Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crap from Morons: It Never Stops

We won't go into details, but this was in one of our inboxes recently. After a certain amount of unremarkable money-grubbing boilerplate, we got to the end:
Sincerely, Linda Boyd Chairman Republican Party of Los Angeles County P.S. We have to start NOW to stop Hillary Clinton from taking America down the road to defeatism and socialism. Your contribution in any amount will help us defeat her this year. Please take a moment and help us now by contributing at [Link redacted for the sake of human decency.]
If we thought for thirty seconds that a vote for Sen. Clinton was a vote for socialism, she'd have it. Considering what a corporate, "triangulating" tool the Senator is, & how far to the right of any other Democratic candidate she is, it still kills us that Republican orthodoxy is that she's "Hugo Chavez in a dress," as some inane drone (Sucker of prostitute toes & former Clinton adviser Dick Morris? We really can't remember.) recently referred to her. And if they think Sen. C. is a "defeatist" (We think that means "has a rational foreign policy & doesn't suffer from bladder control problems every time a furriner is mentioned.") they are again deluding themselves. Sen. C. will be so anxious to prove that she's "tough" & whatnot she'll probably start a war the first chance she gets. Our recommendation is Senator John Edwards, though he'd probably be assassinated by GE, GM, ADM or an equally awful corporate entity (Blackwater?) before he could take office.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello, World...

One of the two or three who read this thing on a regular basis when it was on a regular basis has asked for an e-mail, so here it is: Due to my own inability to deal w/ reality (depression) I failed to make any serious attempts to get my sorry ass on long-term Social Security disability, & was finally evicted from my lovely rent-controlled West Hollywood dump (where I probably could have lived out the rest of my unnatural life in relative comfort) on 8 January 2008. I'm now in a homeless shelter @ the California National Guard Armory @ Federal & Wilshire in West Los Angeles. As a ward of the L. A. County Mental Health Department there are allegedly people attempting to secure housing of a sort for me, I'm also in a homeless program, which may be able to put me up as I'm a a mental case, blah blah blah... So I'm not dead yet. I check my e-mail each day about 1000, @ the West L. A. Library, before settling in for a day of reading before returning to the shelter. I have gotten help from friends, but none of them (birds of a feather sad sack losers like myself) have money, space or time to spare...