aren't giving a shit about the situations that humanoids have made in their world of suffering, misery & you name it. So let's go local. It is humid. Yesterday afternoon it rained in the eastern parts of Santa Monica, enough to make some drivers turn their windshield wipers on, not quite enough to cause the usual spate of traffic accidents that occur when the rain hits the oily sts. What the fuck is this, Noo Yuck City, w/ the sudden summer rainstorms? Later, there was a display of lightning flashes that gave us a bit of a fright, but only because we thought at first it was the blue-tinged spotlight of the General Services Dep't.'s Public Safety Po-leese come to roust us. Then we were worried that an actual lightning strike might hit the metal pole sticking into the sky that our head rests mere cms. from. Then we went to sleep. The Black Moses had been scheduled to make the musical scene at the annual Sunset Junction Street Festival later this mo., until he exercised himself to death. Now Sam of Sam & Dave fame will be appearing "in a tribute to Isaac Hayes."
Below: Bogus Lorna Doom (Bijou Phillips, daughter of "Mama" Michelle Phillips & "Papa" John Phillips) & Pseudo-Darby. Photo: Kevin Estrada
Also advertised at the function at the junction: The Germs. Well, it's not The Germs. Even if Lorna, Don & Pat are playing, they're probably playing too well thirty yrs. later, & sans Darby (neé Bobby Pyn) Crash it just isn't. In one of those "meta"-things, the rôle of Darby is being played by Shane West, who plays Darby in the biopic What We Do Is Secret, which seems to have taken a yr. to reach theatres. Listen to the imitation here; also other multimedia crap & the story of the delay of the making of the flick. Per the NYT review:
Despite this — and a particularly ugly dental prosthesis — Mr. West succeeds in conveying the intelligence behind the desperation, exposing an intellect wholly focused on premeditated extinction.
As opposed to the random extinction that all others will suffer? Or does a certain NYT film reviewer think everyone else lives forever? The prosthesis? He had some ugly teeth. No Hollywood implant job for our boy. Big question: Will "Mr." West (to cop that NYT style) be wearing said ugly prosthesis onstage?
Below: Authentic Darby Crash @ The Masque, 23 November 1977. Photo: UnknownAnyway, don't be fooled. No Black Moses, no Darby from the grave. It will cost you $15.00 in advance. $20.00 @ the gate, however. Per day. No longer on a donation basis, either. In the world of local homelessness, The People's Republic of Santa Monica (also known to Harry Shearer as the Official Home of The Homeless) is once again behind the actual trends, as they attempt to clamp down on free expression & those who are uhhoused, even as the rest of the nation turns away from Bush & his "screw everybody else" ilk.
"The key issue is that the city needs to be open to the public," said Kathleen Rawson, executive director of the Bayside District Corp., the public-private partnership that manages the downtown business district and urged the council to consider the restriction.
The city must be open. Mr. Mayor, tear down those walls!
When the city installed the slatted metal and wooden chairs and benches, Rawson said, they were not intended for use by people trying to make a living.

The ordinance is aimed at opening resting spots that are often monopolized for hours at a time by panhandlers, many of whom are homeless. The city already prohibits the promenade's street performers from sitting on public chairs or benches. Thousands of visitors and residents compete daily for about 100 seats.

Oh yes, the competition is incredible. Not a day goes by w/o a knife fight, & there are wkly. gun battles over those 100 seats. (Those are merely the Japanese tourists visitors.) Not to mention all the bicycle-by slashings of yoga mats. (Santa Monicans play for keeps.)

Apparently the idea of adding benches & seats is too large a concept to enter the pinheads of the "public-private partnership." Another indication of Santa Monica being behind the trend. What's happened w/ those other "privatization" projects our federal gov't.'s been behind? Going well?

One recent lunchtime, little panhandling could be observed on and near the Third Street Promenade. One grubby fellow sat in a public chair, asking for nothing. Chairs and benches were occupied mostly by visitors from out of town.

That's on-line in the Incredible Shrinking Newspaper™©. In the print version, it says:

One recent lunchtime, little panhandling could be observed on and near the Third Street Promenade. One grubby fellow sat in a public chair, inexplicably holding a chain in one hand but asking for nothing. Chairs and benches were occupied mostly by visitors from out of town – New York, Toronto, Germany.

We mention this mostly because we've seen the guy w/ the chain, who's been identified to us as "Skippy," & uses his chains, as well as a collection of pipes, as percussion instruments accompanying unlicensed, uncertified street performers, who apparently will be shot if they strum two consecutive chords w/o gov't. papers in the outdoor temple of commodity fetishism that is the Third Street Promenade. Skippy is one grubby mofo, however, & he emphasizes it by a tendency not to sport a shirt.

We are curious as to the editing decision to delete the chain part. Just one of the many mysteries at the Incredible Shrinking Newspaper™©.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Conspiracy Corner

Did Dr. Rice speak w/ the forked tongue of the 19th century American gov't. in reference to the Injuns (as we affectionately refer to casino owning non-Italo-Jewish-Donald Trump groups around here, even as their hands are justifiably in our wallets) when, just in July, she dropped in on the man Sen. McCain knows as "Misha" since both Misha's allegedly democratically elected gov't. & the senator use the same lobbying firm? Was this another April Gillespie, "Oh, go ahead & invade, we don't care," & if the Russkies give you any shit, well...remember Hungary 1956, etc. Huh. Guess that "forked tongue" bit didn't really stop in the 19th century, did it? Bay of Pigs, anyone? (Just a note here. For anyone in any American gov't. to call any other nation's gov't. or its actions "cowardly" when the United Snakes has exclusively attacked weak nations like Grenada, Panama, Iraq &...what was that other one, mmm, oh, almost forgot, Vietnam, on the most trumped up basis, never once having the balls even to stand up to the real, powerful Commies, let alone drop a few nukes on their heads, while screeching over the past fifty odd yrs. about the "menace of communism, blah, blah, blah," is simply another example of how this nation, its governments, no matter the party, & the people who allow this shit to go on in their name are putrid beyond words.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who Says There's No Money In This "Web Log" Stuff?

Below: The Editor of Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ poses w/ his new haircut & the Just Another Blog™ jet.
Photos: JAB(FLA)™ Images. ©MMVIII

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More "Truth"

Pravda tells it like it is (or isn't).

The Georgian barbarians have completely destroyed Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, and many villages of the unrecognized republic.


Taking the words of the illustrious King of Spain, in his imbecillic [sic] retort to President Hugo Chavez, we use them not as a response to a diatribe but rather, a just retort to an imbecile. President George W. Bush, why don’t you shut up?

Talk about your two (or three) wrongs don't make a right. An update from Pravda.
"The security of our peacekeepers and civilians has been restored," Medvedev said. "The aggressor has been punished and suffered very significant losses. Its armed forces have been disorganized," Medvedev said. [...] "If there are any emerging hotbeds of resistance or any aggressive actions, you should take steps to destroy them," he said. Russia's foreign minister says Georgia's president must leave office and is demanding that Georgian troops stay out of South Ossetia for good.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Click here for the Truth.

Goodbye To The Black Moses

We've told you before
Family members found Hayes unresponsive Sunday afternoon next to a treadmill in a downstairs bedroom in his home just east of Memphis, Tenn.
& we'll tell you again: EXERCISE WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!
The Black Moses, live, circa 1970. Born in Covington, Tenn., in 1942, Hayes began singing at an early age, performing at his local church. Hayes lost both his parents when he was an infant, and he was raised by his grandparents. He picked cotton, and taught himself to play the piano. Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

What Americans of recent African heritage have to say about Hayes. P. S.: What the hell does "Black Moses" mean, exactly?

We're Lazy, Time Is Short

Below: Russian troops outside Dzhaba, wherever the fug that is. Photo: Dmitry Kostyukov/AFP – Getty Images
So we'll refer you to a summary & linkfest concerning South Ossetia & the Russian Empire's desires in the region, & everywhere else it was big when it was merely the Soviet Union. (Do they just want Georgia back 'cause it's Stalin's birthplace & they're planning a pro-Stalin revision of history?)

Jerry Ford: Squealing Rat Bastard

Besides his saying that the Iraq mess was a stupid mess, but not wanting his statement to get out until he was dead, turns out Nixon successor Ford was in bed w/ Gay Edgar Hoover & the FBI. Oh, wait, this is allegedly common knowledge. Maybe we even knew it, but it's been lost in the mental mess between our ears. (Too much madness, too many factoids.)
That Ford served as the FBI's eyes and ears inside the commission has been known for years. Long ago, the government released a 1963 FBI memo that said Mr. Ford, then a Republican congressman from Michigan, had volunteered to keep the FBI informed about the panel's private deliberations, but only if that relationship remained confidential. The bureau agreed.
The effing weasel "volunteered." What a sniveling toady. One can only wonder what the FBI did in exchange, other than what's been revealed.

Most of the newly disclosed documents describe the relationship between the FBI under Mr. Hoover and influential members of Congress or the judiciary once Mr. Hoover was convinced that they were allies.

Mr. Hoover rewarded Mr. Ford with personal notes that congratulated him on re-election and on awards, thanked Mr. Ford for publicly defending the bureau and expressed sympathy over the death of Mr. Ford's mother. In turn, Mr. Ford responded with private and public praise for Mr. Hoover and the FBI.

Like other friendly officials, Mr. Ford was granted favours. Some Mr. Ford sought: a photo of Hoover, background checks on a maid the Fords wanted to hire and on a man with a Swedish accent seeking public office in Mr. Ford's district but who had not answered all his neighbours' questions about his personal background. Others were surprise gifts, such as a signed copy of Mr. Hoover's book on communism.

Mr. Ford was elected to Congress in 1948. Mr. Hoover first congratulated him on his re-election in 1952 and thereafter. An internal FBI memo in 1965 said that, “though we did experience some difficulty with all the members of the Warren Commission, Ford was of considerable help to the Bureau.”

Many of the newly released records describe the bureau's controversial surveillance of anti-war and civil rights protesters as the FBI reported on plans for protest demonstrations at Ford's public appearances as a congressman, vice-president and president.

Two documents provide a rare glimpse of the depth of security fears during the Cold War:

A memo from Nov. 9, 1965, said the FBI performed a security check at Mr. Ford's request of telephones at his home in Virginia, his line at the phone company's central office and all points between. The FBI found no bugs, but a foreman said installation of new touch-tone dialling equipment in the area may have caused “some inadvertent noise on Mr. Ford's line.”

A memo from Dec. 2, 1959, showed the Navy was considering inviting Mr. Ford to a strategy conference at the Naval War College and asked the FBI – fully 11 years after Mr. Ford was first elected to Congress – whether Mr. Ford had any “subversive nature.” The famously tightlipped FBI had amassed a large file on Mr. Ford, but replied only that when Mr. Ford had applied to work for the FBI in 1942 its background investigation “revealed no pertinent derogatory information.”

What does this tell us about current "security fears," let alone suspicions that the gummint is tapping the lines of current members of Congrefs, keeping them from doing anything about the increasing revelations of criminal, anti-Constitutional activities of the Bush admin.? Paranoid? Maybe, but is there a better explanation? Except that the Democrats are cowardly political weasels, just like the creeps across the aisle.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Living Like Jeezis, First Class to Vail

Below: Eyes of The Undead, or: Why Do They All Look Like Cinderella Stepford Hensley McCain? Photo: Pat Sullivan/AP
Evangelical con artist Joel Osteen must not have sworn on a Bible when he took the stand Friday in a civil trial in which his bottle-blond (Isn't the hair color gawd gave her good enough?) wife Victoria is being sued for assaulting a flight attendant over a spill on her first class armrest.
On Thursday, another flight attendant on the plane, Maria Johnson, testified that Victoria Osteen demanded special attention to clean up the small spill. When she didn't get her way, Osteen became verbally and physically abusive to both flight attendants, eventually grabbing Brown by the shoulders, elbowing her in the chest and pushing her out of the way in an attempt to get into the cockpit, Johnson testified. But Joel Osteen disputed Johnson's testimony, saying his wife never raised her voice or grabbed the flight attendants. However, later he admitted to McKamie that he could not hear his wife's voice from his seat. [...] McKamie also asked Osteen whether his family was used to getting special treatment, making reference to an anecdote in one of the pastor's books in which he wrote about being allowed to take an expensive television camera on board a flight to India even though it was against the rules. "You feel that you're entitled to the favor of God ... to do things other people can't do," McKamie said. "All of God's children are," Osteen said. Brown has claimed the flight attendants asked to have Victoria Osteen removed from the plane, but Joel Osteen testified he and his family left voluntarily.
The Federal Aviation Administration fined Victoria Osteen $3,000 for interfering with a crew member.

Joel Osteen said his wife did not want to pay the fine but he convinced her to do so because he thought it would be a way to put the incident behind them even though they felt they did nothing wrong.

Those who aren't "God's children" can just suck wind. Not mentioned in the AP story is the racial element. Leave it to liberal bible The New York Times to play the "race card."
One of the other attendants, Maria Johnson, suggested in testimony Thursday that Ms. Osteen had been dismissive and abusive to Ms. Brown, who is black, and a second black attendant because of their race. The witness said Ms. Osteen had pushed past those two attendants to speak to her because, in Ms. Johnson’s words, she was “the only white girl on the plane.”
All you could ever want to know about the trial here. Douchebag Close-Up© here. Pastor Osteen & Co-Pastor Osteen enjoy fleecing their flock through the "Prosperity Gospel," which conveniently preaches that if gawd loves you you'll become rich. The best way to get gawd to love you is to hand over any excess riches to the Pastors of your flock. And so the sheep are sheared.

War & Violence Update, w/ Just a Pinch of Nihilism & Hatred Tossed In

Things perhaps improving in Zimbabwe, although until Mugabe is out on his ass (Or just plain dead; he's 84, why's he waiting?) good results can't be expected. And we question Mbeki's impartiality. Fortunately for those dedicated to nihilism (And what else is realistically possible, hope-seekers?) humanoids are at it somewhere else in the world, w/ a real shooting, tanks, aircraft, indiscriminate bombing, soldiers, guns kind of war. The Russian Empire is jealous of the Chinese Empire's world-wide attention from the Olympic Games, & has decided to steal some of the opening ceremony thunder by standing up for the rights of Russian Imperial subjects in a backwater called South Ossetia, where said subjects are allegedly being threatened by Georgians. (Bush fans? WTF?) Or something. Whatever the problem is, we all know it can be solved by force. Might makes right, or at least gets to write the history books from which the human species never seems to learn.
This photo, by George Abdaladze/AP, was captioned "A woman lies near apartments damaged by a Russian strike in Gori, Georgia. Neighbors helped her," in the L. A. Times. I. e., it was thought so horrifying that they didn't want you think that George Abdaladze was a heartless bastard who was snapping when he should have been helping. Gori's other claim to fame? It's Stalin's birthplace.

This Wknd. in History

9 August: 1945: United Snakes forces nuke Nagasaki, three days after wreaking atomic havoc on Hiroshima. 1969: Manson Family killings of Sharon Tate & others in the exclusive Brentwood area of Los Angeles. 1974: Tricky Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United Snakes, Gerald Ford was sworn in as his successor. This led to fools like Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld, flunkies in the Ford administration, being scared witless that all kingly powers were being taken away from the "unitary executive," & is essentially the cause of the current administration's unilateral bullying & irresponsible wars, poor foreign policy, subversion of civil rights, blah blah blah. Amazing to think that Nixon was forced to resign merely by being named as an "un-indicted co-conspirator," & threatened w/ impeachment over a "third-rate burglary" & a bit of lying to the public, Clinton actually was impeached (by adulterous hypocrites, among others) on petty pseudo-moralistic bullshit, yet Bush, Cheney and the others responsible for the wrongful deaths, mutilations & dislocations of thousands upon thousands of Americans & Iraqis are allowed to continue the human slaughter & evisceration of the treasury w/ absolute impunity by our cowardly Congrefs. Not to mention the many other crimes, from the Stupreme Court's appointment of Bush onward. That sound is indeed Jefferson & many others whirling in their graves like dervishes. 1995: Jerry "Captain Trips" Garcia (described by the Associated Press as the "lead singer" of the Grateful Dead) died of a heart attack, aged 53, in San Francisco. Whatever. We've always thought of them as the Dreadful Grate, except for those first two albums. 2008: Funnyman Bernie Mac died of pneumonia, aged 50, in Chicago. Quite a day. Let's see what 10 August had in store for those who lived in the past. Not as exciting as yesterday, it turns out. 1921: FDR stricken w/ polio. 1969: Rosemary & Leno LaBianca offed by the Manson Family in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles. Charlie waited in the car. 10 Aug B-Days: Singers Jimmy Dean (now the sausage magnate) & Eddie Fisher both hit 80. Ronnie Spector, 65. Ian (Jethro Tull) Anderson, 61. Randy Andy ("War good, no, war bad now") Sullivan is, per the AP, 45. Just Another Blog™ has seen pictures; if he's 45, we're 35.