Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still Standing

The two Gentlemen Scientists (top of the sidebar) were wrong.
This time.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Caramel Crappucino (How Trivial Can I Get?)

Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps I went off half-cocked (as I so often do, but try to keep the jokes to a minimum there, pal). Because I did find some of that Caramel Frappucino crap at a Rite Aid. And a lot of it too. But that's the only place I've seen it since I first blathered about it earlier this week. Not that I actually give a damn, or have been obsessively looking in every convenience store from here to a different circle of hell, but it is something to blather about, and there's little or no point going over the political horrors of our time in this tiny meaningless space; others seem to have that well in hand. Maybe Starbucks has done away with the Caramel Frapp, and Rite Aid is just stuck with a lot of it. I haven't even looked in any other Rite Aids, and I certainly won't be going out of my way to do so, as Rite Aid is far from #1 on the list of decent corporations. Hell, there probably isn't a #1 on that list, indeed, the list itself probably doesn't exist. Mussolini: "Fascism is Corporatism." And he didn't make the proverbial trains run on time.

Friday Feline Frolics

The Angriest Cat in the World tries to cool off on the hottest day of the year so far, last Tuesday.

Friday Feline Frolics

FFF will be along at some point in the near future. Just noticed a "scheduled outage" will be along @1600. Four bleeding o'clock on a Friday afternoon? What the fuck-tuck-tucking hell sort of "schedule" is that? I'll repeat that: Four o'clock on a Friday afternoon! I just love Blogger because of the many opportunities it provides for sheer, raging anger!!! Makes me feel almost alive. Almost.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My First Correction (Of Many, No Doubt)

I stand corrected. According to Wikipedia, the Mad Meltz was forced into this world 11 May, not 10 May. The late J. C. "Buzz" Cruze is not cool enough to have a Wikipedia entry, and my memory isn't perfect, so we'll just stick with today on him. There will come a day when I do more prior research & less relying on my mind, but that day is at least a couple months from now.

Today's Birthdays

If memory serves (& it does sometimes) today (10 May) is the natal anniversary of both Richard Meltzer, my close personal acquaintance & literary influence (yes, he's the greatest living American writer, & since the dead ones don't matter anyone, he is de facto #1 on the lit list) & the late John Carlo "Buzz" Cruze, close personal friend, swell musician, not so hot a motorcyclist, and the kind of disturbed individual we're still babbling about almost 21 years after his death. Course memory may not serve, I may be wrong on both, but a swell day is wished to all the living, and we'll remember the dead as long as we can. (Couldn't come up w/ a way to get out of this one w/o serious sap factor, sorry.)

Bitch, Whine & Moan, LLC

Looks like the link in the previous post actually worked. Now if I could make the posts appear in Arial (as they did on the very first post without having to highlight the whole effing thing & pick the font again) I might be even more satisfied. It does appear to be popular to complain about Blogger, esp. the "new" Blogger, not that I had any experience with the old one, & of course I know Google's busy reading my gmail and this mess & turning it all over to the Dep't. of Vaterland Security because I AM A DIRTY ANARCHO-SYNDICALIST, and if you're reading this (like that'll ever happen) your IP address has been turned over to the forces of capitalist repression as well. Now, if I could put a photo of some sort in my profile I'd be at least closer to happiness. (Yes, I've tried both methods, & while it was easy to put Jor-El in the upper right there, or cat pix in the actual posts, it would be too GDF easy to just pull a photo from the computer for one's profile, wouldn't it, Blogger? No, you have to pull it from the thin air of the internet, or post it & then try to use the URL/HTML crap from there, and Blogger sez: "fetching photo" [& isn't that just so fucking cute, "fetching,"] except this "fetching" is like a stupid dog that only brings the stick half-way back, 'cause after "fetching" THERE IS STILL NO PHOTO IN THE PROFILE!)

If God Existed, It Would Be Necessary to Deny "Him."

Read why here. (Hope all this linking crap works.) Just zip down to the "full text" of the resolution.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I Channel Larry King, Andy Rooney, & That Guy Who Wrote A Similar "Three Dot" Column for Candid Press ("The Hot Pink One") in the '70s

My, it's certainly warm today...Have you ever noticed that many celebrities, especially female ones, are quite attractive?...Why is that, anyway?...It is really warm, isn't it?...Is this whole mess just going to be questions?...I know I, for one, really like bacon...Is Larry Welk, the Chopper2 reporter, related to Lawrence Welk, the great bandleader?...It's so warm I had to dump some talcum powder down my underpants...Boxers or briefs, you tell me...That reminds me, should I do a load of laundry today or wait 'til tomorrow?...Don't eat liver, it's nothing but a sac of poison waiting to be cleansed from vertebrate bodies...I certainly hope that Paris Hilton doesn't get raped with a splintery broomstick during her time enjoying the bounty of the county...Read any good books lately?...It's actually almost hot out...I try not to waste water, but I might take a shower today due to the excessive warmth...It just occurred to me that the only reason I still leave the apartment on a daily basis to buy the L. A. Times is I like to do the crossword puzzle the way the Big Fucking Killer in the Sky intended, with a pencil & eraser; it's just not the same on the internets...Statistics say America's children are a bunch of fat, disgusting pigs...& I say the stats are right!...I also say it's not just very warm, it's hot...How much more space do I have to fill here?...Is it still just Tuesday?...I wanna be sedated...If I see one more thing I just don't like, I'm gonna drop trou & leave a big load right on top of it...a big brown load, if you know what I mean...and I bet you do...My generation is very different & much more special than yours, by the way...I certainly hope Paris Hilton doesn't have to break more than two tons of rock a day in the hot sun while she's enjoying that month & a half vacation at taxpayer expense...Damn, it's just getting hotter & hotter...In the real estate game, it's "location, location, location"...Are puppies cute, or what?...Even dead ones, if you pose them right...Hey, did the Dodgers (the beloved "Brooklyn Bums" of my childhood) win today?...Someone get me something to drink, it's awfully, awfully hot!...So glad to see the eternally lovely Jane Fonda making movies again...Which one of those loser-ass Republicans do you think will have his lunch handed to him a year from November?...Am I through yet?...I ask because it's as HOT AS A MOTHERFUCKER IN HERE, GODDAMNIT!!!...It must be spring...So soon?...Hey, you little punks get the FUCK off my lawn!!! I don't pay $5.00 an hour to have it mowed just for you little turds to leave your sneaker prints all over it!...What's with you young people today, anyway, with the shaved head look?...You all look like you just got out of a refugee camp after having your misshapen heads shaved to get rid of the lice and cooties...Really, what's up with that?...Is it just me, or is it hot?...Congrats to the ABC network for figuring out some programming that appeals to a more mature demographic: Bingo Night In America!...Can't wait for it, some real entertainment at last...Get in here w/ that talcum powder, I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree 'cause it is SO FUCKING HOT!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007




Can't we just have some civil discourse around here, instead of you Bush Derangement Syndrome victims hating on him? After all, he is our president, elected or not.
Cartoon no doubt copyrighted, probably by J. D. Crowe, but property is theft, so I don't care!