Saturday, July 21, 2007


Original Marine Corps emblem, 1868.
As good an excuse as any to share a favorite "Humor in Uniform" joke:
In the Air Force, it's four o'clock.
In the Army, it's 1600 hours.
In the Navy, it's eight bells.
In the Marine Corps, Mickey's big hand is on the twelve, and his little hand is on the four.

Is Just Another Blog™ Being Stalked? By A Celebrity?

HR* just about as he appeared @ TJ's. This may be the only known photo of him smiling, however.
Henry (Does anyone ever call him "Hank"?) Rollins used to live down the hill from Just Another Blog™ & friend/one-time musical associate Mr. Mike in the Swish Alps. And Just Another Blog™ saw HR & Janeane Garofalo @ Trader Joe's (WeHo) a few weeks ago, just before their show @ the Silent Movie on Fairfax. (Is HR stalking this blog? It seems like everywhere we go, there he is. That's twice w/in 20 yrs., fer cryin' out loud!) That's a pair of celebrities who deserve to be celebrated, getting their own pre-show snacks or what have you, rather than ordering some flunky to run out & get stuff for them. And on that basis we direct you to an interview w/ Mr. Rollins on an Australian gay website. (Homos? In Oz? Who knew? Thought Rupert Murdoch had squashed that sort of thing like a bug before buying himself American citizenship & coming here to put a stop to that sort of thing in This Great Land of Ours™.) Here's the meat, concerning "metrosexuals":

"I am not in a position to judge people but from their appearance, they look like they like to consume and accessorise," he says. "It seems like a lot of work, putting stuff in your hair or spending longer than an hour a year buying clothes. When they start hurting kids or punching old ladies, then it's time to be concerned, but if it's just cologne and shoes, what's the harm?"
Obviously, from the shot @ the top, Henry doesn't waste any time putting crap in his hair. Neither does Just Another Blog™. Not that there's anything wrong w/ it.

*Not to be confused @ any time w/ H. R. of Bad Brains (though they're both from Wash., D. C.). Or H. R. Giger.

Friday, July 20, 2007

RealFake Music For Real People

"Black Plague" -- Pontius Pilate & the Nail-Pounding Four "Let the Eagle Soar" -- Ashcroft & Simpson "No Talent Sluts From Hell" -- Pussycat Dulls "Never Again" -- DJ Dickwad "I Would Simply Disagree" -- Nervous Norvous "Pull the Plug" -- Nation of Sheep "Crab Lice Boogie" -- The Dreadful Grate "You Belong to Me" -- L. Ron Hitler "Farmer John" -- The Premieres "Voices in My Head" -- DSM IV "Say What?" -- Manny, Moe & Melvin

On This Date In History

Photo from
38 yrs. ago, on a heavily guarded sound stage in Culver City, California, people from the planet Earth first set foot on another body in our solar system, Luna.

A Trip to The Store (Reprise)

It's 0207, Just Another Blog™ is hot & damp, the same Frasier rerun was on Lifetime @ 0000 & CBS2 @ 0137 (season 8, episode 7) & the editorial we must go up to the 7-11 on Sunset Blvd. (or down to the 7-11 on Santa Monica Blvd.; wow, modern life is so convenient) for butts but it's too early to get the fishwrapper (L. A. Times, not usually available 'til 0330ish). To quote the Angry Samoans: "Why am I living?/Why am I still alive?/Stuck inside this brain/Now I'm going...outside." (Or something like that.) Those who read the original "A Trip to The Store" item will remember some complaining about the disappearance of Starbucks™ Caramel Frappucino©, it really does seem to have gone away. (As if anyone read that item, let alone remembered it.) At least Just Another Blog™ isn't always going on about the pointless minutiae of its existence. (If one could even call this "existence.")

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Let's Have A War (We Don't Have Enough Problems As Is)


The US is desperate to implement its century-old dream of world hegemony and the elimination of Russia as its principal obstacle to the full control of Eurasia.
--Four retired Russki generals, quoted in the Telegraph.

And on a more immediate, physical level:

The Russian planes, which are now used for surveillance, were shadowed from their base in the Arctic Circle by two Norwegian F18s before being met by the RAF planes. They turned back before reaching British airspace.

--RAF dude, from The Scotsman.

Fortunately, diplomacy continues:

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said on Monday that Britain would expel four diplomats from the Russian embassy in London due to Russia's refusal to extradite a main suspect in the poisoning case, Andrei Lugovoi, who was accused of murdering Litvinenko.
--People's Daily

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Don't Try This Chez Vous!

Had enough of this iPhone crap? Let's deal w/ iT! And we'll also be iNtroduced to a product that does everything you could expect of iT.

FEAR @ The Fleetwood (In A Beach City)

12 yrs. later, in Hermosa or Redondo Beach, music is a little different.

Mid-Week M. Of I.

"Packing" in Berlin, Jack Benny's age ago. If YouTube is such hot shit, why can't they provide stereo audio? We've had stereo since the fucking fifties. Hundreds of millions of people have been born and died since stereo was developed, but Google/YouTube can't be bothered, is that it? The technology too much for you low-rent morons to master?

Return Of The Gun (For Wholesale Slaughter Of Non-European People)

Ju 87B photo from
Just Another Blog™ can not adequately express its joy that the Crusader Nations have, as of this typing (could change in an instant) two separate zones in which to determine the best way to exterminate those with a skin tone somewhat darker than that of the majority of their populations. Wheee!
And as seen in this article from Wired's Danger Room (ooohh, scary) sometimes the old ways are best:
And good thing, too, because next year the Typhoon will deploy to Afghanistan for its combat debut. And in Afghanistan, as in Iraq, guns are often the weapon of choice for close air support missions.
While it may not be traditional, there's nothing wrong w/ instilling a little blood-lust in the ladies:
Last year I was embedded with a Marine fighter squadron in western Iraq that used its guns frequently. One female pilot even gleefully described literally chasing down insurgents with gunfire as they fled an engagement.
Though it's a bit disappointing that the jarheads have female fighter pilots. The panty-waists in the Air Force, sure, but the USMC?
And see War Is Boring for the first "shoot down" of an F-22.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Why Bush Will Be A Winner" NOT!! NOT!! NOT!! NOT!! NOT!!

A weasel who thinks Israel is more important than the United States gets a small percentage of its karmic reward...
At a Quaker college...
in April 2005.
World O' Crap brings to the world's attention the latest, and possibly most inane, bit o' drivel ever from The Smarmy Creep Who is Always Wrong™, William "Wanna-Be Killer" Kristol, who for some reason is given a platform by the WaPo.
The Queen of The Blog-o-sphere™ was eavesdropping on Bill on the train, and she got a nice column from it.
Also weighing in, new bogroll addition Just Above Sunset, who is definitely a neighbor, though neither acquaintance or friend.
And Billy-boy participated in an "on-line chat" Monday @ the WaPo. Meat thereof:
Greenbelt, Md.: You have been wrong about every important prediction you have made about the outcome of this war and this presidency -- why should anyone pay attention to you now?
William Kristol: Feel free not to!
Now there's a clever answer. Guess what, Bill? No one does, except to mercilessly mock your obtuse opinions.
Were Just Another Blog™ ever to find itself on a train w/ Mr. Kristol, there's a great likelihood Bill the K. would find he had somehow bumped into someone and fallen down & skinned his knee & he couldn't find his briefcase. (Threat of physical violence. You gonna do somethin' about it, you insufferable little shit? Didn't think so. Chickenhawk.) Remember Dan Quayle? Bill was his chief-of-staff. What more need one say?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Too Hot, Too Sweaty, Too Bored... do anything other than the obligatory daily post. A post a day keeps depression & psychosis away. (Uh, doesn't...)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Facial Hair Farming

The Brits, always alert, have stopped another plot to reduce our Western youth to drooling idjits. Of course, it was fellow bandmembers who think his beard caused the questioning, which makes it a distict possibility it was something else. Like the new album:
Meanwhile, Metallica's new album is due out in early 2008, with bassist Robertt Trujillo telling Blabbermouth: "There's a lot of everything, man. There's speed on this. There's a couple of tracks where you're gonna go, 'Wow!' and I know you're gonna like it because it has the flavor of the old. But it has this kind of groove and power behind it that I think is us today."
(From the "Only form of life lower than a musician is an actor" file.)

Sunday In The Park With Bambi & Gojira

Journey To The Other Side Of The World

Author/cartoonist Ted Rall (who draws President Bush as the demonic dictator of a banana republic) has been wandering Central Asia, has a book about the area ("Silk Road to Ruin: Is Central Asia the New Middle East?,") and has been posting @ Yahoo! News, we suppose to drum up book sales. (Just Another Blog™ likes him because he's a cynical bastard too.) His latest is from Pakistan, the nation that's filled w/ Muslims busily hating the west for its decadent western culture and has nuclear weapons, not to be confused w/ Iran, filled w/ the same sorts of Muhammadites but not in possession of nukes, at least not for a few yrs. Guess which country demon- in-a-generalissimo-suit Bush wants to return to the stone age, and w/ which one he thinks he's friends.
Meat of the matter:

The Red Mosque crisis symbolizes the devil's bargain Pakistan's ruling elites have struck with Islamic radicals since independence from Britain, a tacit understanding that has turned this nuclear-armed state into a terrifying cauldron of instability. Cracking down on the fundies could lead to civil war. Doing nothing, the government's usual approach, almost certainly will.