Saturday, May 19, 2007


Could be trouble for the man who wears a cobra snake for a necktie and asks the question: "Who Do You Love?"
A much more important question than Kojak's "Who loves ya, baby?"
UPDATE: Not yet. Mr. D. was apparently struck the wknd. of 12-13 May; no announcement was made 'til four days later when he was said to be up & walking around...but it's still one step closer. So let's lift a glass or whatever to all these guys & gals while they're still here. (20 May '07 a. m.)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bad Acts, Bad Photos

"You're not a cop, are you?"

"The one on the left didn't get the memo."

Have you visited the Hall of Douchebags? I have. You should. Definitive proof that the only type of human life lower than a musician is an actor. Or a band photographer.

Tofu Links

No Friday night slackery here, it's just links, links, links: Buncha innerestin' things on today's Report from Planet Republican, via The Guardian. Join Team Mittens! (tip of the chapeau to the somewhat popular tbogg.) Commenter Uncle Lumpy at The Comics Curmudgeon brings to our attention the latest twist in country music. Ick. Tonight, of course, all America awaits National Bingo Night on ABC. The Long National Bingo Night of the Soul begins.

Friday Feline Frolics

The Angriest Cat in the World, not especially angry or frolicsome in this shot.
It's a shame & a pity this digital camera is a cheap piece of shit. (It was given to me by Kinko's because our store sold more crap of one kind or another to more morons than some other stupid store. And I had to pay tax on it. The Kinko's assholes stated its value as $120.00, but I saw the very same crummy made in China-by-slave-labor camera @ Target for $99.00. Screwed in every direction. On the other hand, if Kinko's hadn't given me the damn thing, I...well, why dwell on the "positive" more than necessary?)
The shame & pity is that Lillie is actually a snappy looking feline, but with this non focusing, low-res, no contrast, generally sucktastic imager it's hard to make her look good. Maybe that's why she's so angry.
P. S. Yes, I know "lighting" might help, but that'a an awfully bourgeois concept, isn't it? We're all about actuality here @ Just Another Blog, as well as the perception of proletarian reality.

55 Years Ago Today

This happened: Followed by this:

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Falwell From Outside the Beltway

I obtained this Herblock cartoon (29 Oct., 1954) from the same place you can read about a regular guy's encounter w/ Jerry Falwell in 1980, and some other stuff.

Just imagine the Nix, hot on the mid-term election trail in late October 1954, coming to your town via the underground to try out the Rove Mark I campaign manual.

Human Resources Dep't.: Czar Updates

War Czar: FILLED. Thanks for all the applications. (Next time this is open, we really will need some four-star applicants, guys.) World Bank Czar: OPEN. Start Date: 1 July '07. (We're not sure yet, but this position may not be subject to U. S. taxation. We'll look it up.) Justice Czar: APPLICATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED. Must be qualified this time. No, really. Texas real estate experience NOT a plus!

New Polls, No News

Looks like an all NY general election. But do remember that the last time Rudy had a chance to compete with Sen. C., in the 2000 NY Senatorial race, Rudy pooped out. (His ass hurt, or something.) So keep in mind that anything can happen in the next few (ha!, "few" my ass, try 10-18) months. No southern accents this time, we can only hope. "Cracker free 'til Two Zero One Three!" Donkeys here, Elephants here. Also: The G. O. P. held a debate last week sometime, but little or nothing happened, i. e., not one of them condemned himself to a remaining political lifetime of being the guy who said something stupid & blew it. Not that I could tell you what qualifies as "stupid" in a forum where 30% of the participants think evolution is a godless communist plot to turn our children into vicious, murdering Darwinian sex machines.

Intergalactic Conspiracy Central

Ooops, missed a day there, and right after bragging about how dedicated, committed & disciplined I am.
Even worse, nothing here but pointless stupid links:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May Day II

UPDATE I: La Cucaracha checks in. (17 May '07, p. m.)

This banner appears atop the CityBeat page at random, here it is in case you missed it.

Two weeks on, CityBeat looks at your LAPD in action, in the mayor's press room, and through the lens of history.
(The very phrase "police terror," under which this post is labeled, was first brought to my attention in 1967 by the Mothers of Invention. 40 yrs. of history right there.)

N. B. This is #30, not bad for 15 May considering I started 3 May. That's better than two a day. We'll see how long that lasts. (This web activity is time consuming. Looking at the popular kids' blogs to see where they're getting ideas, scanning through scores of vile pornographic photos to find the Jerry & the bear photo, complaining, being annoying, and on and on...)
UPDATE II: A. Reader inquires: "Hey, U pretentious asshat, 'P. S.' is bad enough, WTF does 'N. B.' stand 4? 'No Bullshit?' That ain't very likely, considering the content of your stupid blog! ROTFLMAO1!11!!"
Thank you, Gentle Reader. Curiousity is always welcomed, especially if it gives me a chance to share my wide but shallow pool of trivial knowledge with the wide but shallow pool of readers here. "N. B." is short for Nota Bene, Latin for "Note Well." I like it 'cause it's almost threatening, there's an implied "or else" at the end! And thanks for asking! (17 May '07 in the afternoon)

Is There a God After All?

Tinky-Winky waves buh-bye.
In happier times.

Well, no. If there were, we would have seen these headlines 30 years ago, not today:
Bloated Hate-Imp "Raptured" Directly to Hell
by Loving, Merciful God;
Nation Spared from Further Moralizing
and Self-Righteous Braying

Alas, it's been 30 yrs. since he pushed his way to the front of the American evangelical tent and began speaking his roly-poly branding of religious politics to the ears of power, & the horrifed eyes & ears of anyone channel surfing, and it is heaven that has allowed us Reverend Falwell all that time.
Many of the big name Bible-thumpers who've been grubbing money/getting out the vote on behalf of the forces of reaction for the last 30 odd yrs. aren't nearly as young as they used to be; it's possible one or several of these aging white males could be "called home" before the election. That means the organizations they founded, inherited, or grabbed for themselves would again be up for grabs, and the power struggles will occupy time better used to money-grub & advise the faithful how to vote.
(In the Falwell empire it's his two sons, both attys., who presumably will be duking it out for total control. You know those patriarchal hierarchies! And I've already heard it spun that the "succession" is all in place, the Rev. planned ahead, not to worry. But that's just early spin, I'm ignoring it for the moment 'cause it doesn't go along with my colorful description of the Falwell boys. Although as a shrewd businessman, you'd expect nothing less from Rev. F.)
The two leading Republican candidates, Rudolph "The Catholic" Giuliani & John "Maverick Cowboy" McCain aren't exactly beloved of the evangelical/fundamentalist wing of the party; will the Republicans almost accidentally extricate themselves from the grip of the God Squad?
How many more pixels, electrons, MWpH, actual hrs., mins., secs., etc., will be lost in idle speculation, & what events will "change everything" again, in the next 18 mos.?
Questions, questions, quest......

Race to the White House 2008

There's a horse's patoot for every light on Broadway, some say.
Some of the spare patoots have enlisted in the quadrennial Run for the Battleground States to take place over the next 17+ months at oval tracks 'crost the Newnited Snakes. Luckily for the viewing public, the early heats are earlier than ever next year, and they're always tough on the weaklings in the herd, so it shouldn't be more than, oh, EIGHT EFFING MONTHS (February/March?) before we have to lay down any actual money. And still ANOTHER SEVENTEEN MONTHS before the punters & the office poolers have to put down their life savings & maybe their lives come next NOVEMBER. That's NOVEMBER. 2008. Can't wait.

If you do like to bet early & bet often, here are the latest odds:
Top Ten White Guys Wearing the Same Suit

Hillary & The Seven (approx.) Candidates

Chapeau tipped to

Three Strikes & I'm Out

Here I am, dread at the controls, putting things on the internet so I can look at them later & laugh & laugh & laugh at how clever I am, & then laugh & laugh some more...But this is a third, bonus post for the day, so I'm outta here!

Three "Men of the People" or "If the Three Stooges Had Been of the Irish Catholic Faith, Begorra."

Had this shot of millionaire man of the people Matthews taking up space on the hard drive (Just look at that boyish grin, how can you resist his "Hardball" coverage of the Great American Horse Race, five days a week on MSNBC?) but enough is enough, use it & lose it, I say!

But what to say? What enlightening context in which to put it? Another millionaire man of the people, that's what: Tim Russert. And isn't his expression interesting? There, that's two of 'em, that must be some context or another. Then the trifecta hit me: Bill O'Reilly. Three of 'em. That's not a context, that's a trend. What the hell's up?

Civilization 101

You think?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Minimum Daily Requirement

Oh, good, I've already done something dated Monday. And this makes two. No more needed.

R U Ready 2 Scroll? And Scroll? And Scroll?

Is this the (type)face & layout of the future? If there is a future, of course. It's always wise to qualify that.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dolly's Got a Gun!

More fun avec Le Cirque de la Famille!
Actual title: In My Sights (by Red G.)

Baaa!! Baaa!!

TIME Milestones from 42 years ago.
Note heiresses, widows, etc.
UPDATE: This has got to be the most pointless post of a two week run.
The Editor (17 May '07 in the afternoon)

Splintery City

Happy Mother's Day!

UPDATE: A. (the?) Reader writes: Isn't Bil Keane dead yet?

No, still waiting...