Monday, October 29, 2007

Risky Rudy

Niall Ferguson, colonialist & imperialist, had a column in the regional wrapper of fish in September about Rudy Giuliani, & how he would not be a good president. Ferguson is a historian, though of the right-wing revisionist type; one of his books, The Pity of War, suggests that Imperial Germany should have been allowed to win World War I, which would have lead to something similar to the current European Union, & Britain remaining an empire & the world's dominant financial power. Not much room for the U. S. in that scenario, but it gives an idea of how Mr. Ferguson approaches things. You might well imagine that the Mayor of 9/11 would be a favorite of Fergie's, but no. Ferguson seems to still have some connection to "liberally biased" reality. (Perhaps some more time @ the Hoover Institution, where he is a Senior Fellow, will disabuse him of that.) We quote:
...Giuliani buys the idea that since 9/11, the U.S. has been fighting World War III. You know how this routine goes. Al Qaeda is made up of Islamo-fascists; 9/11 was Pearl Harbor; Saddam Hussein was the Arab Hitler; the fall of Baghdad would be like the liberation of Paris. And so on. Now it's Giuliani's turn. "We should try to accomplish [in Iraq] what we accomplished in Japan or in Germany," he says. What, like bombing the place flat? The reality is that the threat posed by Islamist terrorism today is wholly different from the threat posed by the Axis powers in 1941-42. To judge by Osama bin Laden's latest rant, he aims at mass conversion, not conquest (with low-interest loans as the latest inducement). The Islamists have thousands rather than millions of trained warriors. Their most dangerous weapons are land mines and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, not aircraft carriers and guided missiles. The total number of American fatalities that can be attributed to this supposed world war is about 6,000 (adding together 9/11 victims with U.S. passports and the service personnel killed in action in Iraq). On average, the Axis powers killed about 20,000 Allied soldiers and civilians a day. The trouble is that the more Americans imagine they are in a world war, the less attention they pay to the more profound strategic threats their country faces. I can think of four in particular: • the descent of the greater Middle East into a large-scale war; • the disintegration of the system of nuclear nonproliferation; • the escalating competition between developed and emerging economies over scarce raw materials; • the breakdown of the system of multilateral trade liberalization. Taken together, these challenges will sorely test whoever occupies the White House after Bush. Has Giuliani given any of them serious thought? Does he have any strategic vision beyond preventing another 9/11 (his nightmare, he says, is an Iranian-made dirty bomb "in London or Rome or America")? Applied to cleaning up the mean streets of New York, Giuliani's offensive approach worked pretty well (though it eventually ended in overkill). How well it can work as foreign policy is another matter altogether.
And read the discussion from tonight's PBS News Hour w/ Norman "Nuke 'em All" Podhoretz, one of Giuliani's advisers, & Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek International.
Commentary magazine editor Norman Podhoretz wrote in June that military force was "required" to stop Iran from getting a bomb and offered this description of Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Quote, "Like Hitler, he is a revolutionary whose objective is to overturn the going international system and to replace it with a new order dominated by Iran and ruled by the religio-political culture of Islamofascism," end quote. Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria responded recently to Podhoretz, writing, "For this staggering proposition, Podhoretz provides not a scintilla of evidence." And Zakaria wrote, "The American discussion about Iran has lost all connection to reality." [...] JUDY WOODRUFF: ... I do want to ask you both, because I think it's important. Mr. Podhoretz, do you think that, as you wrote a few months ago, this administration, this president intends before he leaves office to strike Iran? NORMAN PODHORETZ: Yes, I do believe he will, because he has said many times -- or at least two times that I know of in public -- that, if we allow Iran to get the bomb, people 50 years from now will look back at us the way we look back at the men who made the Munich pact with Hitler in 1938 and say, "How could they have let this happen?" Well, unlike Fareed Zakaria and the foreign policy establishment that is complacent and irresponsible, in my opinion, I think the president recognizes the danger. I think he knows that time is short, that time is not on our side. And I think he will take military action, not an invasion, but air strikes before he leaves office. JUDY WOODRUFF: And, Fareed Zakaria, if you would, a brief response. FAREED ZAKARIA: Oh, I would doubt it. Look, in the early 1980s, Norman Podhoretz and the neoconservatives believed the Soviet Union was going to take over the world and Finlandize Europe. When Reagan started talking to the Soviets, started talking to Gorbachev, Mr. Podhoretz excoriated him, called it the "Reagan road to detente" and such. It turned out he was wrong. It turned out that the Soviets were not that powerful, and that history was on our side, and that things were going to work out as long as we kept our cool. I believe in just the way that we have deterred the Soviet Union, Mao's China, Kim Jong Il, history will prove that we can use deterrence and containment to contain the problem of Iran and that we do not need to launch a third unilateral invasion just to do that. JUDY WOODRUFF: Fareed Zakaria and Norman Podhoretz... NORMAN PODHORETZ: God help us if we follow that counsel.
Who'll help us if we attack yet another country, Norm? The 101st Keyboard Kommandos? The 82nd Chairborne? Space Elves?

Only in North America: Halloween

Halloween is a mostly American phenom, though our cultural cousins in Canada are unable to escape the gravitational pull. Above: Whistling past the graveyard in Los Feliz.

What does this say about us? We worship (that is, are scared shitless of) death. Our other big holiday? The excess of commerciality that is X-mess. We don't want to die, but we expect a reindeer herder to break into our house & leave stuff for us. (The exact opposite of regular human behavior.) How fucking stupid, childish & ignorant can one nation be? (Don't ask, you'll find out.)

What Would Jesus Do?

Left to right: The Ex-Mayor, The Dog Stapler, & The Molesting Monsignor, in Rome.
More on Rudy "The Catholic" Giuliani's close friend, the Molesting Monsignor, Alan Placa, from ABC News' The Blotter:
At a campaign appearance in Milwaukee last week, Giuliani continued to defend Placa, who he described to reporters as a close friend for 39 years.
"I know the man; I know who he is, so I support him," Giuliani said. "We give some of the worst people in our society the presumption of innocence and benefit of the doubt," he said. "And, of course, I'm going to give that to one of my closest friends."

Is the ex-mayor admitting that the Monsignor is one "of the worst people in our society?"
Appearing publicly for the first time today on ABC News' "Good Morning America," Tollner says the abuse started when he and Placa were in the high school making posters for a Right to Life march.
"As he started to explain how these posters should be done, I realized that something was rubbing my body," Tollner said. "After a minute or two, I realized that he's feeling me, feeling me in my genital area."
Well, you won't have to have any more "Right to Life" marches if you only have gay sex.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is our 500th item, & a nice vicious one, politically meaningful even. How nice that it wasn't a lame attempt @ humor, an excuse to show unclad women, or any of the other tripe so often found here. 500 in a bit less than six months. Not bad for an editorial staff w/ nothing else to do.

Freddie Thompson, Crusading Prosecutor & Boy Genius

Good ol' boy Freddie in the local cage-liner:
He was "attacking crime and public corruption," boasts a video played at his campaign events. During a candidate debate this month, Thompson said he spent those years "prosecuting most of the major federal crimes in middle Tennessee -- most of the major ones." But a review of the 88 criminal cases Thompson handled at the U.S. attorney's office in Nashville, from 1969 to 1972, reveals a different and more human portrait -- that of a young lawyer learning the ropes on routine cases involving gambling, mail theft and, in one instance, talking dirty on CB radio.

He's a liar, he's lazy, & Nixon didn't think highly of him:

In this May 1973 recording, he shared his concern with then-chief of staff Alexander Haig. "He's talking to Fred Thompson. I said you're not --," Haig begins. "Oh sh--, he's dumb as hell. Fred Thompson," Nixon interjects. "Who is he? He won't say anything." [...] In his memoir of the Watergate era, Thompson admits to secretly alerting the White House to key evidence as it was discovered by congressional investigators. Former Watergate committee investigator Scott Armstrong told ABC News that Thompson's cooperation with the White House undermined the investigation.
Of course, he has as much of a chance at the Republican nomination as Ron Paul does. Too bad, as either one would be a worthy opponent. For Lyndon Johnson.

Things We Missed When the Internet Was Away

We missed this anyway, as the DSL didn't go away until several days after 6 October, but the 80th anniv. of talkies came & went. Get a fuller story from Susan King in the regional fishwrapper. (George Jessel, who'd played in the non-musical Broadway version, wanted $10,000 more than Warner Bros. offered, because he "wasn't getting paid to sing.") So the first talkie, The Jazz Singer, featured Al Jolson in blackface, instead of the Toastmaster General:And the first classic (silent division) of the American art form? You got it, Birth of a Nation. The real question should be, "Why doesn't everybody hate us?"

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Today's Sermon, Part Three: Mormo-Babtist Whatnot

Jesus, Mary & Elohim, three of Joe Smiff's Holy Space Elves.
Yes, it's a big fight over which lie/fairy story/con game is to be believed. The Southern Babtists are saying poopy-oopy-doopy to the Mormons, who of course don't have a leg to stand on because their fairy story was made up so recently that, on a historical scale, it's like yesterday. Mormonism is the same deal as UFOs: Why don't they show up on the White House lawn, instead of appearing to one or two ordinary people in the middle of nowhere? Why didn't the Angel Moroni & Elohim & Jesus & whichever other space-elves were involved make a big public announcement & hand over all the golden scrolls or whatever bullshit it was to a whole bunch of people, instead of one nobody who was the spawn of crooks ("treasure-hunters" or whatever the fuck) who "lost" half the revealed stuff anyway?


About this stupid:
The Mormons regard themselves as Christians, and Jesus figures prominently on the covers of LDS publications. They believe that after the death of Christ's apostles his church became confused, a period that ended only with the restoration of the Gospel by the presentation of another book of scripture by an angel to LDS founder Joseph Smith.

Most Christian theologians, however, disagree, not just because they disbelieve the angel story and the Book of Mormon that resulted, but by pointing to Mormon concepts including the ability of humans to become godlike entities after death. Most perturbed have been conservative Evangelicals like the Southern Baptists, who share many of the Mormons' conservatiave
[sic] social values yet have a very strict view of what is and what is not scripture, and find themselves in competition with the LDS for congregants.
That kills us: "Our Savior came to save us from some con involving an apple tree & a snake, perpetuated on us by a space-elf who is & isn't the father of Our Savior, but you expect us to believe a different space-elf appeared w/ more stuff to read ('Oh, reading's hard. Just tell me the good stuff.') in upstate New York in the 19th century? Do you think we're nuts? You're crazy!!"
Land explained that he would look at Mormonism "as another faith in the same sense that I would look upon Islam as another faith. I think the fairest and most charitable way to define Mormonism would be to call it the fourth Abrahamic religion — Judaism being the first, Christianity being the second, Islam being the third, and Mormonism being the fourth. And Joseph Smith would play the same character in Mormonism that Muhammad plays in Islam."
Or that L. Ron Hitler plays in Scientology©.

We won't even bring up that Coulter person & her "perfected Jew" crap. Sunday is almost gone.

Today's Sermon, Part Two: "The Devil Is Not Going to Steal ORU."

The President & "First Lady" of ORU. Is she on leave as well?
Oral Roberts University founder Oral Roberts (modest, isn't he, as befits a man of God) dragged his aging ass from California to Tulsa, OK earlier this wk. AP coverage.

Dep't. of Irony:

The most sensational bit of evidence in a civil case against Oral Roberts University ironically exists because university President Richard Roberts ordered it.
Mr. Roberts, who announced a temporary leave of absence Wednesday, said last week in an interview with The Associated Press that he asked his sister-in-law Stephanie Cantees to be his eyes and ears in Tulsa and to report to him every week what people are saying about the ministry, whether it was fact or rumor.
Her report reached his desk three years ago, Mr. Roberts said.
We don't get it. Was it supposed to be a weekly report, or a one-off that's now three yrs. old? That also from the AP. And from the same story:

An Oral Roberts student repairing Ms. Cantees' laptop discovered the document and later provided a copy to one of the dismissed professors.
"It's interesting to me that a president of a Christian university hires someone to report to him what rumors are going on about town," Mr. Richardson said.

Very interesting to us as well. Especially when it's his sister-in-law who's hired. Aren't these people supposed to be living on a higher spiritual plane? And perhaps not keeping everyone in the family on the payroll, as if they're fucking Mafia? Is it too much to ask that the human species move beyond feudalism?

Little has happened since Just Another Blog™ was on this three wks. ago. It may be some time before it makes its way through the legal system & we can get the full poop on Lindsay Roberts & her "underaged companions." And if there is any truth to those accusations, we can bet there will be a settlement long before one witness testifies, no matter how indebted ORU is. A summary of recent events from TIME.

Bush the Jacobin

Of course we needn't pay attention to it. It was written by a sissy Francophone Canuck (a pepsi, if you will) who teaches history!! And that last name? Why, he might be, you know, one of them!! Is there no list somewhere that a real American can consult?
And though 18th-century France may seem impossibly distant to contemporary Americans, future historians examining Mr. Bush’s presidency within the longer sweep of political and intellectual history may find the French Revolution useful in understanding his curious brand of 21st- century conservatism.
We don't know what's worse, implying that Americans aren't good enough for his dumb old history, or trying to use that stupid old stuff to show us something. Doesn't he know that everything changed after 9/11?Above: Fighting terrorism avec la Terreur.

Today's Sermon, Part One: Values Boaters

Per Frank Rich (free from the wall of payment) in the NYT, their boat is, if not sinking, taking on water:
[T]he political clout ritualistically ascribed to Mr. Perkins, James Dobson of Focus on the Family, Gary Bauer of American Values and their ilk is a sham.
These self-promoting values hacks don’t speak for the American mainstream. They don’t speak for the Republican Party. They no longer speak for many evangelical ministers and their flocks. The emperors of morality have in fact had no clothes for some time. Should Rudy Giuliani end up doing a victory dance at the Republican convention, it will be on their graves.
If they really believed uncompromisingly in their issues and principles, they would have long since endorsed either Sam Brownback, the zealous Kansas senator fond of
using fetus photos as political props, or Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who spent 15 years as a Baptist preacher, calls abortion a “holocaust” and believes in intelligent design rather than evolution. But they gave Senator Brownback so little moral and financial support that he folded his candidacy a week ago. And they continue to stop well short of embracing Mr. Huckabee, no matter how many rave reviews his affable personality receives on the campaign trail. They shun him because they know he’ll lose, and they would rather compromise principle than back a loser.
Backing a loser, they know, would even further diminish their waning Washington status in a post-Rove, post-Bush G.O.P. The more they shed their illusion of power, the more they imperil their ability to rake in big bucks from their apocalyptic direct-mail campaigns. They must choose mammon over God if they are to maintain the many values rackets that make up their various business empires.
Ooooh, snap!! The NYT Magazine visits Wichita, where we see that lesser-known fire & brimstone-preaching bible-thumpers are not doing so well either, although we're not surprised, if this is what their message has come to:

“I think the Gospel is offensive, and I think the cross is offensive,” Wright continued. “I think Jesus loved everybody and I think he loved the Pharisees, but he certainly told them how the cow eats the cabbage.”
W/ its mouth, like most other mammals? Is rumination a specific biblical value? And though there are references to the "mainstreaming" of evangelicals (though today's god-squadders aren't as poor & stupiduneducated as those of 30 to 40 yrs. ago, it seems as if much of that "education" is still coming from Oral Roberts or Bob Jones Universities):
In the Wichita churches this summer, Obama was the Democrat who drew the most interest. Several mentioned that he had spoken at Warren’s Saddleback church and said they were intrigued. But just as many people ruled out Obama because they suspected that he was not Christian at all but in fact a crypto-Muslim — a rumor that spread around the Internet earlier this year. “There is just that ill feeling, and part of it is his faith,” Welsh said. “Is his faith anti-Christian? Is he a Muslim? And what about the school where he was raised?”
“Obama sounds too much like Osama,” said Kayla Nickel of Westlink. “When he says his name, I am like, ‘I am not voting for a Muslim!’ ”

“There is just that ill feeling, and part of it is his faith.” The other part would be? Well, what is it? Cmon, what's the "ill feeling?" Can't you say it? "Political correctness" got your tongue? If Jesus could tell the Pharisees how the cow eats the cabbage, can't you call a spade a spade?

We're still wondering whether all of this will result in an evangelical candidate to fulfill the H. Ross Perot function & get a Democrat (sadly, probably Hitlery) into the White House.

But don't count Jeebus & his earthly warriors out yet:
But liberals, he said, should not start gloating. “Some might compare the religious right to a snake,” he said. “We may be in our hole right now, but we can come out and bite you at any time.”
Please come out here & bite this!!

Boo, My Ass!!!

Yes, it's this Weds., Halloween, on S&M Blvd., 'twixt La Cienega & Doheny, from 1800-0000, & praise Jah it takes place on the western, monied side of town. And you'll keep your crap over there, if you know what's good for you. Masked trespassers will be shot on sight, because we don't know who you are, & are very nervous.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sex Potatoes Re-Onion

If, like The Editor, you missed 'em the first time ('cause they didn't play L. A. on their 1978 See America & Break Up Tour) & you missed 'em on any reunion tours in the meantime, you probably missed 'em again in their first ever L. A. club gig. Extremely casual acquaintance (We think we exchanged two or three sentences w/ him @ a Richard Meltzer reading in the '90s, w/o knowing who he was.) Greg Burk gives the full scoop on the big show @ the Roxy. (Damn, we can't remember the last time we were @ the Roxy, but it must've been in the '80s.)

Best bit of Rotten schtick:
Resplendent in polyester vest and plaid pants, Rotten worked his showbiz outrage to the point of near collapse, taking a break after 40 minutes for what he claimed was an irresistible response to nature's call -- well, that middle-aged prostate can indeed be a bummer.
Ain't that the truth. Should've worn some Depends™. Any one know what the deal is w/ that toof of Lydon's? Does he just take it out for show bidness purposes, Lixie Miller stylee? 'Cause if not, eventually the two neighboring ones are going to fill in that hole, & there'll be reason to call him "Rotten" again.

Not seen @ the big gig: Nancy Spongebob (l) & boyfriend John Simon Vicious (r), the "bass player" for the Sex Potatoes when they first hit it big.

Mad Tea Party

By Mark Bryan. As always, click to enlarge.

Blackwater References

The Ones Who Fly Away From Omelas (Why not have a distinctive blog title?) has a fine BW wrap up of links & whatnot. Be sure to click on the e-letter that BW (now calling itself Blackwater Worldwide, odd for a company that says it's so All-American, but no matter the name it remains a subsidiary of the Prince Group, just like all the off-shore, tax-free outfits "affiliated" w/ it) has sent to its "supporters." Why does a fucking corporation need "support," as if it were cancer research, or "Be Kind to Animals Week?" And it has a newish, less threatening logo.

Old logo on the left, new logo on the right.

Also, look at Danger Room (we've pre-clicked to the "Mercs" category) for an overview of Blackwater & its fellow private security contractors, & the "new logo" contest they're kindly hosting. Our fave? Right here:
Jesus, Guns & Money. All hail America! Or else!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Long National Nightmare: Over? Or Just Beginning?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Whether it's a GE™ locomotive barreling down on us, unable to stop even if the engineer sees us, or the light is the other end of the tunnel, & we're finally coming out of darkness & metaphors, Election Day 2008 is now just a year, a week, & a few days away. The nightmare is far from over (look at the choices) but as they say, a year passes like nothing. One of those choices is Sen. Clinton, who hits the Big Six-Zero today. Here's a shot of her from 40 yrs. ago:And the other Mainstream Inevitable Candidate is R. Giuliani (item immediately below). Ulp! Well, anything can happen in the yr. left. Except we don't have a yr. The nominations may be (inevitably) locked up by the end of Jan. (Iowa caucuses currently scheduled for 5 Jan. 2008.) We may have a "choice" between a crazed fascist & a cold, calculating fascist.

It's our personal speculation that Rudy's handlers (The Mafia? Pedophile priests?) set him up w/ a nurse as his most recent wife so she could keep him well-medicated, but there's always the chance that he'll go off the tranqs & we'll see his real nature. There's also the chance that American voters will like the real Rudy even more than the media image. ("Triple Guantanamo!!" "Where's Podhoretz? I want him to push the Big Red Death-to-Iran Button, he deserves the honor!!" "I'm all over this ferret like Michael Vick on a pit bull!!")

Giuliani's Goons: "Let's Have Another War!"

Same shit, different neckties:
Rudy "The Catholic" Giuliani has a swell collection of campaign advisers, though we're not yet sure who's counseling him on ferret policy. On foreign policy, however, he's got the cream of the croptop of the heap. The heap of neo-con bed-wetters, that is.

Mr. Giuliani’s team includes Norman Podhoretz, a prominent neoconservative who advocates bombing Iran “as soon as it is logistically possible”; Daniel Pipes, the director of the Middle East Forum, who has called for profiling Muslims at airports and scrutinizing American Muslims in law enforcement, the military and the diplomatic corps; and Michael Rubin, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute who has written in favor of revoking the United States’ ban on assassination.
Warnings like that one and his reliance on advisers like
Mr. Podhoretz, who wrote an article in June for Commentary magazine called “The Case for Bombing Iran,” have raised concerns among some Democrats.
Mr. Podhoretz said in an interview published Wednesday in The New York Observer that he recently met with Mr. Giuliani to discuss his new book, in which he advocates bombing Iran as part of a larger struggle against “Islamofascism,” and “there is very little difference in how he sees the war and I see it.”

Alright. Maybe if we lift "the United States' ban on assassination," per Michael Rubin, we can take care of the Guiliani menace w/o the mess of an election. Of course, we won't be convinced that Rudy really means it until he signs Michael Ledeen on as well. Maybe this schmuck is as good, though:
One of Mr. Giuliani’s most important foreign policy tutors is Charles Hill, a career diplomat and former deputy to Secretary of State George P. Shultz in the Reagan administration. Mr. Hill had never met Mr. Giuliani when he was invited to a 45-minute meeting at Giuliani Partners in late February — a meeting that stretched to nearly three hours.
Mr. Hill went on to become the campaign’s chief foreign policy adviser, and to assemble a team that is united by its generally hawkish views and its belief in using American power to achieve its aims.
Just days after the Sept. 11 attacks, Mr. Hill
joined a number of foreign policy experts in signing an open letter to Mr. Bush urging that “even if evidence does not link Iraq directly to the attack, any strategy aiming at the eradication of terrorism and its sponsors must include a determined effort to remove S
addam Hussein from power in Iraq.”
Instead of talking about “the war on terror,” Mr. Giuliani speaks of “the terrorists’ war on us,” or, as he put it in a recent speech to a group of conservative Christians, the “Islamic terrorists’ war against the United States.” He sometimes faults Democrats for failing to mention that the terrorist threat comes specifically from Muslims.
Or American foreign policy, depending.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blackwater USA in ah Babylon

An official of the Bush admin. was forced to resign (w/o, as yet, receiving a Medal of "Freedom") as a result of the colossal cock-ups involving State Dep't. "supervision" of private security contractorsmercenaries in Babylon. That's somewhat good news. Not so good? John D. Negroponte (the D stands for Deathsquad) is now handling even more State Dep't. matters:

As she has concentrated on the Middle East peace process, Iran and Russia, Rice has increasingly turned major responsibility for hot-button issues -- including North Korea, Pakistan and Iraq -- over to Negroponte. He has taken the lead on management problems, such as the contractors, along with his longtime Foreign Service colleague Patrick Kennedy, a senior management official who served as Negroponte's management deputy when Negroponte was director of national intelligence, before he took the No. 2 post at the State Department.
Great. Once these people have established themselves as scum, can't they all just "retire?" Permanently, instead of being recycled as soon as the next more overtly fascist administration steals an election? Is that too much to ask? Yes, because beings like Cheney will actually recycle themselves, & all their little chums, until...well it never really stops. There are always more in the wings.
But the changes in security policy for Iraq and in her team are unlikely to temper rising criticism of Rice's management style. She is due to testify today before the House oversight committee, whose chairman, Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), has accused the department's prime security contractor in Iraq, Blackwater Worldwide, of tax evasion; charged the department with papering over evidence of widespread corruption in the Iraqi government; and accused the State inspector general of failing to monitor shoddy work and overspending in construction of a new, $600 million U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.
Maybe the gig as provost @ Stanford didn't prepare her too well for running State. And we might even bet that her studies in Kremlinology & Eastern Europe (when they were the Soviet Union & the Warsaw Pact nations) may not have helped much w/ the current gov'ts. & individuals running things in the New Europe.
Congress was also raking Sec. Dr. Rice over the coals, as anonymous officials issued denials:
State Department officials denied any double standard or impropriety in the firing of Griffin and this week's promotion of two of his subordinates who directly oversaw the hiring of contractors, including those in Iraq.
Rice's answers on the Blackwater scandal did not satisfy many Democrats during the hearing, including
Rep. Paul Hodes of New Hampshire.
Before giving Blackwater hundreds of millions of dollars, "didn't you or your subordinates ever stop to ask whether or not the legal framework was a place to hold these contractors accountable for its actions?" he asked.
Congress is moving to put all armed contractors operating in combat zones under military control and make them subject to U.S. criminal jurisdiction.
From the NYT, it's Blackwater, under seige!!
Even in the Blackwater compound, no definitive account has emerged of how and why the Sept. 16 shootings occurred, company employees said. For its part, Blackwater has said that its guards were responding to an insurgent attack. But in furtive discussions over recent weeks, certain details about the episode, they said, have gained currency among many Blackwater workers, many of whom would like to believe that their colleagues acted appropriately.
Those workers said, for example, that Blackwater guards who fired at Iraqis in Nisour Square described how an Iraqi driver had pulled up his car well after the Blackwater convoy had arrived and warned traffic to stay back. The encroaching car, the workers said, caused their colleagues to feel threatened and initiate machine-gun fire. They also said that friction between Blackwater convoys and groups of armed Iraqi police in the days before the shooting had created a mutual distrust, and that the police officers, perhaps as a result of earlier disputes, fired at the Blackwater convoy. “The Iraqi police were testing these guys at various intersections,” said one former Blackwater guard who has spoken with men on the convoy at Nisour Square.
Iraqi police at the intersection have said they were not armed that day, and none of the dozens of Iraqi witnesses interviewed by Iraqi investigators and reporters for The New York Times said they saw anyone firing at the Blackwater convoy or even brandishing a weapon.
But in a measure of the gulf between the narratives that have taken hold in the Blackwater compound and on the streets of Baghdad, the former guard and a current employee said that a consistent view had developed within the compound: that Blackwater was fired upon by Iraqis with AK-47s who fled the scene after Blackwater returned an overwhelming amount of fire.
“How long does it take for a dead terrorist to become a dead civilian?” a Blackwater employee said. “As long as it takes to remove an AK-47 from the body,” suggesting that accomplices might have removed weapons as they fled.
The Blackwater employees said that talk about the Sept. 16 shootings had also focused on a heated dispute between members of the team in the square, pitting the men pouring gunfire into Iraqi vehicles against other Blackwater guards who were imploring them to stop.
“There was turmoil in the team, where half the guys were saying, ‘Don’t shoot,’” said a military veteran who spoke to a member of the Blackwater team on the convoy.

Not quite the "thin blue line" of police forces. But the stories don't all seem to match, do they?


This broadband crap is more complicated than one might suspect, or AT&T are a bunch of incompetent suckwads. Which do you think?

We were advised by the latest person w/ whom we had a conversation that it would have been faster to cancel the previous account entirely (rather than change the name & keep the same 'phone #, which has been in the family for 33 yrs.) & just get an entirely new #.

We are now informed that if the order goes through today (Thurs.) it will be Mon. or Tues. before the DSL is reëstablished. The process apparently is not under the actual control of AT&T, who must to wait for the old whatever to "drop off" or something, then they can place the order, which will then take several more days to come to fruition. Is there not an on/off switch? They certainly manage to cut it off promptly if you don't pay, & restore it soon enough once they've received their pound of flesh. Why such a big deal to change a name on an account? Bastards!!

In the meantime, the ability to wander the vast web wasteland in search of amusement & tidbits to share is severely hampered, as is the anal retentive typing/copying & pasting process. It's suck city, baby!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Matter of Time (UPDATED)

Of course there'd already been muttering that this most recent round of SoCal wildfires was all the fault of those eco-nuts who prevented Bush from selling the forests to the highest bidders, who would then clear out those pesky ol' trees that are burning. (Oh, it's not old growth forest that's burning, it's mostly chapparal & scrub oaks? 'Scuse us.)

And those California Nat'l. Guard troops & equipment in Iraq & Afghanistan aren't any problem at all. Duncan Hunter, joke Republican presidential candidate, was just on Lardball w/ Chris Matthews, & between repeating the "Reaganesque" line "We're optimistic, we'll rebuild" about San Diego County (Remember Al Einstein's definition of crazy: Repeating the same action but expecting different results) he announced that firefighting is not done w/ a wall of bodies facing the flame, & if it were, the 1st Marine Division is right there @ Camp Pendleton. This has, of course, nothing to do w/ the Guard being trained & experienced in disaster relief, refugee assistance & so on (& we'll bet that some Guard members/units have some training & experience w/ wildfires) which is what was being discussed, but Hunter isn't one to let facts get in the way of the partisanship he decries in the left, yet practices himself.

But it was just a matter of time until the real concerns of the lunatic fringe right (not to be confused w/ the lunatic mainstream right) surfaced, & here they are, right on schedule:

As the embers cool, investigators in public and private will begin asking some hard questions, including how in blazes these fires happened: Were some of the purportedly wild fires scorching more than 600 square miles of Southern California this week set by border-crossing Islamist terrorists?
"How in blazes" indeed. Aren't we clever? Of course, they'd have to be "border-crossing" terrorists, they couldn't possibly have come in legally & overstayed their visas, because our highly efficient Dep't. of Homeland Security doesn't let that happen. By the way, how do these "border-crossers" get into Mexico in the first place? We continually hear that Mexico is very harsh on Central Americans trying to come into Mexico illegally, while pushing as many Mexican citizens as possible over the U. S. border.

An Oxford-educated engineer, bin Laden knows the power of asymmetrical warfare wherein a few matches and bottles of gasoline can cause millions of times their cost in damage to enemies, from military families in San Diego to morally-corrupting Hollywood stars in Malibu.
Yes, it would certainly take an Oxford education to figure that out. Although we swear to you we haven't gone any farther from the House of Bouffant than the 99¢ Only Store in the last two wks., the concept of setting Southern California afire for terroristic purposes during the Santa Ana Winds occurred to this reporter & one of his associates in schadenfreude & nihilism several yrs. ago, when we were glued to the tube watching the houses of the privileged go up in flames. (An annual Southern Cal fall ritual.) Neither of us have an Oxford education, though we're not not nearly as stupid or paranoid as Lowell Ponte. Added stupidity:

Although a new Osama bin Laden video was issued at almost exactly the same time these fires began, and might have contained a coded command to his operatives to carry out planned arsons, it makes sense that al-Qaida has claimed
no credit for the fires.
But bin Laden would probably be embarrassed, in the wake of his astonishing terrorist “achievement” on 9/11, to be seen resorting to mere fire setting around the homes of innocent people.

Well sure, because terrorism works so well when it's thought to be an accident or a downed power line. You might even think that Oxford intellectual Bin Laden would go ahead & claim credit for the fires anyway, just to get Ponte's pants even more piss-soaked. And it would take a "coded command," because no "border-crossing" terrorist could put the concepts of high temperatures, high winds, & dryness/drought together, especially after those power lines were knocked down & some fires started.

Other possibilities: the fires were all accidental, like the one north of Los Angeles reportedly touched off by a spark from welding equipment.

Or, perhaps, one or more of these fires were ignited accidentally by an illegal alien’s campfire, as has happened before in Southern California. Even if evidence points this way, do not expect the liberal media to report anything this politically incorrect — or this likely to give inconvenient fuel to critics of our liberal border policies.
TV and radio talk-host Glenn Beck deserves credit for having Competitive Enterprise Institute experts Chris Horner and R.J. Smith explain how radical government environmental policies under President Bill Clinton interfered with rational forest and brush management, and set America up for today’s catastrophic super-fires.

Extra credit to Mormon asshole Beck for his statement that people who hate America & live in Malibu are losing their houses to forest fires. And extra credit to Ponte for pointing out how Bush & the Republican-dominated Congress had six yrs. to establish a "No Forest Left" policy to "rationally manage" forest & brush (but didn't). That was Clinton's fault, too, right? It always is. As was noted on Sadly, No! by a member of the commentariat, Trilateral Chairman, Bush seems to like clearing brush, he could have helped.

Real credit where credit is due: J— commenting @ S,N! must've brought it to the attention of Gavin Sadly, who posted it at exactly the same time as we were asking if such a thing had happened two threads previous!!! Coincidence? We think not.

UPDATE (@1731 PDT): Just heard on MSNBC's Countdown that the Fox News Channel's morning show (Fox and Friends) was making a big deal (transcript) of an FBI memo from four years ago that indicated an Al Qaeda member or informant or a guy who lived down the street from a guy whose sister-in-law used to work w/ a dame who was married to an Arab once, only he was a Christian Arab, but really what difference does that make, told the FBI of an Al Qaeda plot to light simultaneous forest fires in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming & Utah during the summer. No confirmation of said plot, either, but it could be what's behind the current fires, the Fox tools implied. You certainly do have to get up early in the morning to put one over on Just Another Blog™.
Damn! We're just lucky that hurricanes, tornadoes & earthquakes can't be caused by human agency, we'd need more home-care workers to keep changing the Depends™ on these clowns. Volcanoes? Could go either way.

Further arson poop, from a self-proclaimed "voice of the resistance."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life Sucks...Death Not (Yet) Imminent

Don't believe a word these "people" say:Still no DSL, & the lying sacks o' shit @ AT&T said it would be on by 2000 PDT this evening (two hours 30 minutes ago). And it's hot & nasty. Most of the smoke is missing the House Of Bouffant, but there's definitely a pall over the Los Angeles Basin. Maybe the DSL delay has to do w/ the firestorm (as the local news yokels are calling it) or some crap like that, but we don't give two shits if all the hill-dwelling home owners from S. B. to S. D. are in refugee centers w/ nothing but the clothes on their backs, we'd like some service here. Damn! And we're losing readership; too much trouble to surf the web for anything worth commenting on or linking to or anything, period. Phooey.

We can, however, make mock of a politician who just sent us an e-mail:
Dear Friend:

Fires continue to rage across southern California. I am working to make sure that California has needed resources from all federal agencies. We need firefighting resources and equipment as well as assistance for the thousands of people who have been left homeless or evacuated. I am working to see that these resources get to California as soon as possible.

I hope you will use my Senate website as a resource in the days ahead, both for yourself and for any impacted family or friends. It will have constantly updated information about where fires are burning, evacuation centers, and the federal resources that will be made available in the days ahead. You can find my fire feature at
Barbara Boxer
United States Senator
Jeezis, Babs, don't you have the guts (in the middle of exploiting the suffering of others) to mention that maybe we should have brought the California Nat'l. Guard back from Iraq to guard us & our all-important property a little sooner?

(UPATE/CORRECTION 24 October 2007 @ 1710): Sen. Babs was discussing the Nat'l. Guard shortage today on telebision, but sort of copped out, saying that we had enough equipment, by borrowing from other states & so on. Guess she didn't want to sully her e-mail w/ politics.

Lt. Gov. Garamendi (a Dem just like Boxer) has also been on telebision, about the strapped Calif. Nat'l. Guard, & how Bush's visit tomorrow is photo ops bull, & a distraction, and Bush hasn't done much to rebuild New Orleans, so please keep your promises this time, Bushie.

Speaking of Iraq, tonight Law & Order Special Victims Unitwas all over torture, or enhanced stressing, or whatever this week's euphemism is. Another example of horrid left wing media bias. We thought series creator Dick Wolf was of the right-wing persuasion, one of those rare-as-hen's teeth Hollywood conservatives. Guess the Bush admin has lost another one.

Monday, October 22, 2007

SOUTHERN CAL OCTOBER: GATES OF HELL OPEN ON SCHEDULE, JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN!!Remains of Malibu Presbyterian Church. Where's Jebus going to live now?
Below: ECU of Hellmouth, CA.More on Halloween, from CBN.

Let's Have a War (Blame Canada Edition)

Pere Ubu, commenting @ Sadly, No!, has brought to our attention a bit of pop national psychology from a (need we say?) liberal, hippie, pussified wimp professor who teaches in Norway, fercissakes. This commie crank thinks the United States is a bad place. My Gawd, read this:
In fact, the U.S.A. is the least threatened nation on the planet. Its geographic, demographic, and economic size, and its location, give it far greater security than Russia, or Holland, or Hungary, or France, or Finland, or Iraq, or Iran. These nations are easily attacked from several sides, and in modern history have been thus attacked. These nations have reason to be fearful, but in fact are less fearful than is America. Certainly it is impossible for foreign forces to invade and occupy the U.S.A. even should the U.S. have the most minimal defenses.
He's ready to turn this country over to the atheistic Islamic hordes!! And he bases his analysis on the perfectly rational plans the War Dep't. had in the 1920s & '30s to defend This Great Nation of Ours™ from Mexico & Canada. Just examine the potential menace from Canada!! LAKES!!
In the mistakenly published 1935 testimony to Congress about the need for new air bases to attack Canada, a military expert explained that Canada has thousands of lakes, and each of these is a potential float-plane base. He asked the congressmen to imagine the fearful vision of the sky filled with bush-pilot float planes flying down from Canadian forests to bomb Boston and Baltimore.
Prof. Rudmin also compares War Plan Green, the plan for defending our economic interests (oil, surprise!) in Mexico by attacking Mexico, w/ Operation Iraqi LiberationFreedom. Talk about the paranoid style in American politics. It seems we'll never be rid of this militaristic crap. One really must wonder if most of those who left Europe for the "New World" were paranoid fascist bullies driven out by their neighbors, whose traits have been inbred into the nation's so-called character.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Tale of Tweety

Note that even in college (Holy Cross) he was a sneering twerp.
Just Another Blog's™ demanding schedule usually has it awake & off the couch by 1400 PT wkdys., or 1600 PT for sure, so we usually take a peep at the man his staff dubbed "Tweety" ('cause of the hair color he uses) to see what crap the masses are having stuffed down their mental throats by the Old Media Washington, D. C. cocktail weenie crowd. And one thing we've determined is that Matthews is a tool, & not the sharpest one in the MSNBC drawer either. While we've never given much of a shit exactly what his problem was, while wandering the vast wasteland (the Internet, not the telebision wasteland Newton Minow predicted in the early '60s) we encountered a delicious hit piece in Slate that gave us a better idea of Mr. Matthews' demons:
Legendary. Supporter of democracy. Learned reporter. Distinguished. Prolific. All of these words may capture Matthews' character, but not as well as do flighty, braying, shameless, and opportunistic. It's a shame that nobody gives a Sammy Glick Award. Matthews would be a cinch.
Haw haw. And this:
"He made no secret about it. Chris Matthews wanted to be a pundit, a player, a face on the Sunday political talk shows," Rosenstiel writes. But the transformation required journalistic credentials, which Matthews lacked.
And since we've already plunged into Slate, let's get into the other big Internet magazine that starts w/ an "ess," Salon:
Chris "Tweety" Matthews is indeed an insufferable blithering jackass, a creepy Irish-American misogynist who fits nicely into conservative Catholic Jack Welch's similarly-pedigreed stable of thoroughbred infotainwhores.
Testify, brother. (Didn't know Welch, former chairman of GE, was a Catholic too.) The above & the following excerpt are from a comment to this item, which excoriates Matthews & his cocktail weenie buddies.
I find it interesting that admirers can somehow brush aside Tweety's adolescent loathing for Hillary Clinton (I'm not a fan), or his embarrassingly homoerotic gushing over men in power. During the post-war era of Freudian psychotherapy, Tweety would've been instantly classified "latent homosexual".

Talbot's characterization of Tweety as a shallow, superficial blarneymonger comports with my mercifully limited experience of him.
Ah, Freud. Mostly full of crap, but an excellent source of sophisticated-sounding insults. More Irish-Catholic misogyny, as evidenced in Washingtonian:
The irony of the situation came to a point when Matthews began to discuss Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. “You gotta be heard because men just keep talking,” he said after he mentioned the “big, deep, green, scaly, horny monster” of misogyny that might rear its head at at the polls.

“Men are all whipped into silence on this topic,” he said. He also noted that women’s voices often scale upwards when they try to be heard in a debate, and he conjectured that men might weary of Mrs. Clinton’s sometimes strident tones.

“Not 8 years,” he imagined men thinking.

“When a man yells, it’s entertainment. When a woman yells, it’s Eleanor Clift,” Matthews said.
Or, when Chris yells, it's an asshole of the first water. And speaking of Freud, how 'bout that "horny monster" of misogyny? And those "whipped into silence" men? What exactly was it that "whipped" them, Chris? Something that so scares you, you dare not speak its name?

Last & least, here he is, morning after-stylee:It wouldn't be Just Another Blog™ w/o an unflattering photo, would it? Note hair & its dye.

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Daily Obligation (& UPDATE)

Your friends & ours @ Bugger™ seem unable to upload pictures now & for a while, & we've nothing but items w/ images to run, so we'll beg your indulgence. And we're still using the freaking digital telegraph of dial-up. So don't hold your collective breath before Monday, when the Donkey Shit Line should be happening. If not, AT&T™ can count on some damage to some of their physical property. Hell, let's throw Google™ into the threat matrix as well. Restore image uploading or I'll nuke the town of my youth, Atherton, where it seems half of you fucks live!!! ATTENTION GOV'T. LICKSPITTLES: A TERRORIST THREAT HAS BEEN MADE!!! COMING TO GET US? UPDATE (20 October @1150): Google™/Bugger™ have gotten their shit back together, so Atherton will not be rendered a glassy parking lot, but this dial-up is getting more & more irksome. We'll grant AT&T that they said it might not be happening until Monday, but sheesh! Hey, sitting here making idle threats against vast impersonal corporate entities is more fun than standing on a street corner foaming at passersby!

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Mee-Ow!" Indeed

In the feline spirit of the previous item ("Mee-ow!") & to keep the punters amused while we await the return of DSL, we give you, in the finest web log tradition of Friday cat pictures, Princess Lillie:
"I may not be in focus, puny humanoids, but I can still rip your friggin' throats out & feast on your entrails (as long as I get you while you're asleep)!"

Science Not Gone Far Enough

Still stuck in dial-up (Samuel Morse could've telegraphed more quickly than this!!) so please don't expect much activity here until we reënter the 21st century. AT&T said today, or maybe tomorrow, or Monday @ the latest. Let's check the modem right now! Nope, DSL indicator still flashing red. Why does it take so long? Not enough "engineers" to make a few mouse clicks? It's not as if they have to rewire anything. Punch in the phone #, click a button...

To hold you over, please examine the picture above.

What is it?

Our guess? Extra Terrestrial scientists, working from telebision signals sent into the ether just after the introduction of color tee vee, attempted to create a robot/android/clone/replicant/doppelgänger/simulacrum of a human female for their own insidious purposes, such as stealing vital human bodily fluids (if you know what we mean) to improve the failing DNA of their dying species. Look at it. The perfect hemispheres on the chest. The hair color that doesn't occur in nature. The nose. The disproportionate lower lip. (Is that how it will obtain the vital bodily fluids?) The blank, soulless eyes. It can't be a human being, can it?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Special Note to Our Readers (Well, Sophia, at least, whose comment we've not yet translated, but we think she's hoping we're just taking a break & haven't been killed by Blackwater, or will continue our war against BW): There were some technical difficulties involving changing the name on the telephone account (from our late mother's to ours) & AT&T had to shut down the DSL & then re-start it, plus this & that. Indeed, we're using dial-up as we type, so until the DSL returns tomorrow or Sat., there will be little or no activity here, because Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ has no fuggin' patience whatsoever, & this dial-up just doesn't cut it. Worry not, we have a lot of figurative crap backed up, & it'll be squeezing out again before you know it. Ciao!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Instant Karma: Julia's Son & Grandson (& PHOTO UPDATE)

John Lennon's B-day (1940) & his son Sean's (1975) as well. Photos w/ Sean added 20 October 2007. Quite a resemblance, huh?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Morning Schmoe, & a U. S. Official on Blackwater

We've already cheap-shotted Joe Scarborough a couple of times. Now we can see what a weasel he truly is: And in an op-ed in what we affectionately refer to as the "local fishwrapper," a woman who served as a "U. S. official" (apparently she was a "political officer," whatever that means) in Iraq describes her experiences w/ Blackwater contractors:

But much more appalling than the ride was the deleterious effect each movement through town had on the already beleaguered people of Iraq. I began to wonder whether my meetings, intended to further U.S. policy goals and improve the lives of Iraqis, were doing more harm than good. With our drivers honking at, cutting off, pelting with water bottles (a favorite tactic) and menacing with weapons anyone in their way, how many enemies were we creating? [...] As we approached at typical breakneck speed, the Blackwater driver honked furiously and motioned to the side, as if they should pull over. The kids in the back seat looked back in horror, mouths agape at the sight of the heavily armored Suburbans driven by large, armed men in dark sunglasses. The poor Iraqi driver frantically searched for a means of escape, but there was none. So the lead Blackwater vehicle smashed heedlessly into the car, pushing it into the barrier. We zoomed by too quickly to notice if anyone was hurt. Until that point I had never mentioned anything to my drivers about their tactics, but this time I could not contain myself. "Where do you all expect them to go?" I shrieked. "It was an old guy and a family, for goodness' sake. Was it necessary for them to destroy their poor old car?" My driver responded impassively: "Ma'am, we've been trained to view anyone as a potential threat. You don't know who they might use as decoys or what the risks are. Terrorists could be disguised as anyone." "Well, if they weren't terrorists before, they certainly are now!" I retorted. Sulking in my seat, I was stunned by the driver's indifference. [...] As we do the work of bridge building and improving our host citizens' lives, if the people providing our transportation and security are antagonizing, angering and even killing the people we are putatively trying to help, our entire mission is undermined.
"But, but, the hell w/ the (often actually physical) impression these clowns leave, not one American they've protected has been killed!" says the right-wing cowboy crowd. And of course Ms. Gans is an "ingrate" when she mentions that the activities of Blackwater subverted her mission to help the Iraqi people.

Blackwater Humour

Older People: As always, click strip for legibility.
From "get your war on." Truncated version (?) first spotted @ DOC 40.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Sermon

"Ah don' care ef et rains er freezes/All Ah need's mah plastic Jee-zis/Settin' awn the dashboard of mah car." Bet this'n glows in the dark, too!
It's the Lord's Day (Doesn't the Constitution say something about no fucking "nobility" in the country? Why yes it does: "No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States." Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8.) so let's look at what's up in the world of said unconstitutional activities.

Here's a whopper: Oral Roberts' son, Richard, appears to be a dick.
Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts says God is speaking again, telling him to deny lurid allegations in a lawsuit that threatens to engulf this 44-year-old Bible Belt college in scandal.
Likewise Oral's daughter-in-law, Lindsay (Well, she may not be a "dick," exactly, but she seems to like the idea of "dick"):
She is accused of dropping tens of thousands of dollars on clothes, awarding nonacademic scholarships to friends of her children and sending scores of text messages on university-issued cell phones to people described in the lawsuit as "underage males."


Colleagues fear for the reputation of the university and the future of the Roberts' ministry, which grew from Southern tent revivals to one of the most successful evangelical empires in the country, hauling in tens of millions of dollars in contributions a year. The university reported nearly $76 million in revenue in 2005, according to the IRS.
Oral Roberts is 89 and lives in California. He holds the title of chancellor, but the university describes him as semi-retired, and his son presides over day-to-day operations on the campus, which had a modern, space-age design when it was built in the early 1960s but now looks dated, like Disney's Tomorrowland.
Don't you just love how these little empires stay right in the family? As feudal as their religions. And one must wonder about the "reputation" of the "University."
Cornell Cross II, a senior from Burlington, Vt., said he is looking to transfer to another school because the scandal has "severely devalued and hurt the reputation of my degree."
"We have asked and asked and asked to see the finances of our school and what they're doing with our money, and we've been told no," said, Cross who is majoring in government. "Now we know why. As a student, I'm not going to stand for it any longer."

Majoring in gov't. at ORU? Is this another one of those Jerry Falwell/Pat Robertson deals where they fill the Justice Dep't. & any other agencies they can w/ little weasels more interested in their Bible than our Constitution?

Here's the lawsuit, in a pdf stylee. And here are the bullet points, well summarized by another web log operator, to save time:
• Richard Roberts ordered that university funds and resources be used to favor a candidate in a contested partisan race - an action that is illegal for tax-exempt corporations.
• The university furnishes the Roberts with complete housing benefits that include: 13 internet/cable connections, wide-screen televisions, hot tubs, and furnishings.
• The Roberts' home has been remodeled 11 times in the last 14 years.
• A longtime maintenance employee was fired so that an underage male friend of Mrs. Roberts could have his position.
• The Roberts children vandalized and damaged university property, but the university was never reimbursed for this damage.
• Dormitories received extensive structural modifications for the exclusive use of the Roberts' daughters, and all costs were passed on to the university.
• Richard Roberts' 2,000 square foot home office was remodeled into a walk-in closet to accommodate Mrs. Roberts' wardrobe. The wardrobe was paid for by the television production cost center.
• The Roberts family charged over $51,000 in clothing to the university, which was recorded as a business expense.
• Mrs. Roberts was given a white Lexus SUV and a red Mercedes convertible by ministry donors - including all insurance costs. Ministry Security was flown to Atlanta to take possession of her Mercedes and drive it back to Tulsa.
• Mrs. Roberts and her daughters frequently had cell-phone bills of more than $800 per month - the university pays this bill without limit.
• Records indicate that Mrs. Roberts replaced 21 cell phones within a two year period.
• Mrs. Roberts sent 800 text messages in a four month period. Many of those messages were sent between 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. to "underage males who had been provided phones at university expense."
• The Roberts' daughters were home schooled in a "guest house" that had been renovated into a classroom. The room remained a guest house for tax purposes, and was paid for by ORU. No guests have ever stayed in the guest house.
• Richard Roberts maintains complete control over the university's airplane. Though no vice-president or regent has access to this university asset, the plane was used to ferry one of the Roberts' daughters to her senior trip in Orlando, Florida and another trip to the Bahamas.
• During the Bahama trip, that daughter stayed at the Atlantis hotel and resort. The Ministry was billed for the trip as an "evangelistic function for the president." The bill was $29,411.
• Mrs. Roberts spent over $39,000 at one clothing store - Chico's - in less than one year. She's quoted in nine different statements as saying, "As long as I wear it once on TV, we can charge it off."
• The university and ministry maintain a stable of horses for exclusive use by the Roberts children.
• Mrs. Roberts awarded 13 non-academic, non-need-based scholarships to friends of her children, two of whom had test scores below ORU's admission requirement. When a university employee questioned the admission of the unqualified students, Mrs. Roberts ordered that they be admitted without questioning and that the employee be fired.
These two bozos, and every other one of the TV turkeys who run one of these scams, live like kings on the donations of deluded, often impoverished, fools. Paul & Jan Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting Network, for example. What money they don't scam goes to more telebision time & stations to raise more donations, not to help any one. Except of course for the "prayer lines." We've never called one (Depressed, yes. Stupid, no.) but we'd bet that there's a plea for money in the script right after the "prayer request" is taken.

Continuing on the infiltrating the gummint tip, here from the Xtian Science (there's an actually murderous, not merely financial, scam) Monitor is the story of "end-times" evangelizing, especially at the Air Force Academy, which is unfortunate enough to be located in the epicenter of this crap, Colorado Springs, CO, home to such scum buckets as "Dr." James C. Dobson, & a large assortment of other such outfits. Everybody's favorite evangelical meth-user & gay hypocrite, Ted Haggard, used to run his New Life church there, 'til they ran him out of town on a rail. Enough cheap shots, let's look at the allegations:
On Sept. 17, the soldier and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) filed suit against Army Maj. Freddy Welborn and US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, charging violations of Hall's constitutional rights, including being forced to submit to a religious test to qualify as a soldier.
The MRFF plans more lawsuits in coming weeks, says Michael "Mikey" Weinstein, who founded the military watchdog group in 2005. The aim is "to show there is a pattern and practice of constitutionally impermissible promotions of religious beliefs within the Department of Defense."
For Mr. Weinstein – a former Air Force judge advocate and assistant counsel in the Reagan White House – more is involved than isolated cases of discrimination. He charges that several incidents in recent years – and more than 5,000 complaints his group has received from active-duty and retired military personnel – point to a growing willingness inside the military to support a particular brand of Christianity and to permit improper evangelizing in the ranks. More than 95 percent of those complaints come from other Christians, he says.


Weinstein insists, however, that there are improper actions at high levels that not only infringe on soldiers' rights but, at a very dangerous time, also send the wrong message to people in the Middle East that those in the US military see themselves engaged in Christian warfare. For example, he says, Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who gave speeches at churches while in uniform that disparaged Islam and defined the war on terror in fundamentalist, "end times" terms, was not fired but promoted. (Speaking of a Muslim warlord he had pursued, Lt. Gen. Boykin said, "I knew my God was a real God and his was an idol." And our enemies "will only be defeated if we come against them in the name of Jesus.")
"There's an eschatologically obsessed version of Christianity that ... is trying to make American foreign and domestic policy conterminous with their biblical worldview," Weinstein charges. And "there's improper pressure within the military command structure to make members join them."


Col. David Antoon (ret.), another alumnus of the AFA and now a 747 commercial pilot, says his heart was broken when he took his son, Ryan, to an orientation at the academy in the spring of 2004. An overt evangelistic approach during part of the orientation so upset them, he says, that they decided his son would reject the treasured appointment and instead go to Ohio State University. "My son had dreamed of doing what I had done, but it was no longer the institution I went to," Colonel Antoon says, his voice cracking with emotion.
The Air Force set about reaffirming basic principles in religion guidelines, as a basis for widespread training, but a pushback by Evangelicals later led to Congress setting them aside until hearings could be held. The hearings have not taken place.

What are we waiting for? Someone in Congress to grow a backbone, we suppose. Could be a long wait.

In 2006, MRFF learned of a video produced by Christian Embassy, a group that conducts Bible studies at the Pentagon and seeks to evangelize within the armed services. Aimed at fundraising for the group, the video was improperly taped in the Pentagon and involved endorsements by Army and Air Force generals in uniform.
MRFF's public alert spurred a DOD investigation. In a report critical of the senior officers, the Inspector General said they gave the appearance of speaking for the military. One general defended his role by saying "Christian Embassy had become a quasi-federal entity."
The report noted that Maj. Gen. Paul Sutton participated while he served as chief of the US Office of Defense Cooperation in Turkey, a largely Muslim nation whose military takes pride in protecting the
country's secular status. After a Turkish newspaper wrote about the video as promoting a "fundamentalist sect," General Sutton was called in and questioned by members of the Turkish General Staff.
"They had to give him a lesson in the separation of church and state," Weinstein says. "Imagine the propaganda bonanza! And how this upset Muslims."
The DOD report on the video recommended "appropriate corrective action" be taken against the officers. According to Army spokesman Paul Boyce, "The Army has not yet completed any planned actions associated with the Christian Embassy review."

The Christian Embassy (that "quasi-federal entity") has removed the "improperly taped" video from their website, but it is available at the MRFF site (TRT: 11:54). Note especially one Jack Catton, Major General, USAF, & "director on the joint staff," who states (@ 4:16 in): "I'm an old-fashioned American, and my first priority is my faith in God, then my family, then my country." Excuse me, General, did you not you swear some sort of oath to protect & preserve the Constitution? Do we want a guy w/ these priorities anywhere near a nuclear warhead? If he thinks his "god" has told him to nuke Mecca, is he going to do that, hide his family somewhere in Idaho, & then worry about what may happen to the U. S.? Or is it just nuke 'em all & let "god" sort 'em out after the rapture?
Weinstein – an intense, voluble attorney who prizes blunt, no-holds-barred language – has struck more than one nerve with his bird-dogging. He says numerous threats have been made on his life. Last week, the front window of his house was shot out for the second time. After the lawsuit was filed, talk of "fragging" (killing) Specialist Hall surfaced on some military blogs. The Army is investigating.


Several conservative Christian ministries publicly proclaim an evangelistic aim "to transform the nations of the world through the militaries of the world," and they are active at US military installations in many countries. (See: or
Again we must ask, which is more dangerous to the American Way of Life™? Bearded, turbaned fundamentalist Islamic psychopaths hiding in a cave on the other side of the world, who think they can establish a caliphate by random acts of violence & destruction that are as likely as a bolt of lightning to hurt American citizens? Or slick-ass, media-savvy Christian fundamentalist psychopaths in suits & ties who are already too influential in our society, & hope to gain control of the world by controlling its militaries, w/ the eventual intention of destroying said world so their magical sky-fairy god can lead all of the "good" people to heaven? Which of these two groups are truly dangerous to us?

Sound Advice from a Not-So-Sound Mind (Ours)

Late to the party as usual, Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ only realized earlier this a. m. that October (besides being "Rocktober" @ "classic rock" radio stations nationwide) is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Then we saw Mrs. Brett Favre (a survivor) on Sunday Night Football, & even as we type this ABC News is starting a week-long series on breast cancer. All of which eventually reminded us that our mother (& her mother before her) was a breast cancer survivor. Her heart gave out a few months ago, so cancer wasn't on our minds, but she did, as John Wayne put it, "beat the Big C." (Lumpectomy & radiation treatment. Her mother had to have a double mastectomy. Progress is being made.) None of our female friends & acquaintances (NB: Men can get it too. Not common, but it does happen.) have had it (yet) but it's probably bound to happen, & none of us are getting any younger, if you know what we mean. So visit the croaker, get that mammogram (early detection via breasts-in-a-wringer gave my mother 15+ yrs. before her heart got bored w/ the whole thing) feel yourself up, whatever it takes, ladies. This is not an excuse to run photos of female human breasts, but it is a reason to link to them (Yes, some are nekkid. Happy now, you voyeuristic male gazers?) and further info, all from a second grade teaching, recovering attorney, libertarian lesbian. What, we're going to send you to some Internet public service announcement? Alright, enough w/ non-controversial public service & Just Another Blog™'s personal suffering, it's back to rage & abuse! Bastards!!!

Sinking Ship Minus Rats Equals ?

In your mind's eye, slap the manhole cover & cockroaches from this altered Michael Ramirez illustration on the Eastern Seaboard. Not that it doesn't work well on the Middle East, but for story purposes imagine that the water is the Potomac, not the Persian Gulf.
Nightmares. Lost friendships. Anger. The skies darkened by flocks of birds returning to their roosts. That about sums up the White House of late as more & more of Bush's corps of enablers/"advisers" stream out like cockroaches fleeing for darkness when the kitchen light is turned on, hoping to salvage something of their lives, careers & bank accounts.
Good luck, vermin. Aw, who are we kidding? Look where they wind up:
Most of those who have left in recent months are hitting the speaking circuit, considering book contracts or joining consulting firms. Peter Wehner took a position at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Peter Feaver returned to teach at Duke University, Inboden has been hired to open a think tank in London. Former budget director Rob Portman has gone back to Cincinnati, where he plans to practice law and maybe run for governor.
Rove already has multiple options. While on the phone from Dallas before a meeting on the future Bush library, he excused himself to answer a knock at the hotel door. A package arrived and he ripped it open. "I sign it and suddenly I'm a lot richer," he said with Rovian mirth. What kind of contract, he would not say. It was not a book contract; Bartlett said nearly 20 publishers are competing for Rove's book.
As for O'Sullivan, she has taken a fellowship at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government while she
ponders her next step.

Is there no punishment for these people, no justice? A suggestion from Joe Klein:
In May, Klein used his Time magazine blog to directly challenge a Wehner essay on politics and the war, chastising his onetime friend for ignoring "the lives lost and shattered" and the "vast damage" to U.S. standing done by the Iraq war. "I have two pieces of career advice," Klein wrote to Wehner. "Stop writing this swill and think about penance. Take some time to clear your head, a lot of time, and pay for your sins by emptying bedpans at Walter Reed."
We'd suggest that these sub-humans serve as actual bedpans, but that's just us.

Inspiration for the crypto-Nazi tone of this item provided by Pirate's Cove & Blue Star Chronicles, as well as Michael Ramirez, the illustrator. After all, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. (We're the gander, they're the geese.)

Rule, Britannia, Britannia, Blargle, Mumble, Aaa...!

See? It's right here in The New Media Journal. Obviously the liberal Old Media has been hiding this from us!
Democrats in Congress aren’t the only ones fighting hard to hand victory to the free world’s terrorist enemies. Now the Sunday Telegraph reports that under new Labour Party leadership, the British Ministry of Defense will reduce the number of warships in the Royal Navy. The fleet would be reduced by an aircraft carrier, two submarines, and eight frigates initially. Some observers predict that the 103-ship Royal Navy will be reduced by half in the next twenty years, leaving the United Kingdom unable to mount an operation that would match in scale the successful Falklands campaign of 1982.
We didn't know the terrorists were on islands somewhere. We thought the terrorists were hiding in caves in Pakistan's North West Territories. (See? You can spell "terrorist" & still have an "i" & an "e" left over!) Not sure what good frigates will do against cave dwellers, but Lance Thompson seems convinced downsizing is a bad thing. Let's see, the Navy of Islamic Jihad has how many aircraft carriers? And the Brits are downsizing? Horrors! Shocking!
We’ll put aside the sentimental remembrances of the centuries of Royal Navy domination of the seas, when ships flying St. George’s ensign maintained not only Britain’s far-flung empire, but also the orderly conduct of commerce throughout the world. Whether its enemies were pirates, the Spanish Armada, Napoleon’s fleet, or the German High Seas Fleet, the Royal Navy shouldered the burden of defending England and enforcing the rule of law at sea.
Yes, do put aside the sentiment for Empire & Commerce. And while you're putting it aside by reminding us of it, don't even bother to mention other enemies of the Royal Navy, like John Paul Jones & the Bon Homme Richard, or that "enforcing the rule of law at sea" included the press gangs that led to the War of 1812. Or that the United States taxpayer & Navy took over the duties of protecting empire & commerce after the Second World War.
The United Kingdom, like all nations that stand up for freedom, is at war with Islamic terrorists and their state sponsors. The focus of this war is currently in Afghanistan and Iraq, but there is no question that the terrorist enemy recruits, plots, and carries out attacks all over the world–from the Middle East to Indonesia, from Europe to North and South America. The challenges to the armed forces of free nations are staggering, even as those forces are stretched thin by the continuing fight. The Royal Navy is integral to the United Kingdom’s contribution to this struggle.
Rather, old chap. Place an aircraft carrier in the London Underground or at a tourist club in Bali, & those terrorist chaps shan't be able to recruit anyone, to say nothing of exploding one of their ruddy bombs. And submarines at the train depots in Madrid would've quashed that unpleasantness. Tally ho!
[I]t is at least unusual for a government to disarm in the middle of a war. Disarming while the fight continues can only mean one thing–Gordon Brown’s government is throwing in the towel.

But the Labour Party in England, like the Democratic Party in the United States, either does not believe their nation needs to be defended, or that it doesn’t deserve to be. In the face of the terrorist enemy, both positions serve the enemy.
No, you inane drone, no one is "disarming." The pointless military action & threats you seem to want only benefit terrorists, by increasing resentment & recruitment. The Labour Party realizes that, as terrorism is committed by civilians on civilian populations & infrastructure, perhaps the resources of the U. K. might be better used for intelligence gathering & combating the small cells that terrorists operate in, rather than steaming around the Persian Gulf or wherever, pretending it's WWII all over again. A lesson sadly lost on George W. Bush & his handlers/enablers.
Lance Thompson is a script doctor [Hollywood Insider's Note: "Script doctor" means he can't sell a script to save his life, and is reduced to turning shit into mere crap.] who has written for movies and television, and is a freelance writer and photographer for magazines and newspapers. He lives in Meridian, Idaho, with his wife and daughter and does not own a cell phone.
Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ has no truck with cell 'phones either, but we don't make a big deal of it. Chances are Lance & family live in a shack far from the nearest cell tower, & he makes his wife home-school their daughter so she doesn't get any "ideas," if you know what we mean.

And we'd be remiss if we left you w/o The New Media Journal's little disclaimer:
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