Saturday, October 20, 2007

Daily Obligation (& UPDATE)

Your friends & ours @ Bugger™ seem unable to upload pictures now & for a while, & we've nothing but items w/ images to run, so we'll beg your indulgence. And we're still using the freaking digital telegraph of dial-up. So don't hold your collective breath before Monday, when the Donkey Shit Line should be happening. If not, AT&T™ can count on some damage to some of their physical property. Hell, let's throw Google™ into the threat matrix as well. Restore image uploading or I'll nuke the town of my youth, Atherton, where it seems half of you fucks live!!! ATTENTION GOV'T. LICKSPITTLES: A TERRORIST THREAT HAS BEEN MADE!!! COMING TO GET US? UPDATE (20 October @1150): Google™/Bugger™ have gotten their shit back together, so Atherton will not be rendered a glassy parking lot, but this dial-up is getting more & more irksome. We'll grant AT&T that they said it might not be happening until Monday, but sheesh! Hey, sitting here making idle threats against vast impersonal corporate entities is more fun than standing on a street corner foaming at passersby!

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Mee-Ow!" Indeed

In the feline spirit of the previous item ("Mee-ow!") & to keep the punters amused while we await the return of DSL, we give you, in the finest web log tradition of Friday cat pictures, Princess Lillie:
"I may not be in focus, puny humanoids, but I can still rip your friggin' throats out & feast on your entrails (as long as I get you while you're asleep)!"

Science Not Gone Far Enough

Still stuck in dial-up (Samuel Morse could've telegraphed more quickly than this!!) so please don't expect much activity here until we reënter the 21st century. AT&T said today, or maybe tomorrow, or Monday @ the latest. Let's check the modem right now! Nope, DSL indicator still flashing red. Why does it take so long? Not enough "engineers" to make a few mouse clicks? It's not as if they have to rewire anything. Punch in the phone #, click a button...

To hold you over, please examine the picture above.

What is it?

Our guess? Extra Terrestrial scientists, working from telebision signals sent into the ether just after the introduction of color tee vee, attempted to create a robot/android/clone/replicant/doppelgänger/simulacrum of a human female for their own insidious purposes, such as stealing vital human bodily fluids (if you know what we mean) to improve the failing DNA of their dying species. Look at it. The perfect hemispheres on the chest. The hair color that doesn't occur in nature. The nose. The disproportionate lower lip. (Is that how it will obtain the vital bodily fluids?) The blank, soulless eyes. It can't be a human being, can it?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Special Note to Our Readers (Well, Sophia, at least, whose comment we've not yet translated, but we think she's hoping we're just taking a break & haven't been killed by Blackwater, or will continue our war against BW): There were some technical difficulties involving changing the name on the telephone account (from our late mother's to ours) & AT&T had to shut down the DSL & then re-start it, plus this & that. Indeed, we're using dial-up as we type, so until the DSL returns tomorrow or Sat., there will be little or no activity here, because Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ has no fuggin' patience whatsoever, & this dial-up just doesn't cut it. Worry not, we have a lot of figurative crap backed up, & it'll be squeezing out again before you know it. Ciao!