Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bombs Away!!!

RAAF F-111s @ Red Flag. Photo: M/Sgt. Kevin J. Gruenwald, USAF.
Pong Su in Sydney Harbour. Photo: ABC TV. While wandering the wasteland of LiveLeak™ (Your source for stuff blowing up!!) The Editor came across this footage of a North Korean "drug ship" being sunk by an Australian F-111. Would that Bugger™ or LiveLeak™ could get their respective shit together so embeds would work here. Further info on the event, from (WARNING: loud jet noise when site opens) reveals that the ship was set adrift & used for target practice, explaining why this wasn't a big news deal. (More video from Australian Broadcasting Company @ Requires WimpyWindows Media Player.)

Motor City MadmanHas-Been Comes Through W/ Mature Political Discourse

Randy Andy is gettin' hitched, so Just Another Blog™ figured it would be safe to look at The Daily Dish™, as there would be guests typing & probably a significant reduction in righteous moralizing (no one more zealous than a convert, as they say). We were (as we so often are) correct. Paydirt w/ the very first item, guested by hilzoy of Obsidian Wings (who gets the link). It's the confluence of art (well, crummy "rock" music) & politics. The Nuge™ (only good tune: "Stranglehold," & it's been so long since The Editor's actually heard it that the memory may be incorrect) is advocating murder again, & not his usual "death to defenseless animals" schtick:
But perhaps telling four sitting Senators, two of whom are running for President, to suck on his machine guns will transcend even their limits.
"Their limits" refers to the Wall Street Journal's opinion page, which has given The Nuge™ free rein at least twice. Do click the links; as one might imagine, the screeds are short & don't involve many polysyllabic words. Laughs & outrage guaranteed, however. And hilzoy (looking mostly to bother the WSJ's op-eds) doesn't mention that of the four Senators Mr. Crotch Rot Fever mentions, three are women, & one is of a more recent African heritage than most Americans. Interesting. (The Nuge™ also refers to an "Arnold" @ the very beginning. Just Another Blog™ would love to see Ted try to make Schwarzenegger "suck on his machine gun.")

Technical whatnot: Recorded @ The House of Blues™, Anaheim, CA, 21 August 2007. The whole clip (w/o the YouTube™ logo, just the LiveLeak™ logo) is available @ LiveLeak™, which seems to have the same problem YouTube™ used to have, that is, their fucking embeds don't embed. Of course, that could be a Blogger™ bugger.

Annals Of Pants-Pissing

Scary Mooozlims practice synchronized swimming before crossing the oceans to attack us!! Quiver in fear, mortals!!
One can't be sure (it is The Corner on National Review Online, after all) but we'll guess this guy is not joking:

But after the inevitable failure of Islamic movements to provide an adequate response to the challenge of modernity, what will Muslims embrace? The only thing left, at that point, will be the ever elusive “moderate Islam,” a new, modernity-compatible faith that retains the name of Islam but jettisons all the substance (kind of like mainline Protestantism).
But Muslims have to come to that conclusion on their own, by living under regimes that will exemplify that failure (like Iran).

E-mail Mr. Krikorian for some stock tips. He seems to be quite the prophet. And he keeps going & going. Yes, it's not just ideologies, it's The Clash of Civilizations™.
Here’s the way it will play out: When Iran’s Islamic regime finally unravels, some significant number of nominal Muslims will quickly become apostates, embracing Bahai or Zoroastrianism or Christianity (or Buddhism or even Judaism). As this becomes a more widespread and public thing, some of the many remaining fundamentalists will start beheading newly Christian school children and raping newly Zoroastrian women and blowing up newly constructed Bahai temples, intensifying the existing popular disgust with the Islamic faith and thus accelerating conversions to other


Thus there will still be hundreds of millions of Muslims, now living side by side with large new non-Muslim communities, but their Islam will be qualitatively different from anything that has gone by that name in the past. It will take a lifetime to work its way through the Islamic world, and we must do our best to ensure that relatively few of our own people are killed in the inevitable tsunami of violence that is coming, but there really isn’t any alternative.

Okey-dokey. Attempts to impose "democracy" have worked out so well, we'll be able to spread Zoroastrianism like whipped butter on a short stack. And we'll be able to do this by "separationism."

“Separationism” is the isolation of Islam from the rest of the world through military action, restrictions on immigration, and other means, presumably including a radically more aggressive search for alternative automobile fuels.

Pretty much the same thing that was being done to Iraq before the opposite was decided upon. These ninnies don't even have straws at which to grasp any more. And this sort of inanity is being spread by the magazine that fired Ann Coulter for her famous "invade their countries, kill their leaders & convert them to Christianity" statement. Now it looks like "blockade their countries, assassinate their leaders, & hope enough of them convert to something else that Islam will mellow out." Don't hold your breath.

P. S.: OKC bomber Timothy McVeigh was a Roman Catholic. Do you think we needed to "shock & awe" the Vatican? Put all those dirty fucking Bishops under surveillance? Hell, when pedophile priests were running wild (& they may still be, since the R. C. Church is so interested in keeping everything it can under wraps) there wasn't this hysteria. This is the stern, manly Daddy Party? Pants-pissing Pussy Party is more like it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

We Again Channel Larry King's Newspaper Column

On a personal note, I'm happy to announce that I've been forced to put pants & a T-shirt on over my usual attire of a pair of underpants...What passes for fall has arrived here, coincident w/ the Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom...Indeed, as this is typed @ 2342, the temperature has dropped below 70ºF for the first time in an eternity...Of course, September is the hottest month, so anything can still happen...(Ghack. Not even The Editor really gives a damn...At least he didn't use before & after pics of his sorry ass in his skivvies & w/ pants & shirt on.)...Here's a pointless fact: Europe is the only continent that does not have a desert...What about that Nicole Richie?...Only had to do 82 minutes...Is the American legal system now handing out sentences in minutes?...Could someone bring me some coffee?...Do you feel safer now than you did 20 minutes ago?...Think I'll let my belt out a little...Good thing I'm wearing suspenders...Blogger™ is now offering users the chance to post videos directly...Whatever...There's a really goofy dame on The Tonight Show W/ Jay Leno...No idea what her name is...And don't fucking care either...Stupid ditz...Heh...How much longer before people are living on the moon, huh?... They've been promising that for 50 years...But nothing yet...How safe do you feel now?...It always pays to be polite...My shoulder hurts...Someone bring me a Demerol™, would you?...Only one in four Americans read a book last year...Well, one in four of those asked...We read a couple this year...On-line...Speaking of which, I wish I had a laptop, with a wireless card, so I could read in the room with the chair made of stone...Hey, where's that goddam coffee?...I musta asked five minutes ago...What's wrong with you people, anyway?...Oh yeah, where's my flying car so I can fly to my condo on the moon?...I can't wait forever...They haven't made any good music since 1984...And most of that was crap too...Club soda is good for removing stains from something, but I can't remember what...Or what kind of stains...Thank goodness for dry cleaning...Did Starbucks© just stop making those delicious caramel Frappucinos™?...Without asking me?...Saw John (Johnny Rotten) Lydon on that clever show for the young people, Redeye, last night...It's on the Fox News Channel, so you know it's "hep"...And the host is a clever young man, for a homosexual...Although I wish he didn't share so much of his sex life with us...What's his name?...Greg something...Greg Gutfeld, that's right...A Jewish homosexual...How did he ever make it in show business?...And why doesn't John Lydon have that missing tooth replaced?...And stop dressing like a parking valet?...Hollywood has lost all its glamour...Look at that Brittany Beavers girl...Well, don't look, you might see something you didn't want to see...And that Lindsay Lolife...What's with her, anyway?...I just don't think it's funny at all...Now my neck hurts...I asked for a Demerol™ 15 minutes ago...Now it's 67ºF in here...Don't you agree, the commercials are the best thing on the television?...Ouch...I'll settle for a couple of Codeines™...Uhhmm, crotchless pantaloons...Is there anyone who doesn't like a slice of apple pie with a nice big scoop of vanilla ice cream?...I didn't think so...Is it nap time yet?...They say that dogs are man's best friend...Do you feel safer now than you did three years ago?...Na na na na hey hey...Handsome is as handsome does...Herb Caen my ass...Hey, are those Mormons wacky, or what?...If a dog is your best friend, what about cats?... And hamsters, what about them? One good turn deserves another...It must be nap time by now...Well, how 'bout a little drinkie-poo, then?...Just a little one...We give up.

More Music For Morons

  1. Sweatin' Like a Pig -- Southland Scumbagz
  2. What's That Smell? -- Hot Tuna
  3. Earth Angel -- The Abductees
  4. Blow Me, Blow My Goat -- Bottlecaps & Bongos
  5. Étude for Uke & Banjo -- Skillet & LeRoy
  6. Get Offa My Couch -- Leonard Maltin
  7. Mr. Roboto -- Styx (Tagg Romney remix, f/ Donny & Marie)
  8. Born To Be Wild -- Mike & The Hucktones
  9. There's No A/C in Hell, Sinners! -- Bible Thumpin' Bob
  10. Under The Wheel -- Retrovirus
  11. Bonus Comedy Item: Dolomite -- Rudy Ray Moore

Favicon Update

Now all of a sudden it's working again. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Dog Pile On Bloody Bill!!

Kristolcard from
Jonathan Chait calls Bill Kristol a thug @ TNR. (We can just see Billy w/ some bling, his pants hanging low, no laces in his Air Jordans & maybe a big Olde English tat on his gut reading something like: "Killa 4 Life," or, "History Will Prove Me Right.") Course he's one of those "thugs" who's always saying, "Let's you & him fight."

"The fact remains that it is today more possible than ever before to envision a future in which the Middle East and the Muslim world truly are transformed," he insisted. "For this, no one will deserve more credit than George W. Bush." Of course, this was an opinion, not a "fact." But the failure to distinguish between fact and opinion is typical of his mentality.
Then Andy jumps on the pile.
The vileness and chutzpah of the current neocon right on the war are still somewhat staggering to me. I thought better of them. I really did. But this Weimar crapola is really depressing. I guess they have nowhere else to go.
Well, what you can say about Sully? He's pulled his head out of his behind, yes, but there's still a lot of stuff to wipe off his eyes before he'll be able to fully perceive reality. Same w/ Chait, really, he has a couple of lines about "liberal hegemon," & the like (which Sullivan excerpts in his item). How could any one w/ a lick of common sense not have known what the Project For a New American Century & so on were all about? Didn't the word "American" give it all away?
Also from Sullivan, more on Weimar "crapola." And one of his readers gets on the pile as well.
And further yip-yap from TNR, w/ links all over the place.
Plus: One more from Chait. This is getting ridiculous, but we're always happy to abuse Kristol.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Virgo Activity & Info

Let us first make it absolutely clear that Just Another Blog™ has no truck w/ "astrology." It's bullshit. We post this link to "Fun Facts About Virgo" only because it is all positive (none of that "Oh, you Virgos are all a bunch of uptight, anal-retentive assholes" crap) and because today marks the birthday of two Virgos directly involved w/ this "web log," Peabody, King of the Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ Commentariat (&, oddly enough, one of The Editor's few remaining friends) & Blogger™ itself. Imagine that. And because The Editor here is also a Virgo. (Almost 54 & never been touched.) From "Fun Facts About Virgo:"
Tactile, methodical and willing to take as long as is needed, they make excellent lovers. Even though the Virgo won't express many words of love, they will show their affections in the bedroom. Virgos prefer to have a few strong connections rather than many partners.

Well ladies, there you have it. Line forms over there, take a number, please.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Loving Wife Spanking In A Christian Marriage

From the commentariat @ Tbogg, Susan of Texas linked to the Christian Domestic Discipline website. Don't get the wrong idea though:
CDD is so much more than just spanking. It is the husband loving the wife enough to guide and teach her, and the wife loving the husband enough to follow his leadership. A Christian marriage embodies true romance and a Christian man a true hero.
The discipline is unilateral, of course. It's those potentially uppity women who need guidance & teaching. And if homeschooling taught them to bake, but neglected reading, well, it's up to hubby to explain & enforce God's Law. And don't you forget it, bee-yotch!!
Of course there are Traditional Marriage Products. If you're a big fat varicose-veined pile of barely human Christianity, hubby may not want to see those shapeless legs, so get some crotchless pantaloons!!
Thanks, Susan of Texas. Thanks for making us sick, that is.

Annals Of Sportsmanship

Another anniversary. On 22 August 1965, a beat-down was administered by Giants pitcher Juan Marichal on Dodgers catcher John Roseboro. Brawling is not uncommon in baseball, but it's usually a few wild swings that don't connect, followed by the original participants being restrained as they make a lot of noise. Pro wrasslin', in other words. Not this time though.

dodger blues tells the story:
Dodger catcher John Roseboro was a clutch hitter and classy fielder, but he's remembered most for an incident in 1965, considered by many to be one of baseball's uglier moments. Juan Marichal, the San Francisco Giants pitcher, came up to bat in the third inning of a game at Candlestick Park. Marichal had hit a Dodger player earlier and a peeved Roseboro had been firing Sandy Koufax's pitches back to him just inches from Marichal's ear as he took his turn at bat.

Marichal turned around to tell Roseboro to stop and Roseboro stood up and took off his mask. Marichal saw this as a threat and immediately hit the catcher over the head with the bat twice, opening a 2-inch gash in Roseboro's head. With blood gushing down Roseboro's face, the two teams—already heated rivals battling for the NL pennant—brawled for 14 minutes. Marichal was suspended for eight games, and Roseboro later sued him for $110,000 in damages. Yet, the two men somehow became friends in the 1980s.
And from
On August 22, 1965, Marichal faced Sandy Koufax at Candlestick Park in the heat of a tight pennant race. The Giants and Dodgers had come close to a brawl two days earlier over catcher's interference calls. Los Angeles's Maury Wills had allegedly tipped Tom Haller's mitt with his bat on purpose, and Marichal's best friend, Matty Alou, retaliated by tipping John Roseboro's face mask. Roseboro nearly beaned Alou with his return throw to the mound. In the August 22 game, Marichal had flattened Wills and Ron Fairly with pitches when Roseboro purportedly asked Koufax to hit Marichal. When Koufax refused, Roseboro's return throw came close to Marichal's head. Name-calling ensued, until Roseboro suddenly ripped off his mask and stood up. Marichal rapped the catcher on the head with his bat. What followed was one of the most violent brawls in major league history. Willie Mays led away Roseboro, who had suffered a concussion, while Dodger Bob Miller tackled Marichal, Alou slugged Miller, and Tito Fuentes menaced the Dodgers with his bat. Roseboro sued Marichal, but eventually dropped the suit. Marichal was fined $1750, was suspended for a week, and missed two starts as the Giants finished two games behind the Dodgers. Years later, Marichal said, "I feel sorry that I used the bat."
Photo from Neil Leifer.
The former New York Giants & former Brooklyn Dodgers moved to California in 1958, and have continued their rivalry to this day.

Currently, they are battling for last place in the NL Western division.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

These Are Your Rights!!

John Graham Mellor, b. 21 August 1952,
d. 22 December 2002. Hard to believe he's
only 13 mos. older than The Editor of this "web log." Harder to believe he's been dead almost five yrs., & only lived 50. On the right,
in better times. Below, a memorial mural on NYC's Avenue A. At the bottom, a recognition of current SoCal weather, palm trees & backyard diving boards. L. A. always sucks 'em in.

Why We'll Be Glad To Have The Second Amendment (And Wish We Had Some RPGs & Armor, Too)

Dig this almost unbelievable, "is it a joke?" item that's already been removed from its original posting @ Family Security Matters.

By elevating popular fancy over truth, Democracy is clearly an enemy of not just truth, but duty and justice, which makes it the worst form of government. President Bush must overcome not just the situation in Iraq, but democratic government.
Note how the buffoon who wrote this capitalizes "Democracy," as if it's some sort of Democratic National Committee plot. And what's the solution? No, it's not Ann Coulter's "kill their leaders & convert them to Christianity." It's kill them all & move Americans ("the citizens of Western Civilization") to Iraq:

If President Bush copied Julius Caesar by ordering his army to empty Iraq of Arabs and repopulate the country with Americans, he would achieve immediate results: popularity with his military; enrichment of America by converting an Arabian Iraq into an American Iraq (therefore turning it from a liability to an asset); and boost American prestiege [sic] while
terrifying American enemies.

(Note: "his army.") Next he goes to on suggest that if the above is done, Bush will have the American military on his side & be able to cancel the 2008 elections & start a Pax Americana, w/ Bush in charge for as long as he wants!!! I kid you not.
It's all over the web. Just Another Blog™ got it from Sadly, No!, who found it @ Hullabaloo.
Sad personal aside: Just Another Blog™ noticed Family Security Matters several months ago, & while it was very easy to read between their lines, the opening page always presents the inner articles in a non-foaming at the keyboard way, so, alas, we didn't even put it in our extremely wacky dominionists & white supremacists bogroll [sic] which is located far down on the sidebar. Ah, if only...
UPDATE: A closer examination of the site that kindly copied the item reveals it to be a parody site, but the item itself, & Family Security Matters, are no fucking joke, as the links @ Sadly, No! & Hullabaloo to various internet cache sites will reveal. And a link to some correspondence w/ Philip Atkinson, the author of the item under discussion.

Monday, August 20, 2007

O. C. Fatwa: God, Please Kill My Left Leaning Enemies

From Thursday's L.A. Times-PicayuneFishwrapper:

Pastor asks followers to pray for his critics to die His response comes after a call to the IRS about a political endorsement he issued on church letterhead. By Dave McKibben August 16, 2007

Wiley S. Drake, a Buena Park pastor and a former national leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, called on his followers to pray for the deaths of two leaders of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The request was in response to the liberal group's urging the IRS on Tuesday to investigate Drake's church's nonprofit status because Drake endorsed former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee for president on church letterhead and during a church-affiliated Internet radio show.

Drake said Wednesday he was "simply doing what God told me to do" by targeting Americans United officials Joe Conn and Jeremy Leaming, whom he calls the enemies of God."

"God says to pray imprecatory prayer against people who attack God's church," he said. "The Bible says that if anybody attacks God's people, David said this is what will happen to them. . . . Children will become orphans and wives will become widows."

Imprecatory prayers are alternately defined as praying for someone's misfortune, or an appeal to God for justice."

Let his days be few; and let another take his office," the prayer reads. "Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow."

Conn said he was "startled" at Drake's reaction to the complaint against Drake's First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park.

"We expected him to try to defend his actions," Conn said.

"Instead he goes on spiritual blitzkrieg against us, praying for our destruction. He completely glossed over the fact that his actions are clearly a violation of federal tax law."

Drake is a long-time Orange County evangelical preacher who frequently captures the spotlight.

In the 1990s, he protested "Gay Day" at Disneyland and a 2 Live Crew concert as obscene. He also fought Buena Park city officials who tried to stop him from sheltering homeless people on church grounds.

The religion named after the "Prince of Peace" comes through again. You have to love how the pants-wetting, "they're outbreeding us," Islamo-Nazi under every bed & behind every curtain element of Wingnuttia (Element? Isn't that virtually every one of them?) thinks it's hee-lariously ironic to label Muhammadism the "Religion of Peace." Here's a clue, dipsticks: All religions are evil, because they are all lies, used to keep simpletons like yourselves under control w/o wasting money & resources on the project. Godhead is tyranny, a fatwa is a fatwa, and Christianism's lies about peace & love are no different than any crap spouted by Those Who Must Wash Their Feet to Pray. All stupid, all evil, all the damn time. Any questions?
Links to Americans United for...(second has more juicy quotes from Pastor Drake).

Two Limey Ladies Update

"History shows again & again..." The clever & cute Lily Allen.
Lily Allen pulls no punches:

Lily poured herself a shot of Jagermeister, a 70 percent proof liqueur, and raised her glass, saying: "It's the end of the weekend, you have got to have a drink. Here's to Amy Winehouse... ha!"


Lily also branded US President George Bush a "f***ing ****" during her earlier V-Festival set in Stafford on Saturday (18.08.07).

Just Another Blog™ actually likes both these dames. Sure, the music isn't terribly original, but it isn't terrible (Just Another Blog™, frankly, has little or no interest in pop/"rock" music created after, say, 1985, & finds most female vocalists to be like chalk on a blackboard). Ms. Winehouse has a fabulous voice, Ms. Allen writes snappy lyrics & when we've seen her perform on telebision we have quite enjoyed the whole poppy effect, nicely offset by her not-so-poppy lyrics.
We wish them both well, especially Ms. W., who may be taking this whole tortured artist thing too far (you're not a black woman living in America in the '30s & '40s, cool it). And we hope the assholes @ ICE chill out themselves & let Lily back in This Great Nation of Ours™.

Favicon: It's New, It's No Big Deal (UPDATED)

No actual Blogger™ Bitching (see "labels" below) this worked just fine. We've now added a "favicon," in this case a radiation trefoil,which is supposed to show up in the address bar & tabs on Idiot Exploder 7™, & on Firefox™, as well as the favorites or bookmarks. (It's working on the Just Another Blog™ devil box.) We're led to understand that Firefox only has icons in the favorites, though we're not avant-garde enough to run Firefox™ & aren't completely sure that's true, but if it is & you are a Firefox™ user, this is a convenience for you, as it will take up less space (or something). Just Another Blog™ does care. A lot. About you. (Like hell!!)
Rumor is it may show up on IE6™, if one re-favorites this blog (Who are we kidding? We'd be lucky to be in "non-favorites," were there such a thing.)
Thanks to Tbogg for cluing us in to the whole idea (he did it about three wks. ago) & Peter Chen of BLOGGER TIPS AND TRICKS, for how to actually do it. If you use what we affectionately refer to as "Bugger™," & want to mess w/ your "web log," that's the place to go.
And who knows, one of these yrs. we may start using HaloScan for comments.
UPDATE: It worked early this morning. It's not working now. So this is a question of actual "Blogger™ Bitching." Like, whatever. PoS. (Not "Point of Sale.") (20 Aug., early p. m.)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ron Paul = Traffic

While Just Another Blog™ is off the reefer (& liquor) these days, 'cept for the samples of anti-depressants given to us by doctors, we generally agree w/ Dr. Paul's (hey, of what is he a Dr., anyway?) approach to the "Drug War." Except for that crap about churches, in which the Doctor seems to place a bit too much "faith" as being useful for anything except helping impose his Social DarwinistLibertarian/religious agenda on the rest of us, or providing employment to people who in the 19th century would've been snake-oil salesmen or closet cases. We do agree the drug "problem" is a social & mental health problem, not something to be dealt w/ on a legal, "war," basis; but America's that way, if you don't understand it, or like it, KILL IT! Anyway, take a peep & listen @ the Doc in 1988 and his reasoned debate. Fatso!

Two Limey Ladies

Just Another Blog™ is not merely political snark & a poorly concealed desire to see the world come to a horrid, violent end. (And soon, too, damnit!!) As an ubane sophisticate, we're also interested in culture. Music, cinema, the fine arts. (Anything w/ a backbeat, whatever trash is on telebision, comic books.) And we're interested in the suffering of others, though no longer in a good, want to help relieve it way. Just that "we've suffered for our art, now it's your turn to suffer" way.
Without further ado, then, the travails of two of the latest Britpop (Britpop our ass! The Afro-Euopean musical synthesis that was constructed in the Americas, ripped-off by descendants of the British imperialist colonizers is more like it!) sensations. Let's start w/ Amy Winehouse:

Mitch Winehouse spent the weekend in "crisis" talks with his daughter. She was admitted to hospital last Wednesday after taking a cocktail of heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and the horse tranquilliser ketamine.
Cheezis K. Rist!!! That shit'll kill ya!! Any one of those will make you deader than an animated bug in a Raid™ commercial. (This entire item is an excuse to run these after/before pics, by the way. On the left, 2006. On the right, 2004.)
And as to the other young Limette, Lily Allen, she seems to have her health under control, but the U. S. gummint, ever alert for terrorist threats or something, lifted Lily's visa, possibly in connection w/ this event. And here's a shot of Ms. Allen, who is a bit younger &, perhaps, a bit wiser than Ms. Winehouse.
Snappy aircraft & talented, attractive, women. What a "web log!"