Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Whole Truth, & Nothing But...In The Liberal Media

First, look at (Well, don't just look, read it too!!) this story from the AP. Then note this item from the Phoenix Business Journal. Hell, just look at the headline:
Poor ticket sales, expected protests scuttle Bush-McCain fundraiser at Phoenix Convention Center
You'd think the AP would make some mention of this in its article, but instead:
Bush's Arizona fundraising effort for McCain is being moved to private residences in the Phoenix area. A White House official said the event was being moved because the McCain campaign prefers private fundraisers and it is Bush administration policy to have events in public venues open to the media. The White House official said to reconcile that the Tuesday event will be held at a private venue and not the Convention Center.
The AP does catch Official White House Lying Sack of Liquid Crap Dana Perino at it again:
During the Bush presidency, the press has nearly always been banned from fundraisers in private homes. Former President Clinton sometimes allowed the press into such fundraising settings, at least for his remarks. Bush press secretary Dana Perino said the fundraisers are closed because it has been the McCain camp's policy to close all money events. "That's their practice and we will respect it," she said. She added, however, that it is possible the two men would appear together waving at television cameras in Arizona upon arrival or departure of the president's plane.
Airport photo-ops. That's really dealing w/ the issues.
The AP wants to beat this into our heads.
The press has nearly always been banned from Bush's fundraisers in private homes. Former President Clinton sometimes allowed the press into such fundraising settings, at least for his remarks.
Oh liberal media, why must you always compare President Bush to Slick Willie? Is that fair? It was eight years ago? Get over it!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank Gawd Awmighty, I'm Free at Last!

Finally, results! Following a non-stop campaign here at Just Another Blog™, Sid McSame has "repudiated" both Pastor "America was founded to destroy Islam" Parsnips & Heart Attack Waiting to Happen "Gawd allowed Hitler to off six million Jews so that two million Jews could live in Israel under constant threat, allowing me to scare the crap – & donations – out of my sheep w/ The Book of Revelations" Hagee. Now let's ask the questions & make the points that Maeve Reston & Stuart Silverstein missed in their L. A. Times item.
In Stockton, [a hellhole in Northern California, in case you didn't know] McCain said he did not think the comparison was fair. "I've never been in Pastor Hagee's church or Pastor Parsley's church. I didn't attend their church for 20 years, and I'm not a member of their church. I received their endorsement, which did not mean that I endorsed their views."
No, Sen. McCain, you went begging to these two deluded psychotics/slick con men & practically kissed their rings & washed their feet to get their endorsements.
McCain said he had not been aware of the comments -- which were made in a sermon in the late 1990s and turned up recently on the Internet -- when Hagee endorsed him in February.
We'll just steal the next refutation from the Great Orange Satan™ itself.
It's not like Hagee wasn't extraordinarily well known, before this election season, or somehow unvettable. I have Hagee's 2006 book, "Jerusalem Countdown", sitting on my table; it's chock full of insulting statements, dire prophecies and interpretations of Scripture so, shall we say, "unusual" that they bear far more resemblance to the ramblings of a UFO cult than to what many people would call Christianity. So here are the next questions. Will far-far-right evangelicals, of the sort that want to collect Jews into Israel so as to bring about the Apocalypse, forgive McCain for dumping one of their most prominent preachers under the bus? Will McCain learn anything from this about associating with far-right figures that use religion not just as little more than excuse for their own prejudices and bigotries, but as justification for violence and war? Will the media report McCain's repudiation with even one tenth as much vigor as they obsessed over Obama's "preacher problem"? I predict the answers to be yes, no, and you've got to be kidding.
That really is a cynical left-wing hate-site over there, isn't it? That fat guy who has his own fund-raising scam going (The Catholic League) was munificent enough to accept the sincere apology of Heart Attack John Hagee.
But Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, said he found it "noble" that Hagee decided to sever his ties to McCain. "He knows he has become a liability to McCain, even after he has made amends to Catholics," he said. [...] "I found him to be sincere, apologetic and friendly," Donohue said. "I also found him to be the strongest Christian defender of Israel I have ever met, and that is why attempts to portray him as anything but a genuine friend to Jews -- one for whom the Holocaust is the horror of horrors -- is despicable."
Who died & appointed Donohue Pope? And a big "friend" of Israel is Hagee, who hopes that all unconverted Jews will die in a lake of fire or some such crap, after Hagee has done his best to start Holocaust II in Israel in order to get the "Rapture" going. Also in the Times "repudiation" story:
McCain was in California on Thursday on a campaign trip. He participated in a business roundtable with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and vowed he would "compete and win" in the Golden State. At the rally later, he drew laughter when he mocked Obama, saying that "for a young man with very little experience, he's done very well."
Great, now he's stealing St. Ronnie of Alzheimeria's lines. And the Compare & Contrast moment, also from the Times:
Less than four months after losing the California primary, Democrat Barack Obama leads Republican John McCain in projected November general election matchups, a new Los Angeles Times/KTLA poll has found.
Percentage among registered California voters (705 of them questioned Tues. & Wednes.) Obama vs. McBush, 47% to 40 %, Clinton vs. McSame, 43% to 40%. As always, we remind you that there are still more than five mos. until the actual election, & that polls don't mean doodley-squat, especially this far away from the event.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Your FBI in Peace & War

The L. A. Times:
Agent says the FBI is not prepared The bureau is 'ill-equipped to handle the terrorist threat we are facing,' he tells a House panel. Agent Bassem Youssef said that counter-terrorism agents and managers at FBI headquarters often lack basic knowledge about Middle Eastern culture, language and terrorists' ideology. Compounding matters, he said, is the fact that the FBI has continued to name supervisors to anti-terrorism positions who have little or no experience outside traditional law enforcement. The result, he said, is that agents are wasting resources chasing leads that more sophisticated observers would quickly dispense with. The time and energy expended on marginal cases has diverted resources from investigating more substantial threats, Youssef said. "The FBI counter-terrorism division is ill-equipped to handle the terrorist threat we are facing," he told a House Judiciary Committee subcommittee considering legal protections for government whistle-blowers working at national security agencies such as the FBI. "Regardless of what happens to me when I walk into the Hoover building [FBI headquarters] tomorrow, that is what I hope to convey to you," said Youssef, one of several who testified at the hearing. [...] A decorated counter-terrorism agent in the 1990s, Youssef was passed over for promotions after the Sept. 11 attacks and filed a lawsuit in 2003 claiming the bureau discriminated against him based on his ancestry. The son of immigrant Christian Egyptians, he grew up in Los Angeles; he has long been the highest-ranking Arab American agent in the FBI and one of its few native Arabic speakers. Youssef has been outspoken about the failure of the FBI to recruit Arabic-speaking agents and other bureau shortcomings. After the FBI denied him a transfer to a counter-terrorism unit, he was placed in an administrative job managing the receipt of information from telephone companies. [...] Also testifying was Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), who has frequently criticized the FBI for being insular and who has been a champion of government whistle-blowers. "The FBI is one of the most powerful and least transparent organizations in the federal government," he said. "Underneath all of the good things the FBI does, unfortunately, there is a history of abuse, mismanagement and retaliation so strong that it has become part of its organizational culture."Grassley said those who break the "code of silence" deserve more legal protection.
And from the City Pages of the Twin Cities, we see what the FBI is up to as far as stopping domestic terrorism.
What they were looking for, Carroll says, was an informant—someone to show up at “vegan potlucks” throughout the Twin Cities and rub shoulders with RNC protestors, schmoozing his way into their inner circles, then reporting back to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, a partnership between multiple federal agencies and state and local law enforcement.
Fucking vegans. The nerve, not eating meat. That's a terrorist act in itself. But not to worry, National Beef Council. Just Another Blog™ hates America, but we loooove the flesh of dead cattle. More anti-biotics & hormones, please! (Leave a contact in the comments if you'd like to ship us some dead meat, cattlemen!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Draw & Quarter The Rich Before Eating

You have perhaps heard of Angelo Mozilo, the chairman of Countrywide Financial, the mortgage lender that was "hammered by losses on sub-prime loans last year," while Mr. Moz took home US$132 million. For the $132 mil he rec'd., Countrywide rec'd. the services of a fucking clown who can't even use e-mail, & is ("Surprise, surprise!!") a dilrod of the first water.
Apparently clicking "reply" when he meant to hit "forward," Countrywide Financial Corp. Chairman Angelo Mozilo ignited an online furor Tuesday by describing a mortgage customer's plea for help as a "disgusting" example of form letters inundating the Calabasas home lender.
Again we ask, "When will the 'online furor' turn into real fury?"

We'd Exhort You to "Eat The Rich," But They're Filled w/ Additives

Or: Fall of the Roman Empire, Take Two. (For all the computer wienies out there, "take two" means "Version 2.0.") Just as the little people are, America's rich people are cutting back in the current economy. (Face it, if your dollars aren't going as far as they used to, neither are wealthy people's, because the percentage of your output that they take is going down too.) But don't for a minute think Mr. Moneybags is having the cook make more pasta dishes & fewer $23.99/lb. free-range, no-hormone steak dinners. Matter of fact, the L. A. Times story that inspired this rant doesn't really indicate just what the rich are cutting back on, it mostly demonstrates what crap they waste their money on, especially if they're in Los Angeles or New Yawk City. For example:
Although consumers with above-average disposable incomes have been notching back since the third quarter of last year, they aren't curtailing purchases of "experiences," such as theater tickets and meals out, said Pam Danziger, owner of Unity Marketing, a research firm that focuses on luxury markets. Danziger herself draws the line at stopping Botox and Restylane treatments, which set her back $800 or so every four months. "I'm not about to give that up," she said. "That's my affordable luxury."
"People are very concerned about everything they ingest, eat, put on their skin because of what it's doing biochemically to their body," said Pao, whose business helps companies develop turnaround strategies. "So the organic food market is kind of blowing out the door even though it's like four times as much as regular food." At Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles, where "body ecologists" dispense tips from the tonic bar and customers pay $15 for a Mint Chip Energizer drink or $25 for Blood of the Dragon, business is great. If the drink they select doesn't already include it, most people add "super deer antler" (believed to boost sexual strength, virility and fertility) at $2 a drop, said Mitzi Poulin, a store manager. "Sometimes your drink can cost you $40 for just one cup," she said. Some sales come from people who partied too hard the night before. "They come and say, 'Oh, I have a hangover, can you fix me?' " Poulin said that in April, revenue was up 11% compared with the same month last year. "I cannot say that the recession affects us," she said.
Not at all dissimilar to the superstitions of later period Romans. "Super deer antler." We gotcher "super deer antler" right here, Richie Rich. The Romans had an excuse, they weren't quite hep to science yet. What's w/ our "elites?" We can only hope that ordinary "real" Americans (not "white wine-sipping swells") pick up their pitchforks, light some torches, & head for the West Side of Los Angeles & the Upper West Side of Manhattan, murdering & pillaging all the way.

Jesus Hussein Christ!

Gawgia State Republican something or other Sue Everhart compared John McSame to Jesus Hussein Christ on the cross over the wknd. @ the GA State GOP Convention, as McBush had "never renounced America," just as Jeezis had "never renounced God" while being nailed up, etc. But didn't Big John admit to being a war criminal, while the North Vietnamese were torturing the truth out of him? Yes he did. Or was the policy of bombing innocent civilians McCain's alone, not the U. S. Govt.'s?
“I am a war criminal,” McCain said on “60 Minutes” in 1997. “I bombed innocent women and children.” Although it came too late to save the Vietnamese he’d killed 30 years earlier, it was a brave statement. Nevertheless, he smiles agreeably as he hears himself described as a “war hero” as he arrives at rallies in a bus marked “No Surrender.”
From vicious cartoonist Ted Rall, who receives the Just Another Blog™ Seal of Approval.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marxist-Leninist Yuppie Gen Xers On The (Long?) March

From Columbia News Service:

This is what class warfare looks like in the 21st century. In February, the CPUSA officially unveiled its newly refurbished office space in the trendy Chelsea district of Manhattan. The Reds went "green" for their $1 million overhaul, including various environmentally conscious features in the design. Huge windows and transparent walls were installed to take advantage of the sunlight and create greater energy efficiency. They also installed occupancy sensors so artificial lighting would not be wasted, and nontoxic building materials were used to reduce health risks to staff. [...] Glass walls rise from the floor to form state-of-the-art work spaces, nontoxic linseed oil burnishes the work surfaces, and biodegradable blue carpet is underfoot. Colorful paintings by the renowned artists Boris Taslitzky and Alejandro Romero, depicting the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps and working-class struggle, dot the walls of the expansive open-plan office. Inside their transparent cubicles, the 21-strong staff tap away on Apple Macs and sip Starbucks offee.

We're not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing, or just a thing.

Always Happy to Lend Our Name to The News

Kennedy diagnosed with Malignant brain tumor.

Let's Have a War (Chickenhawk Edition)

Jules Crittenden (Sound like an effete Franco-Brit?) of the web log Forward Bowel Movement is, like, totally in favor of brave manly air-strikes on Iran.
“Called for” and gonna do it are two very different things. It’s entirely called for. Strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities and Quds Force training camps and headquarters. Any more crap out of Iran, and follow-on strikes on the oil and transportation infrastructure Iran uses to support and facilitate terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere. It’s long overdue.
So the Soviet Union should have dropped a few on the U. S. when we were arming & otherwise assisting Osama Bin Laden in his struggle against Marxist Imperialism in Afghanistan? Sauce for the goose & the gander there, Jules. But don't think we're not impressed w/ the picture on his blog header. What a man he must be. What a big gun. And an APC. Macho isn't enough of a word for him. And the adverts?
Hardcore Jihadikiller Apparel When you have something to say, say it straight. The world famous Jihadikiller T-Shirt is now expanding to a full apparel and goodies line. Our selection is start-up small but growing fast, adding new items each month. Jihadikiller Babes Calendar coming soon. Get Some!
Making the world safe for Xtianity, one tee-shirt at a time!! "Get Some!" our ass.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Betcha Can't Read Just One

One more from The New Yorker, entitled "The Fall of Conservatism." Generally encouraging to those of us who are anti-fascist & anti-bourgeois, but we were especially amused by this:
“From Day One, Nixon and I talked about creating a new majority,” Buchanan told me recently, sitting in the library of his Greek-revival house in McLean, Virginia, on a secluded lane bordering the fenced grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Yup, Pat Buchanan lives right next door to the CIA. Imagine.

Counter-Revolutionary Activity Will Be Punished Severely

It's no secret we've stolen as much as we can from The New Yorker, so let's link to Jeffrey Toobin's report on what Sen. John Sidney McSame wants to do to the Supreme Court.
McCain plans to continue, and perhaps even accelerate, George W. Bush’s conservative counter-revolution at the Supreme Court.
That's all we're giving you. And it's all you need, really.

Fat, Limp-Dicked Losers Can't Die Soon Enough for Us

Click here for a boring story about diabetes, impotence erectile dysfunction & heart disease. (Don't bother, we didn't either, but it gave us the opportunity to type yet another hateful headline.)

Tweety Chirps

Man, everybody has a web log. We thought the bar couldn't get any lower than when Bugger™ allowed us on the innerweb, but here's Chris "Tweety Bird" Matthews from "Hardblogger." (Not a pretty word, is it?)
So after years of exploiting buzzwords like “terrorism” and “mushroom clouds” and “homeland” and “weapons of mass destruction” to control the policy debate, the president finally went a buzzword too far.
Matthews, you've been on the air for quite a while now, what's taken you so long to call out the Commander-in-Chimp on his non-stop bullshit?

Birthday Greetings to a Real American

Malcolm X hits the big 83 today, or would have if Farrakhan hadn't had him murdered. Thanks to's colored waiting room for bringing this to our attention. By any means necessary!!

Whiny-Ass Spoiled Americans Weigh In

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said.
Then PunditGuy (Clever name, that.) states: think that someone who is running for president can suggest that Americans give up their freedom to spend what they want to purchase what they want; to eat what we want and to keep our houses heated to whatever level of comfort we want…it’s…Un-American.
What a spoiled bag of scum. Is that all This Great Nation of Ours™ means to you, PunditGuy? A chance to be nothing more than a food tube? A spacer between agri-business & the toilet bowl? No wonder Just Another Blog™ hates Americans. We hate everyone else as well, but Yankee pig-dogs, because we've known them intimately for so many yrs., have a special place in our hateful parts.

Hagee + Hitler = John McCain?

Here's a good one.
Hitler and the Nazis were divine agents, sent by God to (with gruesome inefficiency it would seem) chase Europe's Jews towards Palestine.
Who said it? Pastor "Heart Attack" Hagee, of course, who is so anxious to bring about the apocalypse that he thinks Hitler was "doing gawd's work." Is he hoping to be raptured before his coronary? Because if he dies from a heart attack, he should go to hell for gluttony.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blood & Irony

It's crawled all the way out of the wood-work now. If your "blood" isn't completely "American," get your bags packed for that train trip East. (Granted, here in America they'll probably set up the death camps for those of lesser blood in the open spaces of the West, but we think you know what we mean.) Bottle-blond Kathleen Parker ('Fraid you don't look "Nordic" enough, Kath?) gets a quote from a West Virginian, & proceeds not to disagree w/ it, or tear it to shreds, even, but to go right along.
"A full-blooded American." That's how 24-year-old Josh Fry of West Virginia described his preference for John McCain over Barack Obama. His feelings aren't racist, he explained. He would just be more comfortable with "someone who is a full-blooded American as president." Whether Fry was referring to McCain's military service or Obama's Kenyan father isn't clear, but he may have hit upon something essential in this presidential race.
Something essentially ridiculous, that is. "Oh, no, I'm not a racist. Just interested in people's blood." Let's just hear how military service makes one a "full-blooded American" as opposed to having a Kenyan father makes one not "full-blooded." Huh? We're waiting. Really, what is this? What if Sen. Obama's father were, oh, Canadian, and his name was something Scottish? Think the same dubious "issue" would be raised?
It's about blood equity, heritage and commitment to hard-won American values. And roots.
"Blood equity?" What the eff is that? "Heritage?" Need we remind anyone that the only "full-blooded" Americans are those whose ancestors were here before that Columbus fellow showed up? Are we about to get another, newer, apartheid system here, based on how long ago one's ancestors showed up to keep slaves & murder the indigenes?
But there's a different sense of America among those who trace their bloodlines back through generations of sacrifice.
Yes, it's the old "some of us are real Americans, but if you live w/in 50 miles of the Atlantic or Pacific coasts you ain't one." And no one since the 19th century has made any sacrifice to get here, have they?
But so-called ordinary Americans aren't so easily manipulated and they don't need interpreters. They can spot a poser a mile off and they have a hound's nose for snootiness. They've got no truck with people who condescend nor tolerance for that down-the-nose glance from people who don't know the things they know.
Just what things do they know? Isn't West Virginia the very bottom of the heap in education, & the leader in pollution?
What they know is that their forefathers fought and died for an America that has worked pretty well for more than 200 years. What they sense is that their heritage is being swept under the carpet while multiculturalism becomes the new national narrative. And they fear what else might get lost in the remodeling of America.
Funny, there just isn't anything in the Constitution that says the United Snakes is a specific, Euro-centric culture. And if America is such a great fucking idea, & the world continues to beat a path to our door, why are these clowns so worried that "multi-culturalism" will suddenly destroy everything? Isn't America a wonderful idea that transcends race, color & creed? Apparently not. Only those who work at their faith need apply, per Kathleen.
That God, for instance, isn't something that comes and goes out of fashion. That clinging to religion isn't a knee-jerk response to nativist paranoia, but is the hard work of constant faith. Likewise, clinging to guns isn't some weird obsession so that Bubba can hang Bambi's head over the mantel. To many gun owners, it's a constitutional bulwark against government tyranny. As Condi Rice has noted, it wasn't long ago in this country that blacks needed guns to protect themselves when the police would not. Some Americans do feel antipathy toward "people who aren't like them," but that antipathy isn't about racial or ethnic differences. It is not necessary to repair antipathy appropriately directed toward people who disregard the laws of the land and who dismiss the struggles that resulted in their creation. Full-blooded Americans get this. Those who hope to lead the nation better get it soon.
With threats like that, perhaps we'll all soon need guns to protect us from the Kathleen Parkers & Josh Frys of This Great Nation of Ours™. Last questions: Is it only the swarthy & furrin, due to their "blood," who "disregard the laws of the land?" And who is "dismissing" the struggles that led to the creation of the "laws of the land?" Really, who? A companion piece comes from another great ClownHall thinker, Michael Medved, who seems to believe there is a specific "American DNA." The irony of a Jewish person who so identifies w/ Protestant evangelical/fundamentalists who want to see him burn in Israel to bring on Armageddon talking about "American" DNA is just too much for us. Let us know how your test turns out, Mike. We may be interested in seizing your property after your train ride. Seattle's not that far from Wyoming, is it?


Screw it, we're taking a nap...