Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Just read all of SoT's web log oeuvre, she good! We may be rendered superfluous here at Just Another Blog™.

More New Bogroll Action

Susan of Texas (from whom we stole the Xian wife-spanking item that's been responsible for about a third of the hits here at Just Another Blog™) has also dipped her toe in the stream of bloggery, in a "g" stylee. The Hunting of the Snark should sum it all up.

Millionaire McCain: Not An Elitist Or Anything

Below: Where's his American flag lapel pin? Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images
Big John McCain released some tax shit yesterday, but nothing from Mrs. Big John McCain's financial whatnot. Hot poop from MSNBC (too much info, even).
In her role as Chairman of Hensley & Company, a privately-held business founded by her parents, Mrs. McCain's main areas of responsibility focus on strategic planning and corporate vision. Having served the greater Phoenix area since 1955, Hensley & Company is widely respected as an exemplary corporate citizen, and makes significant charitable contributions of its own.
Nation's third largest beer distributor: "privately-held business."

Corporate Bullshit: "strategic planning and corporate vision." What the fuck does a "cunt" who trowels on the make-up like a "trollop" know from "strategic planning and corporate vision?"

Not mentioned by MSNBC, but by the L. A. Times:
The McCains own four homes across the nation and employ a staff of at least four that in 2007 cost about $273,000, half of which was listed on the senator's tax return. McCain and his wife's properties, all held mortgage-free, include their creek-side ranch outside Sedona, Ariz. In 2006, they purchased a $4.7-million condo in Phoenix; and in 2004, she bought a $2.6-million beachfront property near the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego County, according to property records.
Key term? "Mortgage-free." No siree, Bob, no elitism there, just a man & woman of the people. Why, we'll bet that if you had the proverbial beer w/ the two, they'd only charge you cost.

Housekeeping (Oh, That's Funny Coming From a Homeless Person)

Due to bullshit beyond our control, our Internet access has been cut down, so all three of you viewers/readers had best learn some patience, & really enjoy what little activity you'll be getting.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Threat or Warning?

Just a note: The editorial staff here is sick & tired of being powerless, & of having others exercise power over us. Consider yourselves warned, if not actually threatened.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Annals of Homelessness

The so-called Black Widows were convicted yesterday, w/ more counts against one of them still being weighed by the jury. We find it just wonderful that the LAPD, the City & the County of Los Angeles, & the "people" of the State of California are so concerned w/ the plight of the homeless. As soon as the homeless people are dead & there's potential insurance fraud involved, that is. When homeless people are alive & really suffering, well, it's a slightly different story. And the victim's families seem quite concerned as well.
In prepared statements, relatives of the victims praised Wednesday's outcome. "Their plots were pure evil," Stella Vados, the murdered man's daughter, said of Golay and Rutterschmidt. "We have no pity for these women."
Question, Stella. Where the fuck were you when your father was homeless? (We'll grant that we have no ides of the family "dynamic" here, or of the substance abuse or other mental problems the late Mr. Vados may have suffered from, but he was able to take board & room from the murder mamas for over two yrs. Couldn't you have provided the same for your own father, Stella?) Glad you were able to "prepare" a statement, though.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Japanese Pussy Noise

Go on, click it. You know you want to. Even if you know it's really a feline, not a ... And it's a shame it's such a cheap theremin. Are the felines in question Scottish Folds, or do the Japo-Japanese have a version of their own?

New to the Bogroll

Fabulous Sadly, No & other such sites commenter "g" has dipped her tootsie into the blogstream, perhaps because she's empty-nesting it (actual time on the hands) check her out at Doves Today. And she's local, so she goes in the Locals Only Bogroll! Her "blog description" is: "Things to Celebrate," so it may be quite a palate cleanser after a visit to Bile Central here. And we're throwing The Kenosha Kid onto the non-local roll. Not actually sure how we missed him before. P. S.: He's not really from Kenosha. It's a Pynchon reference. He's another smart-ass like what you're reading now. And all over McSame. Go, Kid, go!!

Election Notes From All Over

A fascist billionaire media mogul (not Murdoch, Italy's Berlusconi) wins. So does the Maoist party in Nepal, though expectations had been that they'd come in third.
Below: The East Is Red
Make up your minds, people!!

Wishin' & Hopin'

Sadly, we may have to wait a few yrs. for the complete destruction of everything. But anticipation is high here at the editorial offices of Just Another Blog™ (a/k/a the Santa Monica Public Library). After all, suckers, we've nothing to lose, & plenty of enjoyment to gain from seeing your death & suffering.

Damnable Popery w/ the Former Chief Inquisitor of The Holy Church

That general ickiness & desire to tighten your puckery parts (on the part of men & altar boys, at least) may be due to Pope Hitler-Jugend (a/k/a: Ratzinger, a/k/a: Pope Benedict XVI) being in the country. Here are a couple of photos of his patriarchal holiness, one when he still dressed like a man:
or at least a Hitler Youth,
and an imaginative composition from monkeydotnet:
Well known suck-up George W. Bush ran out to Andrews AFB to kiss the former Nazi's ring. (Dig the red pimp loafers. Those Italians can make some shoes, can't they?) His popiness blathered platitudes on the flight over about pedophile priests, yrs. late & $millions short. Here's a clue, Benny: Stop enforcing celibacy on yr. "sacred ministry," then religiously indoctrinated gay guys won't think that the church's "It's OK to be gay, but don't do anything gay" policy is gawd's way of calling them to the priesthood. Of course then the number of priests, already declining, would really hit bottom. (Pun actually not intended, but it's a good one, huh? Seriously, we were going to go w/ "dry up," but suddenly "hit bottom" came from the keyboard. Just Another Blog™ cannot take responsibility for its subconscious.) It's not easy being pope.

Monday, April 14, 2008

McCrony & The Old Boys Network

From the Times of L. A., our favorite parts from the first of two parts on "The Post-POW Yrs." of Senator John Sidney McSame. (If Sens. Clinton & Obama are too busy sniping at each other to take on McCain, we guess it falls on our already-burdened shoulders. Figures. By the way, is Johnny the first presidential nominee w/ a "Mc" name? The possibilities for juvenile joking are endless.) All colorful bold-face emphases ours, & ours alone.
With a ferocious determination to fly again and a tough physical therapy regimen, he got his wings back and not long after was awarded command of the Navy's largest aviation squadron, VA-174, at Cecil Field in Florida. Blue-chip connections in the Nixon administration helped. [...] He first angled for a position at the prestigious National War College, but the Navy balked because he was only a lieutenant commander. So McCain gained entry by appealing directly to John Warner, then secretary of the Navy and a close friend of McCain's father, an admiral commanding Pacific forces during the Vietnam War. "John wasn't the only one who got some consideration," said Warner, now a Republican senator from Virginia. It was Pentagon policy to assist returning POWs in reestablishing their careers. [...] When Ross Fischer, an instructor pilot, helped talk down an injured student pilot to a safe landing, McCain said: "I owe you one." Years later, when Fischer was leaving the Navy and searching for a pilot job, he received a call from McCain, then the Navy's liaison officer in the Senate. "Continental Airlines will call you in a few hours with a job offer," McCain told him. He had arranged the job through Continental's lobbyist, Fischer surmised. [...] Flight hours, a key measure of operations, declined by 27% from 1975 to 1977. And the squadron trained fewer pilots, dropping from 117 to 98 over the same period, according to annual histories of VA-174. McCain's tenure as commander ran from July 1, 1976, to July 28, 1977. A statement issued by McCain's office said any decrease in performance during his command "is explained by factors unrelated to the senator's performance as the commanding officer of that squadron."
Excuse us, but isn't the CO ultimately responsible for everything? Are we going to get this kind of cop-out if McBush is cheated into office?
The squadron history for 1976, also kept at the naval center, mentions a number of programs, milestones and official communications but does not note McCain's spare parts program. A Meritorious Service Medal later awarded to McCain does cite the unit's morale, training and his spare parts effort. It was signed by longtime McCain family friend Adm. Isaac C. Kidd Jr., who had worked under McCain's father in politically sensitive matters.
Nice to have friends in high places, isn't it? Personally, we at Just Another Blog™ hate suck-ups like this, probably because our mental problems prevent us from being a suck-up. (What kind of fucking awful society considers not being a suck-up brown-noser a mental problem, we ask.) Last & least:
"It speaks for itself," McCain said in a recent interview. "You implement the principles of leadership."
What in the name of whatever does "implement the principles of leadership" mean? You, uh, lead? That's mighty far from any "straight talk" we've ever heard. Sounds like MBA-speak, & we don't need any more of that double talk anywhere on our benighted planet, & especially not in the Whitey House.

Common Sense

We don't get it. If has-beens & never-weres such as "Bono, Cher and Nicole Richie," say "poopy-oopy-doody" or Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake whip out one of her nipples (the aureole covered w/ a metal thingie, we forget the technical term) for two seconds, why are the networks & telebision stations the ones who have to pay the fine? Shouldn't the actual potty-mouths & exhibitionists be the ones ponying up? Whatever happened to "personal responsibility?" Add to this that most of the complaints about such activity come from twisted blue-noses who spend their time looking for cases of "poopy-oody-doodie," & then e-mail their fellow prudes, often providing form letters to the FCC so little Mrs. Homeschooling doesn't have to do anything more than fill in her name to complain
"There are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of unadjudicated indecency complaints sitting at the FCC," said Dan Issett, director of corporate and government affairs for the Parents Television Council, whose members filed many of those complaints after receiving alerts from the watchdog group encouraging them to object to offensive programs.
& one really must wonder where democracy went in this country. (No, we've never truly had any, but it's a good whine.) X million viewers watch a program or listen to Howard Stern or whatever, & the only people who complain to the FCC are a tiny minority of constipated party-poopers who can't even write their own complaints, but the form e-mails of these losers are treated as if they meant something. A clue for the FCC: If a program is highly rated, popular, much watched, etc., & the complaints are from less than, let's say, one percent of the viewing/listening audience, the program, by definition, in no way shape or form violates any mythical concept of "community standards." Added sense (no charge): Rather than send every tax-filer in the U. S. of A. a check for "economic stimulus" (basically a trick to make people think "Oh, look, George Bush sent me money, I'm voting for McSame then") why not hire more people to clear up this backlog at the FCC, as well as the backlog in Social Security disability appeals, & maybe some more inspectors for the FDA, & USDA so we can eat safely? Not to mention investment in our collapsing infrastructure. Real jobs are much greater economic stimulus than hand-outs that will end up in the hands of the credit card cos.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday 13

It's on a Sun. this month.