Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today's Republican Party

A polling company looks @ Republicans. It's a 92 pg. PDF, & it's pretty damned interesting. There's a general comparison between 1997 & 2007. Today's party is 41% 55 & over, 40% 35-54. In 1997 it was 28% 55 & over , 44% 35-54, & 25% 18-34. Current 18-34s are 17%. 63% are now 45 & over. And 93%'s "main racial background" is given as "white." Just Another Blog™ may not be alive to see it, but these people are going the way of the bison. Ta-ta, suckers.
How many nation-wide identify themselves as Republicans and how many as Democrats? Look it up yourself. We can't do everything for you. And remember, there's only a dime's worth of difference between the two parties.
(Again, photo is for illustrative purposes only. The couple depicted may well be decent human beings, and not Republicans at all. And Just Another Blog™ wishes them a long, happy & full retirement.)

Web Log Hygeine

A personal note: It is so fucking humid & hot here in SoCal that Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™, well known as a melancholic who spends every waking hour in an armchair absorbing deadly gamma radiation from the television set & the computer's CRT (except for running out to the Liquor Mart for Camel™ non-filters & the L. A. FishwrapperTimes) is actually contemplating taking a shower for the second consecutive day. Damn, that should shake things up in the blog-o-sneer!

More On Rove (& Bush)

Jonathan Chait, @ TNR, defends hating Bush:
When I wrote an article several years ago defending Bush hatred, numerous conservative critics were incredulous that I could find the man personally distasteful. Everybody knows Bush is a great guy! This just showed what a crazy liberal I was! But Bush isn't a great guy. He's a jerk.
Read the whole thing, which has a paragraph from an Atlantic story about Rove.

Tuesday Is Fish In A Barrel Day

Legacy employee Jonah Goldberg's regular Tuesday column in the local Chicago-owned fishwrapper is again upon us, as the calendar continues its inexorable move to the end of all things. Today's typing is very up to date, a mess of : "Karl Rove should have gotten out when he was on top" platitudes, seasoned w/ the usual snide little cracks at anyone to the left of Attila the Hun. Take a deep breath, 'cause here we go:

Rove is not a bloody-minded invader or a dictator with scant regard for civil liberties -- though you might think otherwise if you get all of your news from left-wing blogs.
Well, no. He just enabled a bloody-minded invader & would-be dictator. Nothing wrong w/ that. We would've tried Hitler if he hadn't killed himself, but we let all the other Nazis off.

Bush traded his political capital for the magic beans of Social Security reform, but the ground was too frozen for the seeds to take hold.
"Magic beans" don't work, no matter what shape the ground is in, or how much fertilizer you dump on them. And there was a lot of fertilizer dumped on those beans.
Bush's two most important domestic accomplishments in the second term have been the appointments of John G. Roberts Jr. and Samuel Alito Jr. to the U.S. Supreme Court. But even these masterstrokes ran at least partly against the first instincts of Bush and Rove. If they'd had their druthers, Miers and Alberto Gonzales would be on the court today -- a calamity from which neither the republic nor the Republican Party would soon have recovered.
Sad but true. Other than, perhaps, the inevitable legion of homeless, crazed veterans of the Iraq "project," as Jonah refers to it, the two shitheels Bush has gotten on the SCOTUS are probably the greatest harm Bush/Rove have done to the country. (Though let's not forget the national debt.) Oh, if only Miers & Fredo had gotten on the Court. Probably wouldn't have been confirmed, even by a Republican Senate, but the hearings alone would have been comedy gold.

Rove engineered Bush's victory in 2000 by promising a different kind of Republican, a.k.a. a "compassionate conservative." That meant generally staying mute on racial issues, luring Latinos into the GOP fold by any means necessary and advocating federal activism on everything from single motherhood to education.
But the central point remains: Rove's strategic vision involved securing a Republican victory at the expense of conservative principles.
Well, that's a relief. Now we'll see a return to the age old, time tested conservative principles of race baiting, more race baiting, public stoning of single mothers and de-funding of public schools.

Partisan victories are nice, but they aren't an end in themselves.
Unless you're a member of 1984's Inner Party, where power is the only end.

The net-root "fighting Dems" who care about partisan victory above all else are in many respects the children of Karl Rove.
Uh-huh. Let's see, there are two parties, one of which has started & lost an illegal occupation, lost an American city, and misplaced civil rights & those "liberties" to which they pay so much lip service, and there's a party that really is only a "dime's worth of difference" from the other one, but even that 10¢ may prove the difference between a fascist nightmare of terrorism paranoia & authoritarian assholery (Giuliani/Mittens) but it's all partisan lust for power, not concern for the nation or even "liberal" values. They call it projection, Jonah.
Bonus Awkward Phrase: "...a man remembered as one of the great political master-tacticians of the last half a century." Try it this way: "...one of the great political tacticians of the last half century." Or even "...last 50 years."
Get a copy of Strunk & White, DoughBob, or do you get paid by the word?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Closed Due To Heat Prostration

The only sensible thing to do in climates (& upper floor, no A/C apartments) like these (over 100ºF in the Valley) is sleep all day. So don't expect any further items until much later this evening. Oh, no one's expecting anything? Well, that's a relief. We can sleep the sleep of the righteous then. Bonne nuit!

The Divine Ms. A.'s Vortex Draws Zippy In

August is the cruelest month, as there is little or nothing on television, and even the blog-o-sphere seems to be running a little slowly. So Saturday night we wandered lonely as a whatever it is (cloud?) ending up @, among other dives, Clownhall.com (which explains the early Sunday morning items, & the one two items down) & bottle blond Ann's eponymous site, secretly wishing she'd typed something so inane or ridiculous that Just Another Blog™ could call her on it & start a "blogwar" to attract some attention to this "web log." No such luck. And the continuing lack of interesting material led us to catch up on our on-line comics reading, leading to this:
which only made us think of the Divine Ms. A. & her breast/Clinton & onion ring/Clinton & Sen. Clinton's breasts fixations.
And here's a shot of Ms. Althouse, from her flickr account.

Lolhouse by a Sadly, No! commenter whose name we forget, but it's on flickr somewhere, we just couldn't find it again. Kthxbai!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Comics Humour

Wretched older people: click to make legible.
Just Another Blog™ has no rational explanation, but the above strip made us laff. Maybe it's the clown costume (esp. the fake feet). Would it have been as funny if Beetle were just in khakis & a polo shirt? Is there a subtle "clowns in the army" comment here? Or are we just idiots?

Hah. Hah. Hah.

Wow, there is more moving crap @ Clownhall than in a dog kennel where there's an epidemic of tapeworms. Just Another Blog™ should really leave the pseudo-semi-progressive blog-o-sphere more often. It's an enlightening experience. Does this guy write for Fox News's The Half-Hour News Hour? Or Redeye?

Fun W/ Flushing

The anal retentives @ Townhall won't allow this to be embedded, so you'll have to click. Better to watch than to read this sort of thing.
The person who "flushed" the qu'rans in question didn't buy them in the religious section of the local corporate bookstore chain. He stole two qu'rans from a meditation room @ Pace University (imagine the screeching about "private property," etc., if Ms. Ham's purse had been stolen & its contents dumped in a toilet) & dropped them in toilets @ the school. He's been charged w/ criminal mischief & aggravated harassment.
Don't believe everything you watch.
Not that Just Another Blog™ has any respect for religion, or religious people, or their lying books & stupid symbols. Hell, if we ever have spending money again, it'd be hilarious to flush bibles, qu'rans, bagavad-ghitas & any other "holy" books down the toilets of their respective institutions. A little performance art. But we'll bring our own, thank you, we're not going to steal them.

P. S.: The RW loved this. Found at least four Photoshop™ jobs of a qu'ran in a toilet, from various blogs.

Bush Plan/Doctrine Explained By Clownhall™ Commenter (Someone Had To Do It)

In the comments @ a website referred to by some as Clownhall™, what Bush is up to is (finally) explained:

NemoParticularis writes:
Wednesday, August, 08, 2007 11:02 AM

Here's the Plan, Warrior

Warrior writes: “There may be a magic formula out there somewhere that will cool this whole Jihad by the Muslims but I cannot see it.”

That we would have to destroy Islam before it
destroys us is complicated by the fact that the enemy is a religion with over a BILLION adherents. Two and only two options have a chance of succeeding:

(1) Commence a world-wide conflict of breath-taking intensity and destruction, effectively engaging in genocide to completely destroy Islam. This is obviously unacceptable.

(2) Infect the Muslim world with ideas that take hold, grow over time, weaken it from within and eventually destroy it. This was the approach the Bush administration chose.

a. Infect the enemy with prosperity and democracy. All human beings want to prosper in freedom and share their prosperity with their progeny. Materialism numbs religious fervor and eventually extinguishes it. What prosperity has done to Christianity in the U.S. and in Europe it will do to Islam in less time.

b. Locate a suitable injection point. In this case, it was Iraq. Saddam Hussein was the perfect fall guy and manufacturing a casus belli against him was a cinch. WMD? Human rights violations? Who cares? We needed an excuse for war and we found one.

c. Establish a beach head through military occupation. Squash all internecine conflict long enough to ensure that the population not only tastes the fruit of freedom and prosperity, but actually ingests it and digests it in plentiful quantities. Once it enters their collective system it will do its own insidious work.

d. Nurture the virus. People in other Muslim nations will and want the same for themselves. Eventually, the infection will spread throughout the throughout the Islamic world; in time Islam will wither on the vine just like Christianity. That’s the plan.
And quite a plan it is. So, W.'s foreign policy is to create (or "infect") a prosperous middle-class in nations w/o one, leading to more democracy & less religious fanaticism, while his domestic policy is to eliminate the middle-class, reduce democracy & increase religious fanaticism. (All while spending billions for rebuilding "there," but not a penny for infrastructure upkeep "here.") And Mr. Bush's domestic plan does seem to working as intended. What a shame his foreign policy hasn't been planned & executed as well as the war at home.
( Images added for illustrative purposes .)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fund Raising Frolics

Corruption & criminality are the by-words of corporations worldwide. As is political fund-raising. Case in point:
Mr. Fabian, who had been one of 35 co-chairs on Mr. Romney’s national finance committee, allegedly ran up $32 million in fake purchases with his consulting company, Maximus Inc., based in northern Virginia, and pocketed the money for himself.
No piker he. $32,000,000.00! Go Romney!!

The Box Of Death

Have you been worried about the population "explosion?" Well, don't. Our wonderful species is working overtime to figure out how to kill more people, more efficiently. Everything's going to be fine. Just a few of these boxes should be able to quell any food riots, or anything else that doesn't go along w/ gov't. &/or corporate interests. And it looks as if it can all be done remotely, by an already desensitized video gamer, for example. An army of cowards. Kewl!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Somewhat Booze Themed Music List

  1. "Litter Box Blues" -- Fluffy & Midnight
  2. "Two Story House" -- Too Many Typos
  3. "I Hope That's Blood" -- The Winos
  4. "You Suck, I Hate You, Please Die" -- Tout le Monde
  5. "Fry Me a Liver" -- Bartles & Jaymes
  6. "My Heart Is a Heap of Rubble" -- Anchor Babies
  7. "No Pants Romance" -- Bad Poets
  8. "I Think I'll Have a Drink" -- The Really Bad Poets
  9. "Make That A Double" -- The Really, Really Bad Poets
  10. "Please Don't" -- Waitstaff
  11. Bonus: "Swiffer Theme" -- Blondie

Any Second Now (Quake Update)

Not too fucking "permanente," huh?
The current image @ the top of this "web log" says "Shakey Town." That's Citizens Band* argot for the greater Southern California area, which is, as most know, a hotbed of seismic activity. Just one problem: There's a large (not even the San Andreas) fault east of Los Angeles that hasn't seen much seismic activity lately. As a matter of fact, it seems to be about 300 years overdue for some activity:

"There will be several thousand dead and billions of dollars in damage," said Lucy Jones, a seismologist at the U.S. Geological Survey and a member of the California Seismic Safety Commission. She also said a devastating quake could topple buildings as far away as Los Angeles.
Just Another Blog is off to Trader Joe's to get a few bottles of inexpensive water, and to the 99¢ Only store for some canned goods. Just Another Blog™ plans to be looting, shooting & wailing as soon as it does happen. Good luck to all of you other suckers when the shit comes down.

*Whatever happened to CB radio? Did all this mobile 'phone crap put a complete end to it? Are there still people using it? Who cares?

More Mormon Madness

Elohim & his son Jesus appear to Joseph Smith, the well known con man, in the state of New York.
NRO (that's National Review Online, not the National Reconnaissance Organization) brings back to the public eye someone too far to the right even for them, one Willard Clement Skousen, who is one of Mitttens the Mormon's favorite political philosophers. (Recall if you will that George W[orst] Bush's fave was Jeebus.)
For better and for worse, Romney’s familiarity with Cleon Skousen does convincingly demonstrate that Mitt Romney is not far removed and indeed well-acquainted with a radical and firebrand conservatism — even if it is of the variety he might want to keep chained to a radiator in the attic.


According to Skousen, The Manchurian Candidate was a documentary — he earnestly believed Communists sought to create “a regimented breed of Pavlovian men whose minds could be triggered into immediate action by signals from their masters.”
Perhaps ol' "Double Gitmo" is a Mormon Manchurian Candidate of some sort. One can never tell w/ cult members. If they were stupid enough to join, or, if born into it, so stupid they didn't leave, one can't tell what sort of foolishness they'll get into. (The Mormon Curtain has some good stuff.)

Mittens' idea of public service for his personal Osmond Family of five Romney brothers is that rather than enlisting, they're doing quite the public service by helping him run. (See Tbogg for the full poop.)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

QUAKE!!! Update

4.5 on the Richter, centered in Chatsworth, pictures fell from walls in that area. Nothing at all, really. But the EF2 tornado (winds 111-135 mph) in Brooklyn & Staten Island, NY, that's something.


00:59: Earthquake in SoCal!!!! No biggie though, nothing even fell down. Woke the cat, however.

1959 Newsreel

What a world it was!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Uh-Oh, The Children Are Our Future

The current generation of Republican leaders have been busily raping our economy, our treasury, and our armed forces. Now the next generation of Republicans (the young ones) are busy actually raping people. From The Cleveland Plain Dealer:
The former head of the Michigan Federation of Young Republicans admitted today that he sexually abused a colleague during a national convention here last summer.
And from The Evening News and Tribune (Jeffersonville, Indiana):
However, the Clark County Sheriff’s Department on Friday began investigating Murphy for alleged criminal deviate conduct — potentially a class B felony — after speaking with a 22-year-old man who claimed that on July 31, Murphy performed an unwanted sex act on him while the man slept in a relative’s Jeffersonville home.
These two stories are, of course, making the rounds of the innertubes, though Just Another Blog™ has yet to see them both in the same item. Further links to the stories: Cleveland Leader, DailyKos, Sadly, No!, Tbogg, Wonkette. Update: From The Divine Mr. M., a link to a long list of (Republican) depravity. (Updated early evening 8 Aug '07.)

Tuesday Is Goateed Toad Day

Mr. McBulbous, post-weight gain, pre-goatee.
Here @ The House of Bouffant, we're always excited when Tuesday rolls around again (Gawd!! Will it ever stop? One day, then another, then...) because it's Jonah Goldberg Day on the L. A. Times Op-Ed page. Today, after ranting about "self-esteem," we find this paragraph from Mr. McGoatface (BTW, the picture of ol' Doughy on the Fishwrapper's website must be a minimum of five yrs. old.):
Another result is that the generation taught to share and care beyond all precedent has become the most singularly concerned in history with making a buck. A recent UCLA study found that nearly 75% of freshmen think that it's important to be rich, compared with 62.5% in 1980 and 42% in 1966.
Here's a clue for you, Jonah, you ignoramus: The reason so many frosh think being "rich" is important is that by the time most of them are fully in the working world there won't be a middle class for them to be part of. There'll be those who have money, & those reduced to serving the wealthy, probably in a sort of indentured servitude, or maybe just a "you work your ass off 16 hours a day and we'll give you board & room" deal. Hey, it's all about the free market, right, Pantload?
P. S.: Scott C. @ World O' Crap, as is his wont, takes down the rest of Doughbob's column @ a length Just Another Blog's™ ADD-afflicted mind can't handle.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Big Lie (x2)

Image from one-time acquaintance Ruben's Rock City News.
Bush lies, but few call him on it. And Cheney speaks w/ forked tongue. No surprises here, but a reminder never hurts.

Meet The New Boss, Etc.

From the Carpetbagger Report, concerning advisers to the Party of Religion's™ crop of crummy candidates:
For one thing, they help shape the candidates’ worldviews (particularly among the Republicans’ top tier, made up of men who lack ideas and principles of their own).

Logest Serving Anchor In History Of Television News Passes

Hal Fishman, who'd been anchoring KTLA Channel 5's 10:00 p. m. news since 1975 (just after Just Another Blog™ dragged its sorry behind to town) died early this a. m., after being diagnosed w/ colon cancer just last week. Although the television news bidness has changed significantly (for the worse) in the years Mr. Fishman was an anchor, he was pretty much a non-bullshit guy, and will be missed. He was also quite the aviator, holding several records for various flight achievements. (And he had an excellent rughairpiece. Took us years to realize it was a piece.) If you give a damn, there's more @ the Times site, & Franklin Avenue. (Check out the Joel Stein item just under the Fishman one @ Franklin Avenue too.)

More Local "Riot" Action

As mentioned before, Just Another Blog™ missed all the fun of the "Riot" on the Strip in 1966. The local fishwrapper runs a "Then & Now" column each Sunday, which (no doubt also inspired by the Domenic Priore book) recapped the events last Sunday.
It's unclear from Times files whether Pandora's Box or other clubs had been closed by the time the protests began. But young rock fans interpreted efforts to enforce curfew and loitering laws as an infringement on their civil rights.
Sadly, there are several photos in the print edition that are not available in the web version. Also sad that the "Times files" aren't clear as to whether the clubs were closed prior to all the fun. But that's the newspaper game. And the Times of the '60s was far from the alleged bastion of "liberal bias" that retarded righties claim it to be today.

Annals Of Capitalism

Thinking of asking that shitheel who enslaves you for a raise? Maybe you should think twice. This is America, after all. Your "rights" end @ the boss's wallet.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Atomic Anniversary

Click to see how the U. S. Army Signal Corps told the story in 1946. Reuters covers the Ground Zero ceremony.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gött Mit Uns (Still)

TNR has more on sniping among the Party of Religion© & its worshippers:
Such divinely inspired whispering may not be enough to dramatically alter the landscape. But these guys are short on options. And at least the strategy makes for entertaining politics, as the rest of us sit back and watch the party of moral purity kneecap its own candidates in the name of God.
As previously discussed here, in this very "web log."


This reporter doesn't have the time to wander YouTube looking for prostitutes. Fortunately TNR bloggers seem to have the time.

Norma Jeane Mortenson 1926-1962

Of course it's an excuse to show the beauty of the female humanoid form. (Nipples.) Paris has been lying low lately, & no one wants to see any more of Britney, so it's representations of Marilyn Monroe. The excuse is the 45th anniversary of her unfortunate death (Kennedys?) at the age of 36. News footage. Audio.
From beyond the grave: "I'm more than my nipples, you stupid jerk!!"

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Why Just Another Blog™ Enjoys The Comics Curmudgeon So Much

Click for legibility. Shoe takes a break from its recent obsession with death and regret and death to offer something a little lighter: old drunks with diarrhea.
©2007 Joshua Fruhlinger

Friday, August 3, 2007

Dep't. Of Buffoonery (Semi-Literate Div.)

In the never ending search for idiocy, Just Another Blog™ has found yet another loser. Note this paragraph, from a post entitled "The Politics Of Fear" (Yes, the unintentional irony begins in the title.):

Unfortunately the Socialists are winning. They keep our county [sic] polarized and off balance by incrementally taking over our media and schools. They fight to maintain our self-destructive entitlement programs and encourage their expansion by herding in the Mexican invasion and keeping our schools poor. They develop anti-war movements all over the world, consciously siding with the enemy of the Free-Market West, encouraging appeasement and waiting for the aftermath of chaos. Once their puppets are firmly in positions of power and in control of the world’s strongest military they will execute a sinister plot to wipe out the one last evil religion: Islam.
Huh? WTF? Read that last sentence again. The "Socialists" want to wipe out Islam? Just Another Blog™ doesn't know who Jeffers M. Dodge is, but we know what he is: an idiot. His explanation of climate change? Right here:

The Liberal concepts of Global Warming uses a false premise that declares that the debris of man is absolutely causing the spots on the sun, which in turn is creating the warming of the earth, while ignoring the fact the debris is a residue of fossil fuel that is firing the engines of human existence. What’s more, the Right is just now realizing that the dollars we spend on fossil fuel is funding the most destructive enemy on earth.
Let's get this straight. The "debris of man" is causing sun spots, "in turn...creating the warming of the earth." At the same time "ignoring the fact the debris is a residue of fossil fuel that is firing the engines of human existence." Not greenhouse gases, no, "the debris of man" is somehow drifting 93 million miles to the sun, where it is causing sunspots which are "creating the warming of the earth." And he's "just now realizing that the dollars we spend on fossil fuel is [sic] funding the most destructive enemy on earth." With a bit taken off the top by middle-man Big Oil for campaign donations, outrageous profits & the like.
This transcends mere ignorance & stupidity. Here's a suggestion, before you type one more fucking word, you patriotic, family & faith fuckhead: Learn to write (you know, make your verbs & subjects agree, determine what should & shouldn't be capitalized, pick the correct words, not ones that sort of mean the same thing, etc.) then learn something/anything about science, or at least the posited reasons for climate change.
And one more paragraph from Mr. Dodge:

So in essence this is a battle between Socialism and Free Market Capitalism, the difference between a godless ideology and a system dependant on family, faith and patriotism.
Oh yes indeedy, that ol' "Free Market Capitalism" is nothing but dependant on family (uses "family" to hold workers hostage, for fear they won't be able to feed, clothe, & shelter said family) faith (assures workers they'll get theirs in the next world, so shut up in this one) & patriotism (exemplified by multi-national corporations using off-shore tax dodges).
Just Another Blog™ assumes that, since Mr. Dodge's most recent post is dated 7 April '07, someone may have brought his deficiencies to his attention & he's taking a refresher course in English composition at a local middle school. (Might try a web design course while you're at it, Mr. Music Business Multimedia Maven.)


Image from paleo.cc.
From the CSM:

"Folks, there is no such thing as what you call evolution. If there was, it would be in the Holy Bible or the Koran," added Oktar, dressed in an ivory-white raw silk suit and wearing gold cufflinks and a matching gold belt buckle with Arabic inscriptions on them.
Unlike fundamentalist Christian creationists, Oktar does not claim the earth was created only a few thousand years ago. Instead, he argues that fossils show that creatures from millions of years ago looked just like the creatures of today, thus disproving evolution.
In Turkey, Oktar and his books certainly appear to be having an impact. When Science magazine conducted a survey of 34 countries last August, Turkey had the second-lowest acceptance rate of the theory of evolution (the United States had the lowest).
"We are going to fall behind the modern countries in terms of development, economy, culture. Everything."

The reference is to Turkey, not the U. S., in case you weren't sure.
From The Scotsman:

Kevin Padian, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Berkeley, who, like colleagues there, found a copy in his mailbox, said people who had received copies were "just astounded at its size and production values and equally astonished at what a load of crap it is."
How long until al-Qaeda is funding/organizing American abortion clinic bombings, attacks on biology dep'ts, etc.?

They Don't Call This Music

Random picks from the Pile of Randomness: "Download Mama (How Come You So Fine?)" -- Dick C. & Karen "One More Chance" -- The MiniVans "Summer Love" -- Debbie Boone "Where Were We When?" -- Pajama Party "Certifiable" -- Polka Fred "Hey! I Was Watching That" -- Terrible Hater "Evil Sister" -- Misbegotten Jackals "Retard Rumble" -- Spuzette Jr. 7 "Atomic Dog" -- Ron Mexico "Tears Began to Fall" -- Junior Mintz (Not Really a) Bonus Track: "Secretary Hump" -- The Mentors

A Stupid Question

From the Chicago Sun-Times, discussing YearlyKos:

Why do liberals thrive in the blogosphere but not on talk radio, where the right wing reigns? "It takes a lot of money" to start a broadcast, said DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. "People like me were able to start the DailyKos with $50."

Here's another answer: The Right is composed of barely-literate authoritarians who will follow any stern figure, and are best communicated to orally, whereas Leftists are literate, capable of dissent, and not inclined to accept conventional wisdom broadcast to them. (Generally.)

New Toy

Here. Or here, who got it from here, via here. But it looks like this was the first place to find it in the chain that lead to Just Another Blog™.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hey, Maybe We Really Should Have A War

From Al Bawaba:
Iran's Air Force Commander: Enenmy [sic] can't attack
Posted: 02-08-2007 , 15:02 GMT
Enemy is by no means able to launch military attack against Iran, Air Force Commander Brigadier General pilot Ahmad Miqani said on Thursday. Addressing a ceremony to mark graduation of a number of officers in an air base, the commander highlighted Iran's military strength in the region.

"Relying on efforts made by its young experts, the Air Force of the Armed Forces has made remarkable achievements in various fields and this has resulted in promoting Iran's authority inside and outside the region," the commander was quoted as saying by IRNA.

As for the threats made against Iran by certain countries, the commander said, "Such threats have been always made against the country but the question is why they have never been carried out?," Miqani asked.
© 2007 Al Bawaba (
Yeah, bring it on, cowardly American Pig Dogs!!

NB: Photo above from Al Bawaba, identified as "Iran Warplane." To this jaded observer, it looks like an F-4 Phantom II. (Specifically, one of the variants McDonnell-Douglas sold to the Shah, which makes it, at minimum, 30 yrs. old.)

The Prince's PR Luncheon In Washington

A guy edited by a guy w/ an ugly caricature (Is it trying to grow itself a 'stache?) goes to a lunch w/ the life model for Simon Bar-Sinister, who pimps his book and decries the media (don't we all?):
[N]o one covers the day-to-day happenings on the floor of the House and Senate.
Except C-SPANs 1 & 2. What truly happens on the floors of the Congress anyway? Isn't all the action in the committees & cloakrooms, if not on fabled "K" Street?But enough, let's get to the election predictions, fantasies, etc.

Now that Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson form the Republican top tier, Novak was reluctant to make a prediction--but he did say that if he was forced to bet, he'd bet on Thompson.


[W]hile some Republicans seem convinced that the party needs another electoral beating to come back stronger after 2008, "things don't always work that way." He expressed tremendous concern about the possible expansion of government under a second President Clinton, working with Democratic majorities in Congress.

And who would he like to see as president? He expressed a fondness for Ron Paul.
"Can you imagine what he'd do about the UN?"

Oh, imagine. We're getting a little squishy right now. That U. N.! If 'n the Pope ain't runnin' it, tain't fer shit, eh Bob?

Ten Years After

Ten yrs. to the day since the guy on the left (w/ glasses) croaked.
Photo: Gerard Malanga, The Nova Convention, 1978.
William S. Burroughs, Jr., was sent to the boarding school for bad rich boys in Los Alamos, NM, that became the top secret installation where the atomic bomb was developed. He wrote some books, one of which, Naked Lunch, is in the hand of the guy on the right up there, along w/ a Winston. He developed the literary use of the "cut & paste" concept. He was not a very good shot. His son predeceased him. His first novel, Junkie, was published under a pseudonym. And various other one-line factoids. Just an excuse to run this photo, really. Two giants of culcha, both Americans, both dead as door nails.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This Coming Friday Is Hawaiian Shirt Day

Ripley @ The Zen Cabin applies for a job @ KBR. Some of the working conditions:
You can expect to see a lot of mice, rats, snakes (cobras), scorpions, ticks, sand fleas, and camel spiders in the camp and living quarters.
The camps or bases can be potentially dangerous. (example: random gun fire, rocket propelled grenades, mortar rounds and land mines)

If there is a Biological or Chemical attack and you are a casualty your body will be CREMATED and sent home.

Click & scroll on down to "Friday is Hawaiian shirt day."

Bridge Photo Update

Photo: St. Paul Pioneer Press/Brandi Jade Thomas
Visit this flickr pg. for civilian shots almost as it happened.

Infrastructure Collapses Nationwide: Domestic Political Terrorism

Photo: AP
Steampipes exploding, bridges collapsing, the nation's infrastructure is coming to resemble its political condition:
In March 2001, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) issued a “Report Card for America's Infrastructure,” grading 12 infrastructure categories at a disappointing D+ overall, and estimating the need for a $1.3 trillion investment to bring conditions to acceptable levels. In September 2003, ASCE released a Progress Report that examined trends and assessed the progress and decline of the nation’s infrastructure. The Progress Report, prepared by a panel of 20 eminent civil engineers with expertise in a range of practice specialties, examined 12 major categories of infrastructure. The report concluded: “The condition of our nation's roads, bridges, drinking water systems and other public works have shown little improvement since they were graded an overall D+ in 2001, with some areas sliding toward failing grade.”*
And why shouldn't it, as the infrastructural meltdown is the result of a political structure that allows suburban scumbags to vote down taxes, bonds, appropriations or anything else that might contribute to the common good, and politicians (what an interesting coincidence this bill was introduced today) unable to convince said suburban scumbags to contribute to the common good.(While allowing President Bush to piss away what will soon amount to a trillion dollars US in the socio-politico-religio-econo-military quagmire that is Iraq.)

*American Society of Civil Engineers, “What can happen if America fails to invest in its infrastructure? Anything,” news release (4 September 2003).

Gött mit uns

The Party of Religion©, all of whom worship the very same "one true god" have started the sniping. Of course w/ Catholic Rudy & Mormon Mittens both doing better than the two also-rans Brownback & Huckleberryabee, it may safely be predicted that the fun is just starting.

The East Is Red, Pt. II(a)

From the heart of the Heartland, The Family Table restaurant in Osceola (Iowa's part of the Heartland isn't it? We know the Brainland is a little closer to the coasts, but we smarties need the sea breeze.): Tom Tancredo (even as he re-ignites the Save America Tour with his Army Against Amnesty) repeats his desire to defend This Great Nation of Ours™:

[I]t would cause a worldwide economic collapse," Tancredo said of a nuclear attack on U.S soil. "If all of a sudden we are not a consuming engine of the world, the producing nations will collapse also. That is what they want, that is what they are looking for, to end Western civilization as we know it."
How will he keep us producing & consuming like busy little bumble-bees? By threatening to nuke the crap out of Mecca & Medina, should any U. S. city be on the recieving end of a nuclear event. Good idea!! Next time a "radical Catholic" bombs a Planned Parenthood office Just Another Blog™ is calling for at least slashing the Popemobile's tires.
And do not for an instant believe that Representative Tancredo (R-No Chance Whatever) is ignoring other dangers to Our Way of Life.
Neither are Iowans:
Waukee Republican Tom Miller, 57, said he thinks Tancredo is right to warn that the United States is in a "clash of civilizations" against radical Islam, China and illegal immigration.
There it is in stark relief. The Big Three. (The RadIslamoCommunoChineseMeskins. Shorter version: The Yellow Peril.) Either you understand the problem or you don't. (When you understand the problem, you understand the solution, of course.) And the problem w/ Tom? (From Meet Tom on his website):
Tom Tancredo is a lifelong conservative with nearly a decade of experience in the U.S. Congress. There he advanced his reputation as a solid pro-life, pro-gun, small government Republican, and emerged as the leader in the national struggle for true immigration reform.
Note that in Congress he "advanced his reputation as a" blah, blah, blah. Didn't do anything, just advanced his rep. On the taxpayer's dime. It's all about somebody, and his initials are T. T.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

War In Ah Babylon

Another reason things aren't going as well as they might in Iraq:
We recently had a two-star Marine general commanding in western Iraq begging for efficiency and renewables to untether him from fuel convoys, so he could carry out his more important missions. [...] The costs, risks, and distractions of fuel convoys and power supplies in theater have focused a great deal of senior military attention on the need for not dragging around this fat fuel-logistics tail -- therefore for making military equipment and operations several-fold more energy efficient. [...] Meanwhile, about a third of our army's wartime fuel use is for generator sets, and nearly all of that electricity is used to air-condition tents in the desert, known as "space cooling by cooling outer space."
Yep, that would be America, trying to cool down all outdoors... From a tree-hugger outfit, via The Plank.

Jesus For Jews

Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour (Whew!! Just Another Blog™ has finally been able to watch all of this w/o Flash9 breaking all the rubber bands that make InternetExploder7© go! Still couldn't get the embedding to work. Try the link, or don't even bother...we certainly don't care any more.)
Original Text from three days ago:
In the old days, you'd be lucky if you could grab this sort of thing on public access cable. In today's 21st century au-go-go digital world, you can't get away from it.

"Art Makes Me Cry."

Thanks to broad-band & cameras stuck in the lids of laptops, the interior nets have become what public access cable once promised: a wonderland of unedited single-camera programs & the people who think unedited single-camera "video logs" are an improvement over the opportunity to publish a virtual newspaper column a day, its length limited only by the time available to type out something or another. And a chance to note the passing of Ingmar Bergman.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The East Is Red Pt. II

The PLA hits 80 very soon. So let's take a look at our next enemy (after Iran). Are you nervous yet?

Get On The Scene!

Speaking of the Godfather of Soul©:
(See previous item.)

Morbidity Report (Photo Update)

Franklin Avenue keeps up w/ the toll of modern life. (Just Another Blog™ first learned of James Brown's death there. Maybe they're just as morbid as we are, but more conscientious posters. Do click for the story & video, & a tip of the Bouffant chapeau to them for the heavy lifting.)

Tom Snyder's death brings to mind this tale, told to Just Another Blog™ by someone who knew engineers @ KNBC, so take it w/ as many grains of salt as you like: When Mr. Snyder was anchoring the news @ Channel 4 in the early '70s, he found it amusing to say something along the lines of, "I really have to urinate," just after his microphone should have been turned off. This cute practice kept the audio operators on their toes. There is, alas, no indication whether any of these bon mots ever went over the air, or if anything ever happened to Mr. Snyder's car in the parking lot as a result.

Tom S. in better days (w/ Cynthia Plastercaster, 1995).

(What a telling indictment of our species: The death of a talented, popular broadcaster brings to our minds only lurid, insignificant details of his life, and this is compounded by technology that allows us to broadcast these tawdry details in a sad effort to draw some attention to ourselves.)

"D'oh!" (The East Is Red)

From Xinhua. Note the "X-ray" picture used in this article. WTF?
And from Xinhua's "Let's Have a War" file:
"The new task force, sources have told me, mostly worries that if it were called upon to deliver 'prompt' global strikes against certain targets in Iran under some emergency circumstances, the president might have to be told that the only option is a nuclear one," Arkin said.
"But after long debate, the highest levels of the military could not forecast a way in which things would end favorably for the United States," the two experts wrote in Sunday's New York Times.
What are we waiting for?

Dark Mondays

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Something Vaguely Positive From The Blog-Ö-Sphere

Juat Another Blog (From L. A.)™ is proud to announce that not only has our first "spam comment" been received (in the "American Nazis..." item immediately below) but our Technorati™ Authority has risen from 1 to 2 (!!) & as of a few hrs. ago we were #2,510,968, a significant increase from our usual 3,800,000 or so. Just Another Blog™ smells money! Or maybe we just need a shower...

American Nazis To Return to Cp'l. Klinger's Hometown

From yesterday's Toledo Blade:

"There are two different goals to show the blacks we are not scared and we will go anywhere they will go," said Justin Boyer, who lives in central Ohio
but would not give a specific location.
"The second goal is to show whites in the neighborhoods that they shouldn't be afraid of black crime."


"We have to understand that their purpose is to spew hate," Mr. Ashford said. "We don't want an incident like last time … that got completely out of control."
City leaders, learning Wednesday night of the group's intention, moved to prevent violence similar to the riot that erupted Oct. 15, 2005, when neo-Nazis tried to march in the vicinity of Woodward High School and Wilson Park.

Here in L. A., we know what a riot is (complete breakdown in police order, and much of the social order as well) and we don't think what you had was a real "riot."

Black Rifles

Photos (for illustrative purposes, these items are not yet available to the general public): Colt Defense LLC.
If they're good enough for our boys & girls in The Quagmire, they're good enough for Just Another Blog™.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Still The Realist

Photo credit.
Paul Krassner: at it since the late '50s (Just Another Blog's™ barely been at anything since the late '50s) and, via Sucky Gôögle News Feed to the right, Krassner continues at it, on HuffPo.

Friday, July 27, 2007

It Really Happened

Not Photoshoppery™. Turns out Superman's a whore like all the rest.

Summer's Almost...

Soundtrack allegedly from a 1965 demo.


Where will we be?
As the days grow shorter, a reminder: the future's uncertain & the end is always near. YouTube has disabled embedding "by request," so you'll need to click.