Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Fuggin' Election Wrap-Up

A member of the biased liberal elite media takes a look at some two-faced weasels who were as likely as not to have voted Feudal in the last two presidential elections, but went for B. O. this time.
Nine of the 12 said McCain could have won their vote. Mark Parowski, who described himself as a "hard-core Republican," didn't pick Obama until the moment he was in the election booth. His wife had been to Obama's last rally in Manassas, Va., the night before, along with 90,000 others, and said it sounded as if Obama was talking right to her in her living room. His disgust with Republicans was a big factor in his vote, Parowski said, but he also saw backing Obama as a chance to make a generational change.
No one thought he was an elitist celebrity. Several mentioned that he'd once been so poor he owned a car with a hole in the floor. Two women (both of whom voted for Bush in the last two elections) had been impressed by Oprah's endorsement, which was when they first heard about Obama.
We'll satisfy ourselves w/ the semi-hopeful realization that those who hadn't heard of B. O. until Oprah endorsed him are, we hope, the only ones who would be influenced by her endorsement.

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