Tuesday, June 5, 2007

NEXT BIG THING: Gas Music from Jupiter WITH VOCALS!!

Meet The Meat Beetles!!! (right)

Oh, OK, it's probably just one guy in a basement, or dorm room if he's lucky, but he, she or it is sure 'nuff mixing up some good stuff in that basement.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Doing It for the Kids

The vast corporate entities that consume & produce our world for us, their advertising agencies & the global media complex are just trying to make a living here, using the most lurid drivel imaginable to lure consumer eyeballs & earholes to the giant Hi-Def screen & CD-quality (whatever that means) speakers to reinforce President George W(orst). Bush's message, "Support the troops, shop 'til you're happy." Fortunately, the PTC are here to impose their peculiar (Catholic?) morality on This Great Nation of Ours™. Gawd forbid any child under 30 or so should hear someone say "poopie-doodie" on the tee vee. Oh, the innocence. Which group do you think will get more of what it wants? Brought to my attention by a guy from Saskatoon.

Political Terrorism

MSNBC's Countdown sums up the Bush administration's fear-of-terror mongering for political purposes. These sumbitches are really doing Al-Qaida's (& Al-Qaeda's) fucking job for them, aren't they? Scaring the living crap out of the already xenophobic American masses to get the paranoid vote, and starting a ______________(you fill in the blanks, I'm tired of the litany) war in Iraq that's increased Muslim/Arab resentment with/disgust for these United States, and increased terrorist recruitment as well. Our cost: human life, taxpayer $. Our gain: ZIP!

Je Me Rapelle Paris

We won't be seeing any more of this sort of thing for the next 22 days or so. (Well, you'll always be able to find it on the interweb, but there won't any new pictures of her. Maybe they'll just forget about her for a couple of weeks, though there'll surely be more bushwah as her release date approaches. Unless of course something untoward happens.) Now we can get to the real issues facing us: John Edwards' hair, Fred Thompson: In or Out?, &, um, what was that...uh...Lindsay Lohan, or...oh, right, everything from the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea to the eastern side of the Arabian Sea is about to go up in flames and biblical Armageddon is just around the corner. Almost forgot.
P. S. You certainly may click on the pic for larger detail. (Do they let 'em wear thongs in the jail? What is under those orange jumpsuits, anyway?)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Design Nazis, or, Nazi Design

Y'all are just like Nazis, 'cept you don't dress as sharp. -- 60s Black Nationalist to 60s Sg't. Joe Friday (paraphrased). The eternal question: Can't we cut them just a little slack? They were such snappy designers. First noticed at Table of Malcontents.

Friday, June 1, 2007

It Was 40 Years Ago Today

And two of them are still alive.
Damn. The big for-oh for this'n. People, even young'uns, still dig this stuff. People are still influenced. (Check the comments @ the links.)
P. S.: Album released 1 June 1967 in U. K., 2 June 1967 in U. S.

Fri. Nite Music Excreta I

The youth, the innocence, the stoopidity. All lost now, except the stoopidity.

Fri. Nite Music Excreta II

Another four minutes lost to eternity.


Still waiting for threats from forces of repression in re: POSTING OF SECRET U. S. BAGHDAD EMBASSY PLANS RIGHT HERE ON THIS WEBSITE!!!

(But I'm not holding my breath.)

UPDATE: That orange blog has further discussion, if you like that sort of thing. And they have pix too, including one of the pool I didn't put up. And @ TP. (Updated 1 Jun '07 mid-evening.)

Friday AfternoonEarly Evening Cat Posting

Barely discernable cat (black lump on left) @ the keys, not too angry.

Again Blogger was down on a Fri. afternoon, delaying this vital, apparently traditional blogging thing.(What is the deal? Did every really pathetic weasel who rooms w/ a cat suddenly discover this blog wagon & climb right on? And I'm yrs. late to the party, as I occaisionally am? Well, no, some of these peopleblogs have dogs, & I'll bet you could find some ferrets out there. Next research subject: Is it only "left-wing" bloviators who do this? And does Blogger go down every Fri. afternoon in an attempt to discourage this?)

Baghdad Embassy Security Violation

Just heard on the tee vee, & then the radio, that the posting of Baghdad embassy info (here) is a bad thing & the architectural firm (dirty, filthy traitors) has been asked by the State Dep't. to take the pictures down. And the firm appears to have agreed, as the link no longer works. No one has said anything to Just Another Blog, so we're standing by our guns. You'll have to pry our computer out of our cold, dead hands, you fascist fuckwads. (That can be arranged? Really? Here in the land where we are hated for our freedoms? Wow. Whatever. This whole people expressing themselves freely through a new medium of communication could use a martyr or two, & as I've been a martyr on one altar of bullshit or another my entire existence in your woeful world, I volunteer now. Come and get me, State Dep't. & Homeland Security! Right now! C'mon. "Bring it on!" You got my IP address*, I'm waiting, cowards!!!) * I. P. Freely, Yellow River, CA.

Well I'll Be Damned

Alright, or aw-reet, or ah-ight, or however you may put it, it is only Wikipedia, but no one would bother making this stuff up. Vowels are on the loose, shifting as we speak (& apparently shifting our speech)! Let's look at the local aspect:
One topic that has begun to receive much attention among scholars in recent years has been the emergence of a vowel shift unique to California. Much like other vowel shifts occurring in North America such as the Southern Vowel Shift, Northern Cities Vowel Shift, and the Canadian Shift the California Vowel Shift is noted for a systematic chain shift of several vowels.
Key quote:
The pin-pen merger is complete in Bakersfield, and speakers in Sacramento either perceive or produce the pairs /ɛn/ and /ɪn/ close to each other[3].
Damn! All of this is going on right next to our ears, but there are none so deaf as those who will not listen.

If I Had a Hammer

More trouble for the family down the street.

Plaster Casting in the 21st Century

Updated for modern convenience. Warning: pictures of dilrods (& WORSE!!!) so if you're the kind of no 'count slacker loser who web wanders at work, cheating your righteous capitalist exploiteremployer, well, I really shouldn't warn you, hoping instead you'll be fired & stop dragging the economy down single-handedly. So never mind.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


Mittens, the Anti-Mormon

Click to enlarge.

Blue Oyster Cult: ME-262

Just like it says.

The Barbershop Quartet of Today (-1)

Balding, graying, etc. In an unfinished basement.

Live in the Valley

Maybe this'll work.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Actual Decoration Day, & Memorial Day Recap

Memorial Day, of course, used to be Decoration Day, when the graves of the war dead were decorated, often w/ flags. It was observed on May 30th, until about 40 yrs. ago, when it went to the last Monday in May. So, lest we forget, because I'm a chronic procrastinator, and because other interesting, even poignant stuff has come into the Just Another Blog newsroom, we continue the memorializing:
John Moore/Getty Images (a subsidiary of Microsoft). Brought to our attention by Dependable Renegade.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

The world's oldest blogger has an opinion on this. Even the WSJ.
And here are some commenters from the WaPo:

burlupus2000 wrote:
I bet that all our enemies, now and in the future, that is reading these comments as well as others, are rubbing their hands,smiling,celibrating that they have many Americans doing what they cannot do, defeat our war heros.THINK ABOUT IT, READ THE COMMENTS AND PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR POSITIONS!!
5/27/2007 11:32:01 AM

WmJLePetomane wrote:
How about the 6 year old little girl who died at World Trade Center whose only crime was to go with her mother to work at World Trade Center? God rest this fine young man who gave his all for his country and ours. I salute him and express condolences to his family. Its terrible. Worse yet, lets get mad about these gang of thugs who perpetrated not only 9/11 but these atrocities against our country and these fine young men and women who are there to fight for peace, justice, and rule of law! Support the United States and its mission, its troops, memorialize the fallen heros. God save the United States! 5/27/2007 11:33:27 AM

burlupus2000 wrote:
Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodman Clinton just voted against the FUNDING BILL FOR OUR WAR HEROS.. I can imagine that a person like Barack Hussein Obama making a fatal mistake as that, but Hilary Rodman Clinton ?? And we as Americans, not as Republican or Democrat , are not going to protect our love ones in Iraq giving them the tools to fight with to keep them safe!!! GOD have mercy on the souls of these two people that are running for the Office of the President. Please, please DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE!!! For them and other candidates that have voted against funds for our war heros, must believe that supporting our troops is not as important as becoming the President !!!
5/27/2007 11:18:46 AM
WmJLePetomane wrote:
Thank God for this young man who unfortunately fell in the war against terror. BLAME TERROR! BLAME THE ISLAMO NAZIS WHO ARE BENT ON MURDERING ALL THAT IS RIGHT AND DEAR. Hail Mary, full of Grace, Blesses art Thou Amoung Women, and Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen. Please Blessed Mother, look after the respose of the souls who gave their lives for us and for liberty.
5/27/2007 10:15:16 AM
12thgenamerican wrote:
5/27/2007 10:32:35 AM

nychap44 wrote:
I am truly sorry that your brave son was killed in Iraq.However, I believe that the Al Qaeda had plans to do what is now being said they wish to do long before 911, Afghanistan and Iraq.Yesterday, the deputy leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has urged supporters in Iraq to extend their "holy war" to other Middle Eastern countries.The extremist eliminate of Islam, which could be as much as a third of the Muslim world, depending on which poll you believe, is extremely intent on spreading their religion to non-believers or infidels as we are called in America. If we refuse to convert or pay their price they are sworn to kill us and our way of life by mandate of Mohamed.Hence, anytime we as a nation of reasonable people, for the most part, can confine them and try to stop them from gaining strength to carry out their version of Mien Kamph we should do it.If we do not, they will be able to carry out their treats. Death to America was a very popular slogan long before 911 and Iraq.Rather than us killing the entire population of the Muslim world to eradicate the threat, which we are capable of doing, it seemed to us that the better way to encourage the people of that part of the world to behave reasonably would be to give them the opportunity to live in freedom and govern themselves.If they had something to live for maybe they would not risk their lives to kill us.We here in America full well know, if the choice is they kill us or we kill them and they are killing us and we are not able to stop them with conventional might, we would chose to kill them anyway way we able to do it. We would demand our nation use its full military might, the big bombs, to save our lives.
5/27/2007 8:58:23 AM

douglasmcbroom wrote:
*What exactly is a fathers duty when his son is sent into harm*s way?* How about to support and pray for him? Certainly not to undermine him with your ideological views. The Armed Services are an ALL VOLUNTEER force, ergo the choice was your over 18 year-old son*s to make. It is the height of arrogance for any parent to place their personal politics ahead of the lives of their children.
5/27/2007 7:15:26 AM

cdoss123 wrote:
Iraq is simply one front in the Global War with Radical Islam. Would Mr. Bacevich feel better had his son been beheaded in Southern Thailand, Blown-up in a bus in London, shot in a Mid-West mall? I think not. Like far too many on the left his hate cloud his abiltiy to see the world clearly. Mr. Bacevich, your son died a hero. Fighting for his country, and our way of life in a remote, hot, dirty, hostile place. You should honor him by seeing to it we win, not cut and run.
5/27/2007 7:17:42 AM

pjvm wrote:
On this Memorial Day I am remembering -I remember relatives who fought in World War II; some returned, some did not.I remember relatives who were sent to Korea; some returned whole, some did not.I remember classmates were were drafted to Vietnam; some returned, some did not.And now I am remembering relatives who volunteered after 9/11, one will never return from Iraq.And I am remembering what America USED to be - "one nation" that proudly proclaimed that we are "a nation of laws" - a nation that had a "can do" attitude - a nation that transformed its immigrants into the self-same Americans.That nation is about to disappear from this earth.Our "betters" have decreed that we are a "multicultural society" and that if there are enough scofflaws that congress (lower case intentional) will simply "change the laws" - that we are a nation that "can't" retain its sovereignty - that we are a nation that is well on its way to be bifurcated not only by a super-highway from Texas to Canada but also bifurcated by language and culture.The looney-lefties are right - bring our troops, those who are flung all around the globe - home, right NOW. Send no more of our young warriors out to protect others - they are needed right here right now as the invasion of America escalates, with ever more danger to its own citizens at the hands of MS13, the drug lords, and the jihadists continues unabated.I don't want to be remembering any more young warriors who have wasted their energies or lives in defense of AmeXica.And so, as we remember the once-proud America, it is "Goodbye, America - you truly once were the shining city on the hill" and "hola, ameXica - you truly are becoming another third-world, third-rate country."
5/27/2007 6:39:46 AM
DwightCollinsDuarte wrote:
a fathers duty is to honor the hero his son was, not shame him by attacking the institutions his son served under.
5/27/2007 5:47:27 AM
Let's face it, the commenters are the most fun.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An Empire as Big as the Vatican (Artist's Conception) (UPDATED!!)

Almost $600 milllion of your tax submissions are at work to build the largest American Embassy in the world. Or is it simply the largest embassy in the world? Will it become the largest target in the world? Ambassador's Cell Block Residence. Marine on duty, Deputy Chief of Mission's Bunker. Temple of Commodity Fetishism. Large, flat roof for easy chopper evac. Open, airy Rec Center. Where's the golf course? The Big Picture.

This self-contained compound will include the embassy
itself, residences for the ambassador and staff, PX, commissary, cinema, retail and shopping, restaurants, schools, fire station and supporting facilities such as power generation, water purification system, telecommunications, and waste water treatment facilities. In total, the 104 acre compound will include over twenty buildings including one classified secure structure and housing for over 380 families."
© 2006 Berger Devine
The Uptown Theatre Building 3700 Broadway, Suite 300 Kanasas City, MO 64111-2506 816-561-2761

Wow. Completely self-sufficient. Slap a dome atop it & fire it off into space, I say!

More details, and some outrage.

UPDATE 1 JUNE 2007 1500 hrs.; LINK TO TRAITOROUS ARCHITECTURAL FIRM NO LONGER WORKS!!! State Dep't. tells Berger Devine Yaeger to take down website!!! See above.

Sniper Update

No wonder I didn't hear any more about the Moscow sniper. (Not that I was really paying any attention.) He was jes' a good ol' boy.

Vice President's "Idiosyncratic Views" Lead to "Significant Constitutional Crises"

Official White House Photo

Someone by the name of Marty Lederman (@ what appears to be a clearing houseblog for law professors, but don't worry, no sign of Ann Althouse) has this to say:

"And there is a ton of information that we do not yet know about this story. Yet there appears to be very little interest in the story from the mainstream press. In part, this is a result of the fact that there is far, far too much focus on Alberto Gonzales in current press and congressional investigations. Just as he was merely a rubber stamp for Rove, et al. in the U.S. Attorney and related scandals, so, too, in these much more significant constitutional crises, he is "merely" an apparatchik, a hired gun of sorts. The real action here has always been in the Vice President's Office -- and on the intrigung question of why the President has repeatedly allowed the Vice President's idiosyncratic views to determine state policy -- and that's where the smoke and fire will be if and when the media and Congress ever get to the bottom of it."

"If and when" indeed. More like "if ever." But something to look forward to, nonetheless.

Wallowing in the Past, as It Slips Away from Us

1 Jan 1955 (Click if you will.)
Happy New Year!
28 Jan 1955 (Click for legibility.)
General Bullmoose, Titan of Industry.

Official Site. See also.

Camelot, in Camelot

John F. Kennedy would've hit the big nine-oh today, had he not been shot outta his limo by several different lone gunmen that dreadful day in Dallas.Click pic to enlarge
.Future prexy standing right. Note '40s style pre-presidential codpiece. These guys from Hah-vahd & Yale are just too fucking much.
Click pic to enlarge.
Pres. at the controls. (c. 1943)

JFK's current place in history is that he was the first (so far only) Chief Magistrate to have been killed dead in the street while in office during the Telebision Era; stills of a martyred war hero/president's funeral do not have the impact of a televised muffled drums & riderless horse ceremony.

Photos copyright National Geographic.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tattoo You

You can bet there's no ink on these two.

Here's Burt Prelutsky, who wrote a few episodes of Dragnet, weighing in on one of the most pressing issues of the day:

"The tattoos that most confound me are those I see on black basketball players. I’m afraid that whatever the designs and messages NBA stars are toting around on their arms and torsos are lost on me. Blue and purple simply don’t register on dark skin. They look like Rorschach ink blots, as if instead of having the work done by a tattoo artist, the work was jobbed out to Jackson Pollack wannabes, who had the athletes lie on the floor while they dripped paint on them."

Do tattoos on black people who don't play basketball confound you? Or is it that the only black folk you ever see are shooting hoops on the idiot box?
Mr.Prelutsky's readers tell us how to live our lives:

"Post-it writes:
Monday, May, 28, 2007 7:29 PM
Clear thoughts on an important issue.
I've come to the conclusion that everybody thinks the same thoughts that I do on most issues, just that they don't think 'em clearly enough, would rather think something else, and so must be reminded of what they already know. On this issue, we think that:Men are allowed (no more than two) tattoos symbolic of nationality, family/heritage, or military service on either the upper shoulder or upper back. Anything else is perceived suspiciously as indication of jail time, former (or current) methamphetamine addiction, and/or a seedy secret life.Women are allowed zero tattoos. Any stray mark is perceived as graffiti. With a neighborhood, the property value depreciates proportionally with the amount of graffiti on the walls. Too much, and the neighborhood starts to take on a "rough" look; like a place a good person wouldn't want to raise a family, where a bad person might go looking for drugs or hookers. Similar with a woman.Other: any tattoo in the area below the navel extending around to the lower back and down to the upper thigh...symbolizes promiscuity. Here to help."

"The question that invariably passes through my mind, ( but never my lips ), is, "So, its not enough to be obese and ignorant, huh?" And I'm always amazed at the carloads of tattooed folks that spend so much of their welfare dollar on lotto tickets while feeding the kids pop and potato chips. Have you priced a tattoo lately?I'll never understand it!"

Decoration Day Recap

All strips © 2007 by their respective copyright holders. Fair Use rules!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial BBQ Blogging ("Blogging." What a hideous word.)

Well, I won't be blogging typing here for a while, as I am going to the Swish Alps (or at least the foothills thereof) to consume flame cooked meat substances, which is how this country (once a yr.) honors some of those it has sacrificed to the Hebrew war g-d on the altar of greed & blood-lust to perpetuate the profits & power of the parasite class. Happy Memorial Day, America! (UPDATE: Or not...Swish Alps wise. If we don't go outside, do the agoraphobists win? And...BBQ @ its best.)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Weekend Death Blogging

Swell drawing by STERANKO.

Illustration: Peter Scheer from truthdig.
Our Beloved, Heroic, Honored, Sacred Dead.

Fineman sez: "Gore, Bloomberg to Run."

Mr. Mayor picks & grins.
Mr. Fineman is on the left. (From washingtonlife.com)
Well, maybe. Upon further quizzing, this weekend on NBC Uni's syndicated The Chris Matthews Show, Newsweek's Howard Fineman admitted he wasn't completely sure about Gore, but if it didn't go well for Mrs. C. in Iowa, Al might just jump in. And something about Gore & Bloomberg talking about cooperating. Fineman did say Bloomberg was running, but wasn't asked about it again. I should look for a transcript & the most unflattering pix of the participants, to make this look extra blogerrific.

Pictures found. Who cares about a transcript? (Actually, the very link to Howie's Newsweek column above answers most questions.)

Is This Shizzle fo' Reals?

Mujahideen Data Form (in a .pdf stylee) allegedly Jose "Dirty Bomb" Padilla's, brought to our attention by our partners in paranoia @ The Gathering Storm. And since it was brought to their attention by one Michelle Malkin, here's my chance to use this shot of her from approx. 1999, for her column in, IIRC, The Jewish World Review.

(The jihadi intake form was released over a year ago, but it's news to me. See what you miss when you rely on the liberal MSM for vital information?)

In the Bowels of the Blog-O-Sphere

A couple of interesting comments from:
It really is a swamp in there.

Posted by BUSH WINS AGAINMay 26, 2007
"BAGHDAD - A day after radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr resurfaced to end nearly four months in hiding and demand U.S. troops leave Iraq, American forces raided his Sadr City stronghold and killed five suspected militia fighters in air strikes Saturday.U.S. and Iraqi forces called in the air strikes after a raid in which they captured a "suspected terrorist cell leader," the U.S. military said in statement.
The statement claimed the captured man was "the suspected leader in a secret cell terrorist network known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq, as well as bringing militants from Iraq to Iran for terrorist training."

Posted by Bows and Flows of Leftist CrapMay 26, 2007
Note to leftardians...
CONTINGENCY PLANNING, ahem, IS the SOP for the DOD - and has been for DECADES.
BTW, Kinko's called.
No, I didn't take the second one personally. (Except "YOUR [sic] FIRED.") No excuse for poor grammar, Mr. Military Expert. ("CONTINGENCY PLANNING," MY ASS!!)
(EDITED 27 May '07 p. m.)

A Blog About Politics in the Nation's Capital

The NYT announces "'08 Cut in...Troops."
Joe Klein asks us to let him "deconstruct" it in Swampland today.
Later, he replies to one of his contemptuous commentators:

"This is good news because if the indigenous Sunnis can kick out AQI--a longshot--and this becomes a straight-out Iraqi civil war, Bush's rationale for staying will grow more tenuous, especially with Republicans. Not saying he'll quit, never that. But any defeat for AQ is a good thing."

Yep, that's some Good News From Iraq there, except it's, well, a "longshot."
Bigger Picture: The wheels are now visibly coming off the Bushmobile. (Sure, in Reality World it's been running on rims, sparks flying everywhere, for the last several yrs., but in Denial World it's not 'til the kids in the back seat lose their fear of Authoritarian Daddy & begin fighting w/ each other & Daddy that anything is considered to be slightly off.)

The Greatest Hollywood American Ever II

A letter to Hal Wallis. Click on letter to make legible.
They Were Expendable
The Greatest American Hollywood (John Ford) Ever Invented was born 100 yrs. ago today. If it weren't for him we would've lost The Big One, and maybe Korea, too.
28 yrs. after the late Duke became worm food, he came in right behind Tom Hanks (#2) & Denzel Washington (#1) as the third most popular American film star in January's annual Harris Poll. Stagecoach's Ringo Kid has been in the list's Top 10 every year since its inception, & he is the only currently dead film star on the list. Take that, Elvis!
Celebrate by watching, Couch Potatoes!

See also: Susan King's Cine File in the L. A. Times.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Let's Have a War III (We Can All Use the Money)

The Washington Note has some fairly detailed info on what's up in the corridors of power viv-a-vis The Coming End Times.

Vice-President Richard B. Cheney rouses "The Base." (And moves & shakes in the corridors of power.)

Out of Uniform, Somewhere in Europe.

Then Joe Klein received a visit from some of his mysterious sources.
You'll have to judge for yourself if
this is sufficient confirmation for an impending apocalypse. And I haven't even had a chance to see what Seymour Hersh may have to say on the subject. But there'll always be Commentary.

Again, Already? (UPDATED)

The Angriest Cat in the World, Perhaps Not as Angry as She's Been.

Damn! This whole pix of cats on Friday afternoon for cubicle slaves who've had a tough week writing their own blogs, etc., and therefore just can't handle any more of the current terrible situation so they post pictures of the only living beings they ever have physical contact with, their feline roommates, is not working out too well here at Just Another Blog.

Between the camera's crumminess and Princess LIllie's refusal to lighten her fur a few shades so she might be visible, for all I can tell some ninny is posting shots of a stuffed animal that might not even be an attempt to represent a cat.
And I'm not a cubicle/wage slave. Take a tip from me, slaves, give up on the "job" concept, soon other bourgeois concepts like "weekend" will disappear as well, your existence will be improved, and you'll have only me to thank.

UPDATE: Here's some Fri. Cat Blogging that's worth the effort. 25 May '07 early eve.

The Greatest Hollywood American Ever I

The Dynamic Duo

Renaissance Man

Football @ the Univ. of Spoiled Children? Or Hollywood publicity still?
"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a rat's ass."

Tomorrow, 26 May, is the centenary of the birth of John Wayne (under the name Marion Morrison). (Related to Jim? Probably would've heard about it by now.)
Observe according to your beliefs.

Hot Rails to Hell

The Octopus
A new CBS News/New York Times poll (if you believe those things) says 72% of the 1,125 citizens polled during18-23 May thought the country was "on the wrong track." (I'll just assume that means the "track" that heads off over that cliff a-yonder, and ends up smack dab in the very bowels of Hades.) This is the highest the "wrong track" or "headed for hell in a handbasket" question has polled in the almost 25 yrs. it's been asked. And there are other interesting opinions about Mr. Bush & so on. Why do these Americans hate America so much?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Saw Another Dipshit on the Tube Last Night

Just saw footage of House minority leader John Boehner almost breaking into tears (literally) on the floor of said House while speechifying about how much he wanted to really fight the terrorists in Iraq, because it's the responsibility of someone (not sure who he meant, of course he wasn't making much actual sense) to defend the American people & blah, blah, blah...(INSERT @1713: Just saw J. B. again, tearing up: he wants to stand up & take them down!!?? Huh? What've we been up to the last five plus yrs., again? END INSERT) Whip over to C&L for A/V & transcript.
When will someone with a voice loud enough to penetrate the waxy yellow build-up in the ears of these inane, droning, numbskulls tell them, once and for all, that THERE IS NO MILITARY SOLUTION FOR IRAQ? Really, when?
I saw another dipshit on the tube last night who is sorely disappointed that "we" can't use "our" F-16s and soldiers & Apache helicopters to fight these dirty commies terrorists. Let me explain it: You can't use a fucking F-16 against insurgents who live among a civilian population who agree with the
insurgents' desire for you to leave their country. It's just that simple. Has never worked, will never work.
And (are you listening?) you can't use the Army, Navy, Air Force & Marine Corps, and all their swell weapons, to fight loosely affiliated, loosely structured, small, decentralized cell-based terror organizations. Especially not with a military still pretty much designed to fight a land war on the plains of Central Europe. (Mind you, a battalion or two of Rangers w/ air support is the answer to a camp full of terrorist wanna-bes; it's locating/confirming that training camp/cave headquarters "we" can't seem to get right. But that's an even longer story. Check the "Hatin' on America" label regularly, I'm sure I'll get around to it.)
To make it as clear as possible: Al Qaeda & the rest of the outfits "out to get us" (or hoping to cause us as much trouble as they can) are NOT nation-states with actual territory, established governments, uniformed militaries, industrial bases, or much else that traditional military force can be effectively used against. So give up the whining, already. Yes, you have The World's Mightiest Hammer right there in your Mighty Right Hand, but there aren't enough nails to pound into submission today, so I have to let you go. Come back again, about 2012 maybe, we might have something for you.
So the struggle against the Mad Jihadi Bombers (the "project of National Greatness" desired by some neo-cons, y'know, just to "unify the nation against..." so we can have a strong, unitary Cheney executive) is guaranteed to go on for generations because it will take us that long to learn to fight effectively against an opponent who is using our own strength against us, jiu-jitsu stylee.

How Can You Throw Rocks With Your Mittens On?

"You'll Put Someone's Eye Out!"
And equal time for the ladies:
Read how Mittens' first encounter w/ Mrs. Mittens went. (See the section "Mitt Meets Ann.")
The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were playing on 45 rpm records. Mitt saw her across the room. He remembered that when he was a Cub Scout in elementary school, he and some other scouts saw Ann riding a horse bareback across a railroad track.
"What do Cub Scouts do when they see a little girl on a horse?" Mitt says now. "We picked up stones and threw
them [at her]."

Years later, at Cindy White's party, Mitt thought, "Wow, has she changed!"

(Emphasis added.)
Was this a part of anyone else's Cub Scout experience?
Or just Michigan in the '50s?
(First brought to wider public attention by The Politico.
My chapeau tipped to The Daily Dish.)

Let's Have a (World) War II: Terror Blueprint

I'm surprised the Terror Alert Level isn't at Double Plus Extra RED!!!
Especially in Orlando. Talk about striking at the heart of the beast!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let's Have a War (So You Can Go Die)

Denny Cantrell US Navy via AP
Our Boys & Betties on the Briny Pace Up & Down in Front of Iran, Waiting for Something to Happen. (USS Stennis, USS Bonhomme Richard & USS Nimitz, sailing a tight formation with escort vessels. And there's a submarine or two around.) Text. Images.
More text. (No one would want to see the pictures of this stuff, the details alone are grisly enough.)