Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fund Raising Frolics

Corruption & criminality are the by-words of corporations worldwide. As is political fund-raising. Case in point:
Mr. Fabian, who had been one of 35 co-chairs on Mr. Romney’s national finance committee, allegedly ran up $32 million in fake purchases with his consulting company, Maximus Inc., based in northern Virginia, and pocketed the money for himself.
No piker he. $32,000,000.00! Go Romney!!

The Box Of Death

Have you been worried about the population "explosion?" Well, don't. Our wonderful species is working overtime to figure out how to kill more people, more efficiently. Everything's going to be fine. Just a few of these boxes should be able to quell any food riots, or anything else that doesn't go along w/ gov't. &/or corporate interests. And it looks as if it can all be done remotely, by an already desensitized video gamer, for example. An army of cowards. Kewl!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Somewhat Booze Themed Music List

  1. "Litter Box Blues" -- Fluffy & Midnight
  2. "Two Story House" -- Too Many Typos
  3. "I Hope That's Blood" -- The Winos
  4. "You Suck, I Hate You, Please Die" -- Tout le Monde
  5. "Fry Me a Liver" -- Bartles & Jaymes
  6. "My Heart Is a Heap of Rubble" -- Anchor Babies
  7. "No Pants Romance" -- Bad Poets
  8. "I Think I'll Have a Drink" -- The Really Bad Poets
  9. "Make That A Double" -- The Really, Really Bad Poets
  10. "Please Don't" -- Waitstaff
  11. Bonus: "Swiffer Theme" -- Blondie

Any Second Now (Quake Update)

Not too fucking "permanente," huh?
The current image @ the top of this "web log" says "Shakey Town." That's Citizens Band* argot for the greater Southern California area, which is, as most know, a hotbed of seismic activity. Just one problem: There's a large (not even the San Andreas) fault east of Los Angeles that hasn't seen much seismic activity lately. As a matter of fact, it seems to be about 300 years overdue for some activity:

"There will be several thousand dead and billions of dollars in damage," said Lucy Jones, a seismologist at the U.S. Geological Survey and a member of the California Seismic Safety Commission. She also said a devastating quake could topple buildings as far away as Los Angeles.
Just Another Blog is off to Trader Joe's to get a few bottles of inexpensive water, and to the 99¢ Only store for some canned goods. Just Another Blog™ plans to be looting, shooting & wailing as soon as it does happen. Good luck to all of you other suckers when the shit comes down.

*Whatever happened to CB radio? Did all this mobile 'phone crap put a complete end to it? Are there still people using it? Who cares?

More Mormon Madness

Elohim & his son Jesus appear to Joseph Smith, the well known con man, in the state of New York.
NRO (that's National Review Online, not the National Reconnaissance Organization) brings back to the public eye someone too far to the right even for them, one Willard Clement Skousen, who is one of Mitttens the Mormon's favorite political philosophers. (Recall if you will that George W[orst] Bush's fave was Jeebus.)
For better and for worse, Romney’s familiarity with Cleon Skousen does convincingly demonstrate that Mitt Romney is not far removed and indeed well-acquainted with a radical and firebrand conservatism — even if it is of the variety he might want to keep chained to a radiator in the attic.


According to Skousen, The Manchurian Candidate was a documentary — he earnestly believed Communists sought to create “a regimented breed of Pavlovian men whose minds could be triggered into immediate action by signals from their masters.”
Perhaps ol' "Double Gitmo" is a Mormon Manchurian Candidate of some sort. One can never tell w/ cult members. If they were stupid enough to join, or, if born into it, so stupid they didn't leave, one can't tell what sort of foolishness they'll get into. (The Mormon Curtain has some good stuff.)

Mittens' idea of public service for his personal Osmond Family of five Romney brothers is that rather than enlisting, they're doing quite the public service by helping him run. (See Tbogg for the full poop.)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

QUAKE!!! Update

4.5 on the Richter, centered in Chatsworth, pictures fell from walls in that area. Nothing at all, really. But the EF2 tornado (winds 111-135 mph) in Brooklyn & Staten Island, NY, that's something.


00:59: Earthquake in SoCal!!!! No biggie though, nothing even fell down. Woke the cat, however.

1959 Newsreel

What a world it was!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Uh-Oh, The Children Are Our Future

The current generation of Republican leaders have been busily raping our economy, our treasury, and our armed forces. Now the next generation of Republicans (the young ones) are busy actually raping people. From The Cleveland Plain Dealer:
The former head of the Michigan Federation of Young Republicans admitted today that he sexually abused a colleague during a national convention here last summer.
And from The Evening News and Tribune (Jeffersonville, Indiana):
However, the Clark County Sheriff’s Department on Friday began investigating Murphy for alleged criminal deviate conduct — potentially a class B felony — after speaking with a 22-year-old man who claimed that on July 31, Murphy performed an unwanted sex act on him while the man slept in a relative’s Jeffersonville home.
These two stories are, of course, making the rounds of the innertubes, though Just Another Blog™ has yet to see them both in the same item. Further links to the stories: Cleveland Leader, DailyKos, Sadly, No!, Tbogg, Wonkette. Update: From The Divine Mr. M., a link to a long list of (Republican) depravity. (Updated early evening 8 Aug '07.)

Tuesday Is Goateed Toad Day

Mr. McBulbous, post-weight gain, pre-goatee.
Here @ The House of Bouffant, we're always excited when Tuesday rolls around again (Gawd!! Will it ever stop? One day, then another, then...) because it's Jonah Goldberg Day on the L. A. Times Op-Ed page. Today, after ranting about "self-esteem," we find this paragraph from Mr. McGoatface (BTW, the picture of ol' Doughy on the Fishwrapper's website must be a minimum of five yrs. old.):
Another result is that the generation taught to share and care beyond all precedent has become the most singularly concerned in history with making a buck. A recent UCLA study found that nearly 75% of freshmen think that it's important to be rich, compared with 62.5% in 1980 and 42% in 1966.
Here's a clue for you, Jonah, you ignoramus: The reason so many frosh think being "rich" is important is that by the time most of them are fully in the working world there won't be a middle class for them to be part of. There'll be those who have money, & those reduced to serving the wealthy, probably in a sort of indentured servitude, or maybe just a "you work your ass off 16 hours a day and we'll give you board & room" deal. Hey, it's all about the free market, right, Pantload?
P. S.: Scott C. @ World O' Crap, as is his wont, takes down the rest of Doughbob's column @ a length Just Another Blog's™ ADD-afflicted mind can't handle.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Big Lie (x2)

Image from one-time acquaintance Ruben's Rock City News.
Bush lies, but few call him on it. And Cheney speaks w/ forked tongue. No surprises here, but a reminder never hurts.

Meet The New Boss, Etc.

From the Carpetbagger Report, concerning advisers to the Party of Religion's™ crop of crummy candidates:
For one thing, they help shape the candidates’ worldviews (particularly among the Republicans’ top tier, made up of men who lack ideas and principles of their own).

Logest Serving Anchor In History Of Television News Passes

Hal Fishman, who'd been anchoring KTLA Channel 5's 10:00 p. m. news since 1975 (just after Just Another Blog™ dragged its sorry behind to town) died early this a. m., after being diagnosed w/ colon cancer just last week. Although the television news bidness has changed significantly (for the worse) in the years Mr. Fishman was an anchor, he was pretty much a non-bullshit guy, and will be missed. He was also quite the aviator, holding several records for various flight achievements. (And he had an excellent rughairpiece. Took us years to realize it was a piece.) If you give a damn, there's more @ the Times site, & Franklin Avenue. (Check out the Joel Stein item just under the Fishman one @ Franklin Avenue too.)

More Local "Riot" Action

As mentioned before, Just Another Blog™ missed all the fun of the "Riot" on the Strip in 1966. The local fishwrapper runs a "Then & Now" column each Sunday, which (no doubt also inspired by the Domenic Priore book) recapped the events last Sunday.
It's unclear from Times files whether Pandora's Box or other clubs had been closed by the time the protests began. But young rock fans interpreted efforts to enforce curfew and loitering laws as an infringement on their civil rights.
Sadly, there are several photos in the print edition that are not available in the web version. Also sad that the "Times files" aren't clear as to whether the clubs were closed prior to all the fun. But that's the newspaper game. And the Times of the '60s was far from the alleged bastion of "liberal bias" that retarded righties claim it to be today.

Annals Of Capitalism

Thinking of asking that shitheel who enslaves you for a raise? Maybe you should think twice. This is America, after all. Your "rights" end @ the boss's wallet.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Atomic Anniversary

Click to see how the U. S. Army Signal Corps told the story in 1946. Reuters covers the Ground Zero ceremony.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gött Mit Uns (Still)

TNR has more on sniping among the Party of Religion© & its worshippers:
Such divinely inspired whispering may not be enough to dramatically alter the landscape. But these guys are short on options. And at least the strategy makes for entertaining politics, as the rest of us sit back and watch the party of moral purity kneecap its own candidates in the name of God.
As previously discussed here, in this very "web log."


This reporter doesn't have the time to wander YouTube looking for prostitutes. Fortunately TNR bloggers seem to have the time.

Norma Jeane Mortenson 1926-1962

Of course it's an excuse to show the beauty of the female humanoid form. (Nipples.) Paris has been lying low lately, & no one wants to see any more of Britney, so it's representations of Marilyn Monroe. The excuse is the 45th anniversary of her unfortunate death (Kennedys?) at the age of 36. News footage. Audio.
From beyond the grave: "I'm more than my nipples, you stupid jerk!!"